Monday, October 21, 2013

Getting our Sea Legs as Hermes Looks to the Past

The ocean tides surround us, tugging at us and taking us deeper into the mystery as we try and gasp for air, the kind of air that is simply not necessary in the deep waters of Mercury in Scorpio.  This is a rare kind of air.

So, until you adjust your breathing, you will feel overwhelmed.  Sadness might creep in, despondence, futility; all of these ‘emotions’ can make you want to pull the covers back over your head and stay in bed.

Once again, the tidal wall emerges from the flat horizon that blocks out the sun as Hermes dives down into the Neptunian depths, on his way to sextile Pluto on Friday November 1st, just two days before the new moon in Scorpio on November 3rd at 11* of Scorpio.

Oh, and yes this is another eclipse, part of the pattern that has been unfolding the entire year. 

So, an eclipse in Scorpio with Mercury retrograde and just for some more fun, let’s add the conjunction to Saturn which is in mutual aspect to Pluto in Capricorn.
We can do all things with RE as a prefix, repair, rewire, rewind, remind, recall, rewrite, etc.

We have entered the time, when Hermes is looking backwards…yes the messenger God Mercury is standing still in the heavens, while we continue to move forward, almost like a petulant child, he refused to move forward until we hear his demands ~and get the message loud and clear.  Can you hear me now?

So we must dive down for the pearls, the shining truth that will emerge out of the darkness while La-Luna stands before her solar being and they merge energy, (Brave-hearted Lion energy)and She absorbs all His Radiance, for those few minutes and unless we have adjusted our sight, we will not see the gleaming truth, the gifts she bears.

Ahhhh, but in the depths of Neptune/Poseidon, which asks us to reign in our Sea Horse (deep thoughts) and whispers in our dreams, all that we have submerged into our sub-conscious  that is tangled up and dark; that we may have not totally looked square in the eyes can become a mill stone around our neck, and down, down we go; A Voyage to the bottom of the sea.

The watery ones wrap around us and sometimes may make us believe we simply cannot even breathe.

Once again, the obstacles come up from the deep, the dark monsters come calling, The Kraken is released to find the Virgin and take her deep into his underwater cave, where Pluto/Hades peers through the cracks and bellows out the magma from his deeper world yet, holding all the power he waits for the lament, the song of the heart.

Everything seems to reflect back, skew the reality like looking through water and trying to see past illusions.

We have entered the hall of mirrors, how can we triumph like Neptune and Amphitrite? 

Every which way we turn, our past flashes upon the glassy world as we glimpse the truth in shards and the mystery subsumes the insight as soon as we find it; pulling away like the trickiest fish; our bait and all our hooks are left clean.

This only leaves enough time for another image to appear, begging our attention lest we lose our footing and fall even deeper into the cavernous darkness.

Now, if one is in fact a Scorpio, this may feel super-uber intense and if we have cleaned out our closets, might find us sunning on some far away island feeling exhilarated and shining.  Any of us may feel the depths as a safety, a home as it envelopes our hearts and minds with its soft glove, nurturing and caressing our spirits great full we have found our deeper selves and a grace, that abiding kindness in the universe that reminds us we are not alone.

If not…well, you along with the rest of those signs on the fixed cross; Leo, Aquarius and Taurus (who will be sitting in opposition to the whole stellium) might find yourselves going down without a life-preserver in sight.

Wait for the Hail Mary pass, it is coming if you give in and stop trying to swim against the tides.  Any swimmer knows you cannot swim out of a rip-tide, you have to float out of that tide, sometimes going sideways or even further away from shore, but you cannot ‘swim against the tide’.  Unless of course you are a salmon ready to give birth!

An eclipse asks us to see differently, with different eyes and shed the false selves.  A lot of shenanigans go on in the world stage during the dark of the moon as she is occulting the sun.

One thing we know for sure, we need to water that which is NEW.

If you are trying the same old same old, then chances are you are only stirring up the muddy bottom and you absolutely MUST LET THE DIRT SETTLE, before you can move forward.

You are not seeing clearly if you are running in place.  It is just that simple.

We will have old friends come back into our lives, watch where Saturn and Mercury are located by sign and house for clues.

It is the same as it ever was  ~ the same as it ever was ~ only now it is on steroids.

So, this new moon will have us putting our big girl/boy pants on one leg at a time, even as we list from one side to the other trying to get our sea legs.  We can expect major earth changes, especially as Uranus moves into another one of the exact squares to Pluto in their cycle with each other.  Watch as the moon and the nodes go over the galactic center and trigger events.

With Lord of karma/the Rings/EL harnessing the occulted dark new moon’s energy, while she is infused with the sun and he couples with her, we want to check our ego’s at the door and pour our talents and our emotions into reviewing the past, to seed our new world; don't let him eat your children/ideas!  Give him a stone!

Remember, as I always like to say, even adjusting our sails a mere 1* will have has at a decidedly different point in the future.

While the sexual musings come bubbling up, asking us to return to carnal knowledge and tantric rites of passage, we ask ourselves, what is it all about Alfie?

Mars is in direct sextile to this new moon in Virgo, so we are ‘recalculating route’ and then be prepared to put our energy, emotions and actions into what makes us feel good, and how do we put a structure to that?  What really makes you feel good?

Healthy life choices, cleanses, and all processes of elimination are encouraged, to make way for the new.

Especially if we make those choices now, just after the full moon in Aries on the 18th, it is the blood moon.
So release…surrender into grace.

Chiron is also sextile the new moon eclipse at 9* of Pisces, so all of the world is a stage, and we are the actors in the fields of dreams.

When Mercury goes direct again on November 10th at 2* of Scorpio, and by the time of the full moon of November in Taurus at 25*on the 17th, be prepared for the secrets to come spilling out like red wine on a white tablecloth.

Those of us hanging on the Cardinal Cross: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, are still navigating a sea of change, as Pluto/Hades (death/taxes/transformation/legacy) continues to transform us in Capricorn, and squares Uranus (change/genius/community/innovation) in Aries, but at least we have some support in the form of the sextiles spinning the wheels of life now.

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