Saturday, December 31, 2011

Forecast and Astrology Predictions for 2012

This much anticipated year has many wonders in store for
us. Since so much is written about the Mayan Calendar, Revealations, the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius, The serpent
eating the sun and the earth in the alignment of the galactic center on December 21, and the culmination of the Hopi Prophecy’s etc., I will turn to a few things that may be of some import and not what you have read or heard.

We are indeed living in the time of Revealations. The illusions are being peeled back, veils to the sacred truth’s that have created what seems as a separation from our spiritual beings, the essence and the Great Consciousness, Creator of all that is seen and unseen~ God/the Mysteries.

Last year found us working on so much of our own personal issues;
the big clean up to bring us closer to our truths. Pluto in Capricorn has been burning off the dross and breaking up the status quo on the big picture, but also within our own beings/lives….leaving only that which has integrity. Pluto is a master at tempering the
vessel. It burns hotter and hotter until the vessel like Titanium becomes of a strength that can hold a brighter sun…a brilliance and luminosity of sacredness….the Divine.

While this is happening, we are witnessing the big wind up
of the Saturn oppositions to Uranus (in mythology, Saturn/Chronos is the son of
Uranus and Gaia and castrates his father who has given birth to the Titans, but
Saturn also wants to be the mate/partner of Gaia who is so beautiful the God’s
cannot resist her…sound familiar?)
Anyway, these two started to oppose each other on election
day in 2008 and the last time this happened was in the 60’s……remember how
people stared rioting asking for freedom, love and peace?
This is a finalizing cycle of the same energy….only this
time the opposition is also forming both a T square to Pluto and a Grand Cross
every time we have a transiting planet move through the degrees of Cancer
opposing Pluto.

We will have Neptune enter Pisces in
April. The last time Neptune
was in Pisces, was from 1847 to 1862. Neptune is ‘home’ in
Pisces, the sign of the fish that it rules.

It also rules the 12th house, all that is hidden….the deep Ocean…Illusions…dreams, art, music, and the lofty soul. It also rules drugs, alcohol and addictions…..which
like an ungrounded and tempered spiritual pursuit, has led many astray and into
Don’t fly too high, learn from Icarus and listen to Daedalus!

With that in mind,
recall that in the previous entry into Pisces, we had the renaissance beginning
to show its poetic heart…Emerson and Thoreau vaulted our spirits and lifted us
to the rarified air of spiritual realms.
We had a spiritual renaissance along with the artist’s who took us on
that journey in painting, prose and logic as they explored the numinous.
“The universe is not a structure, but an ever changing force
and it has to be judged on the standpoint of eternity”~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Henry David Thoreau took us to Walden’s Pond and asked us totravel the road less traveled, here is a quote that seems appropriate from
Thoreau: “All endeavor calls for the ability to tramp the last mile, shape the
last plan, endure the last hours toil. The fight to the finish spirit is the
one characteristic we must posses if we are to face the future as finishers.”

Back then, Saturn was in Pisces traveling with Neptune for
its initial entry…Saturn is Lord of the Rings, El…..the Discipline Lord of
Time…..we will get back to that later.
Uranus was in Fiery Aries, the starter…..where we have Uranus also
transiting now having just entered Aries this year. While Saturn was keeping Neptune Company,
Uranus was keeping Pluto Company, as Pluto was also transiting Aries back then.
Now they are all doing a dance together as they open up the
universal forces and unwind time. Recall
in the 60’s all those cries for freedom?….See the culmination all over the
planet as we see city after city raising their hands, standing against
authority, asking for and in some cases demanding justice, to be free from
tyrannical rule and oppression; to stand sentient? We hear in our own continent, America which
is so named from the indigenous Ameruca which means ‘winged serpent’….pertinent
in gathering the clues to these times that are a changing; the cries of outrage
and those who ask, ‘what do they want’….?
This is Uranus…rebelling against the son who took his seat,
his wife and his, er, um….’family jewels’.
Saturn represents law and authority through discipline. As El, He is sometimes the punisher….so have
we learned to discipline ourselves enough to throw off the yoke of authority
and rule ourselves as sentient beings?
This is the question that will come front and center over and over as it
has in the clearing the past year.
That which we cannot rule and put order to, will soon rule
and put order to us, discipline brings the freedom in an earned manner of
Universal ORDER and all things are in a Divine Order. Look out into the universe, the starry night
sky or into the brilliance of the human body, the leaf that falls from the
great oak which will also birth the acorns that bring life anew. The heavenly spheres spinning in order, in
time, and seemingly held up by nothing but thin air….and yet it is so, held by
the Great Mind who is the maker of all.

On January 23, we have Chinese New Year and we enter the year
of the Dragon/Water.
We had Water/Dragon years in last in 1952, 1892, 1832, 1772

The dragon also governs east/southeast, wealth accumulation & the hours
of 7 a.m. - 9 a.m.
So if you were born between those hours, you are most probably a dragon
rising. Water Dragon years and those
born under its influence are noted for its calm, visionary
intelligence, and we access the right brain creativity while anchoring into
left brain logic.
This dragon is in wise-dominion, it leads through
co-operation and peaceful negotiations for the good of all. It has found its brave heart.

Now to the numbers:
2012 is also MMXII
MM is Mary Magdalene or the rise of the Divine
Feminine…..see again the Wisdom of the Water Dragon and the right brain?
See again the deep sea diving of Neptune….Sea
‘All we have to do is love one another’
She is waking to MARY the Fisher King….Holy Matri-Mony.
By way of the heart.
The number 2 represents partnerships and II is the High
Priestess. Seek wisdom and compassion in
all endeavors for the greatest of these is love. Ask and partner around you to make a single
job have more energy and additional input for the best outcome.
We see the 1 still at play again this year, so we still have
work to complete on ourselves. There
will be things we just have to do alone.
Do what you can, and then ask for assistance when you just cannot go on
alone and need that helping hand.
Ultimately, the road becomes a narrow place as we climb the mountain
that Pluto is redesigning, tearing down and rebuilding for the Phoenix
to arise out of the flames.
We will see the continued destruction and crumbling of the
structures we have come to believe were forever, of the hierarchies and ‘pyramid
schemes’ which like playing at the roulette wheel, have always been a game of
chance. Invest locally and plant, garden
and make friends with local producers.

Have clean water in storage and/or systems that can produce
it, such as the Berkey system.

What is Card number XII?

Yes, it is the Hanged Man.
So we will have endings. In the
Gospel of Thomas, we read thus: 18 The disciples said to Jesus "Tell us, how will our
end come?"
Jesus said, "Have you found the beginning, then, that you are looking for
the end? You see, the end will be where the beginning is.
Congratulations to the one who stands at the beginning: that one will know the
end and will not taste death."

So, let’s not fear,
for if we are at the ending, then we know the phoenix will rise and we are at
the beginning.

And finally, we have
the culmination of the numbers which is the number 5. Five means change. Whether it is for the good or bad, is the
relative question. We will have change
this year none the less. With the
aspects and Uranus in Aries, we are going to have continued revolt and
unfortunately….the aspect for continuing and most likely increased war (Iran).
This may push people past their limits and the escalating cost of war
will not help economies the world over.
While infrastructures could have been infused and aligned with a steady
track to prosperous times this has not been the case and under the regimes as
they are, the ptb is just not designing those avenues. People are not sentient and strong enough yet
to realize they are the ones making purchasing decisions and creating the world
we live in as the majority.

The 5th
month is May which is also what we see in the word, Maya. Maya is illusion and so we will see a change
in the illusion, or ILL+LUCE+ION….age of deceived light. On May 20th we will have an
eclipse that will be especially significant, have lose ends ties up by
then. Be ready to stand firmly bonded to
your partnerships, to those who you have discerned are integral to your path,
in service.

To wrap this up for now (my book should be done this year by summer, where I will go into depth on the spiritual and mystical path through experiences and lessons learned along
the way and those who have been in classes in the past few years will also have
pertinent information) but I will just take this time to again to give thanks.

Using the ‘essential’ oils in the blends as they have been given to me over the years first through
the Angel Gabrielle and then through Mary Magdalene Herself as I pray for
guidance from Jesus the Christed One, we will have the tools necessary to make

Gloria O’Neil-Savage
ArcAncient, Inc.