Friday, July 27, 2018

The Blood Moon Eclipsed by the Roaring Lion Devouring False Belief's

The full moon at 4* Aquarius comes at 3:20 PM EST and is conjunct Mars at 3* swimming alongside in the night sky, the second most visible light and both line up in opposition to a Fiery Leo Sun, who is conjunct the head of the dragon.

Mars is the closest it has been in 15 years and the atmosphere of the earth will shroud the moon in a reddish hue, turning her ‘Blood Red’ as we head into a full lunar eclipse, that will last almost 4 hours in totality, the longest in a century.

As the sun begins to set, a heated Mars is blowing up emotions and making people feel very uneasy and antsy.  Our identities will be under serious scrutiny, as we peel back even more layers of the hidden, being revealed.  Emotional outbursts will unpack our deeply held fears and self-inflicted flaws creating a new base of authentic soul to shine the light on newly emerging realities.

If we go back to the new moon, we will recall that Pluto was at 20* Capricorn, opposing the 20* Cancer coupling of the sun and moon.
If we go back even further, to the August eclipses last year at the new and full moon we find Mars in that mix again…aggravating sensitive ego’s and inflaming and super-heating conditions in the Lion…now Mars is retrograde in Aquarius and keep in mind, that Pluto is an octave above Mars, co-ruling Scorpio, the eagle that holds the lower energy of the serpent that crawls on his belly in his talons. 

I hope, hope, and hope that this won’t be an explosive new war in the Middle East, since it hovers there for a good portion of the eclipse.
The eclipse will start just west of Hawaii…and could pull that eruption into a full blown volcanic explosion, with the tug of the nodes of the moon.

The good news, this will not be seen in the US, so a lot of its fomentation will be spared here, but in the Middle East and Europe?  Not so much.
It will also end just off the south east coast of the US, so islands in the Caribbean may suffer new assaults, including Puerto Rico or Haiti, who have yet to recover from their last onslaught.  (Yes, I hope I am wrong, just the messenger).

To add to this cocktail, Uranus (ANU) is forming the handle to the T-square at 2* of Taurus, so the FIXED CROSS: Taurus the bull, Leo the Lion, Scorpio the Eagle and Aquarius, (angel of man) are all being seriously triggered, and these are also ‘GATEWAYS’.  Uranus is anything but comfortable as the planet of change and eccentricity/electricity in stable earth sign Taurus.  This will change financial equations as well as the earth herself.

Once again we are finding the end to certain path’s or roads, and beginning or feeling the need to change directions, as ambition and drive find new footing, and ready themselves to move forward when the many retrograde planets Station forward too.

Mercury recently Retrograded at 23* of Leo on July 25th…oh the architect is a brilliant designer…pulling back the sling shot of information and confounding both what is put into the airwaves and our ability to comprehend or hear the message.

There are so many messages flooding us now, the more you see the world’s stage of symbols, numbers, names and SIGNS, the less they can affect you subliminally. 
Just for fun, how many Russian’s were indicted?  Add the one woman and you have 13…how many children were trapped in a CAVE?  12 plus one leader.
When did the indictments come out?  Was it on the eve of Friday the 13th, when our president went to meet with the queen?
All of this is CODING.  These times have people being drawn and quartered while the back room deals are moving fast and furious.

Fortunes will rise, and many will fall and this is only the beginning.

On a positive note, as all of this is excavated and the darkness is exposed, we have a lovely trine formed by Venus/Aphrodite at 19* Virgo to a retrograde Pluto/Hades at 19* Taurus…asking us to put our ducks in a row and pay attention to the budget that a newly direct Jupiter now at 13* Scorpio and also forming a widening trine to 16* Neptune in PIsces is frantically whipping up into ILLUSIONS AND UNREAL EXPECTATIONS.

He will also expand those horizons and dreams for those who have been building on solid ground.

You will find yourselves peering through a steamed glass spectacle, able to momentarily wipe away just enough to get a quick prelude into the future, seeing that new road to travel, yet having it fog back up so quickly, you may doubt what you actually saw in the first place.
So, meditation and prayer, trying to keep the virtues in mind and heart:
The four cardinal virtues, from ancient Greek philosophy, are prudence, justice, temperance (meaning restriction or restraint), and courage (or fortitude). The three theological virtues, from the letters of St. Paul of Tarsus, are faith, hope, and charity (or love).

The core of our very being is challenged and forged in times like these.

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