Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Blood on Our Hands, Full Moon Eclipse October 8 2014

On September 24th, at 2:15AM EDT; the Lord and Lady made their monthly visit, this time in Libra at 1*.  Let’s hope that this infusion of energy in harmonious Libra will give us a nice little push off into calmer seas, at least some tempering.  Mercury/Hermes (communication/travel) has been in Libra since the beginning of September. 
We are moving into the fullness of the ‘Hunter’s Moon’, which will be exact on October 8th, 2014 at 8:52AM EDT.  According to the Farmer’s Almanac, we will be experiencing a much colder and snowier winter this year and she will come in with a bang and leave us in an early spring.  Well, the signs are all around us for an early winter.  The leaves dappling the green canopies with their umber and orange witnesses of the sun’s journey through the summer.  The winds are picking up and bringing us crisp mornings that warm to a cool 60 degrees even with a full lemony sun gleefully walking across the skies as ‘Luke’ (light).
It seems we barely warmed up this summer before we begin our fall into the dark and

long winter nights.  Pluto’s/Hades emergence as he began his movement forward on September 23rd at 10* of Capricorn the Goat doing his job of spreading dark and dour news.  Worse yet, we are beginning to feel the effects of the dark lord closing in on his next exact square with Uranus, who is retrograde in his journey to square him again on December 15th when they are both at 12*.
Lady Luna, as she moves into her fullness at 15* of Aries, saddling up to Uranus and as the Golden one forms a T-square to Pluto in his opposition to Lady Luna and Uranus which will magnify the Cardinal shifts, especially those at 10-15* of the Cardinal signs, who will be given deep and profound insights if you are paying attention.
The Moon is once again filling with blood, this being the second of the 4 Blood Moons.  She will be eclipsed by the sun, the male separated from his bride by our home/earth standing between them and this alignment with his bride is a trigger (gateway) that will impact us strongly for the next month, but also for the next 6 months, as we travel down the rivers flowing through this life/death/rebirth cycle.
Pluto, Lord of the underworld is already actively taking loved ones from us, and we shall certainly see more as he drags them like trophies down into his lair, along with Persephone.  I expect to hear of more famous deaths and also, a female who will be publicly held accountable as the fall guy, in a long running scandal that will come to light.
The good news?  The heavens are blessing us with a very lovely grand trine in the fire signs, with Mars/Ares in Sag at 17*, Uranus at 14* of Aries kissing Lady Luna at 15* Aries and gently moving towards Jupiter/Zeus (optimism/bounty) who is at 17* of Leo, we will have motivation and some happy occasions that will come out of the blue.  Aries and Leo’s might find their date card is all full, while they are mesmerized by some moonlit kissing and Uranus magically heightens the emotional cocktail.
Things could get sizzling hot!  (Keep it amorous and don’t let doubts creep in and spoil all the fun, when is the last time you felt this?  Ride the magic carpet ride.)
Up until the 14th, Pluto/Hades is on the handle of the T-Square, so our issues of death/treasures/taxes will remain on the front-burners, with the Solar being in Libra at 15* conjunct Venus/Aphrodite (love/partners/harmony) pouring some caution and compassion into this mix; by the time Luna moves into Cancer on the 14th/15th we will see the Grand Cross once again light up the heavens (even though the Uranus/Pluto
square is not exact right now), we WILL experience some very powerful events, some of which may certainly be in the form of earthquakes, volcano’s and powerful storms; but also in the form of political events and social unrest, while we may see some interesting agreements being cobbled together in the process.  Still, the drum beat has become a very loud death rattle already, and none of this is going away until the last Blood Moon on September 27th of next year, and who knows how benevolent the gods might care to be?
It is during these times, that we forge our strongest vessels, capable of holding even deeper truths, but we are living the world of our own hands.
This Hunter’s Moon, we prepare for our dark stretch, making sure we have nourishment, we must also consider spiritual nourishment.  We are being given very deep insights right now, the noble truths that come in small steps, including in the mundane.  How much does a simple look from someone you care about, stretch down the halls of your memories? 
In this eclipse pattern, take the next five days (especially) to put things in order; what can you cut out of your life?  This eclipse wants us to ‘eclipse’ all of the thoughts, patterns, habits, and really, just anything that has served its purpose (clothes, furniture, etc., too!) physical, mental, emotional or otherwise, and FINALLY JUST LET GO OF IT!  Death to the old patterns that have held us back, personally and collectively.
With the blood moon, is the life giving power to also give birth, we do this when we clean old those old patterns that makes room for the upgraded YOU.
We also live in a world that has a prescription for everything.  Let’s just break that word

down a bit, shall we?  Pre-script-ion.  A writing ‘script’ to live by or with.
What is your ‘script’?  What are you writing?  Don’t take the pill, the poisonous ‘prescription’ that can addle the mind and clog the body and senses, write the script that is healthy, that brings you alive.
Remember, a 1* adjustment will bring us to very different destinations.
We have Mercury/Hermes retrograde since October4th at 2* of Scorpio and will take us on a review all the way back to 16* of LIbra when he stations direct on October 24th.   The last time Hermes was at 16* of LIbra was on September 14th, so what was going on?  Any decisions made since then, communications and agreements may be up for review, or regret, but the lessons learned is the main gift.  What insight has finally lit up your mind and taught you a wise lesson about relating/communicating?  Which agreements may have been made hasty?  Words exchanged that may have taken a kinder route and finally, are you bring truthful to yourself and others?  Is there something you were not forthcoming about?  Remember, when we are truthful to others, we give THEM THE OPPORTUNITY TO GROW AND CLEAN UP A FUZZINESS THAT FOGS THE MIND WHEN SOMEONE IS BEING DECEITFUL FOR WHATEVER REASON.  Lying is another form of stealing.
Sexual issues will come up now as Mercury/Hermes slips out of Scorpio and slides into Libra’s partnering skills of harmony and fairness.  The universe will now deliver to you, some real gems to help you build a life of love and integrity.
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