Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Vessel of the Holy Spirit

ArcAncient, Inc. ©Weekend bodywork Class
The Vessel of the Holy Spirit

You will Learn:
v Body work techniques to alleviate pain, dis-ease and discomfort.
v Balance the body systems creating homeostasis, the foundation to become skilled and knowledgeable bodywork practitioners.
v Advance your current skill set as a health care practitioner.
v Use of Aromatherapy, how to implement, safely addressing bone issues such as arthritis.
v Basic anatomy~skeletal structure.
v Reflexology and relationship to the body.
v Relationship to earth element and spirit ~ life source.
v Spinal Harmonics, relationship to systems, Organs & astrology.
v Understand the hidden code for healing the spirit and body in spiritual traditions.
Teachers: Robin Sobolewski, RPP And LMT & Gloria O’Neil-Savage, APP, TSI.
Cost: $295.00 Saturday October 27th 9AM-5PM &
Sunday October 28th, 10AM-4PM Prepay by Oct 12th, pay only $275.00

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CC# ______________________________________
Exp. Date: _______________
Amount Paid: _________Bal. Due: ___________

    Call: 216-458-1444 OR 216-571-5605

Location: Lakewood Holistic Wellness Center 16903 Fischer Rd Lakewood, OH 44107

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Virgo New Moon September 15, 2012 EDT

We will have a new moon on Saturday, September 15 at 10:12PM EDT.

This new moon is in Virgo at 23*.

I will remind you that the new moon is the conjunction of the Sun and Moon, or the ‘marriage’.

It starts a new cycle in your life, which lasts for 28 days. (Unless it is an eclipse, then it lasts longer)

Since this is the third decan of Virgo, it falls under the energy of Taurus and can be a time to energize any artistic endeavor, specifically when it comes to the tangibles; so get out paper, clay, paint, and build something that represents an aspect of you that you wish to bring into the world.

If it is a profession you have been considering, now will be the time to make those moves and phone calls.  If it is music you want, now is the time to begin a class or engage in the activity that will open the doors to technical mastery. 

Steady as you go, time to take that measured and almost quiescent approach, keep it your own secret and remain quiet and reserved, but steady as you go.

This new moon might bring up some practical issue to confront. You might find that people are a bit stubborn and myopic, but there should be a gentle love that still permeates and underlies the energetic field.

With Mars in Scorpio at 15* squaring Venus in Leo at 10*, the truth seekers may take odds with those who would wax sophomoric and wish to simply preen and stroke their pride.

Pluto in Capricorn is still forming a square (which will happen on and off until 2015, money issues will not go away until then, no matter what is promised on a platform) to Uranus in Aries.  Uranus wants to break us free from the past, it wants us to boldly go into new horizons and take a different approach.

Pluto is busy burning away the sheath that has long covered much of what we think we knew on the world stage, in government, education, corporatism, etc.  Some things are necessary, but what we do know is that things cannot go on the way they have been.  Will you be a brave soul and shine a light in the dark with a clear tone for all to see and hear?  Will you hold that integrity long enough, to help create the same for others who are lost?

Virgo wants us to be grateful for what we have, to utilize or reuse the things we already have, rather than run after ‘shiny and new’.

So take stock in one of the things you have, which is your relationship and opportunity with ArcAncient, Aromatherapy.  We have been leaders in this field for almost 20 years.  We supply you with the finest products made with the purest ingredients available. We are so good, people try to copy a good idea, but you are with the original.  We make our blends stronger than most, because we know in order to work in the world where viral strains have developed super-strains, we need a super powerful formula.

Right now, there is a nasty cold/pneumonia going around.  Not only should you be stocked up on Breathing Easy and Sinus Roll On, but so should everyone you know.  Think about how much you depend on that to make you feel better?  I know I have cured pneumonia myself with this one roll on twice.

(Most of you know that I died at the age of 17 and caught pneumonia while in the hospital for almost a month).  Well, I am ever so grateful that I have my trusty Breathing Easy, I don’t want to think about life without it.

So, to help you stock up and make those sales:

Buy 4 Breathing Easy and 4 Sinus Roll ons for: $100.00 (Current distributors take your discount off of that.) (You can make any combo of Breathing Easy and Sinus to get to a total of 8 roll ons).


Make a purchase that totals $100.00 retail, and take an initial 10% discount and then subtract your distributor discount from that.  (This does not include the Breathing Easy, Sinus special as part of your total).

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So what are you waiting for?  Start making that extra money NOW!!!!






Sunday, September 2, 2012

Once in a Blue Moon

This blue moon, which last occurred in 2009, is the second full moon this month.


At 9:58AM This morning, Friday the 31, of the year 2012, we had a full moon at 8* Pisces.

This is the first of the Pisces Decans and is ruled by the planet Neptune.

In the first Pisces Decan; the energy of intuition, dreams, romanticism, and selflessness are emphasized.  Life looses its boundaries, and the walls dissolve.  We see the whole, the unity in all things and no longer are held hostage to the ego.

The optimism born in the new moon in Leo comes into full appreciation as we are swept into the deep Ocean of possibility with Neptune.  That wonderful world that sometimes borders on naivety washes away the wounds of the past, and we can see the pieces of the whole and the incidents that were necessary on our journey home.

Open up that romantic dream world and see the synthesis of life in its poetic beauty.  You can find yourself in lucid dreamland not only at night, but drifting off during daylight as the imagination catches the fire of the soul, and the wonder of the magnetic full moon cast’s her spell on the earth she revolves around with magic dust.

Use your intuition and tap into the feelings and emotions of others. Swim together in a blissful, childlike paradise and paint the world with Neptunian Grace.