Thursday, December 20, 2018

Dancing In the Moonlight As Cancer Tides Are Turning

On Dec 21st 2018, 5:23PM the Winter Solstice takes place and on that day, we will have sunrise at 7:53am and sunset at 5:18pm, a 9 hour and 25’ minute day.

Henceforth three days from the solstice we will see an increase in daylight, when on December 27th we will have one extra minute of daylight, the sun rises at 7:56am and sets at 5:22pm, giving us a 9hour and 26’minute day.

The solstice happens either two times in the year, the summer solstice and the winter solstice, when the sun reaches its highest or lowest point in the sky at noon, marked by the longest and shortest days.

The Origin of the word:

Middle English: from Old French, from Latin solstitium, from sol ‘sun’ + stit- ‘stopped, stationary’ (from the verb sistere).

That will be quickly followed as the full moon Dec 22nd 2018: 12:48 PM at 0* Cancer.  This is a feminine moon, in the sign of the mother so a lot of emotional feelings can surface.

Notice she is at 0* which means it is a time for new beginnings, after seeing what comes to light with the brightness of this full moon illuminating the dark night of the soul, she brings change as the light of the sun increases daily. 

We also have Mercury out of his shadow on Dec 24th at 13* Sagittarius, so communication will be all around the hearth for the holidays, many will have home parties, rather than go out to bars, restaurants this year.

People may celebrate, feeling as if the shoe is about to drop, the heavy weight of Saturn/EL looming, as the sun soars to meet up with Saturn when both are 11* Capricorn, the day after the new year is rung in, giving a serious tone to the year ahead.

This will be a year of taking responsibility.  Will be sharing predictions for the year ahead in the next blog. 

What is important to know, is that Pluto/Hades, the ‘evolutionary’ planet, is annihilating anything that does not have the integrity or ability to withstand the coming changes in the future.  He has returned to Capricorn where he has not been since the 1700’s…he entered Capricorn on Sep 12, 2009.

Capricorn rules government/authority/old man/regulations/discipline of Saturn.  This is a major transit as we see the heavenly spheres have cooked up quite the times down here on planet earth.  The surface tension is breaking and the energy that held order in place, is now dissolving into somewhat of a chaotic field, which of course a 'new order' will be demanded to replace.

Saturn/EL is coming up behind to reset the pins.  He will rebuild after the great devastation of Pluto and Uranus.  Saturn is the Master Builder.  He can also bring bouts of depression, he is the grim reaper carrying the sickle for the harvest.

Where these are affecting your own personal astrology chart is very important, to both prepare for the destruction and where and when to rebuild.  It is the set up for the next 200 years.

Because Saturn is so prominent and sitting alongside the sun for the coming year, we are doing a workshop to help people prepare for the coming shifts both personally and on the planet.

Join us for this Intensive Workshop...

How is this effecting us now? What is coming? How will this have an effect on your own personal chart?

Saturn or The Lord of the Rings as I have called him now for a few decades, can be a stern taskmaster and brings discipline. Hades/Pluto is the Lord of death and resurrection. These two are going to meet up for the first time in 38 years in January 2020. This will bring major changes on the planet and reset your own world.

Pluto is also returning to his natal position in the US chart. He has not been there, since 1776. Ring any bells?

As a psychic astrologer now for 40 years, I have been watching and preparing for this and trying to warn others of what is to come and how we can best use this energy for transformation. I personally died and had my last rites when Pluto/Hades was conjunct my natal sun. If anyone knows about life and death, it is me.

You don’t want to miss this.

Bring your natal astrology chart, if you don’t have one, I will provide you with one for $10 before the class.

(When emailing for chart, please include your date and time of birth, as well as city and state...)

Contact me:

In the Spirit of The Season, refreshments will be served.

Feel free to bring a beverage of your choice (such as wine!)

Saturn's pattern will be prominent in your personal chart at the ages of: 7 (first square), 14 (opposition), 21 (second square) and 29 (first return).  Saturn is in rulership of Capricorn, He is Lord an Master.

The Saturn Return is when the
planet Saturn comes back to meet your natal Saturn. It takes about 29.5 years for this slow-mover to return to where it was when you were born. The Saturn return hits in the late 20s and its impact is felt into the early 30s. There's a second (and possibly a third for the long-lived among us) Saturn return that hits between age 57-60.

“We plant the seeds because the seeds need to be planted, in other words, and we need to be the ones planting them. The fruit of our labor may surprise us, and it often will not be what we thought we were hoping for. The struggle for justice, I’m learning, yields too

little justice, and never soon enough. That is no reason to stop fighting. Formed in the fires of struggle is love, the kind of love that will lay down its life for friends, and for enemies as well. Love — fierce love, handcuffed love, suffering love — is what animates our sacred tradition. We keep on digging rows and planting seeds, trusting they will yield their fruit in their season (Ps. 1). But if not, getting our hands in the dirt together will be fruit enough.” ~Thomas Berrigan

The next dates coming:

Partial Solar Eclipse New Moon 15* Capricorn January 5th at 8:28PM EST.

Uranus Direct Jan 6, 2019 at 28* Aries.

Winter Solstice: Dec 21st 2018: 5:23PM

Dec Full Moon Dec 22nd 2018: 12:48 PM 0* Cancer

Mercury out of Shadow Dec 24th at 13* Sagittarius

A blog that is timely again:

Ezekiel 34:27 The Covenant of Peace
26I will make them and the places all around My hill a blessing. I will send down showers in their season—showers of blessing. 27The trees of the field will give their fruit, and the land will yield its produce; My flock will be secure in their land. They will know that I am the LORD, when I have broken the bars of their yoke and delivered them from the hands that enslaved them. 28They will no longer be prey for the nations, and the beasts of the earth will not consume them. They will dwell securely, and no one will frighten them.…

Psalm 1 New King James Version (NKJV)

The Way of the Righteous and the End of the Ungodly


Blessed is the man

Who walks not in the counsel of the [a]ungodly,

Nor stands in the path of sinners,

Nor sits in the seat of the scornful;


But his delight is in the law of the Lord,

And in His law he [b]meditates day and night.


He shall be like a tree

Planted by the [c]rivers of water,

That brings forth its fruit in its season,

Whose leaf also shall not wither;

And whatever he does shall prosper.


The ungodly are not so,

But are like the chaff which the wind drives away.


Therefore the ungodly shall not stand in the judgment,

Nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous.


For the Lord knows the way of the righteous,

But the way of the ungodly shall perish.



HERE COMES THE SUN, THE SECOND ONE. I share this in all good faith and the best of intentions, from my heart. The light is truly coming my friends, and you know what happens when the light is turned on? You can see what you could not see before. But do not stop seeking, don’t turn the light off and run, or cover your eyes, like a child. Do not turn away from the truth. The truth, will truly set us all free, and we are so very close now…oh yes, we have to go through a bit….but it is because of the brightness of the Lord….the light is upon us. 2. “Those who seek, should not stop seeking until they find, when they find, they will be disturbed, but they shall rule over all”. ~From the Gospel of Thomas: 76. Jesus said, "The Father's kingdom is like a merchant who had a supply of merchandise and found a pearl. That merchant was prudent; he sold the merchandise and bought the single pearl for himself. So also with you, seek his treasure that is unfailing, that is enduring, where no moth comes to eat and no worm destroys." 77. Jesus said, "I am the light that is over all things. I am all: from me all came forth, and to me all attained.

As hard as this can be....'at times'... We are truly being 'woken up'...spiritually. A couple of weeks ago, my mom and dad came to me, when I was really down. They were holding hands, outstretched and their hands were clasped in a big line of other people who also had crossed over.... Mom was smiling...and saying: "Don't worry, we got you"....and I was comforted knowing, that all the people who recently crossed over, are all working for us from that side. They are helping us.... And...What is the LIGHT is getting brighter....this is...'en-lighten-ment' and just like turning a light on, in a all of a sudden can see what you could not see before.... You see the mess that needs to be cleaned up in your room.... But you didn't 'KNOW' until the light was on, that there was even a mess.


Well, that is why, we are seeing so much more politically, what is going on...and of course, as it should be, it is disturbing...look at the two candidates? They both say some truth and they both lie.... Yes, some people will not stop wanting their chosen candidate no matter how much you try to get past the cognitive dissonance, but that is changing...there is more truth coming, especially in September...with the eclipses.

We see more on the world stage too....all over the planet, we see people revolting...which the planet Uranus rules revolution literally AND BRILLIANCE, AS THE HIGHER OCTAVE OF MERCURY THE MESSENGER. Some of us are more affected personally, based on our charts and how Gd designed us, to be opened up and activated during these times. This is literally...'revelations''or reveal-ations....,Which I explain fully in my book, “Alchemy of the Soul, the A-Limbic System and the Arc of the Ancients. Briefly, the word apocalypse, literally means: to reveal...or a revealing...the thinning of the veil.

So, what mom was saying, is yes, we have to go through these times, and some people will see and 'feel' more than others....we are designed uniquely this way by God, who is opening us up like a master lock.... In my experience, it is my compassion that opens the floodgates of light that fills me from the ends of heaven...Feeling all of this pain on the planet opens the flood gates.... That compassion is the KEY to the heart....where our personal compass actually is. And the heart, is the Truth, the Light and the cannot get to the Father, (Alchemically) without that doorway. The heart has to be opened....and the world is stretching that doorway in some of us...but this is exactly....EXACTLY, how God creates the SOL- (SUN/LIGHT)-UTIONS. We do what we can, and when we cannot, is where Faith comes in. That does not mean, that like Jesus, we don't fall...even Jesus falls with His cross, and He gets help, and Veronica comes and wipes his face. We need that too. For me, that is what the story/parables are, the WAY, for us. So don’t run from the pain, let it open up the HEARt/EARTH, which will release the balm that heals… I have seen angels flying towards me and coming down and assuaging me...I believe that our cries, crack open the universe and they are our personal vibration that calls in our angels. And our tears...they are the LIVING WATERS...think about it...THEY ARE! They are salt water....literally, and I think that fuels the heart, like kerosene, to make it a 'flaming heart'.....that is what ignites the heart, which puts the soul on fire, literally, the Holy Spirit. That does not mean you don’t do what you need to calm your heart…your spirit, if you need to remove yourself from the fray, we all have our jobs….the universe sees everything we do.  

But, all the drugs being peddled, to make people ‘not feel the pain’….is literally creating sociopath’s and narcissistic tendency’s, that is not the way to heal…that won’t heal any of us or this planet. This is not an admonishing, we have all been doing what we can do…. But alchemically, you cannot transform until it heats up just right. I also believe, we live in a ‘necessary evil’…and this is there for us to push against, to create the dynamics and conditions necessary for the soul to bloom, flourish and KNOW THYSELF.” Just how evil, must we make them become, before we all wake up, you see, they will grow as evil as necessary…they may need to have a cremation of care, to relieve themselves of the awful burden of becoming as evil and dark as it takes, before we wake up, and say no more, we see you… Now, I have some notes and a couple of recent stories, about evolution of the species. You see, what we do, is evolve to survive…and when we avoid the problems, No solutions are forth coming…you will see there is a story about gold fish, that reproduce like crazy, and what they learned is that they live in highly predatory conditions, so they reproduce more offspring to survive. When placed in less predation, they stop reproducing so rapidly. We must learn to live with life, not against it. Everything has a ‘central brain’ that tells it what its job is, and what to do. Even bacteria and cancer, have a ‘head mind’ that operates in the larger scheme of the “Mind of Creation”.

EL, as I have stated many times, is God, from the Old Test a ment, and Egypt… EL-ections are for us to choose our earthly Gods…. EL-e ment, is God Mind. Every time we use the word: The, that is the English form of EL (masculine) or La, which is feminine). So we are always saying God when we say ….The It is the same with the word “ALL”….Since AL and EL are interchangeable. So, everything is from the heart of God, streaming from the Gdhead.

Whether you want to believe or not, “I am what I am”.

It is also statistically known, that families trying to live/survive in poorer conditions and poverty , will create more offspring…than someone who is middle or upper class. It is survival. That is what we do, we compensate to survive. That pressure, is what brings the SOL utions.

You can read the stories at the bottom of this, for some validation as to what I am saying. But I think this will resonate for most, as it is true. Remember, only dead things go with the flow. We have been hijacked with a lot of misinformation, especially spiritually. This is to keep us literally, from waking up. In 2012, President Obama and congress passed the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012, sponsored by Rep. Mac Thornberry, R-Texas, and Rep. Adam Smith, D- Wash., which was inserted into the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act. According to John Hudson of Foreign Policy Magazine, “For decades, a so-called anti-propaganda law prevented the U.S. government’s mammoth broadcasting arm from delivering programming to American audiences. But on July 2, that came silently to an end with the implementation of a new reform passed in January. The result: an unleashing of thousands of hours per week of government-funded radio and TV programs for domestic U.S. consumption in a reform initially criticized as a green light for U.S. domestic propaganda efforts.”

So you see, as we wake up, they have been busy trying to put us back to sleep. Don’t fall for this! The WORD is powerful….cursive, is “I’ve cursed”…vow-el’s…EL Vow…God vow. Consonant…is literally…’with sound. So, we take a vow with sound, every time we utter a word. This not hiding from the truth, it means speaking it. The truth will set us free. There is another line of spiritual bs being passed along too, and that is this: ‘If you pay attention to it, you give it energy’…and the reverse logic to this is often used…’to avoid what is uncomfortable.’

It is the nightmare that wakes us up...not the sweet dreams...

Yes, it is true, we put energy into where we focus, but only a child thinks they can cover their head with their hands and disappear. It’s a real problem when a pernicious myth subverts reality. If you cut your arm, you don’t ‘ignore it so it will go away, and certainly looking at the blood gushing out, is not going to make the blood increase, no, a sane, logical approach is to absolutely pay attention to the deep gash, that may end your life, and FIND A SOLUTION! What in life, have you been able to avoid, and it goes away? This is the same in all of life. We ABSOLUTELY MUST PAY ATTENTION, OR IT WILL ONLY GET WORSE! For those who have eyes to see. The same as turning the light on in the room. Now, we also should be dreaming of the world we want, and putting energy and focus on those positive things, but it is not a question of either/or, but both. The more you avoid looking and seeing the harder it will get for you, for all of us.

The light is coming my friends, in FULL GLORY. HANG ON, IT IS GOING TO BE A BUMPY NIGHT.

Now make the sign of the cross, earth, air, fire and water, the Cardinal Directions….EL-e-mentary my dear Watson, what son? We make a sacred circle around the God mind, whenever we make the sign of the cross, but most have no idea.

Ready for your wings? Because we will soar… There is no death…absolutely no such thing as death…we are eternal beings, unless of course you made a bad trade, lol?

As to going with the flow? Only dead things do, salmon swim upstream to give birth, be mighty and give birth....or you might just be going over a cliff.

The light is coming my friends, comes the sun...the second one.

Come fly with me….


In peacetime about 105 boys are born for every 100 girls. During and just after wars the ratio mysteriously increases to about 108 boys for every 100 girls. For the first time in World War II, this phenomenon has appeared in several warring nations of Europe, according to reports from Sweden last fortnight. Many doctors and scientists dismiss the phenomenon as mere illusion and folklore—perhaps because they cannot explain it. But Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. statisticians call the changing ratio "an established fact." It did not occur in the Franco-Prussian War, which lasted only...,9171,773794,00.html “I was hanging my career on the idea that you could change the environment and see things evolve significantly in time to get tenure,” Reznick says. “People thought my thesis was cute, but doubted I would live long enough to see the results.” He found that within four years — a mere six to eight generations — male guppies had significantly changed their reproductive patterns. Those transplanted from a high-predation site to a stream without predators were larger, matured later and reproduced more slowly. Where Reznick had introduced predators, the guppies adapted by maturing at an earlier age. Survival became a race to produce more babies.

“The risk of death alters the ways organisms allocate resources for survival,” Reznick says. Many of the extraordinary adaptations happening around us may be because of us. As human activity disrupts climate patterns and modifies habitats, rapid evolution appears to be an increasingly common strategy for survival. Speciation is the process of becoming incapable of breeding with members of the preexisting species.... ( ) and thus creating a new species, which is exactly what part of the article talks about.... that is precisely how evolution works Total fertility rates (average number of children a woman has during the life time) In developed countries total fertility rates have declined to an average of 1.6 (exception is US with rate of 2.0). In developing countries total fertility rate average is 2.9. In some countries it is 4 or more. Population growth rates In developed world the population growth rate is 0.1% per year. The remaining countries it is 1.5% per year.

Read more:<3 span=""> Two factors consistently correlate with high birth rates: poverty, and poor education. It has long been known that when living standards rise in a community, birth rates tend to decline; this widely-documented phenomenon is called the "demographic shift" (Henry George referred to it in 1879). Recently, however, another kind of demographic shift has been observed. Where women have had access to education and media, birth rates have showed significant declines — even when income levels had not increased. It is instructive to note, in the table below, the correlations between lower life-expectancy and literacy figures for women, and the standard measures of poverty. 

Friday, December 7, 2018

A Sagittarius New Moon Arc's Arcross The Dark Night of Winter

On Thursday at 2:20 AM December 7th ,  a hot button of pulsating energy might be finding its way into expression as the New Moon with her solar paramour our sun now at 15* Sagittarius and making a potent square to Mars at 13* PIsces. A newly stationing direct Mercury/Hermes at 27* Scorpio, pulls back his slingshot.  This will arc into the future as the moon waxes into fullness on Dec 22nd.  In fiery Sag, they excite each other, especially since Jupiter/Zeus is now in his lordship at 6* Sagittarius. 
Infusing into this excitement is a 28* Uranus Retrograde in Aries still opposing Venus at 2*Scorpio.  The good news?  We will start to experience less mechanical and technical snafus.  I did say less…with Mars in the square and this opposition still happening with Uranus and Venus, the fiery waters are distilling a deeper essence in all of us.

The infamous Pluto transit through Capricorn, while Saturn/EL, who is also transiting through his own lordship territory of Capricorn, is demanding order out of the chaos Pluto is churning up along with our other astrological spheres.
As Pluto/Hades churns up the detritus and burns off anything that does not support the deeper essence of our being, Saturn is coming along to rebuild.
This is why it is imperative that you know where these two are doing their dance in your own ‘medicine wheel’.
Capricorn is also known as ‘PAN’.  From this we derive the word, pandemonium.  Capricorn in part rules the establishment, it is our government.  All over the planet we see people rising up and change taking place.  In the US in particular, Pluto/Hades also happens to be on his way home to his natal position in the US chart.

Pluto rules the mob, the mob boss or a mob of people.  Gathered into the very top of the wealthy, it can become a Plutocracy.  Someone who is at the very top of this chain, is called a Plutocrat. Its energy is as potent as the plutonium that fuels atomic fission.  It is the dark underbelly where the wealth of the world is exhumed and transferred.  The secrets buried along with wealthy purchases are being revealed.  As Pluto and Saturn make their way to their first contact in January of 2020, a wide swath of destruction much like the major earth changes we see on the news, whether it is the fires in California or the tornado’s through the Midwest, our lives may feel much the same way.

The more we try to cling to what the universe is pulling us away from, the more we will suffer.  What will be left, is the ‘rock to build your house upon’.  First, comes the necessary destruction and there are no two ways around that.
Remember, the nodes of the moon have moved into the Cardinal Cross, having backed into Cancer with the head of the dragon and that puts the tail in Capricorn now, yes while Pluto and Saturn are also clear-cutting the top of the mountain.  This is the beginning of their 18 month transit, before they enter the Gemini/Sagittarius axis.  So as we stated in our last blog, that means Aries, Cancer, Libra and are really getting the shake up!  All that action from Pluto and then Saturn resetting the pins, preparing for the nodes to come along and activate your MISSION.
We shared with you that the markets were going to start to see ups and downs and that ultimately markets don’t like this kind of uncertainty when Uranus first ingressed into Taurus.  Uranus has retrograded back into Aries to finish up some business there, revising plans especially regarding technological breakthrough's.
We also hoped that we might make it through March, when Uranus reenters Taurus again and hopefully even as long as until the end of next year.  But after that, it is highly unlikely we will not have gone through some sort of major upheaval.  It very well may be a new financial system or printing money in a different way for the United States, and for many other countries that will have to rise and fall and restructure their framework.
We certainly know that computers are taking more and more jobs and that is going to continue into our future.  This could be a transfer of wealth through a new currency system, such as Bitcoin, or chip implants.  We will see a lot of 5G related technological systems rolled out.
This particular new moon will spin us into the coming eclipses in January and the evolutionary changes coming with them.
I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have an active prayer/meditative life even with essential oils.
However, we did create the ‘Stress X-tra’ for just these kinds of times.
It would go without saying that the Breathing Easy is a must to keep us from these ever craftier viruses.  When you have experienced healing pneumonia and bronchitis several times now, you learn just why Breathing Easy is so valuable and special.

We also need a good night’s sleep.  With the new technology, we had a client who had a proven deeper night’s sleep by several hours, using Sleep Angel!
She overslept!  This is a woman who is just starting her own business, so you can imagine how busy her mind is right now! 
Speaking of which, do you see how this time is also the perfect gestation for bringing dreams into reality?  To this we will add the potency of Neptune/Aphrodite also hanging out with Mars at 13* PIsces.

We always use a square to build with, so even though we may go through a destructive process, with Pluto searching for the very depth of our souls and Mercury/Hermes the messenger being necessary as a guide to get back across the Crossroads of Hermes’s Scorpio Lair.  Busy as he is with Persephone now, we do know many ideas are being hatched regarding the earth’s treasures.
Be careful of Neptune’s hooks, you don’t want to take something in, hook, line and sinker.  We like her gift in music and art, but she will teach you a lesson you can pay with your life with, because she can also pull you down into the depths of addictions of all kinds.  So, we must be careful, steady as she goes. 

“We plant the seeds because the seeds need to be planted, in other words, and we need to be the ones planting them. The fruit of our labor may surprise us, and it often will not be what we thought we were hoping for. The struggle for justice, I’m learning, yields too little justice, and never soon enough. That is no reason to stop fighting. Formed in the fires of struggle is love, the kind of love that will lay down its life for friends, and for enemies as well. Love — fierce love, handcuffed love, suffering love — is what animates our sacred tradition. We keep on digging rows and planting seeds, trusting they will yield their fruit in their season. But if not, getting our hands in the dirt together will be fruit enough.”~ Thomas Berrigan

Thursday, November 22, 2018

The Full Moon in Gemini Multi-Tasking in Several Dimensions At Once

The moon waxes into fullness, just after midnight tonight, on November 23 at 12:39 A.M. EST.  She will be at 0* Gemini/Twins/Mercury Ruled, opposing her paramour, our little sun who has now entered Sagittarius, and is also at 0*.  This is also known as the Beaver Moon.  Beavers are very industrious, as are many of us right now, trying to get a lot accomplished, in the hustle of bustle of the season and cleaning and preparing for our winter blanket.

Things are certainly, snap, crackle and popping in the air and the earth, which is roiling with a lot of earthquake activity right now.

In Gemini, Luna is activating the earthly mind and mundane things, culminating in this full moon, while the solar guide is activating our higher purpose, thoughts of career, education, foreigner’s and travel.

Jupiter now happily ruling in his own sign of Sagittarius, is hanging right with the sun, magnifying that solar energy/power while Mercury RX at 10* is coming back to join them, and bringing back old memories and thoughts of friends from the past too.  In fact, it is during these times, we run into old friends, and of course, may 
have some snafu’s with our electrical devices or cars, especially since Uranus is also RX at 29* in Aries and opposing a newly direct Venus/Aphrodite, now at 3* of Scorpio.  (She can be vicious and vengeful here, so be careful.)
This can ask you, are you sure about this love relationship?  Remember, in Aries, Uranus can be rash and even more sudden than he usually is, so try and refrain from rash judgments, comments or actions, which you may very well regret later.  Venus in Scorpio can magnify this too.

Venus may have either brought back some lovin’ to your relationship, or dug up the old wounds that can still smart a bit, and Mercury RX on her heels can make us think of previous loves, and particularly affairs.  In Sagittarius, he might make us think about foreign lovers and certainly is bringing up the whole topic of Immigration and the spotlight on the Caravan coming up from The Honduras, fleeing dire situations looking for the American Dream.

We will end up returning some of our purchases and gifts, and definitely be ‘re-gifting’ if the exchange falls before Mercury is Direct on December 7TH, where he has travelled back to 27* Scorpio, in search of the truth.

Neptune is also in her rulership of PIsces at 13* PIsces, and squaring Mercury who is at 10* Sagittarius, adding to the ILLUSION that is so hard to see through.  Think of the term, FAKE NEWS.

The waters are murky indeed, so anchor yourself.  (This is where, ArcAncient’s,

Sleep Angel © comes in handy, or Stress Xtra.
While Saturn/EL is loving his own world at 7* Capricorn the goat, we have a lot of heavenly spheres/beings all wanting to be in charge, at least in their own domain.  This is also a good thing to keep in mind for us, to stay in our own lane, and be the best we can be, at what we are good at, not what or who we are not.
So, we have grounding rods during these transits, including the newly shifted Head and Tale of the Dragon, who has made the change from the Aquarius/Leo axis where they have been eating and releasing the past, and have the yang, outgoing energy.  Now, they are in Cancer/Capricorn, so that head is digesting where she wants to go, and considering the energy of the moon/mother and causing us to release the past of Capricorn…so this is a NEW ENERGY TO WHAT WE VALUE AND WHAT WE WANT TO SEE ON THE WORLD STAGE, POWER-WISE.  Yes, this activates the overly charged and potent Cardinal Cross: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.


We might find it easier to release the ‘illusions’ of what success mean to us, and stop that need to climb the ladder to the very top, having gratitude to what we have NOW.
So, curl up with a good book, good friend and nurture yourselves, make that comfort food and play some games by the hearth.  This new 18 month period should feel more comfortable internally, than the past 18 months.

Happy Holy Days!  The night increases, Pluto/Hades is happy in his lair with his consort (by force) Persephone.  Make yourselves comfortable and hang out in bed a little longer…great time to do some dream work.  Wake up and write down the vivid images you experienced through the night.

A REMINDER THAT I WILL BE TEACHING A 4 HOUR CLASS ON December 29TH AT THE REIKI ROOM IN LAKEWOOD.  Will go over the stars that are forming a very powerful aspect pattern in the coming year and also into 2020, that period will be more powerful than anything we have experienced so far.  I will look at your own personal chart too, for a small snapshot on how it will affect you and what you can do to prepare.  It is BYOB, we will have some snacks.  We will laugh and learn, some deep, secrets.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

Here is the short list of predictions I have made that have come to pass:
Predictions made by, Gloria O’Neil-Savage ‘Sangreal’.

1.    Death of Dianne Murray (Witness, Denise Z.)
2.    Parent’s house being robbed, and the girl who was in charge of robbing the house.  (Told my little sister it was robbed, nothing was missing, but I know, because ‘I felt it’ when I came home from school to get ready for work.  I was interrogated, by the police, because they wanted to know, how I knew, if I was not in on it.)
a.    Later in the week, while at my school locker, my friend was also at hers next to mine, when a friend of hers came up and said: “Hi, Gloria”…in that moment, a voice inside started to say: “She robbed your house”.  I tried to dismiss it, but it only grew louder and louder, so loud, that by the time I sat down in study hall, I was worried, everyone else could hear it coming out of my body.  I went down to the office to find out what class, Tammy was in, my friend, and Debby Somerville was behind the desk.  I asked her if she could tell me what class Tammy was in, and she said: “Yes, I can find that out for you, Gloria”.  She went to the card files and pulled out a card that said she was in Biology class.  I went up to the class, the teacher was out of the room.  I peeked in and saw Tammy.  I asked Tammy if she could come out so I could talk to her for a minute.
I was a pretty small person back then, probably not even 100lbs, and pretty short.  Tammy, was much bigger, taller.  But, when she came out, I said: “You robbed my house!”…She recoiled, looked like a trapped animal in her eyes.  She said: “No I didn’t, why would you say that?”…I repeated it, my rage growing, “You robbed my house!” and with that, I was banging her into the lockers, raging at her about robbing my house, crying the entire time, I was white-hot mad!  Of course, that brought the kids out to the halls, and they started exclaiming, O’Neil is beating up Stewart!  Then the doors down the halls started swinging open, and teachers came down and brought us down to the office.  I was told the police were handling it and I needed to let them do their job, it was not my job.  I was given detentions.  It came out days later, that she was the one who robbed my house with the rest of the kids, and it was HER idea.  I also found out, they knew at the time I was sitting in that office, and yet, I was given detentions.
3.    Transformation of street, new buildings built, before they were built.
a.    Calling friend Loraine, seeing her in ‘new’ building with glass front and glass on the front of building across the street, in RR.  Einstein Bagels opened up with glass front, two glass fronts appeared, one of the front of Heinens and on front of other coffee shop in Rocky River.
4.    Building on Sloane and Detroit, where I saw a door on the side of the building a coffee shop inside with tables outside.  (All came true)
5.    Haiti, Tuesday, 12 January 2010, Chile, February 27, 2010; and Fukushima Earthquakes, ( could only get a few days close to the Chile and Haiti quakes, but was spot on (by actual Date: Mar 11, 2011) for Fukushima.  (All of those were posted on FB as predictions, I was harassed by some people, saying I was fear-mongering, earthquakes happen all the time!)  Then they all happened.  Major earthquakes.
6.    Crash of 2008, (by date, October, 2008) successfully negotiated out of the last 2 years of my lease, to close my center, ONE MONTH BEFORE IT HAPPENED.  (Witness, actual Carol Zung, Dag, Nanda, all at Dagmar’s table, while I nervously told them about what I saw happening, (Senate doors closed and the senators, all being forced to sign a deal for bail-outs) I wrote an 8 page paper on how we could avoid the mortgage crash and brought it to my congressman in April of that year, but they rejected it, since ‘the economy is doing great!’; legal records leases, and Mickey, the landlord.
7.    911 (dreamt it) then wrote a letter to President Bush, warning him, and that he should not invade Iraq, because we would get bogged down there for decades, and they would not so easily extract the oil because of constant saboteurs, and that there would be a major hurricane to hit New Orleans, bringing too much water and flooding the levy’s.  All written in letter that was dated BEFORE IT HAPPENED: Witness: Carol Z.
8.    Donald Trump, winning the EL-ection, the day he through his hat in the ring.  I KNEW THE MOMENT HE SAID HE WAS RUNNING HE WOULD WIN and told everyone, Hillary WOULD NOT WIN.  A lot of ‘psychic’s’ and astrologers I know personally, said Hillary would win, after the fact, claiming they knew too. 
9.    HURRICANE TO HIT PUERTO RICO, told friends not to go during that time.  Witness: Tina M.
10. Personal predictions, far too numerous to mention. 

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Scorpio New Moon, Rising From the Depths of Hades

On November 7, 2018 at 11:01AM we birth a new cycle with the New moon in Scorpio at 15* of Scorpio.  Scorpio is ruled by Pluto/Hades, Lord of the underworld with his trusty best friend, Cerberus guarding the gates.  Cerberus will wag his tail and welcome you like a long lost friend.  He entices you into the underworld lair and as you go deeper and deeper into the depths of the abyss, and the light grows dimmer and dimmer, you may try to quickly crawl back up and out.  Only to find that he is now growling and menacing, blocking your exit.  There is no way to go but down.

So, the descent continues just like Inanna or Isis.  Speaking of Isis, Venus/Aphrodite went retrograde on October 6th while she was at 10* of Scorpio.  In astrology, this period is sometimes referred to as the Descent of Inanna.  Now, when Inanna descends, she goes looking for her paramour, Ishtar who has been cut into pieces.  (7 or 14 depending on which myth we are talking about).
In public view on the world stage, we saw first the disappearance of Adnan Khashoggi, the Saudi Arabian businessman and arms dealer at the Turkish Embassy.  The next thing we hear, is that there is an audio tape of him being ‘cut into pieces’.  So once again, As Above, So Below, everything is being televised if you have the eyes to see.

While Venus is retrograde, she may put a crimp on your money streams, or cost you money through things that all of a sudden need to be repaired, because she stands in opposition to Uranus at 29*, also retrograde having recently re-entered Aries.  Uranus rules the unexpected, out of the blue stuff and Aries is a Cardinal sign that likes to get things started and all fired up.  Venus is what we love or possess.  It is your MONEY/INCOME.  Now, while it can be a crimp in the hose of income/money, it also can BRING BACK THAT WHICH WAS DUE TO YOU, THAT YOU DIDN’T GET ON HER WAY THROUGH THE FIRST TIME.

You may have thoughts about past loves, or even run into or rekindle an old love and particularly affairs, since this is Scorpio and Uranus we are dealing with in this mix.  So, obviously CAUTION should be taken, when she goes direct on November 15th at 5:51AM at 25* of Libra, who is always seeking harmony, balance and justice.  This could be a return to love.

When planets cross from one sign into the next, the energy is palpable.  Any planet at the Anaretic degree 29th* can create a crisis, it is a critical degree that wants to finish things up.
We also see Jupiter is at the 29th degree of Scorpio, that is a whole lot of Plutonian energy and adding to that, a critical degree.  Jupiter/Zeus expands what it comes into contact with.  He is classically considered a benevolent planet, but he can expand upon undesirable energies/planets and points.  He can also expand the waste-line, typically when found in the 1st house of the native.

So all the while this is happening in our heavens, Pluto/Hades is traversing through the energy of Capricorn the Goat and is now at 19*.  Capricorn/10th house is the public eye, the top of the mountain.  It is career and those who rule over us, (bosses at work) and traditionally the ‘old man’ as Saturn or Pan.  There is Pluto, churning up the deep guts inside of that mountain (and your own depths) getting rid of everything that stands in his way that doesn’t have the integrity or strength to handle this inferno.

There is an awful lot of layers being burned off that were occluding our ability to clearly see into your/our own soul and your/our own past, including the collective.  The ghosts have come home to visit.  Following in Pluto’s lava trail, is Saturn/EL The Lord of the Rings, who is now at 5* of Capricorn and is the ruler of the 10th house/Capricorn.  Saturn is structure and stability.  He is the Master Builder.  While Pluto is tearing it up, Saturn is all about putting the structure back into place, so we see new structures being built, perhaps even in your own home, or restructuring adding into the foundations of your life.  Yes, this is a hot seat for the Cardinal Signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

These two will meet up in January of 2020…and what we see now, is only the beginning of a lot of dismantling of the old to make way for the new.

Saturn is Lord of Karma.  Ruler of Time. 

You may be asking yourself about how you SPEND your time, or how much money you are making, are the hours being compensated at the rate which you are satisfied?  How better can you use the time you have to climb up that mountain?  Are you judging yourself and how far down your path/career you have travelled thus far?  Those questions will likely be popping up now and for some time to come.

Adding to this we are also in the middle of the Head and Tail of the Dragon, also known as the nodes of the moon, shifting after around 18 months in the Aquarius/Leo axis, they move into the Capricorn/Cancer Axis on November the 15th at 8:28PM, after being in the very Yang Leo/Aquarius axis since April 2017 This is like hot needle on the pulse of a vibrating world all searching from the depths of their souls, trying to find the light.  Many may feel exhausted while a tension palpably unnerves and forces little holes into the dark cave, light streaming in and with it the fresh air to fill the lungs and lift the wings.

Back and forth, from clearing to stagnation, hope to futility…we must find the deepest light and the gusher of love to assuage the wounds newly ripped open.

Now, in the Yin world of Capricorn (the tail, the past) and his opposite, Cancer the Moon, the MOTHER where the Head of the Dragon is entering and where he is pointing eye of the needle to the future.

All things earth and nurturing will be where we find solace.  A walk in the woods, getting the home fires burning in the hearth.  Getting together with family and friends.  A nice hike on the beach (Typically a Cancer favorite).
Mercury/Hermes at 8* Sagittarius has a lot to say and would love nothing more than to run off and not look back and with Neptune/Poseidon at 13* PIsces (again in rulership) she is forming a lovely trine to the sun and moon’s rendezvous, music and a nice glass of wine are the perfect order to let go some stress and feel the body enjoying this earth.
Jupiter/Zeus is making his way, ready to ingress into Sagittarius, the sign he also rules on November 8th at 7:39 AM…THIS IS A GOOD THING.  In mythology, Jupiter breaks open the head of his father, EL/Saturn/Cronos.  He frees his siblings and together the siblings fight the titans and win, installing Zeus/Jupiter as the new Gd that rules the sky.  (Like Jesus coming to give a softer version of the LAW/ EL has laid down, Jesus brings COMPASSION.  Something sorely missing from our world now.

He will help us to move forward in positive ways.  It will also be really nice to not have one more energy adding to the depths of Pluto’s lair.

So, by now you are much clearer about who you are, and the error of your own ways, ready to forge ahead with a better perspicacity to use the Eagle energy of Scorpio/Pluto, seeing far down the road and lifting up to the sun, your true identity begins to become as clear as day.

And I think it’s about…forgiveness.  Even if, even if, you don’t love the same way anymore.  A deeper love abides.