Thursday, January 12, 2017

Drawn and Quartered Cardinal Revealations

We had that big old full wolf moon at 6:33 AM EST standing across from the sun now at 22* Capricorn sitting alongside Pluto/Hades now at 17* Capricorn and LaLuna is at 22* Cancer, so Luna is in her own court now.
In Cancer, mother wants to feather the nest and make sure the children are fed, clean and dressed, and this can be the ideas you have given birth to also.
This is triggering the Cardinal Cross, another phase of the Uranus to Pluto World Square that has been disrupting things all over the planet since 2012.
One way to look at this, is to visualize the wake behind a boat ~ no make that a very large steamer and see that the new wakes, will crash into the old wakes and other wakes from other vessels.
A cardinal cross, will have the most immediate effect on Cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer (the most intense along with Capricorn) Libra and Capricorn.
I fielded many calls from distressed friends and clients this week, many felt as if things had reached a ‘crisis point’, which of course, is EXACTLY what a cross would be, don’t you think?
Now, just because you are one of the cardinal signs, it does not mean it will be bad, it may bring relief more than anything for those who have already been making the changes, or don’t have karma hitting them or just are not processing a major lesson that the universe feels it is necessary to provide, no matter what phase of being you are at.
The three crosses of astrology: Cardinal, Fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) and the Mutable (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and PIsces).  We can also recall 3 crosses on Golgotha, and Jesus falling 3 times in the Stations of the Cross, which is also the astrology when or the Major Tarot in another lesson.
Can you hear the clanging of the Lighthouse bell, the light squinting through the fog that cracks clear
and blue skies only to be swallowed again by the gathering storms?
Now that cross and all that wake that has been stirred up since 2012 is opening and closing and we have also referred to these as a great ships wheel, there is a visceral knowledge of making decisions right now, which will have a great effect on our futures. The energy is made even more potent, because of the Uranus to Pluto World Square that has been forming on and off, since 2012 as we have stated, but when the other points are triggered, Libra and Cancer, we end up with either the T Cross/Tao or a full 4 pointed-cross.
This reviews all of the EL-ements that drawing the 4 sacred directions brings into focus.  El being Gd, and ment being mind, the elements are the Gd mind of course, so any cross will do…

We have 4 squares…and we know we build with the square.
So, Pluto/Hades has been wiping things out and with each wipe, 'reveals' what was underneath along with the planet of revolution, Ur Anus, he is demanding us to make the change into a new direction, in fiery Aries the ram, he will have you putting your head down and charging into any new direction, but he has been doing this to you now for almost 6 years, and finally he has some stability with EL being trine UrAnus 22* Aries from El’s perch at 22* Sagittarius.
After all those starts and fits and turns heading down the wrong path, most of us should now feel as though we are at least closer to the path of our own destiny, remember in our previous forecast for the year, we told you that this year is the Star Card?  That is right, finding our true inner light and brining that light out, which is usually born out of some pain.  Give it away now as your gift.
We also have some clear sailing with all planets in forward motion now.
It is still a cross though, so some people will really be feeling the burden or the ‘weight of the cross’ that they are trying to turn and may feel overwhelmed or as if they are carrying the whole thing on their own.
We have a few more Cardinal squares to get through, before this is over, April will bring up the tail end of all of this and the responsibility for any decision that we are making right now.
Spring may feel a bit ominous for some, and the financial markets could see a tumble this April/May, how bad the dip might be, well…
That said, if the changes have been made, that are to serve truly, than those shall see a steady growth, even if it is slow going through spring and summer until things resettle and move forward again in the fall.
Mutable signs, PIsces and Sagittarius especially, but also Virgo an PIsces are feeling huge waves of change while Saturn/EL has been steam rolling through Sagittarius and is now at 22*, he is well away from his recent square dance with Neptune, now at 10* PIsces.

Saturn is squaring Mars, now at 18* PIsces, so that will put a little water on the fiery and tempestuous Mars, but he is also making a lovely sextile to Jupiter at 22* Libra, so he is all for the balancing act that only a Zeus can pull off, along with soft and kind aspects to the sol and mon, we do have the Cornerstone for our new building.
Remember, Jupiter/Zeus in Libra, means build with balance and harmony in mind, and build equitably and evenly, not putting too much into one basket.
This will also create a strong and solid foundation, with Saturn’s look to all the inhabitants of the planet, and a recently calibrated moral compass, after Neptune’s square to Saturn brought the Ivory Towers down and pulled down the curtain to the false belief’s that have misled so many down the road to ‘abundance’ without sure footing in spiritual roots and truths.
That is the end of last years, “Tower Card”.
Yes, we will still feel ‘boxed in’ or perhaps overwhelmed with recent revelations either personal or political or both, which many didn’t want to see before.
Now, the truth is being revealed, as we clean up our own world, and we go through the burning off the dross, we die we are reborn, and our new eyes, have vision that is revealing what we could not see before.
The Mutable signs are also in the eclipse pattern along with Aquarius and Leo, so everyone is dealing with their own stuff, believe me.
The Head and Tail of the Dragon or on the Virgo/PIsces axis and Chiron the Wounded Healer and the ‘Key to the Chart’ is at 21* PIsces too, so the wounds are often about boundaries, spiritual beliefs, drugs or alcohol, wanting to spend time like a hermit, or illusions we may still be giving our breath, rather than reality.  We are all being made to consider our own personal needs, in the lens of a universe that has boundaries and limits, while comprehending that we
are all a part of that cosmos as one.
Yes, Chiron, whom I like to refer to as “Parsifal” because when he breaks through to the ‘other side’ he perceives the ALL’ and that is something we are all being given a much bigger glimpse.  We must be tempered to hold the light, no different than trying to look directly into the sun.
Cardinal, means ‘New Beginnings’, and that comes from the death of what no longer serves or has survived its necessary life cause or cycle.
Grab the steering wheel of your great ship, make sure you have your path mapped out, and you have provisions for your journey.
Bon Voyage!

Welcome to Two thousand and seventeen. MMXVII