Saturday, April 21, 2018

Hermes Stations Direct with the Aries New Moon

Lord Hermes Stationed Direct on April 14th.  Communications might ease up a bit now, but so will the terrible things he held back.  I couldn’t write the new moon blog, because it was still too heavy.

The thing for me, is that I love to learn and know all about life, history, especially language and art.  To really learn or know anything, you have to LIVE INTO THE ANSWERS, as Rainer Maria Rilke would say.  So for instance, I wanted to learn about Animal Speak, how they communicated with us.  Who knew I would end up living in a barn, without running water, but a prime location to truly learn about animals. 
Have you ever heard cats on a hot spring night, er, ‘making love’?

Well, if you are woken from a deep sleep in the middle of the night, by Raccoons that live above you, doing the same thing…you have no idea!  Talk about scaring the living daylights out of me!  I grabbed the nearest weapon I could find, a handy broom and began stalking the place, looking for openings and fixating on the crawl space opening, sure they would barge through at any minute with all the screeching and thumping going on.
I didn’t clean off the spider web when I was preparing the space to move into either.  I negotiated with the mice, who liked to eat the filters on my cigarettes in the middle of the night too.  (Yes, I smoked back then).

All of that pales in comparison to learning what the ‘crosses’ in astrology actually meant.  Because I have a critical 13* degree Libra sun that was nailed on those crosses the last decade.  So, I write about that.

Today, in conversation with a client/friend, she told me of a difficult situation that she is now enduring, and a woman who told her: ‘Life never gives you more than you can handle’.  I am sure the woman was well-intentioned, but what she and many others who glibly parrot those words, don’t realize is just how cruel that actually can be to say to someone.  Almost as bad if not worse, than the’ just bless it and let it go’.

When you are LIVING IN THE PAIN, words like this are hurtful…more guilt for not being all ‘positive’ in the face of a difficult time.

This new moon, which began her new phase on April 15th at 9:57 PM EDT, has some good aspects, there will be some light poking through for those who have been having a hard time, yes some are oblivious and having their own grand time, but for some this has been anything but an easy time.

You can’t, ‘not focus on the bad and wish it away’, like a child.  Not if you are even trying just a little bit to consciously evolve.  Don’t worry, though I have been saying this for over a decade now, a lot of others are finally coming to the table with this truth.  Guess with things the way they are, they are realizing that steady drum beat of ‘destroying the earth at our own peril’ is finally coming home to roost.  Not soon enough.

Oh well, I only know how to share the truth, even though it has cost me dearly.

Just before Lady Luna teamed up in her darkest hour with her Solar paramour, she made an exact square to Vesta, Saturn/EL (Lord of the Rings) at 9*, Mars/Ares (the war planet) at 16* and then to Pluto/Hades (death and transformation/rebirth) at 21* Capricorn, and of course only hours later she will bring the burning fury of the sun to Uranus who is at 28* of Aries, readying to ingress into Taurus on May 15th.  Did I mention, these are squares?  Squares are not comfortable, they FORCE US TO DO THINGS, THEY FORCE WORDS OUT THAT HAVE BEEN BURIED MERCURY (ESPECIALLY AFTER BEING RETROGRADE AND ONLY STATIONED DIRECT THE DAY PREVIOUS), EMOTIONS IN THE CASE OF THE MOON, PASSION AND DRIVE IN THE CASE OF ARIES, STRUCTURE, LESSONS, LIMITATIONS, THE FATHER OR OLD MAN IN THE CASE OF SATURN AND WITH PLUTO, IT COULD BE ABOUT TAXES, INHERITANCE, INSURANCE, SEX, DRUGS, AND LITERALLY, LIFE AND DEATH.

So, no…I was not all ready to write about the new moon. 
There is good news in the middle of this, whatever you have managed to hand onto, keep building during these times, and has weathered the storms, is probably a pretty solid bet that will grow, if not without hard labor and effort, but it will prove to be a pretty solid bedrock in your life.

Relationships that have been tested, and survived, will most likely find themselves on good footing, even if it is not the most romantic variety, it will have proven even more valuable…’STABLE’ AND ‘TRUE’.

These times might make you feel as though you are Sisyphus, almost making it over the hurdles of life, and then sliding back down.  Sometimes it is best just to rest and wait for a better opportunity or timing.

On a brighter note, the sun is actually poking his head through the dreary days of cold and grey, and flowers are rising up to see the sun too.

Take a clue from them, get what sun you can, get that vitamin D cooking and take in a hike, enjoy the world around us, let mother earth know you see Her, you love and appreciate Her, all of life wants to be ‘witnessed’.  To be continued….

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Balance of a Full Heart That Leads the Truth, the Light and the Way

So, I started writing the blog, I have tried to write about the full moon T Square for days now.  Only I can’t continue to write.  I couldn’t make it sound good and I cannot lie.

This can be a tough time for a lot of people.  The planets are making it hard to move forward for many.  You might feel as drained as I do.

So, instead I am going to ask you a question.

Do you consider yourself a good person?  A kind person?  A caring person?

Do you feel you are honestly evolving consciously?  Because if you do, than those questions have an answer already.  I don’t mean you give when the collection plate comes around.  I certainly don’t mean you tell the world some good deed you have done, or you know about chakras and maybe you meditate.
I certainly don’t mean you are parroting glib lines that get dribbled about as if by some magical means, the more you say happy, joy joy thoughts, you will wake up in another dimension where we no longer live in a world that is being choked to death.

Because If you are still believing that your success, means jetting around the planet using fossil fuels or living in a house larger than an old plantation home, than…you really cannot say you are an evolved person, because that is a bit remiss when it comes to actually caring about the planet, the heart of it all that we live on.  Don’t you hear the wind crying?  Don’t you see the sadness of the hungry?  Where were you when a Christ, was dragging His cross down the streets and being taunted by so many, while others fled who promised to never leave His side?

I know, you would rather read some spiel about how everything is going along as planned and we are all ascending.

If that is true, than you would care more about our mother.  What conscious person, can stand by or look away when someone is being murdered?  How is that conscious?
How much of the environment does it take to build your home, and keep you warm?

Are you really sentient?  This is a state of enlightenment?

Are we really evolving?  I could make up a story and tell you all the things I know you would rather hear.  I just can’t bring myself to lie to you.

Until we all stop lying about ‘ascending’ as if making a vision board filled with all the stuff we are going to buy, as we ‘evolve’ we are going to find ourselves in deeper and deeper trouble.

I have many times now, written this equation: ENERGY=MONEY=TIME=CURRENCY.
If you don’t have time, you can’t make money, if you don’t have money, you will find it harder to have the energy to work or even to play.  The currency in your home, is no different than the currency of money and one buys the other and both are not limitless.  Not in the current state on planet earth, in which we create energy to light our homes or fuel our cars.

I found out a long time ago, that the only way to ascend, to increase your conscious awareness to the infinite ONE, was by way of the heart.


They are not separate, but ONE AND THE SAME.

So, you cannot disconnect from the one and pretend to truly be in the other, you see, that is the reason I began the post with the question, do you consider yourself a good person?  A kind person?  A caring person?  Could you argue that those attributes must come from the heart?  Gosh I hope not.  Only a sociopath would or could do that.

The heart of it all, is our very own mother earth. 

So, if you really and truly want to evolve, than you cannot avoid going deep into your being, depressing past the boundaries of pretense and words that attempt to portray an evolved being, and you go there.

I mean, you have to go down into the depths of your being, into the cave and do some honest soul searching, before you roll away that stone, make sure you let the old betraying thoughts and the garment of adornment slake off your body.  Let your naked soul rest itself on the cold stone, Jacob’s stone and watch the angels, ascending and descending up and down the spiral ladder, as you lay immobile and abandoned.  Abandoned by all those who said they would never leave your side, when the crowds clamored to touch that garment.  Cold and alone, with nothing more to offer, as the dove ascends out from you, and lifts only your true spirit, your essence up and away from the body, tired and no longer of service to humanity or to yourself, because it won’t move.

It is no longer enlivened as it once was, with that spirit that animates.

Eyes that will no longer open and see the beautiful earth, the greying sky as her sails fill with the cold winds and occult the warm, lemon sun.  Hands that won’t cool themselves in a clear running stream, while salmon dance and swim up river, to give birth, as all the dead things go with the flow down river.

You won’t part the sky with majestic mountains vaulting heavenward, jutting out of the mists swelling on the grasslands below, becoming purple with majesty and a presence that will stop your heart.

Because, this is what has happened and is happening to many of us now.  You see, I told you the world
crosses were difficult. 

The heavy-rough-hewn compass that points in all directions, north, south, east and west, and cries out: earth, air, fire and water…EL E MENT.  GD MIND.

Well, the cross has fallen.  We keep feeding all of the EL ements, POISON.


Why so many people feel the need, to take a pill that stops them from feeling sad?

We are evolving but the sun is no longer kind to our skin.  The air is no longer perfumed with natural blossoms, the good earth, is not so sweet and the water is no longer drinkable.  But that wind, is surely still crying...MARY.

You said you care?  You see, we had the one fissure streak through the sky with the total solar eclipse last August, 2017.  We will have the other plank of that cross sail across the sky in April of 2024, making the fallen cross.  The USA will be drawn and quartered.

But who cares about little old signs, right?

We should have seen the one that said: ‘Turn Back Now’

Until you burst through your skin, the wine skin that can hold no new wine, and have been created a new…don’t roll away that stone.  The Gd's you think you see are only shadows on the wall of Plato's Cave.
We need those who have been kissed a thousand times by Mary, and drenched with her oil as she cleanses you with her tears and dries your new garment of Light with her long hair.  (Spiritual strength and wisdom).  We need the true servants who have evolved so many times by revolving around the sun so many lives, they know better now.

Those are the chosen ones, ready to enter into the garden and see the saviour.

If you dare to read further, continue on if you must

I am always low on Good Friday, or more appropriately, Sorrowful Friday, every year. I watched a piece on a rescued animal, that 'is rocking' (a sign of fear/regression in the limbic system) and that is what it took to break me into tears.
I am grateful for tears. They heal, and for me, they are literally the living waters of life.
But truly, what is the matter with us? Why do we hurt? What has happened that we don't just love each other, and instead have people who will seek out the weak to crush or take advantage? We are all humans, and animals are often more kind and loving than some 'humans' ever manage.
Yes, the full moon looms in Libra, swimming out of the depth of PIsces conjunct Chiron the wounded healer...the 'BLUE MOON'.
I am grateful to know so many lovely people, truly kind and caring people. How else could we survive a world that separates and discards? See a part?

On Sorrowful Friday, no matter what your faith or belief's, the sun/son set deep into the earth...the shadow was cast...the darkness has fallen.
Venus is at the end of her difficult journey through Aries, where she is most uncomfortable, and there is an awfully hard T-square between the Sun/Mercury in Aries to Mars/Saturn in Capricorn and the Moon in Libra.
And Mercury/Hermes is returning/retrograde to come back and meet the sun for the communications?

Yes, Mercury went Retrograde on March22nd at 16* of Aries the Ram, his energy is pushing back and he may take or hinder finances at this time 

Mars conjuncts Saturn at 8* of Capricorn on April 2nd.  This starts a new cycle for the pair and ends the old one.  That they start this cycle in this heavy T-Square with the ‘FULL BLUE MOON’ in Libra can make the going tough as we try to move forward.  I did say this year would be two steps forward and one step back, recall?

You may still not feel energy is so easy to come by, feeling tired or unmotivated, like an invisible weight has been cast upon the earth.  This can be truly heavy energy.  On April 27th, Mars will meet up with Pluto/Hades at 21* of Capricorn, and while Saturn can be a damper and a strait jacket to energy, Pluto will be like lighting a fuse.  Ever see those machines that grind up big cars, or hunks of metal?  Yeah, that is what Pluto meeting up with Mars in Capricorn will be like, but since Mercury will have gone direct on April 15th, with the New Moon at 26* of Aries conjunct a 28* Uranus, this will definitely have you feeling the need for speed as we frantically try to catch up with the world suddenly moving quickly forward around us.

Talk about out of the blue?  Uranus has that as a bi-line and he is finally moving out of Aries and well, this is not news I like to write, but it is what it is.

Uranus is going to enter Taurus on May 15th at 11:16AM.

The truth is we are already feeling the undertow of this mighty force, on the world stage and especially in the stock markets going up and down.
Taurus rules the 2nd house of ‘I Have’…values, and MONEY that you earn on a daily basis.

Uranus’s erratic charge into this house, will have the world spinning going one way and another and people may wonder just how to keep up with the fast transactions of up and down finances.  The market does not like this kind of volatility and it has been time for a reset for far too long.

I am still hoping we make it to 2020 when as I like to say we will all see ‘20/20’.

But Saturn will be making a direct hit/visit to Pluto then, and both in Capricorn seems like a real consolidation of power and money as the greedy 1% may make a final grab for all of it.

Unless we truly see people rise up TOGETHER, with the overarching theme of taking care of the planet, respecting women and children rather than subjugation of all that is Divinely Feminine, all I can say is we will be on a crazy train going the wrong way.

We are all right where we have allowed ourselves to go.

Pretending ‘not to see’ what was going on, as if magically, that would only make it bigger was quite the trick.  But it is certainly a nice way to pretend all is well, so you can feel better and have an excuse not to actually do anything about it.  Sit back, enjoy and pretend you are increasing your conscious awareness by saying pretty words and doing yoga.

That is not how it works down here.  There is nothing evolved about that type of thinking.  I want to write pretty lines that massage the ego, because I know that is what people want to hear.

At this very moment, I am toying with not even posting this at all.

Saturn/EL will go retrograde just after the new moon on April 18th at 9* of Capricorn, that is almost a blessing since it gives us more time, before he makes his way over to Pluto and hangs out a bit too close and dampens the sense of freedom, we once knew, with even more restraints on liberty than before.  Does that banner still wave, over the land of the free?  And the home of the BRAVE?  How brave have you or are you willing to be, to save the truth?  To keep the promise available for the children who will need to live with the results of our actions or inactions? 
I have many times now, written this equation: ENERGY=MONEY=TIME=CURRENCY.

People have been living in the depths of the old-brain, the limbic system ever since 911.

That is fight or flight.  Now the debate rages on about guns.  A debate that is stoking up the Great Divide all over again.

The argument boils down to these fears in the limbic system: The fear of those who have guns vs the
fear of not having guns, the need to defend oneself.

The thing is, the conversation has to go a lot deeper than this because of the incendiary energy surrounding even the words.  The reality, is we should be discussing WHY CHILDREN ARE CHOOSING TO BRING A GUN TO SCHOOL AND KILL OTHER CHILDREN AND TEACHERS?

What has happened to us on this planet, that it is becoming more and more of an option to actually grab a gun and go out and use it against other humans? 
I started this talking about my sadness, watching a small monkey rocking back and forth, no mother anymore, no father.  They were shot for food. 

Food = energy

Calories = energy

Money buys food which gives us the energy to survive.

If you don’t have money, you cannot buy food.  It becomes harder to go out and work, or find motivation to work or look for work.  A vicious cycle.  And food will get a lot more expensive.  If you haven't started your own garden, I wouldn't wait any longer.
Children need their parents.  Not a game to watch or video's to play, but loving arms to hold them, a gentle voice to sooth them, a steady hand to guide them.
We should have stopped the machine long ago, when peddling pills to children became the 'reasonable' option, because that was the sign, that something has gone terribly wrong.  But we didn't, we kept lying to ourselves that those were exceptions...truth is, they are increasingly not.

As the Pluto/Saturn duo continues collecting the energy like a vacuum into fewer people, the drain on those at the bottom will create a huge, gaping hole.  People are already being tested, are you a compassionate person, or are you convincing yourself that you are ‘entitled’ and the majority of others are not?  What would Jesus do? 
Anyway...we all have to survive on this little blue ball.
The full moon in Libra, asked us if we were being fair?  It asked us, will we stand up to injustice?  It asked us, how are we partnering with those around us, with the food we eat, with the earth we walk upon?
What sort of balance are we creating in life?  If we are 'running around' than we need more calories, and that takes more from the planet.  I wonder when we will stop 'working out' to stay in shape, and make sure we burn more calories, which takes more food, time, money, currency.  I wonder when we will really, 'get it'?  Becoming conscious and partnering with the earth, each other and her children in balance and harmony.
The sun will rise on Sun Day. Till then, try and be a little kinder, could you?
Once you feel She has watered your garden with Her tears and kissed you awake, roll away the stone and come out into the garden, the earth is suffering the loss of your company.