Saturday, October 13, 2012

New moon in Libra and Saturn's entry into Scorpio

On Monday October 15, 2012 7:04AM we have a new moon in Libra at 22*.

Let us remind you that this is the marriage of the male and female energies and the start of a new monthly energy/cycle.

So what is going on with the stars and how will this affect us?

We recently had Saturn (Lord of the Rings) leave its long sojourn through the same sign, Libra after almost 3 years.  Saturn entered Libra on October 30, 2009 so you can look back to that time to sort of get a guideline as to how he affected you.

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and the 10th house; he demands justice and is lord of karma.  As Chronos he is the ruler of time and his day is the 7th day of rest, Saturday the Sabbath.

He wants you to learn order and he rewards those who work hard, but he also wants to remind us to rest.  Which of those did you find yourself doing the most of?  Because in Libra, he wants the balance of his rulerships; to gain a good measure of how long we invest time into the different aspects of our lives.

He asked us how much value we place in our relationships (Libra’s rulership) and we paid the price for where we didn’t place enough time and energy or we were rewarded for the people and aspects of our lives we did invest our time and energy.

Have you reinvested in current relationships or cut out those that no longer serve you?

Have you considered the amount of energy either you or your partner invests into your world together?

He demands justice in the sign of Libra because he is exalted in Libra.  In Libra Saturn has a symbiotic relationship and functions at his best.

I went into some detail about this because it has to do with the new moon in Libra.

This will be the first new moon in libra, which directly follows Saturn’s long journey through the sign that ended on October 6th when he entered Scorpio.

This will bring up the last vestiges of that sojourn and the aforementioned issues to bring closure and acknowledge the lessons you have learned, because above all, Saturn is a teacher.

Saturn’s element is lead, so depression and tiredness can come with a transit.  What that lead wants is to be alchemized into a higher element.  The depression is there to make you dig deep; the tiredness can mean you needed to slow down from a hectic pace.

See how this is about balance?  Have you found your buried treasure? 

Have you learned how to manage yourself and take the time to rest?

If not, he will be sure to teach you in a more instructive manner the next time…..(you don’t want that, believe me).


With Saturn’s new entry into Scorpio, we can expect a lot of revelations to come out; secrets long buried will find their way into the headlines and out onto the stage of life.

There will be a lot of deviant sex scandals that will break, (we see the harbinger of that with the recent Pennsylvania State University scandal) but we can expect much more to splash across the headlines.

We will also see the rise of those who have taken a fall in the past.  This could be you too.  If you were one who found yourself taking a back seat or hiding  a bit over the past few years, it is highly possible for you to feel reinvigorated and ready to face the world again.  Ofcourse, where this took place in your own chart personally, would have a lot more reliability and information as to what that means for you.

If you are one of the cardinal signs or had planets or placements in the signs of: Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, you would have felt this more strongly and active in your life.  This would also affect those cardinal house transits too.


We will see the phoenix rising with Saturn in Scorpio but we will also see the endings/deaths of long time trends, people, stars, agenda’s, etc. over the next two and a half years with the transit.


We can expect to see the birth of new idea’s, new forms of law especially regarding Estate Taxes (I expect to see a major overhauling in this area).

This is often the time people actually end relationships legally too.  So some of you might see either a readjustment with finances and estate planning together; wills being redone and revisited, if you did the work on your relationship the past few years, or the actual finalizing of your disillusionment.  This could mean the dissolving of the marriage or business partnership.


Now we will review the idea of how we view sex in our lives.  It will come front and center on the world stage too. 

We will also undergo a large overhaul of taxation, we can expect a lot of discourse on the subject and just what is fair and where does the money go anyway?


You may have your own experience revisiting a tax issue, how you file and what you deduct.


If you are a Scorpio, expect some of the aforementioned experiences regarding Saturn and your own world.  Here comes karma!

Also, he rules the bones, knees and teeth, so make sure if you are a Scorpio you are making sure to get the nourishment and dental visits necessary!  We strongly recommend stocking up on Arthritis and Fibromyalgia Cream and roll on to get you through this time.  We have specials on both so give us a call.


When Saturn was in Libra, he was squaring Capricorn, where Pluto the transformer and ruler of the 8th house is now traveling.  Pluto has been preparing Saturn’s entry into Scorpio where Saturn will lay down the law.  Saturn was also squaring Uranus first in Virgo/the house of health and order starting late in 2008 (On Election Day to be exact) and then in Libra on and off.  So those cardinal signs really saw some heavy duty times of change.


OK, we are also still in the energy of the Pluto in Capricorn square from Uranus in Aries and that will only be exacerbated by Saturn’s transit into Scorpio wanting to take down the guise reveal the house that jack built is a bit top-heavy.  We shall see the power brokers squeal and writhe, bluster and recoil as they search for ways to pull the covers over their sordid affairs.

This will only continue as we have mentioned in previous posts, the Uranus/Pluto squares will last into 2015 and the shift will come as Saturn enters Sagittarius for the new slate that the Scorpion energy will bring.  Will Uranus win out and show us the new way of Plutonic energy or alternative and inventive means? 

We also have a square from Mars at 5* Sagittarius to Neptune who has newly entered Aries. Mars is going to continue to ram into this higher octave of love and at its excesses illusion and dissolution until it busts open the damn that has been holding back the gooey slick hiding our true spiritual heritage.

Expect a lot of posturing and demanding from the Church….while the protests continue to demands of their own.  ‘Thou dost protest too much’ will take on a whole new meaning by the time this is over.

In your own lives, this transit will ask you to look for any dogma that you may have pulled over your own hypocrisy.  Are we our brothers’ keepers?  Do we say things that sound good, but walk a different walk when it comes down to it?  Neptune wants to live in a fairy tale world sometimes, but Mars in Sagittarius will not allow this to go on without a serious public display of morality and virtue at its most basic level.  No more simple high and mighty dismissive, this aspect wants ‘exposure’.                            Photo crop circle: (Saturn's Cube can we say dimensions and hyper dimensions?)


We have one more square from Jupiter at 16* ` to Venus at 14* c and with Jupiter expanding the chatty aspect and again the emphasis on electricity we see the charge to the virgin/earth and a difficult relationship with details while Jupiter squares off with the Venusian love planet we may see some disagreements about how we spend money, cars and travel as well as some sibling issues coming to the forefront.

The whole point will be to come clean, get real and learn how to communicate and consider our goals and our needs.  Saturn took a long time to teach us just this, and this new moon will be our first test to see if we pass or fail.

On the world stage, we will find our politicians doing the two-step around the issues and budgets that WILL be overhauled.


Is it too late to now sound like we should run for cover?  Because we shall see that is not going to happen.


We have a lovely trine from Mars to Uranus at 5* Aries.  This is exact and on the money so it holds mucho power.  We can expect some interesting discussions and possible new discoveries or revelations about alternative energy.  You might find yourself a bit more energetic and wanting to run into the world with both arms open.  Sagittarius is restless and with Mars rocking her world, it will be too much energy to simply sit and watch the world go by, no this one wants ACTION.


Our old friend Saturn is also trining Neptune too, so the doors to the structures are about to swing wide open and we can expect some real headway with spiritual pursuits, as long as they are authentic.  Saturn doesn’t allow ‘pretense’ so it will support Neptune’s higher octave of acting from a place of true love and compassion.  Do you see how the universe gives us both what we need to grow in the difficult aspects as well as the good?


Now, the new moon:

At 22* we are in the third decan of Libra which is ruled by Mercury.

This is the analytical part of Libra but she is also a social creature here, so expect your social chart to fill up quite rapidly during this new moon.  Have fun keeping up with everyone who wants you to make an appearance at their special event.


We have a lot of planets in the early degrees of signs right now, so a lot of changes are in the works and this new moon will have us analyzing just what the right changes are necessary among the options possible.


Set out your Green and Blue candles and put into place the actions necessary to reinvigorate and invest into partnerships that you are ready for the long haul in.


It is also time to plant some bulbs that you want to come up in springtime, when the moon is full in Libra in April.  This will be when you can expect to see the bigger picture of what you plant now.  Of course we also see the quicker results at the full moon at the end of October, but the bigger plans will manifest in April of 2013.

This will be true of the elections this year too.


On that note, we will have Mercury going retrograde on election night, so expect a long night and quite probably a disturbance or disagreement regarding results.  I will post more on that at a later time, since so many planets will be retrograde at that time and below the horizon, there will be a lot to talk about.





Best of Luck with the entry of Saturn into Scorpio!


Gloria O’Neil-Savage