Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hermes Takes Flight Ascending Up From the Depths of The Serpent

As of 4:12PM EST on November 10, 2013 our flight attendant, Hermes/Mercury has begun his forward motion again and is proceeding to move in his shadow until November 27th, when he will resurface at 18*23’.  So many things have tran-spired during what seemed to be his descent into the 9th sphere, taking us with him.
Do you feel as though you have been through a ritual?  Initiated?  Baptized?  What life will throw at us, or we may choose depending on the perspective, is a ritual of sorts.  the universe conspires with us to take us into deeper and deeper levels of ourselves and up the spiral staircase to Her majesty’s Secret Service. 
In his ascent up from the depths of Hades our messengerNeptune and Amhitrite Triumph dolphin messenger friend, Mercury, is swimming in a trine to Poseidon/Neptune (the watery deep world of the 12th house and Pisces, music the arts, hearing, dreaming, subconscious, MUSE, illusions, delusions) who is happily communicating to us in flashbacks and total recall.  Poseidon is ruling this astrological ship while Jupiter (Zeus) is happily dignified in Cancer the Crab ruler of the moon.  We can see a watery theme ~ yes?
This is the perfect time to set your dreams in motion, we are past the eclipse, and coming out of the dark side of the moon.  Now, if you had trouble, we can look at this as a big cleansing and rituals harkening back in time, were meant to take us through passages that reflected the dark and the light, the good and bad in us to reveal that which occults our brightness, the veil that is covering our lamp.  Without seeing our weaknesses, we can never truly find our strengths.
417px-AACHEN,_Hans_von_-_Bacchus,_Ceres_and_Cupid_-_WGAWhat are your dreams whispering to you?  Are you running and hiding, seeing things in a new light or being dressed in royal colours and dancing in the moonlight?
Poseidon is also in a nice sextile to her daughter Venus/Aphrodite (well, Venus does rise up out of her from the sperm of Uranus and is a higher octave of Aphrodite) so having them in such a lovely exchange can open up the gates of paradisEzekiel's Vision of the cosmic Tetramorph Winchester bible XIIth century Illuminated lettere.  We are after all in one of the fixed crosses of the zodiac, wheels within wheels and the gates of the garden of paradise (Eden) where all things are possible.  What would you like to fix your gaze upon, have you had insights into what the future looks like?  These players are doing their very best to guide you now, shining down and through the waters of birth.
Poseidon is also having La Luna drop by to enhance the watery world and in a nice trine to her north node, the head of the dragon they are more than happy to bring nirvana.  So now is the time to take those reflections that have flashed before your eyes, and make something with them!
education-of-jupiter_jpg!xlMediumYes, we now have Jupiter/Zeus retrograde (20* on November 7th.) in Cancer, but remember he is dignified in the land of the moons domain.  He wants to be comfy at home and he has decided to stay here, restless as he is, and read a book by the fire, engage in a long philosophical conversation or make new plans looking over maps, on where to voyage into next.  (He will go direct at 10* of Cancer on March 6th.)
Zeus will be in a happy trine to Saturn/El, Lord of the Rings for a good portion of that retrograde, so this is about us redeveloping our deepest thoughts and fears, taking a good look at what we build the rest of our world upon, our foundations.  Foundations first of a mental sort, what do we really believe?  With all the truth being exposed now, the clearer you see yourself, the more the illusions that have been glossing over the hidden meanings of our reality will fall off the lies like butter on a hot plate.  Working at the car wash…our vehicles are gejupiter-and-semele-1895_jpg!xlMediumtting the works.
Now, let’s see…what else does Jupiter/Zeus like to do?  Oh yeah, he likes to make love…in fact, who hasn’t Zeus had his way with?  So, while the watery depths are stirring and Zeus is now coming back and wanting to warm his fires, you might want to rekindle your own romance.
So, with Mercury thrice going retrograde this year, we have seen the end of the returning, only to find ourselves with his higher octave Uranus still retrograde, Neptune and now Jupiter/Zeus retrograde.
Re-Member…what we want to do during any retrograde, is to put an Re in front of a verb that describes the action of that planet/astrology sign or rulership and then proceed to go with the flow.
We will want Re-Member to study and recall the events healing our way into the greater vision of the matrix that we inhabit, of the Great Mind.
Holy, holy, holy Lord, God of Power and Might, Heaven and Earth are full of your Glory, Hosanna in the highest, blessed is he who comes in the name of the lord, Hosanna in the highest.

Gnostic Mary Magdalene

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Gnostic Mary Magdalene