Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Circle Gets the Cardinal Square

 Circle Gets the Cardinal Square 

Full Moon, August 20, 2013 9:46PM EDT

Every once in a blue moon; there comes a red letter day that is just the right key that can open up the gates of the gods.  This full moon in Aquarius at 28*h, taming the lion that all but sauntered in this summer is just such a blue moon.

She has joined her sister Neptune/Poseidon in the Grand Water Trine that we have been floating inside of the past few months, and is now Full-y matured in her cycle to stand across the heavens and gaze at her lover the sun.  In Aquarius, she is just detached enough to shift our perspective and become the witness to our own worlds, divining the heavens and sifting the spirit in an alchemic brew that just may wake you lucid while you are wide awake.

She has given a wide birth but is swimming close enough to Neptune to trine Saturn/El (structure, time, hierarchy, old man, establishment) and perhaps seduce him out of his stodgy died-in-the-wool mindset, long enough to make him ‘FEEL’ the hardship he is causing on his subjects, loyal or otherwise.

Neptune/Poseidon (dreams, visions, art, music, but at the other end, sadness and hardship, the martyr complex) has kept the seas relatively calm, considering the brewing cocktail that SO FAR, has not erupted into the chaotic fallout that poverty and abuse creates.

Uranus in the meantime (Ouranos, or UR Anus, father of many gods; Saturn/Cronus, Zeus (Jupiter) Poseidon and Hades, the Titans and the lovely concept of keeping the eye singular as Cyclops and who is responsible for Chaos/ brilliance/sudden and unexpected change but also of the community, the gathering as ruler of the 11th house; is not talking nicely to anyone right now.  He is in his rather demanding and exacting state as he continues to square off with Pluto/Hades (the underworld, sex, drugs, insurance, secrets) and also is now squaring his son, Jupiter/Zeus (joviality, freedom, expansion) so he is not allowing things to come so easy, and he is demanding change through individuality, remain in your integrity and don’t let the watery depths of Neptune/Poseidon blur the lines, even as the hottest song of the summer entices you into believing it should all be so easy and ‘sexual’.

So we have the dissolution and softening, the watery depths to assuage sooth and comfort us while the Titans of time play out their age old war games, posturing in the leonine energy in the game of thrones.

The powerful oppositions between Pluto/Hades and Jupiter/Zeus wanting the old bedfellows to dampen the mood with the dourness of hades, perhaps he doesn’t like all the glory Zeus gets, maybe he helped him more than we are told to escape the confines of Cronus, and with the Cardinal Square of Hades to the beguiling Venus/Aphrodite, it would appear that he doesn’t even want Ouranus’ daughter to get away so easily, demanding she plays by the rules and uses better judgment, not just her beauty.

But Aphrodite is no pushover, she knows how to use just the right amount of diplomacy, and she must, simply must rise up out of the inconjunct to her mother Poseidon as Poseidon teaming up with (Luna/emotions/feelings/the mother) is more supportive of the stern taskmaster El/Cronus right now, but, with a nice trine (though widening every day) to Zeus, one can hope that a little humour might go a long way….BUT

The other part of the C-Square, Aphrodite/Venus is to Zeus/Jupiter, so being harmonious and diplomatic as Aphrodite is so capable, especially as she is in her own sign of Libra the scales right now, may feel a bit tense, as Zeus/Jupiter in Cancer the Crab is dignified, even as his need to expand is somewhat hampered in the shell of the crab, he does feel at home.  So we must use this energy, the energy of family, of home and without going overboard, turn on the music, and clean up the domicile as we breathe from a distanced perspective, a new light into our relationships…let it change…let it grow, it doesn’t want to the same old stale controlling way, and the foundation is firm with the trine, so have a little trust.

Without the trust, without the ability to step back and observe, you are most likely to get sucked down a torrent of emotions, and with all that old stuff getting stirred up, you CAN’T SEE CLEARLY, unless you step back and remind yourself of the foundation you have made over time, over life-times.

We are almost stepping into the energy of Virgo, and if you get stuck in the minutiae now, well….there will be more than leaves falling soon.
The father wants respect, the daughter wants to believe she is beautiful, and Gaia wants everyone to play nice, while mama in her elderly state as LaLuna, kicks back and enjoys a glass of wine on the deck of the boat with the waves gently lapping on the bow and a soft Bossa weaves in and out of the horizon, maybe ‘And I Love Her’.

La Luna will soon be diving deeply into the depth’s right along Neptune, so we are bound to have lots of tears, even from seemingly out of nowhere.

Let it heal you, let those living waters wash away the pain, and as the pain slides off your heart, reveal a tenderness, a LOVE that fashions the world, and leaves behind more presents in her wake, gifts, and sparkly memories, that we just couldn’t see from up close and intimate, so go ahead, get a good cry on and sail away.

We want you to drift away in ritual bath, or at the very least, anointing the sacred memories coming to the surface and dancing on your skin, wanting notice (Venus/Aphrodite out of the Leo New Moon) and a Grace takes place, Hail Mary.
We will need grace, as the tension to Venus/Aphrodite, Hermes/Mercury and Jupiter/Zeus may make Hades very weary of his guarded fortunes, and we might feel a pinch in the budget as the hands come out of nowhere looking to be filled, and there seems to be less and less to go around, I wouldn't want to own stock right now.

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Lion Roars in on the New Moon in August

In a summer that just doesn’t seem to be able to get started, our watery moon roars in and brings the heat of the sun in Leo.  In all this watery energy, things get the fiery push you might need to finally get some things done and feel a little ambition and zip again.

Though, I must admit I am thoroughly enjoying this water trine, having Neptune conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio myself; I do love the sun and I most certainly love Leo’s and the energy of the Lion.  This incendiary marriage of the sun and moon at 14* of Leo will bring further exposure and certainly some strutting of leaders who want to be the leader of the pride.
I like the brave hearted aspect of this conjunction, though I do expect some of the dark-hearted and egotistical expressions of this energy; I also like the courageous actions of standing up for those who have a hard time standing up for themselves.  That includes people who come forth and take a stand for their beliefs, without throwing other people under the bus.

Lions are loving and protective of their families, so they usually make great parents, as long as they don’t spoil their children with all that flattery that they themselves are so susceptible to.  You earn the badge of Leo as an aspect in your chart, hopefully you will make good use of that aspect and energy and swallow the pride, while you exalt the sunny disposition and roar as necessary to protect others.

I love the passion of Leo’s and their ability to entertain and own the stage.  Some famous Leo’s:
Madonna,  Halle Berry,  Martha Stewart , Sandra Bullock, Iman , Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Mick Jagger, Charlize Theron, Whitney Houston, Robert De Niro, Bill Clinton, Dustin Hoffman, Antonio Banderas, Kim Cattrall, & Robert Redford to name a few…get the picture?

Note they all have ‘swag’ and that ability to take over the screen with charm and charisma, they have it in spades.

Go out and make some campfires, bring out the children and entertain family and friends, this is the time to warm up the heart and be affectionate and generous.  So go ahead, splurge a little, Leo reminds us to LIVE, to remember the world is your stage and you are the main actor, but also to share the warmth and include others.

Tell someone they look good, you like their haircut, their smile or their company.  Flattery will go a long way in a Leo New Moon.

Light a candle every day up until the full moon August 20th at 9:46PM, and let it burn all night into the 21st.

Pay attention to the colours that make you feel alive.  What do they mean, how do they make you feel?

Jupiter (Jove, expansion, children, joy) and Mars (action and energy and where your passion gets ignited in your own chart) in the watery depths of Cancer still, have a resonance with this new moon too, and they are squaring Uranus (sudden changes, insights, brilliance, groups)  in Aries so expect those sudden changes to plans but trust that Jove (Zeus) has joy in store for you, and go follow those flames into the watery and surreal world of magic and make believe.
As Uranus is still squaring Pluto (Hades, power, sex and the underworld) there are going to be power plays both on the world stage and in your own personal lives, and the better you are at feeling confident and secure, and finding levity and humour in the situation, the better the ride will be.

At the same time, we have the obvious opposition that comes with Mars and Jupiter in Cancer to Pluto in Capricorn, so expect the transformation at some level, within the home especially when it comes to who is in charge and unfortunately, divulging secrets as a power play in persuading and extorting some vulnerable place in your heart, so find your heart song and sing it out, don’t let the darker energy of Pluto/Hades scare you into retreat.  Fact: Hades loves a good lament and music is his weakness.
Take a cue from Etta James and cry like a rainy day.

You can’t fight water, you can’t hold back the tide, you can only take a deep breath and open your eyes, there is magic afoot, it will come sauntering into the room and howl in the wind, it will also whisper in your ear when you are just waking up, or falling asleep, and the divine loving hand that guides us all, has a sweet message for you…Listen…let the words fall into your dreamy being and shine a light on your soul, waking up the slumbering memory that you are never alone, and the Lion doesn’t really sleep at night.

All is well in the mighty jungle of the Lord.

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Have some hot fun in the summertime!