Thursday, November 8, 2018

Scorpio New Moon, Rising From the Depths of Hades

On November 7, 2018 at 11:01AM we birth a new cycle with the New moon in Scorpio at 15* of Scorpio.  Scorpio is ruled by Pluto/Hades, Lord of the underworld with his trusty best friend, Cerberus guarding the gates.  Cerberus will wag his tail and welcome you like a long lost friend.  He entices you into the underworld lair and as you go deeper and deeper into the depths of the abyss, and the light grows dimmer and dimmer, you may try to quickly crawl back up and out.  Only to find that he is now growling and menacing, blocking your exit.  There is no way to go but down.

So, the descent continues just like Inanna or Isis.  Speaking of Isis, Venus/Aphrodite went retrograde on October 6th while she was at 10* of Scorpio.  In astrology, this period is sometimes referred to as the Descent of Inanna.  Now, when Inanna descends, she goes looking for her paramour, Ishtar who has been cut into pieces.  (7 or 14 depending on which myth we are talking about).
In public view on the world stage, we saw first the disappearance of Adnan Khashoggi, the Saudi Arabian businessman and arms dealer at the Turkish Embassy.  The next thing we hear, is that there is an audio tape of him being ‘cut into pieces’.  So once again, As Above, So Below, everything is being televised if you have the eyes to see.

While Venus is retrograde, she may put a crimp on your money streams, or cost you money through things that all of a sudden need to be repaired, because she stands in opposition to Uranus at 29*, also retrograde having recently re-entered Aries.  Uranus rules the unexpected, out of the blue stuff and Aries is a Cardinal sign that likes to get things started and all fired up.  Venus is what we love or possess.  It is your MONEY/INCOME.  Now, while it can be a crimp in the hose of income/money, it also can BRING BACK THAT WHICH WAS DUE TO YOU, THAT YOU DIDN’T GET ON HER WAY THROUGH THE FIRST TIME.

You may have thoughts about past loves, or even run into or rekindle an old love and particularly affairs, since this is Scorpio and Uranus we are dealing with in this mix.  So, obviously CAUTION should be taken, when she goes direct on November 15th at 5:51AM at 25* of Libra, who is always seeking harmony, balance and justice.  This could be a return to love.

When planets cross from one sign into the next, the energy is palpable.  Any planet at the Anaretic degree 29th* can create a crisis, it is a critical degree that wants to finish things up.
We also see Jupiter is at the 29th degree of Scorpio, that is a whole lot of Plutonian energy and adding to that, a critical degree.  Jupiter/Zeus expands what it comes into contact with.  He is classically considered a benevolent planet, but he can expand upon undesirable energies/planets and points.  He can also expand the waste-line, typically when found in the 1st house of the native.

So all the while this is happening in our heavens, Pluto/Hades is traversing through the energy of Capricorn the Goat and is now at 19*.  Capricorn/10th house is the public eye, the top of the mountain.  It is career and those who rule over us, (bosses at work) and traditionally the ‘old man’ as Saturn or Pan.  There is Pluto, churning up the deep guts inside of that mountain (and your own depths) getting rid of everything that stands in his way that doesn’t have the integrity or strength to handle this inferno.

There is an awful lot of layers being burned off that were occluding our ability to clearly see into your/our own soul and your/our own past, including the collective.  The ghosts have come home to visit.  Following in Pluto’s lava trail, is Saturn/EL The Lord of the Rings, who is now at 5* of Capricorn and is the ruler of the 10th house/Capricorn.  Saturn is structure and stability.  He is the Master Builder.  While Pluto is tearing it up, Saturn is all about putting the structure back into place, so we see new structures being built, perhaps even in your own home, or restructuring adding into the foundations of your life.  Yes, this is a hot seat for the Cardinal Signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

These two will meet up in January of 2020…and what we see now, is only the beginning of a lot of dismantling of the old to make way for the new.

Saturn is Lord of Karma.  Ruler of Time. 

You may be asking yourself about how you SPEND your time, or how much money you are making, are the hours being compensated at the rate which you are satisfied?  How better can you use the time you have to climb up that mountain?  Are you judging yourself and how far down your path/career you have travelled thus far?  Those questions will likely be popping up now and for some time to come.

Adding to this we are also in the middle of the Head and Tail of the Dragon, also known as the nodes of the moon, shifting after around 18 months in the Aquarius/Leo axis, they move into the Capricorn/Cancer Axis on November the 15th at 8:28PM, after being in the very Yang Leo/Aquarius axis since April 2017 This is like hot needle on the pulse of a vibrating world all searching from the depths of their souls, trying to find the light.  Many may feel exhausted while a tension palpably unnerves and forces little holes into the dark cave, light streaming in and with it the fresh air to fill the lungs and lift the wings.

Back and forth, from clearing to stagnation, hope to futility…we must find the deepest light and the gusher of love to assuage the wounds newly ripped open.

Now, in the Yin world of Capricorn (the tail, the past) and his opposite, Cancer the Moon, the MOTHER where the Head of the Dragon is entering and where he is pointing eye of the needle to the future.

All things earth and nurturing will be where we find solace.  A walk in the woods, getting the home fires burning in the hearth.  Getting together with family and friends.  A nice hike on the beach (Typically a Cancer favorite).
Mercury/Hermes at 8* Sagittarius has a lot to say and would love nothing more than to run off and not look back and with Neptune/Poseidon at 13* PIsces (again in rulership) she is forming a lovely trine to the sun and moon’s rendezvous, music and a nice glass of wine are the perfect order to let go some stress and feel the body enjoying this earth.
Jupiter/Zeus is making his way, ready to ingress into Sagittarius, the sign he also rules on November 8th at 7:39 AM…THIS IS A GOOD THING.  In mythology, Jupiter breaks open the head of his father, EL/Saturn/Cronos.  He frees his siblings and together the siblings fight the titans and win, installing Zeus/Jupiter as the new Gd that rules the sky.  (Like Jesus coming to give a softer version of the LAW/ EL has laid down, Jesus brings COMPASSION.  Something sorely missing from our world now.

He will help us to move forward in positive ways.  It will also be really nice to not have one more energy adding to the depths of Pluto’s lair.

So, by now you are much clearer about who you are, and the error of your own ways, ready to forge ahead with a better perspicacity to use the Eagle energy of Scorpio/Pluto, seeing far down the road and lifting up to the sun, your true identity begins to become as clear as day.

And I think it’s about…forgiveness.  Even if, even if, you don’t love the same way anymore.  A deeper love abides.

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