Friday, September 25, 2015

Eclipsed Tea Square in a Cup

Oh the seas are stormin’ and a rainin’…as the Great One’s clash in a power play of the Titans.  Mars/Ares is defending himself on all fronts…just under the rim of the cup, having just egressed out of Leo, he is now visiting Virgin territory at 01*.
Our love goddess, Aphrodite/Venus sits on the rim of the cup, her lover Ares having just departed for now, until they meet up again on November 3, at 24* of Virgo.  She sits at 22* of Leo the Lion, under the loving gaze of Uranus, who is forming a trine at 19* of Aries the Ram.  With the sun, now warming up her house at 4* of Libra, and having recently partnered with her paramour, Ares…she is feeling sexy and vibrant, the brave-hearts of the world will stand up, shining in a strength that is sorely needed in these tumultuous times.
So, let your passion sizzle and spark your world alive, fueling our mother ship/Gaia with love…’see her’…’love her’…’witness her’.  If you are up here in the northern hemisphere, you are the beneficiary of the Master at work, as He paints all the world in a dazzling display of colour.  Her entire garden, aglow as they worship our heavenly star guide…giving back all the light they have drunk so deeply…to everything turn, turn, turn…there is a season, turn, turn, turn.  She is lush and bountiful…her green cloak being sucked down into the lair of Hades, as he takes Persephone and casts his graying hand across the rolling fields.
Take the time, to drink all of that beauty in, and be in nature, it is essential to slake the soul and make that deep connection in this powerful trans-formative time.
All of that supports change and transformation as we use our brave-hearts, dreaming and spinning new worlds infused with love.  Use Uranus brilliance, to find that shiny aspect of your own genius or muse, and love that part of you into this world.
Pluto/Hades forms the handle at the base of this cup, at 12* of Capricorn, to a Retrograde Hermes at 9* of Libra and though wide now at 19* of Ares the Ram, Uranus is still very much playing his role as the initiator in this still very active square to Hades.
What does that mean?  Very rapid transformation, as the old is ‘eclipsed out’, heated emotions boil up and over the rim, the seas roil and just as the sun peaks down after a big storm, those shards of light exposing the cleansed earth and that crisp air ignites a clear mind with that fresh vitality that only comes from such a cleansing.
We will have those ‘insights’…amidst episodic turmoil.
You will leave behind all those sticky false-belief’s and patterns, like discarding your own Plutonian snake-skins, warm and warn-out, but still warm on the ground.
Hermes, as he pulls back the sky, may cause harsh words to come ‘out of the blue’ and all kinds of havoc with computers and technology, even as new break-throughs come equally as fast and furious.
These are times of great losses, departures, endings, but also of those new beginnings.
Do you feel that freshness?  Old EL, the Lord of the Rings, is also newly ingressed into Sagittarius, as we disgorge ‘the trappings’ that Neptune may have seduced us into, newly exposed wounds from her barbed hooks, may need tending.
It may feel as though you finally are finding your ‘true self’ now.  Unless you have fallen deeper into that dark abyss, that sticky-web has been properly removed by our starship guides, and EL’s journey though Scorpio.
Now that he is in the first ring of the fiery Sag, he tasks us to put our belief’s back into this purer, newly forged you.  We will see our faith, take prominence on the world stage, as spiritual leaders come forth, to let go that arrow firmly grounded on all fours, aiming for the truth, creating a dazzling display like fireworks lighting up the night-sky as the moon turns blood red for the last of the series of Blood Moons.
EL is supporting Lady Luna in their fiery exchange to eclipse out the old and use our emotional energy to fuel the new structures in our life, based on this higher footing that comes after the cleanse.
If you cut lose, you will do much better than anyone who is still clinging to the detritus of a past, which is quickly collapsing behind us now.
On September 27th, we will see a partial eclipse in Cleveland starting at 9:07 PM, Luna will be fully occulted, at 10:47 PM, she will be cloaked in blood until she begins her partial emergence again at 12:27 AM on September 28th.  She is at 4* of Ares in opposition to our central star, now at 4* of Libra and joined by the Head of the Dragon at 0* and Hermes heading towards him in retrograde now at 9* of Libra.
The universe is communicating our spiritual purpose to us from many directions now.  People return to our world, to remind us of who we are, and who we never were that we once thought we were.  Those false selves falling, sloughing off and being turned into the earth, along with all the falling leaves, as we prepare to harvest the last of summers bounty, truths, and insights…and turn inward.

There is a war going on for your spiritual mind and soul...hopefully you are "ANCH"- ored...into the truth and have a deep root into our Great Creator.  Of course, the best root oil for these times, is Spikenard, which we have supplied for over 20 years for your connection into the Central Core.You will find that in our Sleep and Inner Glow blends as well as in the WiseWoman Roll on, that is for both men and women.
ArcAncient essential oils and blends, will assist you to find your own inner-guiding light along the way…

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Revealing the Shiny Metal of Your Soul

I had a very large angel come to me a couple of weeks ago, indeed we are in a major shift on this planet, so this is necessary to share:
Saturn, The ‘Turning’…as EL, the Great Re-Vealer, Lord of the Rings.
As Saturn, he elicits a response out of you, he brings up your truth.

EL-icit: Full Definition of ELICIT

transitive verb
1:  to draw forth or bring out (something latent or potentialelicited
 his hidden fears>
2:  to call forth or draw out (as information or a response) elicited
Luce: Light…to show
Which we could say as: Isis-RA-EL

All the planets, are Angels of the Lord:

EL-e ment (GOD-Mind) = earth, air, fire and water or the Cross (which we then form a sacred circle around, literally, circling the square/squaring the circle, creating a Holy or Sacred Circle on the body as a portal…)

As Saturn/El (Lord of the Sabbath/or Saturn’s Day…the Sabbath day)…
Fulfilled His cycle pulling us through the very depths of Scorpio, which is ruled by… Pluto/Hades…you see…ruler of the deep…or Hell…as it is colloquially known, while Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, is travelling through Capricorn, which is EL’s rulership, they are in ‘mutual reception’…so the energy is freely accessed for both as if they are in their own rulership.

Saturn, as ruler of time, limits, structure, the Great Mason of the Zodiac, He is the measurement of Resistance…In Electricity, this is also known as ‘Ohm’s Law’  


Definition of OHM'S LAW:  A law in electricity: the strength of a direct current is directly proportional to the potential difference and inversely proportional to the resistance of the circuit.

Without resistance, there is no vibration and of course then no sound.  There is only space.
Resistance, creates vibration, or measure.  EA (See Sumer), it is the first mirror to the soul, ‘The I AM’.

In Buddhism; OM, is the Eternal Sound of God, or the Sound of God
Om (or Au [ə̃ũ], Sanskrit: ) is a sacred sound and a spiritual icon in Dharmic religions.[1] It is also a mantra in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.[2][3] In Hinduism, Om is a spiritual symbol (pratima)[4] referring to Atman (soul, self within) and Brahman (ultimate reality, entirety of the universe, truth, divine, supreme spirit, cosmic principles, knowledge). ~ Wikipedia

So, as I have stated over and over, The Eternal Sound of God is the measurement of resistance.

Now…let us add to this, that ‘Solomon’ is: Sun and Moon, or The Soul of Man… (Sol And Mon)And the shape of Solomon’s Temp-EL, is shaped as a man.
The building of Solomon’s Temp-EL, is the rebuilding of the Soul of Man, or the marriage of the sun and moon, or AL/EL ‘chem’ or Khem (out of the dark/occulted/Egypt) Y…choosing the Y in the road, or the selfless path.  This is also in part, why we will find Egyptian architecture and symbols all over the planet, in strategic places, like the Vatican Square and DC, to symbolically point the way.

The darkness or desert we must navigate, is also known as Daath (Pluto) in the Kabbalah.

So, as EL, the God of Old and New Testament, trav –EL’d…through Scorpio or Hades territory, it brought up all the stuff that was under the surface…and hopefully put an end to the all too ubiquitous saying of ‘don’t think about the negative, it will make it bigger’….if ever there was a puerile piece of junk belief, that is it.  It is no different than a child covering their eyes, and believing they have now disappeared, but I digress.

With Pluto/Hades or DAATH, travelling in EL’s domain of Capricorn, he is climbing and exhuming the mountain the goat or ‘Pet Goat’ so easily negotiates…finding hoof-holds on sheer cliff’s…only the Goat, can make its sole sojourn up to the very top of the mountain.  There has been a great exposing of the power behind the ‘Game of Thrones’.

Who or what is the power behind the scenes that is wielding from the top of the mountain?
We were told, that Jupiter, or IU-pater, Jesus, over through old El/Saturn/Chronos, weren’t we?

Now, EL…is also Element, or the God-Mind. (EL is God and ment is mind of course, silly!)
And everything that is preceded by the word, the, is EL, or the masculine form of the.

So, Jupiter/Zeus, comes out of Sa-turn’s head, causing Saturn/EL to disgorge his siblings…from the mind of God.  When He does so, he releases his siblings and all the rest of Cronos’s children by Rhea: Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, and Poseidon.

He has then been, ‘Christed… or Anointed’ as He sits at the right hand of God, the Seat of the Throne.  (This sits inside the Sphenoid process, also known as ‘the Great Wing’).

Saturn is the great disciplinarian, his restrictions are ‘your governance’.  Using his strength, you design the limits or boundaries and discipline necessary to ‘free your soul’.  He is the teacher, who instructs us to build our house on bedrock, not on the shifting sands of illusory time.

Without your own discipline, it will be brought about, ‘outside of yourself, in the form of governance, which will remove your freedoms.  If one does not meet up with the great judge’s expectations, hardship is sure to visit upon the life of the journeyer…who remains the fool…or ‘no thing’…zero. ‘0’.
Even the fool, becomes the journeyman, when he stands as the magician, now at the table of the ‘EL-e-ments’…no longer simply unaware of the import of his journey, and that he is the architect.
You may want to watch; “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, to understand the ‘Festival of the Fools’…that is allowed, once a year.  There is a lot of symbolic lessons written into that story, by Victor Hugo.

As Saturn is master of time, he holds the Great scythe or sickle, reaper of what one sews, and bringing back karma, in those rings of time, that He is the master of, and the Law of Return.

He loves hard work, but also rests on the 7th, or Sabbath Day.
You will not exhume your Highest Self, without this hard work and discipline, it is not wishful thinking but

the Law of Vibration, which is also greatly misunderstood.

The ‘New Earth’ or EA, that is being RE=v’ea’led, is your own body the temp-EL (thus a tempering must take place) of the divine.

Were you a forgiver of others as their ‘dark spots’ were revealed?  What about they ~ yours?

We also have had the series of ‘Blood Moons’ which bring death and they bring new life.  Just like menses.  These eclipses, bring the revealing and the El-iminating.  What did you leave behind and who are you birthing?  All life, comes from first the wounding…the piercing of the veil, or the hymen, which is the song, the hymnal…hymn-Al/EL.  The World Egg.

Through the life-giving properties of water…the doorway between worlds is opened…’God separates the waters…the firmaments’.  New life flows into this world.  The rainbow is the promise of this holy Arc of the Covenant or the Arc of the Ancients.  A woman’s water breaks, and she then is said to be ‘crowning’…all children born head first are born with this crown and baptized with the first anointing, first life into EA or Earth.


Now, if you read the Gospel of Thomas, from the Nag Hammadi texts:
Jesus said: He who seeks, let him not cease seeking until he finds; and when he finds he will be troubled, and when he is troubled he will be amazed, and he will reign over the All.

This is what happens when we reveal who we are…it is the log that is in our own eye or Ayin.

Saturn in Scorpio, the great Angel plunges us into the depths of our being, whatever our test was, it was revealed to us, as our met’al’ forged, back and forth, as He travelled from Scorpio into Sagittarius and back again, into the fires of Sagittarius…he is forged and the impurities are burned off…’the dross’.

On September 17th. At 10:50 PM EDT, Saturn finally entered 00 Sagittarius, and won’t return to Scorpio again for November 12th, 2041…so Scorpio’s, other than the waves that were already generated, your burden should now start to lessen.  Remember, that burden…that resistance was necessary to ‘reveal your soul’s identity’ to you.  It is that measurement of resistance, which is just the right amount to temper your vessel and hold your soul.
Refer back to the article on Genius and the Muse…what must you master to hold that genius or muse within you?  This is what comes through the ‘daemonsion’…or this dimension.  ION is an age.


We still have the last blood moon/eclipse this month on September 27th, 10:48PM EDT, which will be the full moon at 4* of Aries the Ram.

Hermes/Mercury the Magician…He who is guardian of the crossroads…(Insert song: Crossroads/Cream here: “I went down to the crossroads, fell down on my knees”).

It is Hermes who can cross the river Styx, pet Cerberus and visit Hades/Pluto in his underground lair…soon, Persephone will join him and leave her mother, De’meter’ as she ‘falls below to spend her winter with Hades’.
Anyway, Hermes went retrograde on September 18th. At 2:15PM EDT, at 15* and 52’ of Libra the scales of justice.  The universe will now review what we have been through, so that we know what is fair and balanced, as a realistic view of who we are and who we came here to be.
He will review, how we communicate who we are to others.  How do they know, if we live under the pre-tense of a false self?  Did this revealing begin a new journey for you to exhume yourself?
The new moon in Virgo, wants us to pay attention to the details…which ones do we neglect that may hold us back?  Have we paid attention to our own health, and what we can really manage or the responsibility we take on? What do we make use of and re-use, re-cycle showing our appreciation and respect for 'matter'?  (Virgo rules re-cycling too).

If your goal, is to make more money, that will take more time and energy…to live legally in the laws of this world, which do you have more of to give up?

We see, that a lot of people, twist, sprain or break, ank ‘el’s or knees during the powerful transit of

Saturn, who rules bones and knees, and Uranus rules Ankles, or Ankh-EL’s…and he has been squaring Pluto off and on, and recall, that Pluto/Hades is in Capricorn…was in mutual reception to…whom?  That’s right…Saturn/El.  So, do we see now, that if one had more responsibility then they could manage, that weight on the shoulders, is just too much to carry and it shows up as this physical impairment…that of course, happens…’accidentally’.  Ask them what they were doing though?  The answer, will be: “Something they were responsible for”…it was too much.Maybe it was a shoulder, elbow, wrist?  Which part of the body, just said, "this is more responsibility than we can bear"?

Saturn is as real as it gets.  How much of Saturn’s ‘Time’ are you willing to give up, in exchange for the ‘good’s…or value’, that Venus rules?  This planet, earth is all about the ‘senses’.  Have you come to yours?

Now, if you have read Chapter II of my book, “Alchemy of the Soul”…then you know that Mary Magdalene comes to me, and She told me about the Amygdala.  She told me: "Gloria, Magdala, Amydala."  


Do you see this in the word, which is in everyone’s limbic system, which is our Alembic as I have also explained?  AL or EL embic…umbilical chord.   Our personal muse..IC.  Did you know the hippocampus, that is located in our limbic system is also known as the 'sea horse'?
Now, once you know, that we are rebuilding Solomon’s Temp-EL, marrying the male and the female in pairs of opposites…(The Arc of the Ancients)…I will add to this, that one of those symbolic forms or Pillars was destroyed on 911, when those twin towers of Jachin and Boaz were taken down.
This symbolically destroyed the connection of h’ea’ven and ‘ea’ rth.

We were tasked to become much more aware of our own inner architecture and the building of our own Divine Stairway to that Throne, our DNA spirals upward to that stairway that Jacob ascended as he also saw the ang-EL’s ascending and descending the throne of God.  This of course, is the Genie in the Bottle.  Genes being housed in the Holy Blood of Life, which all cultures know of as sacred, the stairway to the divine.  To divine, is to separate the waters….to the truth or origin…

We are also upon the time of the Haaj, which is the journey to Mecca, to circle the Kaab, which is also this black box, which is Saturn/EL….Jacob’s stone….the Philosopher’s Stone.

It is the stone of Saturn/EL, who is the Lord of the Ring’s.

Mercury/Hermes will have us reviewing our contracts, who we partner with as we now know a bit more about ourselves…now…to caution…where you are and which path you have chosen, were the decisions you made based on service only to yourself, or was that service to others?  If you have chosen the compassionate route then you are on the right path, if not, you are choosing to be pulled down the path of illusion.  Good luck with that.
It is only in compassion, that the Master reveals the Brave-Heart, or the Lion-Hearted rest, that reveals the MUSE, in the chamber of the Upper HEART….hearthymus  heart/thymus…hear thy muse.  The flaming heart or hearth…is fueled in the tears of life, in the suffering that reveals the true heart…the truth that sets you free.  Earth/Heart…
See: for more information…

And now, Saturn will visit upon all you Sagittarian’s…bringing either the knowledge that you have taken on more than you can handle or be responsible for…and the consequences of those decisions…that ONLY YOU MUST NOW BEAR THAT BURDEN…OF YOUR CHOICES….it will also bring the rewards of hard work…and ask you to take that day of rest… (And of course, the time is relative to how much rest you need and now deserve).

In Sagittarius, Saturn/El is a straight shooter, and his ideals are high minded.
For some, it will bring about planning travel with regards to work especially, how can one work and play at the same time?  We will soon find out. 
He will ask us to once again, put a format or structure to our belief’s…what is our philosophy about life?  Do we need a higher education?  Our belief about education will be challenged during these times, as Saturn asks us what we are willing to pay, what cost do we think education is worth, how should that be structured, who deserves this?  All of those questions will come to the forefront of discussions now.
Sagittarius represents freedom, so Saturn will ask us what amount of freedom do we want to give up; to obtain our goals, knowledge and travel?  What is more important, travelling or working for things on the planet and which one brings more knowledge?  How does this impact your philosophy on life? 
We will be asked, how to deal with foreigner’s young and old, and also the elderly from our own countries.
What plan do we have in place for our old age?  When Saturn reaches Capricorn in a few years, it will be best that we have those questions answered.
Sagittarius also likes to have fun, but Saturn is known for anything but that, so he will teach us that discipline, will bring the joy later, and that we can enjoy our work, it does not have to be all gloom and time to endure until the freedom that comes at the end of the word day.

Sag’s like their freedom and their fun, and if either are in too much of a straight-jacket, they will suffer.  Well, this transit from Saturn…may be like a straight-jacket for some of you, while others will thrive loving the dogged regimen of Saturn, that brings that nice stretch of freedom from worry and the ‘time’ to have fun.

We will see a new version of the Throne of Power emerge on the world stage…as EL once again begins to REIGN in, and put order to the spiritual belief of this planet, and we must know during this, that our planet, like all planets, is its own spiritual being, or angel of God.
They are all God’s creation, and do God’s work, ‘as they were created to rule over us’.

A ruler is a form of measurement.  It is ‘meter or matter.  The Mother.  To measure the mother, is to mete out.  To rule over.  EA.  The mind of God.

The bump we just saw on the stock market, is a foothill…to the cavernous mountains that we are negotiating now.  Some must volunteer to hold the old earth and play old roles, while others will bring in many new forms of technology, particular, that of harnessing the ‘EL-e ments’…solar, wind, earth and water.

Travelling on the path, which seeks this new form of energy is key.  It is Solomon’s Key.
Saturn in Sagittarius is going to ask us; how we see our fellow man?  If you been tricked into believing God is an old white man, and therefore all God’s children are white, old and male….you have not properly heeded the Sadducee’s…or the seducer’s who can use the false light of selfishness…to underscore your own false belief system, as these 'elect' are a path of the resistance or a necessary evil in this case.  This would be the daemons who have all the power to trick you if you have not found your discipline and accepted responsibility for your own life.
They have the power to appear as beautiful to entice you into believing that you deserve to be ‘over another’…now though this is true, that some choose to ‘serve others’ and then are given a power, this is often confused, not as a responsibility to serve others, but as an opportunity to have others serve and fill their coffers.  Taking advantage of others…is an abuse of responsibility, similar to the confusion of man’s delegation to have ‘charge over a woman’…which is meant as the same, to have charge over anything, is to be its caregiver or care taker, nothing more.
This is the other path, that of the responsible custodian, who masters discipline and in compassion teaches those who chose that path as well.  You learn limits, boundaries and the hard work necessary as the process that is beneficial.  Dignity is revealed or exposed as integrity of character.

Compassion is a natural out-flowing of the process of pressure and time through the pain or grapes of wrath.  Sharing those restrictions as measurements of love, and response-ability, are additional acts of kindness, where gifts without measured consequences will bring about torment.

It is the same as the planet, we are her custodian’s given responsibility to be her care-taker, to take charge over and keep healthy, to serve and be served by in wisdom.

All of this, will now come front and center.

The earth, will continue to strain and moan, as the truth comes out, so too will she erupt and rupture…burning and purging a new earth.

We are all riding the ‘Mary Go ‘Round’…of Earth, are you a Merry traveler?

Always, use ArcAncient, Blends, Creams and essential oils, to make sure the light of your being is being anointed for birth.