Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Seal of Sol o Mon Squaring the Heart or Divine Timing?

The Great Sol and Mon Sun and Moon Seal

We are fast approaching the great Seal in our Heavens, of Solomon.

Two interlaced triangles, one pointing up which represents the male or solar principle and the other pointing downward, which represents the lunar or female principle.  This is the marriage of the pairs of opposites and is also the symbol for the heart chakra.

This is also known as a grand sextile, which is an extremely rare, six-pointed star or hexagram, that forms in the heavens when six planets align, each approximately sixty degrees apart.

What does this mean for us? 

Well, get out your ArcAncient ‘Inner Glow’ and get into your heart center.  Don’t worry, you won’t be late, the energy is active for at least three days.  You can thread the needle.  Anoint your heart chakra, meditate and pray.  Light your candle, for the heart, for the ‘Lion-Hearted’ which means to be brave-hearted and open up your compassionate glow, that heart-center that connects to the Great Divine and into the Bridal Chamber, where you will marry the pairs of opposites, connecting with Jesus (Saviour) and Mary Magdalene.

Place your hands together in prayer position at your heart chakra, feel the connection.

Open your arms and legs into the ‘Vitruvian Man’ position, as you connect Above and below and call upon your angels. 

This is also a Sun in Leo square to moon in Taurus, so an earthy moon dances with her lion-hearted lover and the square ignites the passion…the passion of the Christ.

This can bring difficult positions from people, see if you can take a breath, step back and look at things from a detached perspective, and how can you come to a mutual agreement, where is the center point?  With this earth and water trine, we have the two feminine energies supporting communication, save for some possible snafu’s between Mercury/Hermes (communication and travel) and Uranus (genius, sudden and unexpected events and also the octave above Mercury)which wants us to reach a higher calling, a new approach.  Suggest some possible alternatives and ask for the same.

Saturn (El, Lord of the rings and time) is opposing the Moon in Taurus (possessions, what you have and DESIRE) So, you may feel as though the hierarchical older male is against your feminine needs and wants what you have  but does not want to give in return.  Again, take a step back and see if the view can be altered with a new perspective and possible alternative outcome.

This may bring increased hostility between different countries, especially with the Mars (energy and action God of War and impulsivity) conjunct magnanimous Jupiter (joy/jove, abundance, laughter, children, animals, higher learning and the magnifier of other planets he touches to activate) in a tight square to Uranus (which is the handle on the T-square) and opposing Pluto (death and rebirth, secrets, sex magic) who is also still in mutual reception to Saturn/El, so the secrets will come out in unexpected ways.

Black Moon Lilith is finishing up in Gemini at 29* so all that duplicity that we have been experiencing, twin flames and everything going in so many directions, having to do things twice to get things done right, (literally the do over, after Mercury went direct finally!) is making last call…

What is it you really want?  What makes you come alive?

What is your heart song?  Can you hear it, do you even listen?

Now is the time.

Hear that faint drum beating?  It is you, your ancestry, your lives and life you have lived to make you who you are, and YOU ARE READY.