Monday, March 11, 2013

Watery New Moon for March 11, 2013 Deep Sea Diving

Happy New Moon at 21* of Pisces.

We still have Mercury Retrograde until March 18 at 5°D38 of Pisces.

Saturn is also still retrograde until July 8th at 4°D49 of Scorpio.


Just want to give you some heads up, we are in: Water, water, water!!!

With Mars leading the pack at 29* Pisces, he is followed by the Sun (Identity/solar being) and Moon (emotions and feelings) in conjunctivo at 21* Pisces, then Venus (love and partnership) at 17* of Pisces, Chiron (wounded healer, shows us where we came to heal) at 10* of Pisces, Mercury (communications and travel) at 7* of Pisces and Neptune (Illusions, music, art, dreams) & (ruler of Pisces) at 3* of Pisces.

That is SEVEN planets all in the watery depths of Pisces, pay attention to your DREAMS!!!


We also have Saturn and the North Node (dragons head) both in the watery sign of Scorpio, only here we are talking about sex, secrets and possession.


We will see the use of drugs and alcohol come front and center, many may choose to dive into their addictions and hide, or just find them drowning.

With Mars (energy and action) paving the way at 29*, we will see emotional action and RESOLVE in matters of feelings, they will come to the surface, it is a good time to tell people how you feel, because now you WILL KNOW, BY THE FULL MOON ON Wednesday, 27th March 2013, 10:27:18 am at 1* Libra.


Both Mercury and Saturn want us to redial and rethink our plans before moving forward.

What do we want to build in life and that needs to be based on what makes us FEEL GOOD, do we have our spiritual integrity in the plan?

How do we connect deeply with others?  We have to come to terms with ‘attachments’ and giving people space, and then coming together in meaningful and intense ways, and that does not mean ‘clinging’ to one another, but giving each other space to find air.


By the full moon, you will have found resolution to the feelings, and you will be ready to put those feelings into ACTION, and then by the time Saturn goes direct, you will be ready to put them into an agreement, a structure that is mutually beneficial (with Saturn and Pluto in mutual reception).


I suggest having ‘Sensual Healing’ and ‘WiseWoman’ on hand, to help you get through the troubled waters.