Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fire in The Hole! Full Moon in Sagittarius

Just after the wolves howl at midnight, we will have a moon full of honey in Sagittarius at 22*.  It will take place on Friday the 13th at 12:13 AM.  So, we have the power of the master number 22 in the helm of the magical 13.  In Sagittarius, LaLuna is reminding us to aim straight and set our goals high, but she is also opposing (by wide margin) a very crafty Mercury/Hermes retrograde at 2* of Cancer.  Now Hermes will retrograde all the way back to 24* of Gemini before he stations direct on July 1st. at 8:45AM. He won’t quite travel back far enough to exactly oppose this degree, but with only a 2* orb you can be darn sure his presence and effect will be made known.
 The moon only barely forms a trine to URanus, so aside from her opposition to the Sun in the dual land of Gemini the twins, and a sextile to the head of the dragon, she is only on speaking terms to father sun right now.  She will be a beautiful golden umber colour as she flirts across the sky’s with her paramour.  She wants the truth, but with the sun deciding in the moment which of the twins he will be, what is and what shall never be may be as elusive as a hall of mirrors.
 The tension is all out there though, and energy (Mars hanging out in Libra at 12* pushing into that 13* space and forming that old T-square to URanus and Pluto/Hades again) might be a bit hard to come by, though confusion, cross communications, and mix-ups are bountiful right now. 
So try and hold your tongue if you can, since this is where men resort to behaving like little boys and old patterns and habits are just too tempting to deny.  They just want a little fun?
For some real fun though, we look at Saturn/EL/Lord of the Rings holding steady in exact opposition to Venus/Aphrodite right now.  So, pattern and structure, the old man and the sea (the sea of the Scorpion Kings) is standing belligerently across the starry seas to what we love, and she is in the earthy and lusty sign of Taurus, so gals, you may want that little extra bobble that you have attached to the thought of love, but come back to earth…not likely to happen.
Venus/Aphrodite is HOME in Taurus, being her natural ruler, so she will definitely want to dress her up and make her look pretty, but it will be on a budget for most of us.  The price? ~ A little sexual healing probably, so get it while you can! 
You can follow this link to find out more about the scientific aspects of the Honey Moon:
Anyway, while Saturn is hanging out in Scorpio, still in mutual reception to Pluto/Hades in Capricorn, we can expect the strangest of strange to almost lift its head both in our personal lives and on the world strange.  It really may be all we can handle of the bizarre anyway.  Sexual proclivities that most of us didn’t even know about growing up in what seems a lot like Mayberry now, back in the late 60’s and 70’s.  Pluto is divulging or regurgitating, or both, the tangled up and dark and Saturn/EL wants to act all important and in charge, so more control will be given as the answer.
The other obvious thing that jumps out; is the will she or won’t she scenario.  (YOU can insert he if you like, makes no difference)  Do I want to stay or go and if I am staying, than I want to COMMIT!  What will that mean?  If you are in a relationship, I strongly suggest you make a re-commitment ceremony and invest your energies into making things work.  Otherwise, ole Mercury is likely to play some ticks on you both and get you spinning and guessing and perhaps not the best suspicions might be entertained.  They may be true, but are you really ready to take that chance and regret your hasty decisions and thoughts later?
The other big thing in the heavens right now, is Neptune/Poseidon (dreams, art, music, illusions, magic) went retrograde on June 9th at 7* of PIsces, in a bit of a wide trine to Mercury/Hermes (communication, cars, short trips/crossroads/siblings) we do have a bit of a dream world to tap into, just make sure you aren’t building castles in the sand, for this won’t last.  It is a good time to make music, to dream, and to paint.  She will draw out the artist you left behind and whisper down the hallways beckoning you to come hither, as she flirts with your heart you will soon find yourself floating on the moonbeams bright and shiny from this full honey moon with a lofty vision lifting you higher and higher.
Now, even though this Mercury retrograde began in Cancer, he will soon be returning to his rulership in Gemini on June 16th, and with the recent new moon in Gemini, now full in Sagittarius, Gemini’s will really fell this but so will the effects be doubly strong.  So, cross your T’s and dot your I’s, and listen, repeat, rinse, I mean…listen.  As Mercury loops into the eye of Cancer and makes his way back, old friends, lovers and a bit of trouble may find its way back to you…so will karmic experiences and Déjà Vu’s…old lovers?  Watch for them, you are bound to see them at obvious and some of the oddest places.
What do you have to learn from them?  What lesson has not found home and settled itself into the very depths of your being?  All that wondering and curiosity (a major attribute of Gemini may have you going back and forth, not sure of what you really want or think.  It is a good time to laugh at yourself.
And if you are feeling the weight of Saturn’s lead right now, rest if you mist for a bit, but try and push forward even just that little bit, don’t let him get the best of you, and remember, this too shall pass.  The Sagittarius Full moon might lift and lighten your load with a little bit of Saggies notorious humour.
All is not quiet on the Western front.
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Soon to come, my post on Helichrysum.  For now, make sure you have plenty of ArcAncient Sleep Angel to be sure to get enough sleep and tap into those powerful dreams that are forecasting from the great beyond.