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Alchemy of the Soul, A-Limbic System, Chapter III Walking on Water

She came and spoke to me for the fourth time in my “knowing being”.  I know her as Mary Magdalene now.  Her voice, like silk through the ethers, drifted into my meditation.  The skin of my body was no match for the light that infused into my being.  I opened soft eyes as the sun licked the walls of my room, honey-amber in its slow motion, time-stop entry through my window.

                  WALKING ON WATER
She said to me “Gloria…..Magdala…Amygdala”.

I was meditating after deep prayer, when it happened.  Her voice wrapped around and through me like someone talking right into your ear.

She can do that.  It is an earthy and yet high voice all in one.  Every cell stands at alert which commands me to pay attention.

I do, I write down what I am being told as She says to me; Magdala, Amygdala… becomes unmistakable for me to see, so much so that I wonder how I couldn’t see something so apparent before.

When I write out, Amygdala….as it happens so often for me, the word breaks down in front of my eyes, A MY GD ALA. I am very used to writing God, in reverence as G-d, so that stuck out like a neon sign, how interesting is that all by itself if one thinks deeper?

Then I see all of it, like Cortes or Columbus’s ships sailing to shore in clear view, yet invisible to the natives because they lacked the matrix of consciousness needed to process the information – there it was – right in front of me all the time, hidden in plain view.  First my body rocked with the profundity of the obvious.   Amygdale literally translates to “almond shaped”.  The Vesica Pisces formation is two
circles intersecting each other, the beginning of the flower of life and in the center of that intersection is an almond shape as I will show you in the picture here. 
This is also known as the ‘Holy of Holies’, as is the Song of Solomon, this same wedding, or marriage of the pairs of opposites.
So there inside of our anatomy, or more specifically inside of our brain, is the amygdala, which is part of our LIMBIC SYSTEM; and as an Aromatherapist, I teach and talk about this all the time.

In this symbol is the Soul of Man, the sun and the moon.  This sacred geometry is the blueprint from which all other geometries spring called the flower of life.  
AMM-GD-ALA, My God Ala, or AM. OHM, Brahma, God, Allah, the trinity of spiritual belief systems in ONE.  There is nothing we should be fighting over on this planet.   The relationship was now clear and it was in the limbic system of every human on the planet

But what is so important about Mary ‘Magdalene’ or Magdala and the Holy of Holies?  I am about to take you on a most wondrous journey connecting many things as I have over my lifetime in search of God and earth as it is in heaven.

I will introduce to you to Margaret Starbird and a brief, but very important piece of information learned from her writing.    (In my opinion, anyone wishing to know more about Mary Magdalene must read Starbird's groundbreaking and devotional work.)
Mary Magdalene presents us the archetype of the "earthen vessel filled with the Spirit" and her feast day, 22-7 reflects that understanding of her importance.  Here is an excerpt of Starbird’s work:
Now we will do the calculation for the area of the circle with the “7” radius. The formula is “pi” (22/7) times the square of the radius (7 x 7 = 49).   22/7 x 49 is 154.  If you use the alternative decimal version of “pi” (3.14) the result 153.86 is even more obviously connected to Mary Magdalene, because the Greek gematria of her title “H Magdalhnh” actually adds up to 153. So, using principles of sacred geometry in use at the time the Gospels were written, by virtue of her feast day (7/22) and the gematria of her honorific (153), she is shown to be the “Model” or embodiment of the human person as “sacred partner” of the Divine.
The "153" is highly significant as a symbolic number in the canon of the Greek geometers. It is the denominator of the ratio used to represent the square root of 3 (265/153) and is a numerical abbreviation for the "vesica piscis" ()--the "Vessel of the Fish" or "Measure of the Fish." This shape is the shared space when two circles are drawn together so that the edge of one passes through the center of the other.
Now, if you haven't thought about this already, this is the number of fish that were in the nets the apostles were told to draw up: 10 Jesus said to them, “Bring some of the fish you have just caught.” 11 So Simon Peter climbed back into the boat and dragged the net ashore. It was full of large fish, 153, but even with so many the net was not torn. 12 Jesus said to them, “Come and have breakfast.” None of the disciples dared ask him, “Who are you?” They knew it was the Lord. 13 Jesus came, took the bread and gave it to them, and did the same with the fish. 14 This was now the third time Jesus appeared to his disciples after he was raised from the dead.

So, now we see that there is a relationship, not only in the closeness of the two names, Magdala and Amygdala, but both represent the almond shape of the vesica pisces; one by gematria (Magdala) and the amygdala which literally means almond shaped in several languages as you can see here:
The word "almond" comes from Old French almande or alemande, Late Latin amandola, derived through a form amingdolouhha from the Greek αμυγδαλη (cf amygdala), an almond.
The adjective amygdaloid (literally "like an almond") is used to describe objects which are roughly almond-shaped, particularly a shape which is part way between a rectangle and anellipse. See, for example, the brain structure amygdala, which uses a direct borrowing of the Greek term.   ~Taken from Wikipedia
      …”And under His wings we will find refuge.”
 ~ Psalm 91
Now, I started this story by telling you that Mary Magdalene came to me and spoke her name and the name amygdala so that I would understand the relationship.  What I didn’t tell you was that I was praying and meditating on a concern that was bothering me, and that concern was about the energetic disorders.

Have you ever wondered why there are so many different ENERGETIC disorders around now that either did not exist or were extremely rare - as little as a decade ago?   The number of cases of people diagnosed with Autism, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Lupus, and depression in every shape and form has grown exponentially over the last ten years.  There was a time no one had even heard of Fibromyalgia, a crippling myofacial disease that strikes mainly women, and now 1 out of 20 women can expect to develop the disorder at some point in their life.   Have you ever wondered why so many women (one out of every two) are taking an average of 1.5 psychotropics?  Or why the number of cases of autism in children has jumped from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 100 in a mere 20 years?    Why all the energetic disorders? (Figures as of 2009)

So this is what I was wondering and asked the universe to help me with in the meditation. I knew there was a connection – a common cause or source for the myriad of energetic disorders that are crippling the human race at this point in time– but I couldn’t connect the dots.   What is it that we are doing to ourselves to create the first decline in life expectancy?   My body felt as if some electrical current had gone past the limit it could safely contain – as I strained toward that “knowing” I couldn’t quite reach, couldn’t quite taste.  Yet, it was at the tip of my comprehension, nibbling around the periphery of my perception like so many fish on mossy dock pilings. 

When I meditate, I have grown accustomed to anointing myself with oils, often using the essential oil of Spikenard, because it helps to ground me.
Spikenard is the same oil that Mary Magdalene used to anoint Jeshua, in which he became the Christ, through this act of chrism.
As always, this oil which is also known as ‘false valerian root’ helps to ground me.  The word valerian comes from the word valor.

Valor: c.1300, "value, worth," from O.Fr. valour "strength, value, valor," from L.L. valorem (nom. valor) "value, worth," from stem of L. valere "be worth, be strong" (seevaliant). ~Etymology online.

In the process of inhaling the scent, it travels through the olfactory, and into the limbic system.  As an aromatherapist now for over 20 years, I have shared and anointed clients and students with this very oil many times.   I also explain this process and the power of scent and how it affects the limbic system.  I share the scriptures, that are be told in memory of Her.

6 But Jesus said, "Let her alone; why do you trouble her? She has done a beautiful thing to me. 7 For you always have the poor with you, and whenever you will, you can do good to them; but you will not always have me. 8 She has done what she could; she has anointed my body beforehand for burying. 9 And truly, I say to you, wherever the gospel is preached in the whole world, what she has done will be told in memory of her." ~The Gospel of Mark.
44 Having turned toward the woman, (HE) said to Simon, “Do you see this woman? I entered your house, (but) you did not give me (any) water for (my) feet. This (woman) wet my feet with tears and dried (them) with her hair. 45 You did not give me a kiss. This (woman) from (the moment) which I entered has not (completely) stopped from kissing my feet. 46 With olive oil you did not anoint my head. This (woman) with perfume anointed my feet. 47 For this reason I say to you, her many sins have been forgiven, because she (showed) great love. Whomever is forgiven little, loves little.” 48 (HE) said to her, “Your sins have been forgiven.” 49 The (guests) reclining at table began to said to themselves, “Who is this who forgives sins?” 50 (HE) said to the woman, “Your faith has saved you. Go in peace.” ~Luke 8:44
Jesus responds to Simon and the rest of the apostles

So let’s look at the amygdala and the limbic system a bit deeper.
The word “amygdala” (almond”), accurately describes the set of nuclei that neuroscientists refer to as the source of “divine inspiration”.  Part of the limbic system, the ancient region of the brain that began to develop in fish over 500,000 years ago and then fully emerged in reptiles (also referred to as the “reptilian” brain) , the amygdala is the only area of the brain that has direct access to external stimuli through the sense of smell via the olfactory.  All other brain functions process information from the senses only after it has been “filtered”. 

Poor amygdalic functioning has been associated with anxiety, autism, depression, narcolepsy, post-traumatic stress disorder, phobias, and schizophrenia. Lesion studies with monkeys have shown that when the amygdala is impaired before six months of age, individuals have difficulty adapting to social life.

I now skip forward to another excerpt of this chapter:
As I stated previously, I am an aromatherapist, and aromatherapy by definition is a form of alternative medicine that uses the volatile plant materials, essential oils, made from the medicinal parts of plants, trees, rinds of fruit, and even some lichen’s for increased health and well being, mood enhancement, pain relief, and other therapeutic properties.

The word volatile comes from the Latin, volare, meaning to have wings or to fly.  The word essential, as stated previously, comes from the root ‘esse’ meaning to be or to exist.  The word oil comes from the Latin again ‘olere’ meaning to emit a smell or to be fragrant.
Literally translated, the use of aromatherapy can help one to be; light, fragrant and fly.
The most common method of extracting therapeutic essential oils is through steam distillation in a heating device.  This is done using an alembic.  An alembic is a still-like apparatus that one heats just to the point of boiling, which creates a vacuum whereupon the ‘essence’ of the plant material condenses and releases its magical elixir to the waiting alchemist.

Thus, the title of my book seemed an obvious choice, and the two names, the limbic system and an alembic, we can see the obvious comparison once again.  El or Al is Gd, you literally have the Al Limbic Chamber, or cauldron of the Divine.
Our bodies are an alembic, of which we are turning the base materials into spiritual gold. 
Who is the patron saint of aromatherapy and the master to the alchemist’s?  Mary Magdalene.  The ‘Bain Marie’ also known as the double boiler, derives its name from her; she is given credit for its invention.

So now we have the relationship between fish, the amygdala and almond shape or almondorla, the Magdala and the holy of holies.

---------------------------------------------------end excerpt

At this point in our journey, I hope you have enjoyed what you have read enough to want to further details on my upcoming book: and there is plenty more to validate, substantiate and take you on that journey.
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The Murder of the Muse

Everyone is born, after the mother ‘crowns’…that is to say, the head of the newborn, begins to make its entry into the world and literally is crowned by the mothers vaginal opening.  This comes after a child may pass through ‘the ring of fire’ which comes as the baby's head pushes on the perineum, and this sometimes causes a tingling or burning sensation, this is often referred to as the "ring of fire".  (Here is where you first fall into ‘the ring of fire, the ring of fire’….)
So, every child (born head first at least) is crowned…what lies underneath that crown, is a spiritual being, who will learn how to become human, and share the essence of that spirit in this world.  This is also Aries, the head of the chart, and where Uranus is now travelling.  This is all about the birth of our unique gift.
We celebrate this human, we see the light that emanates from the eyes, as this new child looks out in wonder at the strange new world.  Inside of this new being, is a bright shiny light, complete with its own guiding muse (if one has a female muse), or guardian angel and if it is a male child than he has ‘genius’.  Either way, it is all the same.
That unique being, is here to supply the world, with the light of the Divine, through the muse or genius.  That genius is the spark of difference, that unique aspect that only this child can bring.  The problem, is we have lost our way, we have lost our way and the true way to ‘divine the truth’ of our being.  We are to divine that soul spark, and give that to the world, as we came here to give.

We celebrate the mundane, the sameness, instead of the unearthing of the genius. Our herd mentality, asks us to
maintain a low profile, in order to remain safe, within the protective circle of the herd.  Along the way, we evolved past the point of herd protection, and some individuals, listening to their muse, wondered off that path and out of the tribe, to show us new thoughts, new ways and the road less traveled.  They see the Emperor without clothes, the corporations that are corrupt and the deception that steals the natural laws of a sovereign people.
In our archaic past, that lingers on in our reptilian brain, we knew that when one member was ‘picked off’ when they left the safety of the circle, it was a threat to the survival of the entire tribe, that was now dwindling in numbers.  So that threat is old, and deep-seated and real, but it is just not conscious…for all.
Most, have conformed to the rigors of society, and this becomes a badge of honour.  In its course, the genius is tamped down, and attacked, ridiculed, excoriated for being…’different’.  This in turn, can cause other tribal members to do the same.  In that process, the very flow from the Divine, the Holy Spiritual Fire, is also tamped down and suffocated.  The entire tribe and village loses the magic that makes it thrive and remain healthy.
I have experienced this first hand.  I have tried to understand it all, thus it has brought me to follow many roads, clues along the way to create my own path.  I have done better and worse with this, because the path to individuation is fraught with perils.  (The story of Homer)
Once the individual has somehow managed to harness that genius/muse, and believe in, nurture that genius out of hiding under the covers of our humanness, he may be celebrated, as that light pours forth, we see G-d.
But, if one who is uncovering genius does so amongst those who have not learned of their own spiritual fountain, and know how to pour forth, than it becomes a threat, an alarm goes off in the others who are ’too familiar’ (especially if you break yourself down to appear as a ‘peer’, standing next to them, and they now only feel the nagging truth of their own neglect.  That they have in fact, ‘committed suicide’.  It is also a link that tingles the limbic system just enough to remind them of the threat that a single tribesman may pose to the group, that of being picked off by the beast outside of the safety of the tribe, diminishing the tribes numbers and so, threatening the survival of the remaining members.  Now, if you have not found success, or have found the lofty and seldom won position of honour in this world, (or worse, the illusion people now believe is success, which is the attaining of ‘things’…that which turns to dust, since we came to give and not to get, as Michael Meade so brilliantly states.)  So, now not only can you be a threat that is not made conscious, you become a warning…that if this is what harnessing their gift means, they want no part of that kind of pain, that doesn't seem to bring the reward that they are convinced must come as a measure of success.  Pathos—suffering, disease, feeling, passion {-path, patho-, -pathy} as the root of passion…is the willingness to suffer for one’s gift.
To this end, we see our society, struggling in the loss of the true font of knowledge, the bliss from the cup of life, and the decay and collapse begins to rage like a mad virus, once again in its opposite intention and imbalance, threatening the survival of the tribe.
What we see instead, is a narcissistic attempt to find the lost tribe, the lost soul, the chord that connects us and feeds us health and inspiration, the kind of inspiration that saves the tribe.
(I will return to you like a Lion/Fire…the second birth of the soul/muse/genie/genius into this world)
So, a damaged and sickly type emerges in our collective, a false sense of ‘specialness we now call entitlement’.
It is hardly the pure spirit, the muse that enlightens, enlivens and informs us…it becomes the sickly creature who wants to be viewed as special, without having found that inner light at all.  They are corrupted, without the guiding past, and the concept of service.

We also see, an increase in suicides, because these souls, are only committing the very act the spirit knows, is already trampling down the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored.

Now, seeing the travesty in this world, Indeed, having the eyes to see what is happening, that goes against humankind or this sweet earth, is hardly taking away from your inner process or progress; rather it is concurrent.
One cannot truly evolve which comes with vision and seeing the layers of the world fall down as they do around the excavation of your own truth and gifts, and not participate in its process.  Because you become so vital, that spark of being on fire, illuminates both the inner and the outer worlds. 
One of the things that also goes on, is the illusion that must be so, to cull those who are easily seduced into the superficial, catching them in the great net, using the hooks so evident on Neptune’s symbol, just like a fish ‘hook’, and they pull out those who cannot swim upstream to give birth to their own muse/genius.  It is as if the rock is skipping on the top of the water in ‘false positivity’ and never allowing the individual to go down, plumb the depths of their being and retrieve that black pearl, that death, that Plutonian power.  It is Gandolph, powering his great staff down and saying ‘you shall not pass’…though the Balrog’s fiery whip reaches back up with its magically long extension and grabbing Gandolph the wizard, and taking him down into the abyss.  He goes down with the Balrog and he captures his own dark heart, because he faces himself in the fires, that then forge him even stronger, to hold the power of the truth, the light and the way.  He emerges even more omnipotent, but not until he goes down and rescues that dark self.  If you don’t face and rescue the daemona, Greek for genius, it becomes a dark power over you.  It is the shadow that haunts you under the surface, and you never truly know your own power.
It is the black Madonna, who in all her natural beauty, is not always sunny and warm, she might be cloudy and grey or storm and start to rainin’.  But in Her all, she is stunning, glorious and life-giving and resplendent.
You must give birth to this spiritual essence, through the burning ring of fire, the mouth of the dragon.  It will purify you in
the process, and the fires of this must be hot enough to forge so strong a steel, that it can hold, handle and manage this kind of heat and light.  We are walking around on fire, and we are now being seduced into a mirage that pretends that the only form of spiritual truth, is of the sticky sweet positive version, that completely negates the very beast one must face, in order to become a whole, spiritual incarnation of the divine in a human form. 

We are now told to ‘focus on the positive’…but this is creating an imbalance in the entire society with a large shadow looming and lurking, licking at our psyche’s and looming in our minds, it is manifesting in polarity’s and schism’s and the only people brave enough to step up to the plate to try and do something about this, to manage the ‘evil’ by necessity must be a necessary evil then.
This last Pluto/Hades square to Uranus, will be at 15* of Capricorn and Aries, respectively on March 17th.  Pluto as Hades, the God of this underworld we must traverse to rescue our soul, our spark and our gift, is Balrog, and the gift is Uranus, the special genii, or genius, muse that we are being forced to acknowledge through these series of the magic 7 SEVEN squares that started on June 24th. 2012 at 8* of those signs. Those squares have backed us into that 90* angle/corner, confronting our dark mother/matters/material world, the fiery inferno that may have you crippled and afraid to walk through that fire and give birth to your soul.  We are giving birth to the world soul.  You build using the master mason’s tool of the square. 
So, for those who have been cursed and blessed with exact degrees of those cardinal signs, all the more reason to prepare for your final turn and revealing into this world.  This world will wrench and groan under the strain of our neglect, and are abandonment of the dark mother.  It is our duty, our very calling to encompass the entire circle, finding our unique and individual gifts now, and come out of the belly of the beast, just as Jonah and so many others.
We have two more blood moons to go through in this birth canal, and Saturn/EL Lord of the rings, master mason, the SA-turner of worlds and Chronos master of time, forger of gravity to slow down our spirit, entering the kingdom of this earth, this heart planet.  He has been travelling in Scorpio through most of this square, and now he is pushing that birth matter through and into Sagittarius, but even this is too much to happen all at once, so he will retrograde back starting three days before the last square of Hades and Uranus, on March 14th. At 4* of Sagittarius, and continue to pull back that

curtain/hymen reentering Scorpio (ruled by Pluto/Hades) on June 15th. Travelling back to 28* until stationing direct again on August 2nd.  He will not re-enter Sagittarius again until September 18th.

So, all of the fixed signs have been significantly flattened, moved or forced to confront the deep truths that are occulted in this syrupy falsehood of going with the flow, or that we are always right where we need to be, without the deeper truth of choices having consequences and this culls the big swimmers from the rest of the school, only the Salmon who have the strength and have matured will make it upstream to give birth to their young, their gift and that divine fire.
We simply must stop this infantile version of ignoring (as I always say, ignorance holds the word ignore within it)  the powerful truth we see around us, give birth to something fiercely desirous to save us, and that is the golden egg of our divine gifts.  It will pour out of the dragon’s mouth, which will be in Libra at 10*.  We must forge new relationships and make peace with our dark selves, our shadow side.
And this alchemic birth, is being mid-wived[GS1]  by Mary Magdalene energy.  There are many aspects of the goddess, but we are all being exposed to the dark misdirection of that energy and the manifestation, however this came about, of a very deranged version of this in the form of the group calling itself ISIS, on the world stage.
There are so many superficial aspects that are occluding the true artist, the true gifts so desperately needed now, all the way into computerized versions of the voice in so many singers who now use ‘auto tune’.  We don’t need the synthetic, but the deeper real feminine.  She is not just the 12 year old girl with fake.. er…everything being thrust at us, looking much like a young boy with purchased body parts.  No, she is lustful and vengeful and rich and deep and full of the world she fiercely gives birth to over and over and she risks her life every time to do so.
We can no more ignore the truth than a child who covers their ‘eyes’ with their hands, and thinks they have really disappeared. 
So now, we are double cursed in this very hard pass, with a superficial version of spirituality masquerading as a whole truth, robbing us all of the need to be fully empowered, to instead display what is nothing less than a Stepford Wife….a computerized model void of soul and void of the matter, mother our star dust animates.
When Saturn/El the Lord of the Rings, the eye of Saurin moves out of Scorpio finally and back into Sagittarius, we must be fully armed with the truth of our beings, strong enough as women to be fully empowered for a fully evolved male.
This is the tantra of our own being, the rising of the divine mother/wife to Her divine complement as the divine masculine, and this alchemic chamber will give birth at this time, to some very wizened and ready souls who have done the work in the belly of the beast, to emerge through the painful process with gift in hand, the treasure and reward of the journey of the hero.
It isn’t to make a copy of someone else who has found their passion, and gone through the dark mother to bring that gift out.  If that is so, you have not found that which is uniquely you, and that is suicide.
Haven’t we had enough death already?  Are you ready for true life?
Then spend these last few weeks going into the belly of the beast, and come back out victorious, ready to share, to give the gift you came here to ignite the world with.  True genius that finds itself, ignites that in others.
Are you ready to set the world on fire?  I AM.  I AM THAT I AM.
Suffer or die.
Jesus said, "If you bring forth what is within you, what you have will save you. If you do not have that within you, what you do not have within you [will] kill you.  From the Gospel of Thomas.

"Prometheus steals fire from the God’s, are you ready to steal the fire in your belly?

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light," said Jung, "but by making the darkness conscious."

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Full Moon in Leo, the Lion Roars.

 Today, February 3, 2015 at 4:23PM EST, our moon which began at 00* of Aquarius, will wax into her fullness in the opposite sign of Leo at 14*.
She will illuminate the heavens, and Mercury will still be retrograde in Aquarius also, now having traveled back to 5*. This has been a potent retrograde, since Hermes the messenger rules Mercury and Uranus which is the ruler of Aquarius is considered an octave of Mercury. Did you get that?  Mercury will finally go direct on February 11th at 1* of Aquarius.
What is also salient, is that the new moon at 0*, was one in a pattern of 0* new moons we have had, since basically a countdown to zero began last year, leading to the first new moon at 0* of Scorpio on the eclipse of October 23rd. Now, new moons are ALWAYS A NEW BEGINNING, and 0 obviously is as close to a beginning you can get, so we were washing away the old, and with each layer, the one underneath is revealed to be seen, heard and witnessed…then healed and dealt with. Exposure of who we are, IS ALSO REVEALATIONS OR THE APOCALYPSE. We will also see, the magnification of who we are, as if we are under a magnifying glass, every look into a magnifying mirror? All of a sudden, little things you may have never even noticed before, come screaming into view. Of course, as I get older, I need one of these...AND without it, can go on in my own ignorance, and blissfully so.
Okay, so we start with the new beginning in this last new moon in Aquarius, and Aquarius is ruled by
Uranus which is an octave of Mercury/Hermes the communicator.

Aquarius likes to know what is new in this world, what is innovative and cutting edge. Uranus, ruler of Aquarius likes to know all the latest gadgets, indeed, he is known as the inventor, the aha, the insight that comes in the quick, and leaves even quicker. He wants to know who you are underneath all of this flesh and flash. He is the seed of your uniqueness, your difference. He is not fond of rules (being the former sky king and all) he wants to make new ones and break those too.
He rules the internet and the airwaves along with Mercury/Hermes. So, higher forms of communication come into play. He also rules community and group mind, isn't that interesting and seemingly contradictory? Well, what he wants you to bring to the group, is your individual gift. Uranus is forming the last square to Pluto/Hades ( I know, thank goodness!) which will happen on March 17th., at 15* of Aries, and Pluto/Hades will be at 15* of Capricorn. He isn't about 'sameness' but a bit more eccentric.
In this full moon, the universe wants YOU. In Leo, we have a warm moon, and an open heart. Feel the need to splurge a bit? To indulge in nice things, royalty? Or, a bit of drama? Some of you may think about a little something on the side, and I don't mean salad dressing. Be careful….Mercury in such a strong retrograde will have us lamenting the past and the people that inhabit our memory's. In fact, Mercury retrograde will bring people back to us from our past, and this one is a doozy.

We also have Neptune in PIsces at 6* being squared by Saturn in Sagittarius now at 3*, which will continue to strengthen until Saturn/EL goes retrograde on March 14th at 4* of Sag.
Are we starting to see what kind of month March might be? Neptune is home in his rulership of Pisces, and Sagittarius feels its unbounded optimistic self, harnessed and restricted by Saturn/EL, Lord of the Rings. The square can be most uncomfortable, it is not an easy dynamic between planets, but…it is what we build upon. So…what are you building with your choices and more specifically, your dreams, your art, and the movie that you are creating now (all Neptune) and with Saturn, what do you BELIEVE? What is your philosophy? How do you feel about foreigners or foreign systems? Because this square will have us all reconsidering, especially when Saturn draws back that curtain/veil when he goes retrograde, and tugs at Neptune's web. Neptune can have you in a dizzying height of fantasy, but in the square it can hit the cold, cruel world of reality and you will face limits to your freedoms and travel.
They will dance back and forth with each other, before making an exact square on November26th. With Saturn at 7* of Sagittarius and Neptune at 7* of PIsces. ]

In this time, where so many are suffering and some feel as though they are caring the burden for those around them, the pressure is building and releasing in this pattern. It can be very tempting, to just want to run into your phantasy, escape into alcohol or drugs, but there is so much caution with this square. On the other hand, if one does due diligence with Saturn, it could also be a testing ground, that will eventually lift off the ground, but it will not be easy. Those who are in relationships, try to hang in there, this could be the beginning of a new phase of your relationship. It just won't exactly happen until at least, after the first square in November 26th, 2015 at 7* of Sag and PIsces respectively, and their next square won't be until next year on June 17, 2016. So we can see this dance is going to be a long one. Saturn/EL has also been forming a square to Venus, which was exact on January 30th. With Venus at 3* of PIsces and Saturn at 3* of Sag. This also means that Venus is conjunct Neptune, so this is a lot of lovey dovey stuff, that could be fantasy land, but it could be used to really get a relationship HOT!!! Go dancing, see a movie a play, go to an aquarium or swimming somewhere together, and jump in the hot tub together. Play the songs that you listened to when you first fell in love. Go on an unplanned adventure together. Just do it!
We can expect this square from Pluto/Uranus to bring back up, the manner by which countries deal with each other, indeed, the TPP that is on fast track in congress right now, is just such a Saturn square to Neptune, while Uranus in Aries makes its last hard pass to Pluto/Hades. (Yes, this is the last EXACT Square, but they will still be squaring each other for the rest of the year, as they move forward and then retrograde.) During this dance, Uranus has been conjunct the south node (tail of the dragon) and then of course, opposing the North Node (head of the dragon), which brings up all that purpose in life stuff. Why are you here, what are you doing, what is your path? DO YOU HAVE A SPIRITUAL ROOT?
Now, let us remind ourselves what we have discussed many times about this Pluto Uranus square. Picture a big steering wheel on the earth, a ships steering wheel with the cross bars on it. Now, envision the handles coming out of the earth….because that is in essence what they are. It is a steering mechanism, but it has taken some hard turns. Pluto who is not always happy (think of the Balrog in the Hobbit series, where Gandolph exclaims; "You shall not pass!") he is fiery and he wants what he wants. (Just ask Persephone)

He is in there churning and burning as he takes down the pyramid schemes and exposes the hierarchy for what it is. Capricorns are getting a real makeover, and so are all the cardinal signs as these two titans square off, literally. So each of the squares, has been a jolt, an awakening asking us to make the changes. Uranus in Aries the warrior sign ruled by Mars, is as impatient as ever, wanting things yesterday and swinging from one extreme to the other, as he tries to pacify the need to win at all costs, with Pluto/Hades squaring off with him.
Usually, we can find grounding with Saturn/EL, but as he squares Neptune, the illusions come creeping in, if one has not found their root. This is deep soul evolution. This will be the last turn of this major aspect, so adjust your sails accordingly, keep your hands at 10 and 2 and don't text while you are driving.
The last thing I want to mention, is that Chiron, the wounded healer (and key to the chart, he is the Percival, also spelled Perceval one of King Arthur's legendary Knights of the Round Table, but look again at his name…Perceval..Per Ce Val, perceive all, or pierce the veil. He is conjunct Mars/Ares the warrior in PIsces too. So, as your wounds may come up and get ripped open, Mars can be a heavy hitter and really go after those internal age old wounds, the ones that get buried along the way, or you believe you have dealt with and healed. Mars is like a sledgehammer sometimes, and especially in this position with Chiron/Parsifal. Be gentle, gentle yourself into your own caring spirit. Ultimately all of this is setting the stage for major changes. B I G.
Sun in Aquarius, is not always what we would call, um…a big smooshy love story…Aquarius is technical, removed and as close to a computer mind as you can get. They don't always have an easy time of accessing the heart codes, because they have had lifetimes of their hearts getting in the way of logic, pure unadulterated logic.
And finally, Chinese New Year begins on Feb. 19, 2015 in the Gregorian Calendar (Chinese year 4713) and is the longest and most important celebration in the Chinese calendar. It is a Yin/wood/sheep also known as: Goat or Ram year. Sheep are pretty docile animals, unless of course you somehow manage to get them riled up. Goats on the other hand, are some of the most amazing climbers one has ever seen. We have the new moon in PIsces on the 18th in EST.
Yin is the feminine so this could bring a softer energy…and we sure can use it now!

We can see this is a very busy time, with a lot of activity and extreme ends of the spectrum all while Saturn/El and Neptune remove rational thinking and go slip sliding away.
Buckle up!
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That is all for now, Drive the ship captain…and watch where you are going…we have not been there yet in many lifetimes…but onward ho.