Thursday, December 28, 2017

Alchemy of the Soul The Arc of the Ancients, A-Limbic System

The Universe is a Garden of Secret Wonders.

“What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light: and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops.” Mat 10:27

“If thou love to hear, thou shalt receive understanding: And if thou bow thine ear, thou shalt be wise.” ~Sirach 6:33

The Universe is a garden of secret wonders.  If you look, at any minute she will part her skirt, pull you into her rich soil and whisper secrets to help you find your way home.

At every turn there stand sentries, guardians of the gates and banshee’s to flood you into the tangled and odiferous bowels of despair and torment; lest you lose sight of the higher and noble calling, the skeleton key that will allow passage.

This is the majestic texture of our world, often in plain sight the grand design arouses the inner visionary in us who knows the way~ if that voice can rise above the din, the decadent and the superfluous sheath that is every bit as real as every layer beneath and below, above and beyond this dimension.  To negate one is to negate all, to negate the very self that yearns to be found, rescued but above all, heard and loved.  Love is a complicated thing and at the same time, like the universe she created, she is a marvel so simple one has only to sit inside her listening and ever present watchful embrace and let her carry you into bliss.

But here…here is where you may find yourself sleeping….and once again wake on  some precipitous and craggy cliff, with only the crisp air as company, while the mind gallops off in search of itself, and the heart of all that matters waits for its consort to catch up and surrender to her embrace once again.

I am a girl born on the seventh day of the seventh month, one of seven children and whose name begins with the seventh letter in the English alphabet.  My world has never been one as simple as it appeared to be to others.  In youth, I wondered why I must leave the richness of my forested mind, for the more superficial world everyone else wanted to play with.  All of it thrust upon you like a strange car wreck, or an obvious game I had to wake up in, but what would it take?  What special code or learning must I figure out to unlock the treasure map, and have everyone take off their masks, and congratulate me for unraveling the grand play too?

I tell you this in complete honesty.

For the longest time, I peered into eyes, wondered what part of me was not good enough, to be taken in to the grand illusion that everyone was playing.  Why did they act as if no one else knew the secret world that was hidden in the veins of the leaves that danced around us, mesmerizing with brocades of changing colours like swimming chameleons inhabiting the world?

When would everyone else talk about the ‘big people’ who are all lit up but whose appearance only silhouetted the back drop of the canvas my mind fell into?  Didn’t everyone entertain them and wasn’t it one of the most fulfilling camaraderie’s to experience those who stood tall as trees pour their genuine love in mutual praise as if every choir song wrote itself from this cause?


I thought surely that since I had such a tendency for mischief and finding my way into odd adventures that something then must be wrong with me.  Other people somehow weren’t thinking like me, but maybe I was just bad.  I was so bad, that no-one was allowed to share this secret that existed in every page I turned and followed on my adventurous sojourn through life.

Who would discuss the fairy fields I found as surely others did too?  Who else knew about the circle around the trees in the woods that shifted and sprinkled star dust?  Who else entertained the large beings of light that would appear after I prayed which opened the vaults of heaven?  The smiles on their faces and the glint in their eyes infusing me with love and contentment, letting me know that they enjoyed watching me entertain them with my singing and dancing? 

Surely once I got one more A, one more gold star, finished first in one more contest, then….then the game would open its doors and the cast members would reveal their true identity.

The sad thing is that one risks losing their freedoms just for mentioning the world that is real and more alive and vibrant than the march of superfluous reality that seems to have seduced the masses into plastic images and celluloid dreams, of contorting the deep forest into packages of exactness whose only hope is to replicate the new and improved image being craftily lighted and cascaded around their thirsty souls.  

What a webbing; all sticky and sweetly perfumed again with some replication of the natural bounty
that would adorn the temple of our beings with layers of truth; the kind that marches down the halls and lights up the senses with the purpose of being alive.

Why be here at all if the care isn’t taken to wonder?  To take the train on the dark night and wake in the valley of the gods who have been coaxing and guiding us all along?

This is my world; it is as it has always been an adventure of strange beliefs and hidden knowledge.  I feel like Moses in the desert, parting the red sea of life; opening the book one living word, one page at a time and learning the meaning I somehow already know.

There is magic afoot, it is under every stone and shimmering on the waters….it is dancing on our rooftops and howling in the wind.  It creaks down the halls and breaks down silence until it spills loudly into the room and stands between the moments of disbelief like a lighthouse forming from the mist and gloom.

I am yanked back into the strange reality like a naughty schoolgirl, made to play the game with scolding eyes and sometimes worse; while the mystery drips from my veins and disappears into the
cracks, waiting for me to rescue the life I was born to live and reveal.

This is my attempt to take you in and reveal what sorcerers have been burned alive for sharing, madmen have caught shards of along the way, and stories that hold power have hidden in their pages, if one learns how to listen ~ and has the eyes to see.

They stand all around us, sometime alone and more powerfully together; our guardians are rivers of wisdom who symbiotically breathe into us life and we exhale the breath they need.  We need them, they need us.  Excitedly I crept into the canopy of autumnal glory; fiery reds and umbers crisply painting the baby blue skies and the lemon sun drizzling down in shafts of warm surrender.  My heart beating in rhythm, my breath, dotting the air with invisible ink, as the forest shifted and turned, the secret panels opened. It is then, that Her voice grew louder.  The voice of the earth, called by many names, but I know her now, as Mary Magdalene.

Each cracking branch underfoot becomes a lever to the magic code of the great Cathedral.

Can you see?  Can you hear?  Maybe you forgot how to listen?  This book is written in my attempt to help you hear that voice, that voice that will help with your own…

Alchemy of the Soul

The Arc of the Ancients, A-Limbic System

Chapter I

Once there was, and once there was not, a girl who walked with giants.
I am this girl, and I will start with a walk in the woods.

To be continued....

Sunday, December 17, 2017

The Lord of the Rings, is Coming Home

Saturn will enter Capricorn on Dec 19, 2017 at 11:48 pm…the last time EL entered Capricorn, was in February 13, 1988.  If you look back, you can see where you were, the lessons you learned and the lessons you learned during this last Saturn/EL’s cycle.

Think about this, Saturn has been roaming around the wheel, (the plane of the ecliptic) since Feb 6th back in 1991.

Picture an upward spiral, you may be in the same point with Saturn again, but you are now on a whole new level of awareness…lessons learned…or not?

Pluto, has been devastating and destroying all in its wake since his entry into Capricorn back in January of 2008 and of course we have been struggling through the Pluto/Uranus world squares, T Squares and Cardinal Crosses since too.

So, as ole’ Hades has been burning down all things Capricorn: Government, top of the mountain (and we literally see the flat cutting of mountain tops) all hierarchy, pyramid systems, etc. he makes way for Saturn/EL to finally return home, after Saturn has taken his sickle and cut down all the dross around the wheel.  Saturn returning home, will start the process of rebuilding now…old structures and beliefs have been burnt to the ground and even the ground itself has undergone radical transformation.

All of your beliefs have been challenged.  All of what you have built your life, your home upon and all that you believe you strived for to reach the ‘top’ of the
pinnacle, has been assaulted.

The challenge has come to your self-esteem, careers, government, rules and regulations….and now?  Saturn is coming home, there is a new sheriff in town.

The LAW is coming.

If you have lived in excess…he is coming to have you pay the piper.  This could be a difficult period, and in fact, it may well be a very difficult period for many as Saturn is not soft and cuddly, he is austerity, thrifty, cautious, calculated and calculating.  He is the master mason of the zodiac.

This Mercury retrograde has been a doozy too, see how he brought back old friends, had you review the past and what you put energy into?  Go over contracts and how you communicate?  Hermes is a trickster….but on December 21st at 8:51 PM at 13* of Sagittarius he will be fully stationed in forward motion again.  Remember, Hermes stationed RX at the very end of Sagittarius at 29*, just hours away from the full moon in Gemini (Mercury rules Gemini) at 11*.


Mercury the messenger ran ahead and took a peek at the mountain ahead and came back to inform Saturn/EL…now as the new moon approaches us on Dec 18th at 1:30 AM EST when the sun and moon will dance together at 26* of Sag, they are riding the Galactic Center (27* Sagittarius) while Saturn/EL is hovering over his home base now at 29* and this is SERIOUS MATTERS.

All of them, conducting that major energy coming through the gateway of the Galactic Center.

Have you hit a wall?  Do you see the light at the end of the tunnel or do you feel as though you cannot see where you are going?

These planetary energies are asking us deep and dark secrets, both our own, on the world stage and how we really feel about them, while looking at matters very seriously.

Venus/Aphrodite is also swimming in the ocean of Sagittarius that is ablaze (Sag is Fire) at 21* Sag, as we are being collectively and individually alchemized through the fire.  Remember, the fire of the Holy Spirit, burns but does not consume.

Which fire do YOU FEEL?

Well, get ready to put those irons that have been forged to work. 

Make plans and intentions during this new moon, but remember, that Mercury is still Retrograde until Dec 21st…it is THEN that you put actual plan and intention to work but remember also that he will still be in his shadow, digging up more uncomfortable truth for us all to deal with until he passes that 29* Sag marker on January 10, and he too is entering the domain of Capricorn….this will be a very serious (read, plan on working hard) winter and spring.

This is the energy to use to manifest, but you must work…diligently, disciplined and consistently on a solid foundation.

This is not the time for extravagance.

All kinds of new structures were being put into place and much of it was ‘unseen’, it will all start being rolled out, even as we return to these new plans to review and revise.

Saturn is also the ruler of TIME...and ofcourse, brings his sickle to cut you away and take you home to Pluto/Hades, Lord of Death.

We are also going into the darkest time of the year, the shortest day in the northern hemisphere…until we reach the solstice point on December 21st at 10:54 AM, when the LIGHT BEGINS TO RETURN.

Another big date for this month, is December 25…oh, not for the obvious reason you might think.  On this day, at 12:49 PM, Venus and Saturn begin their new synodic cycle together at the very beginning of Capricorn.  Capricorn is a natural square to Libra, which Venus rules, and Venus/Aphrodite likes nice things…luxury, beauty…all the things a Saturn/Goat’s climb to the top of the mountain can bring, but they are at the ‘beginning’ of their cycle…so they are not at the top yet, and this may bring discomfort for comfort loving Libra.   It is however, also squares that we build with, so it can be a good time to begin that climb and BUILD.  This is a nice trine to Taurus, who might start to feel like the good things they love (also ruled by Venus) are on their way…be careful.
The light will soon return, hang in there, but take a look at the discomfort that the dark may bring up.  Remember, in the dark night of the soul, remember, BRIGHT FLOWS THE RIVER OF GD.