Thursday, June 8, 2017

Thor Hammers Out a Golden Chalice Worthy of Aphrodite in Taurus

From her Gemini birth in the new moon on May 25th the storm clouds gather as Lady Luna illuminates fully the matter the busy-minded twins percolated with their mercurial passion.  She will be full on June 9th at 18* Sagittarius the archer at 9:09 AM EDT.  She will meet up with Old EL, Saturn 12 hours later at 24* where she will quickly be corralled into his somber and cold embrace.
Our full moon will first square Neptune/Poseidon who is still in ruler ship in PIsces at 14*, so drugs, pharmaceutical companies and commercials, opioid epidemic,  and even the Health Care debate, is blooming into a full blown crisis, or at least, one we will eventually not ‘escape’ coming to terms with.  Why do so many people feel the need to escape in the first place?
To really blow this whole cinematic display up, Jupiter/Zeus is just beginning to station direct at 13* of Libra the scales of justice, on June 8th at 10:00 AM.
He has been Retrograde since February 6th. Where he stationed Retrograde at 23* Libra.  There, he pulled back the veil to relationships, their values and how we proportion out the give and take, making it somewhat hard to access his usual bounty and generosity in those aspects, which can lay bare, the foundation of the relationship.
The good news is that Jupiter Zeus/Thor will quickly fill his heavens with a better mood, as his honey once again infuses us with a more generous and joyful spirit, something the ruler of Sagittarius is far more comfortable with.
At the critical 13th degree of Libra, he is in the second decanate of Aquarius, creating a very subtle connection to Uranus who is in the opposing sign of Aries the ram right now at 27* and forming a lovely supportive trine to Saturn/EL who is now retrograde in Sagittarius at 24*.  The Lord of the Rings won’t station direct until August 24th at 21* of Sagittarius.  This gives all those new insights that are coming up, time to be restructured and re-organized before really taking off with the final eclipse on August 21st in Leo, where both the sun and moon will lend support in the form of the matching Grand Fire Trine.
Yes, so much will be exposed, excavate the detritus that haunts you from the peripheries where they can finally be exorcized from the psyche.
Each Re-VOLUT-ion, we make with the stars/angels that guide us from Gd’s Holy Order, exposes another layer that occludes that burning Light from within, our Witness Self, that only TRUTH and INTEGRITY can RE-VEAL.  REVEALATIONS.
Truth can certainly be jarring, until the exploded matter, settles and reforms into an integrated whole again.  We assimilate and finally digest fully, what we have engorged.
This full moon has Lady Luna standing in the flaming truth, fully exposed to her paramour, our central star at 18* of Gemini, the Libra decanate, he pulls us and the whole partnership/balancing act of give and take becomes fully infused, as Luna heads for the galactic center at 27*, to add to the feeling she cannot escape, facing her own soul.
Jupiter/Zeus will gladly come to the rescue to boost confidence and add the necessary buoyancy that will lift and lead to the Light.  Thor will hammer out a Golden Chalice to hold the cup of Light being poured through the Galactic Center.  Venus in Taurus will appreciate the pure gold and finely encrusted jewels that adorn such a worthy chalice.  Hard work pays off.
This is also a mutable, or changeable energy, so this makes a very good time to turn that rudder and set your goal, here the whirr of the great and mighty engines as the waters swirl and the vessel finds her new course.  Steady as she goes.  Mars in Cancer at 3* puts our sights and energies back onto the home front and the importance of the mother, even as we head into Father’s Day, with Venus/Aphrodite luxuriating in Taurus the Bull at 3*, we feather our nest’s and take Jupiter’s bounty into creating the perfect home sanctuary’s. Careful not to bloat up credit card debt releasing that pent up good mojo again. The cookouts will ubiquitously fill the air with the pleasurable scents of people gathering to share the bounty and their laughter pulsates with all the ‘en-JOY-MENT’ that will finally slake a thirsty world.
Yes, there will be tough news to digest and contend with, but Mercury in Gemini at 4*, his ruler ship also, will add to the giddy fest, even as the laughter comes bursting through tears.  Sarcasm will abound and often become just the twist necessary to handle the incoming stream of bizarre and unbelievable news.
Like foam rising to the top of the glass, or the power of having tea and laughter in a Mary Poppins world, Try to allow the headiness and happiness lift your spirit, rather than the serious leaden jacket of Saturn, the Lord of the Rings and his constant drone of ‘the good old times’ or ‘the way it used to be’…as his steely grasp tries to hold us back from our forward momentum into the future.  Yes, we have learned not to throw the baby out with the bathwater.  Yes, the old tried and true well planned, steel structures will hold when we lay the foundation stone, anchored in the truth of who we really are.
We can balance both the old and the new, using the positive energy of Jupiter in Libra.  Which side will you allow your scales to be tipped?  Which chamber are you sitting inside of within your Flaming Heart?  Is your Witness Self Illuminating your beauty or are you allowing the shadows on the walls of Plato’s Cave, to frighten you from believing and seeing the true light?
What fruit are you bearing?  Is it dark or LIGHT?  Does it taste sweet or sorrow (sour) ful?  Go to the Light.  If you need to, cry out to the Angels, they will make that weight a lot lighter/LIGHTER.  ArcAncient's Bone Lover will help with inflamed joints and aches.

Hey, Jupiter is making a lovely trine to the sun, and they will dance together for a while, and yes…that’s a good thing!