Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Riding the Cosmic Bull

Full Moon October 27, 2015 @ 8:05AM
Under a big fat harvest moon riding the bull at 3*44’, lady luna stood opposed to our ambassador, who is now flying through Scorpio seas after recently opposing Uranus, the planet of change and brilliance.
Can’t seem to get it all done almost?  So much now flowing in your life?  Well, you wanted things to ‘break free’?  Hang on…
Venus/Aphrodite at 17* Virgo, has been rising in the morning with Jupiter/Zeus at 15*, hot on her tails, but all she sees is her paramour, Ares so close just ahead at 20*….and the threesome is cooking up some good mojo in Virgin territory, making us all want to clean up and organize, with the energy we need to actually accomplish our tasks (unlike the beginning of summer, when nothing could get started) and Poseidon at 7* is forming a nice little sextile to laLuna, so we are ‘shedding’ now….good time to start to ask for what you want to ‘rid yourself of’ in life as the moon begins to wane…some of us will feel as though we accomplished much, excited for the future.
So many new things have opened up in our lives, whether that took the form of death at first (Pluto/Hades) along with the grim reaper, Saturn/EL…who was a DARK LORD in Scorpio.  So, as our hearts filled up, with the pain, with the loss, with the struggle, breaking…and getting up and starting all over again, in what often may have felt like a tangled up mudslide.  Getting nowhere fast, but communications taking us just as fast, into complete hurt and confusion.
Well, as Uranus stands opposed to Mercury/Hermes now, it may feel some frustration bubble up here and there, and at times, absolutely overwhelming again, especially for Virgo’s and PIsces…and of course, all planets being aspected by the Cardinal Cross, that forms over and over…we have to have deaths…we have to rise again…WE ARE WALKING OFF GOLGATHA, THROUGH THE DEATH’S, THROUGH THE CAVE, TO BE REBORN AGAIN, AS HADES HOLDS US LONG
Venus/Aphrodite in the Virgin and amorous as she dances with Ares…and Jupiter/Zeus beaming in the background (taking credit as usual) but magnifying the whole passionate embrace…they stand against Chiron/Parsifal, the ‘key’ to the chart as we have explained for many years now.  See, he wants to ‘perceive the all’, but that only happens through the wounding…what wounds have been brought up for you to heal?
Where do you take charge in life?  Uranus at 17* of Aries the Ram, is lightening on any ivory tower that you have in your life, he wants you to break free and FEEL THAT WOUND...LONG ENOUGH TO KNOW HOW TO TAKE CARE OF WHAT YOU LOVE.  That is your doorway.  Your portal…Chiron is a centaur…a mystical teacher.
As Saturn/EL moves into Sagittarius the Centaur/Archer…now at 3*, he wants us to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for all that dark matter that was brought up to the surface, like a bad BP oil spill that forms a reflection of your dark self.  We all have that side.
Who loved you even with that dark matter exposed?  So much of what we are going through, is excavating us on such a deep level, we need the people who REALLY LOVE US…those who are still with you even when you are not the ‘perfect’ person, spouse, partner, lover, child, parent, friend, teacher, student, boss, employee, whatever that is, someone has come along and exposed you, and you them…now as Mercury/Hermes speeds along and away from his opposition to Uranus, communication will clear up and you should feel lighter now that the boil has been lanced.
Because, we are not, none of us are ~‘perfect’.  Some people, have been hiding in their ‘shells’ for so long, trying to be ‘perfect’ with the fear, that when the ugly slips out, we will be abandoned, and to be sure, there is a lot of teaching and trite little sayings about a silly little love, that is actually non-existent.  The kind where everyone is always nice and nothing goes wrong…maybe in a cave on another planet.  Or in a movie, like the ‘Stepford Wives’…but real love, the kind that connects the heart…doesn’t abandon.
It cannot…because it is eternal.
Nonetheless, we are having our ‘small deaths’ and big deaths…and some things will last, and some things will just not, because the tether is just not strong enough to handle the hurricane forces that are increasing…in our world, both on the planet, and in a spiritual way, we see it playing out all around us.
I hope this full moon, finds you counting your blessings, with those you love around you, knowing what you truly ‘VALUE’.
We are also feeling the opening of the big door, All ‘Saint’ Day…All Hallow’s Eve, get out pictures of the loved ones who have passed, and light some candles, think fond thoughts and get in touch with them.  I like to pray, so that is also what I will be doing.
Happy Full Moon!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Hermes Ready to fly off the Cardinal Cross as We Reach the Tipping Point

 Hermes Ready to fly off the Cardinal Cross as We Reach the Tipping Point
Our Ambassador star passed through the Head of the Dragon at 01* Libra on September 25th with The Lord of the Rings, just days into the house of Zeus in fiery
On September 18th at 2:10 PM, Hermes pulled back the veil at 15* and 52’ minutes of Libra, directly in the epicenter…this begins the rewind and replaying of the times we so quickly rode through on this escalating current.
Hermes pulls back the veil, just in time for The Ambassador (our solar being, also known as Michael the Archangel) to thread the eye of the needle, like Parsifal…who wants to ‘perceive the all’ or Pierce the Veil, that occults our field of awareness, just beyond the normal perceptions of reality.
The universe is pouring through this portal as the Ambassador charges through the Super Galactic Center, lighting the way for our own Cosmic Rebirth, on October 8th, when He passes this same point at 15* of Libra.  In complete perfection, our Master has set this clock with Hermes (Archangel Raphael) stationing direct at 00* of Libra…see the reversal here? 
On October 10th (So 10/10/15 EDT) at 4:21 PM, Hermes, fast on the heels of his Master is the next to pass back through the gates and soon, La Luna will thread the needle on October 11th. At 6:52 AM, when the trio forms a tight conjunction, she reflecting in her own window as she becomes completely empty, and longing to be filled again, she meets up with her lover, our gentle ambassador on the new moon, October 12th, at 8:05 PM when they will both be at 19* of Libra.
Think you will bring any of that excess?  Think again, Black Moon Lilith is hovering, ready to cut away the detritus of partnerships that have outlived their patterns.
The world asks us, what exactly is fair anyway?  We weigh out the pro’s and con’s and decide that what is left in the balance is what we all will build on…because this is set against the backdrop of the Uranus to Hades/Pluto square in Aries the Ram (head of the chart) and Capricorn the Goat, respectively.  That straining backdrop, sets the stage for the future we are all building now.
On November 4th Venus/Aphrodite joins her lover Mars/Ares again in epic romantic fashion at 25* of Virgo.  On November 9th Aphrodite is the next to thread the needle, all warm and fuzzy, shaking in the knees from her recent conjugal with the warrior, as she ingresses into Libra at 0*, where she RULES.
The scales of justice are tipping…on the world stage, Vladimir Putin, has stepped into the role he was born to play, as he is a 13* Libra.  If we recall, 13* Libra is a CRITICAL POINT, and also, one of the points accessed in the Uranus/Hades square dance.
As I read the charts before me, I am so humbled, to watch; “Dancing With the
Stars” as the Great Square Dance our Lord has designed, sets the stage, the clock unwinds, and the Master picks the lock, so deftly does he open up the cocoons each in its own time, the second hand unwinds…and the preparedness in all God’s earthly agents is activated.  Yes, you each have your own ‘God Code’, your matrix of choice this life, which harnesses your soul in its Grand Deliverance to the Stars.
Poseidon/Neptune at 7* of PIsces, opposing the stellium of Aphrodite, Ares and Zeus, at 3, 11 and 13*’s of Virgo respectively.  With EL’s transit through Scorpio, he may have brought up some old bad habits too, especially the kind involving all those Plutonian darkies, sexual perversion, drugs, getting all stuck on the dark matters of the mind that will close in on you when you least expect.  This can also bring Bringing up all those old habits with their nasty hooks of Poseidon’s temptations: drugs, alcohol, food, porn, all forms of escapism.  She opposes the all the good things that are lining up to go through that needle, hopefully you have dealt with those seducers, and don’t get tangled up in that sticky web of illusion.  YOU WILL EITHER DIMINISH YOUR RETURNS ON THIS MOMENTUS TIME, OR MISS THIS GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY.
Whatever you are bringing through this portal, you bring for many lifetimes…unless grace is poured upon your soul.  Be warned.
EL is now transiting Archer territory, so be warned Sag’s…this is not the time for you to play around, you will have to pay the price and it will be exorbitant, you may lose the very things you hold dear, since this is the sun/son.  It is your offspring. 
The same will be true for all those mutable signs now, if you are on the straight and narrow (what Saturn/EL likes) than no problem, you will be rewarded, though you probably will shoulder more responsibility now.  If you have been seduced by Neptune/Poseidon…it is all over but the crying.  Rivers of Tears.  Be warned.
EL will now transit by hard aspect, the mutable signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sag and PIsces.
You have days to change course, don’t wait.
Because the rest of our Guardians of the Galaxy, will pass through the ‘Eye of the Needle’, Mars is next on October 13th and Zeus will not pass through the eye until September 10th. 2016, when He too, ingresses into Libra at 00* and activates and magnifies the whole pact.
But, back to the Canvass of the Stars, that Canopy that holds us, we have Hades squaring our vaulted minds; the Lord of the Underworld, is kicking out the old models, an inferno blasting away the sands of time into new horizons.  Uranus, will NOT ALLOW US TO DO THIS THE SAME WAY AGAIN.
Thus, the Cardinal Square, lays the new matrix for constant and continued change, with advancements transforming us and how we perceive things (Parsifal again) as sudden insights burst forth, lighting up your field of consciousness, leaving you questioning how you never saw it before.
All of this, often comes out of rivers of regret.  The detritus left on the killing floor must be dealt with, cleaned up and properly organized.  All of those emotions flying around, rising and falling like the heaving mounds of this sometimes painful earth; she swells, we moan and groan under the strains, just like she does.  To say this can be tiring is an insult to the pain that often comes in equal m ‘ea’ sure.
Old EL, is bringing up a lot of ‘structure/responsibility’ issues.  This is causing discord between parents and children and Hermes is adding fuel to the fire, confounding communication between siblings.  It can seem like there is nowhere to turn.  Finding your core and remembering who you are when everything seems as if it is changing and nothing is as it was, can be overwhelming, so remember to keep whatever ritual in place that connects you to God.
For me, that is prayer and of course, using ‘esse’ntial oils.  Meditation, nature, gardening, etc., all help to keep me connected and helping me to refill, almost in time for the next wave of ‘terror’.
The new moon on October 12th, at 8:05 PM at 19* of Libra, is a good time to help push your clear, focused intention and PLAN OF ACTION into forward motion.  This is a very heavily Cardinal chart, so it is time to put things into play.  Start your engines.
Hermes will be at 1* of Libra and Aphrodite having just gone direct, is retreading through virgin territory at 3* and this puts them into mutual reception.  This makes for good vibes to finally clear the air on that miscommunication that may have heated up in the cauldron of the stars.  Hopefully, the runaway ‘wildfires’ that torched the west coast (and the western mind of ACTION AND FIRE, hasn’t burned down the bridges completely.  If so, it will take a lot longer to reconstruct, if it is at all possible.
The torrents will rip us all apart, like a centrifugal force spinning us, without a tight grip and acknowledgment in the heart connection, it will break up upon re-entry just like returning space rocket.
It may seem very hard to find any sort of permanence, Uranus just isn’t too fond of stationary concepts, and he has to keep things changing to open up the goodies locked inside.  He is doing that to all of us in this square to Hades…so as uncomfortable as all of this is… (Births usually are, blood, fluids and all…) 
This New Moon brings Uranus (the maverick planet of change, genius, invention) at 18* of Aries now just one day past the exact opposition to our central star, now at 19* Libra in his conjugal visit with La Luna and people are reaching their limit and many just want to “cut and run” and leave the ‘mess they created’ behind.
With Mars/Ares at 11* of the Virgin opposing Neptune/Aphrodite at 7* adding to the ‘cutting floor’, people will end many relationships, but be warned, if you are leaving, make sure you are not being seduced by the illusion of Neptune…or the tears will surely flow later when you wake up and realize that what you had was the real thing, with blood, spit, guts and all the uglies that come with a REAL RELATIONSHIP, that exposes the soul.
It bears repeating, that the most beautiful angel was Satan, and just like the seduction of a drugs (also ruled by Neptune) they will make you feel wonderful at first…all warm and fuzzy…but soon you are hooked into the illusion and as you follow that illusion, it will take you further and further away from your true self.
We can also see that at 19*, the sun and moon are in the second decanate of Libra, adding to the Aquarian energy of this time and sure to add change on the world stage.  Here too, we see the ILLUSION of a Putin who some people believe is some sort of compassionate leader that wants to heal the world into a peaceful place and stop the bully’s on the planet.  Right…think again.  What is exposed by any action on Putin’s part, is purely selfish.  He knows he has to put a stake in the ground if Russia, let alone Putin, will have any real voice or power in the world again.
So the battle lines are being drawn.  The pope visits the US on the last blood moon and blesses the ‘World Trade Center’?   Interesting.
But back to Putin…

With his sun at 13* of Libra, he is firmly nailed to the Cardinal Cross that is being activated with this New Moon and all the planets transiting 9-19* of the cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.  The US natal sun is at 13* of Cancer, so we see the square immediately.  The only thing that can stop his ascendency on the world stage, would literally be his death.  When we remind ourselves, that EL as God, and ment as mind, we see that all of the EL ements, or the mind of God, is blooming from the central heart that matches exactly, your own heart code when it is ‘aflame’ with the Holy Spirit.
Use just a dab of ArcAncient’s, time-tested Sleep Angel © to remain firmly rooted into Mother Ship Earth, and liberally apply on soles of feet for a good, restful night of deep sleep. 
Ready for blast off?
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1.      September 13th New Moon 20* Virgo
2.      September 18th at 2:10 PM, Hermes RX at 15* and 52’ minutes of Libra
3.      September 23rd. Sun Enters Libra
4.      September 25th The Sun Con N Node at 01* Libra  
5.      October 8th, Sun at 15* of Libra
6.      October 8th. Mercury Direct 00* Libra at 10:57AM
7.      October 10th (So 10/10/15 EDT) at 4:21 PM, Hermes at 0* Libra
8.      October 11th La Luna will thread the needle on. At 6:52 AM 0*Libra
9.      October 12th, at 8:05 PM New Moon at 19* of Libra.
10.  October 13th Mars in Libra 0*
11.  November 4th Venus/Aphrodite joins her lover Mars/Ares again in epic romantic fashion at 25* of Virgo
12.  November 9th Aphrodite is the next to thread the needle, she ingresses into Libra at 0*.
13.  September 10th. 2016, Jupiter ingresses into Libra at 00*.