Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Out of the Darkness, Burns a Thousand Suns...

You are walking on short tufts of green grass so soft underfoot, the sky pours out honey-golden rays of the warming sun as the mystical realms open-wide, you find yourself walking with a wise-old sage, one who has come to meet you in the mists of Avalon.
Such are these times, if you are bending your knee to the Lord of the Rings, then you will be in the comfort of walking with Zeus/Jupiter.
Zeus/Jupiter, final victor in the Greek pantheon, or I U Pater, Je-Zeus.
Yes, our benefic is walking at the hands of the maiden at 19* of Virgo, he is retrograde, opening the mouth of the Dragon at 22* of Virgo.  So he is walking alongside of us, listen…do you hear the wise council as they debate and respond to all your deepest questions now?
Do you see the sliding doors as life changes so quickly right in front of your eyes, making choices and decisions that have an immediate effect on our lives now?
The full moon on February 22 (II/II/II...MMXVI)…at 3* of Virgo, comes bringing all kinds of partnership issues, from the personal to the political, who can we walk with in life and how do we do this civilly?  We knew this would be a powerful moon, LaLuna separating this from that in Virgo, then made her way to Zeus holding open the gate and ILLUMINATING the WAY, whispering in His ear all her newly found insights, you may have found yourself doing a lot of clearing, recycling and reducing.
Making space for the new energy that is coming in to bathe us after the stormy seas have cleansed us, and Pluto/Hades has properly transformed us in the blast furnace of his square to UR anus.  (Again, this has an even more personal and intense effect on the Cardinal signs; Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, especially between 13*-21* degrees of those signs and all points aspected, see your personal chart and then look at which house is also being affected.
Many of our posts now have mentioned this year as the ‘Tower’ card.  MMXVI Two~thousand~and~sixteen. This is so important to understand the theme of this

year, in Chinese astrology, we entered the year of the Red/Fire/Monkey on the new moon, February 8, 9:38 AM at 19* of Aquarius.
Let’s just take a look at those three words a minute.  Red-Fire-Monkey.
Red…is Cardinal.  It is the first colour that the eye can see.  It is a stimulant.  It is a touch me colour.  It is PRIMAL and relates to the FIRST CHAKRA.  Blind people can often feel the colour red as warm to the touch.  It is ACTION.
We can see the red cardinal popping out against the white background of the last days of winter.  This is also how the energy feels now, that sense of new beginnings, there is a buzz in the atmosphere of CHANGE.
Fire…TRANSFORMS (PLUTO/HADES)…ALCHEMIZES…It can both separate and bond or meld one thing into another.  It is CREATIVE.  It is also ACTION.
Now let’s add that one last word…MONKEY…OR MON-KEY…MOON-KEY.
We know what monkeys are like, they like to PLAY.  They like to maneuver themselves in the tree-tops, as they swing effortlessly, from branch to branch.  They can climb the trees to get out of the way of approaching DANGER.  They know how to have FUN!!!
We are all going through our own sort of individual and collective cases of polar covalent bonding.
Just from those few insights, we can see that we will go through more change this year, but realize now, how much you have changed?  Think of the difference in what you thought you knew, compared to what has been revealed to you in the past few years and brought up during these times again?
So you see the extreme OPPOSITE ENDS OF THE SPECTRUM being displayed to you?
Do you see how the INTEGRITY OF YOUR CHARACTER, especially magnified in a Virgo moon, as Zeus opens-wide the head of the dragon, we can see the ‘STRENGTH’ CARD.
So, there are departures and new people arriving in our lives.  How we have played with the SYSTEM (SATURN/EL/LORD OF THE RINGS) either with or without integrity, is now being REVEALED.
The SYSTEM has been CORRUPTED, and those working the APPEARANCE OF SUCCESS, have all too often, also allowed the corruption of their own INTEGRITY, as TRADE, for their own selfish means and successes, under the guise that it was a tradeoff, to accomplish what their EGO TOLD THEM WAS NECESSARY.
We can see this on the world stage with our politicians, and the deals they have made in the past, that now come to haunt them, showing their lack of CHARACTER AND INTEGRITY.
You are also sure to see this in some manner in your own personal life, perhaps work associates or little birdies are flying in and informing you of the travails of people who may have falsely impugned you in the past, now facing the music of their choices to get ahead in that corrupt system.
This is also known as: ‘THE FALLING OF IVORY TOWERS’…of course there is also so much more to that simple little saying, and believe me, that is exactly what is going to continue to happen, as those WHO SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING, come up in stark CONTRAST TO THOSE WHO STILL CANNOT.
And those layers will continue to rise and fall, those VEILS OF OCCULTATION, dissipate as Neptune/Poseidon swimming in her own world of PIsces, washes away the boundaries in her square to Saturn/EL that we will feel the effect of, as they ebb and flow towards and away from one another this year too.
So, things will be revealed, and quickly become occulted, UNLESS YOU ANCH OR…THAT TRUTH FIRMLY INTO YOUR BEING.
That of course, can only be done, if you have the tensile strength, of your newly revealed SELF, that has acted with INTEGRITY.
So, Zeus is walking with us in the garden, and one can only hold the intensity of the energy their vessel has been prepared or ‘tempered’ enough to manage.
Otherwise captain, she’ll be breaking up when you’re given her all she’s got!
And this year will be giving us a lot to handle, compartmentalize and sort through to follow the golden threads of truth, wherever they may be.  We are riding the Virgo/Piscean axis with the head and tail of the dragon…
PIsces will blur all the lines and conflate everything into the ONE.
Without having worked, cleared and focused on your own detritus and imperfections the past few years, knowing who you are, what you need, your boundaries less defined, or without the necessary INTEGRITY, you could become quite exasperated trying to find your way as you lose yourself in the miasma of your own false creation or illusion of Neptune/Poseidon (see those hooks?).  On the other hand, if you are CLEAR and you are looking at the midnight sun with honour, she will fill you with a thousand suns and her rhapsody will infuse and light up your soul as divine counterpart.
I will just give you as an example, Hillary Clinton.  I am neither saying I am against nor support her, but her past is on full display and being scrutinized, and she often looks ‘completely shocked’ at the REVEALTIONS of the past.
Senator Sanders, A VIRGO, whether you support him or not, is showing his past, which is the same as he has always been…you can believe in his platform, or disagree with it, but you cannot dismiss his INTEGRITY.  He is as he has always portrayed himself to be.  He did not sell out, that we know of, to WALL STREET for MONEY, GREED AND POWER.
We can cross over to the other side of the political isle and make the same comparisons.
The more power one has experienced, the more one can understand the force and flow of power.  In contrast, one can feel ‘dis-empowered’…as if they have no CONTROL.
This fear can lurk in the recesses of the mind, retreat to the crevasses of the soul and then HIDE IN THE DARKNESS IF YOU AVOID THE DARK INSTEAD OF FACING THE DARK AND YOUR FEARS.
This is common in the morass of new age speak that tells you not to focus on the negative or you will attract more negative energy.
Did you ever put a battery into a flashlight?  Did you put the negative pole to the negative end to ‘attract and create energy’?  No, no you did not, you put the positive pole to the negative pole, to create an electromagnetic field of ENERGY AND POWER.
This is not advocating dwelling in despair, or expecting the worst in a given situation, far from it, it is called adult, critical, rational thinking.
How you focus your power, and direct energy, is commanding the EL-e-MENTS, LIKE THE MAGICIAN IN THE TAROT.
He faces the EL-e-MENTS and learns to work with them, he aligns himself with the forces of nature, unlike the FOOL, who looks away.
A priest does this, a pastor does this, a chemist does this, and an accountant does this.
It is time not just to drop the anchor, but to cut the rope to the anchor.  (ANCH-OR).
This solar eclipse on the new moon, at 18* of PIsces, lands in the doorway of the initial exact Saturn opposition to URanus in PIsces back on Nov 4, 2008, remember?  EL-ection year? 
Saturn/EL/Lord of the Rings was at 18* of Virgin territory, while Ur was opposing at 18* and 57’of Aries the Ram, where he is still travelling and shaking things up ‘out of the blue’ and causing us all to re-think and begin anew in some facet of our lives.
Now, as LaLuna is spooned by her lover/our solar ambassador where both are at 18* of PIsces, triggering that point again, where you opposed yourself, you asked yourself which way are you going? 
Think back, what choice did you make?  Because that is up again, those ideals,
those concepts and concerns.  Saturn, wants to make sure there is a plan in place.  Uranus, wants something new that sets you apart.  Uranus is our individual genius or muse.
Now, collectively we are having an alchemic marriage on this point AGAIN.
Sabian Symbol: A master instructing his pupil.
Are you listening, do you here your instructor yet?
What of the insights coming fast and furious?
Let that anchor go, leave the past and any executive decision you made in the past behind that does not warrant continuation based on its validity.
You are emerging, this will give us a glimpse of the summer of LOVE.  This new moon/solar eclipse is in opposition to the SKY god, I U PATER, Jupiter/ZEUS who is hanging out at 18* of Virgo conjunct the Head of the Dragon at 22* of the Virgin.
Wide is the GATE now.
It is so easy to see right from wrong, and YET…this OPPOSITION, has a HANDLE.
Yup, none other than EL himself hanging out over there at 16* of Sagittarius, we now have MAJOR SQUARES BEING ACTIVATED AND FORMED.
So, the handle to this, is to EXPAND in JOY BEYOND YOUR HORIZONS, HORUS-SONS.
Here is another way to look at this line-up: On Monday, February 29th Mars/Ares was met by LaLuna at 27* of Scorpio and two days later on March 2nd 1:53 AM, she caught up with Old EL at 15* of Sagittarius to stir up the emotional intensity and bringing all that mess that Mars has now fired up in his old homeland of Scorpio.
Scorpio is home in the 8th house, which is ruled by Pluto/Hades who is now in the last stages of his square from Uranus now at 18* Aries.  So he went digging up all those hidden secrets and we are even discussing the ‘mob’ and Donald Trump’s purported connection to them.  Speaking of the ‘Don’, he has done a marvelous job of ‘stirring up the pot’ and bringing a whole lot of hidden anger up to the surface, now hasn’t he?
We actually can be grateful to him for that, because what was under the surface, was a whole lot of ‘pretending to be spiritually evolved or above the hidden hooks of bigotry’ under pretty little smiles and all the while, a hatred has been brewing.
Once the dark vestiges of the bowels (Virgo) of our thoughts are released, (this is purging, or Purgatory) we must navigate through the reality and find a new way together, even if the ignorant don’t understand yet, that ‘whatsoever you do to the least of my brother that you do unto me’ and how the quantum physics of this affects us, also known as the ‘butterfly effect’.  It is just simply impossible to have a thought, let alone an action that does not have an effect that ripples through the
entire universe.
This is no different than pouring poison, like methane into the river that supports and sustains life, and then not expecting that to poison the rest of the land down-river.
This is just idiotic thinking.  That does not mean we must allow others to bring harm to us…now that is another thing entirely.
But, that river that has been released, will both stoke up heated emotions, and it will also allow that toxic soup to come out into the light of day, and be dealt with, even if it is only one more layer, we will feel the effects of this ‘lightness’ in either subtle or not so subtle ways, depending on your own sensitivity.
LaLuna swam her way up to Venus/Aphrodite, now at 25* of Aquarius (March 9th 10:00AM I am finishing this writing), where she is ‘more detached’ than she usually is, and Luna activating her brought up those emotions, those dark shards that bleed us a little at a time, mostly unaware, save for the persistent ache of emotional wounds time and the unravelling have incised just far enough, to bleed that light through and light up your flaming heart.
Everyone has been experiencing a grave wounding and revealing that comes from that exposure and that has gathered up and it lights up your mind’s eye, the canvass of your soul that only the flaming heart can ignite.
Finally, when enough of us have bowed in prayer, JeZeus opens that gate of the
Dragon’s mouth and says, ‘this too shall pass’.
And as Luna stands before her lover, and blocks his maleness with her cloak open-wide she swallows him and we take that ‘male spiritus’ and infuse our dark, moist soil, upon which he will ‘Illuminate’ us as Luna waxes into fullness on March 23rd within seconds after the noon-day sun of summer in Greenwich Village and 7 AM EST; and just 3 days earlier, we have the actual beginning of the year…when we experience the ‘Spring Equinox’, Luna will be at 23* of Leo the Lion.
LaLuna will expand her maleness into the full moon eclipse on March23* where she will be at 3* of Libra, and her lover, our faithful Ambassador will now cloak the moon and devour her full reflection of him that she is faithfully surrendering to him.
The year, Two~thousand~and~sixteen, will feel as though we are living on multiple dimensions and it will open up to such an extent that in retrospect, it will seem like we lived a thousand years in just one.
This particular T-Square is triggering the mutable signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and PIsces, especially between the degrees of 14*-20*, so if you
have planets or points in your chart there, you will be seeing this on an even more profound level.  This is CHANGE
Where Saturn is, is where you can get a handle on things.  What are you trying to handle?  Your health and well-being, details and how you are organized, are you recycling and making use of EVERYTHING.  Where Virgo is paying attention to the details PIsces melts it all into the ONE. 
This is basically a service oriented axis, you either are for yourself alone, or you realize alone that All ONE, is what we are, and you may FEEL alone, but we are in this together if you have EVOLVED INTO THE STATE OF PISCES. 
Jupiter/Zeus will go direct at 13* of Virgo on Monday, May 9th…our joy will be ready to burst even as conflicting information continues to stream across the media, if you have gone down to meet the light-keeper.
Saturn/EL/Lord of the Rings is going Rx at 16* of Sagittarius on March 25th and will make starting any endeavors during this time, a bit more difficult to ‘manage’ as the Lord of the Rings, is reticent to assist us, it will be much like trying to connect with someone going up an escalator while you are going down, not quite as easy as being ‘constant’ or going in the same directional flow together.  (This btw, is actually closer to what ‘going with the flow’ really mans).
He will stall us and withhold his access to stability (hello Neptune’s pulling strengthened, watch the boundaries and shorelines)…until he finally goes direct Saturday, August 13th at 9* of Sagittarius.
So begin to spring forward today, plant your bulbs, flowers and intentions and as you light up your candles, add your joyous intention to bathe the world in an afterglow of the love excited to swim into the loving waters of Neptune/Poseidon her higher octave.
So, let’s be honest but find a way to share, being grounded deep into the earthly mother and her fertile, moist darkness in the caress of the new moon.
Reaching from that eternal sound of God, streaming through the earth/Gaia/Moon/Luna connection will she light up the highest levels of your being, exposing the consciousness, the lowliness of His handmaiden, ‘The soul doth magnify the Lord’ and His spirit rejoiced in God our saviour.  Behold, from henceforth, all generations shall come us blessed.
Sit in her lap and meet him with your first gaze, pray for the celebration and laughter to fill our airwaves again, we dance into the newly forming earth.

And I think to myself, ‘what a wonderful world’.