Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Living Word of God

As you know, I have been writing a book now for quite some time, it just is not easy to try and string the words together for these experiences I am trying to share.  Many of the stories involve my experiences with angels.  I have already shared some of those with you.
Today I found an article, that seems like an explanation for the experience with two angels I will share below and you will see how the article and this particular story with the angels tie together ~ hopefully.
On this particular morning of the experience I am going to share, my heart was heavy-laden for many reasons, but the one that was most disheartening, was the nagging suspicion that a friend and business partner was being dishonest with me.

For some reason, my bathroom seems to be a portal of some sort, perhaps it is that way for many of us, in part due to the water as you will see in both the article and story below which is why I am sharing this with you now.
In the article, the scientists found that when water is put under extreme pressure in small spaces, the life-giving liquid can exhibit a strange fourth state known as tunneling.  They go on to help define what this means here: “Basically, quantum tunneling means that a particle, or in this case a molecule, can overcome a barrier and be on both sides of it at once – or anywhere between.”
You can read the full article later, but I begin now with my own.

The Living Word of God

I sat down.  The wooden shape of the seat harsh against my bum.   I had both hands under my chin, contemplating the dilemma I was in when it happened.
Two large angels appeared before me with a ring in front of them like a ring of water…they pulled me out of my body through this ring and took me somehow to witness a business friend betraying me.  When they pulled me up, it was as though I was being pulled through some sort of watery substance, and everything about it seemed like water, but it wasn’t wet.
I was then just as quickly back in my body.   But what I witnessed was something that someone was doing behind my back, as if I was right there watching this person at the same time.  This turned out to be true as time revealed it to be exactly as I had seen it.
But it was truly as if I was being pulled up through a pool of water to my senses, to my equilibrium, my ears felt as though they went through a flash of adjustment, no different than pulling my head up through a pool.
But it wasn’t wet.
The angels forced me to see something I did not want to see, because it meant realizing that someone important in my life was not only lying, but stealing from me.
When first confronted, the person immediately denied the accusation, but later relented to confirm that indeed, what I saw, had actually happened.
Some months after this happened, I was at a friend’s summer home, and was praying when the experience, floated back to me as I said the words of a prayer I say no less than once a day and have for many years now.  That prayer is Psalm 91.
I often say this prayer while I am working on people, so I know the words by heart.
But on this day, the words as they often do, would take on a whole new meaning.
"She who dwells in the shelter of the Most High
Will rest in the shadow of the Almighty
And I will say of the Lord
He is my refuge and my fortress,
My God in whom I trust
Surely He save you from the fowler’s snare
And from the deadly pestilence
He will cover you with His feathers

And under His ‘Wings you will find refuge’ "
Side note: Every time I say these words, I can see the sphenoid process in anatomy, which is also known as ‘The Great Wing’.
 I also see a Throne of God here, but I am digressing.
So, I say this prayer and always imagine my own throne, and the wings that God has designed for me in this vessel/body.
The Psalm continues:
"His faithfulness will be your shield and your rampart.
You will not fear the terror of night
Nor the arrow that flies by day
Nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness
Nor the plague that destroys at midday.
A thousand may fall at your side
Ten thousand at your right hand
But it will not come near you
You will only observe with your eyes
And see the punishment of the wicked.
If you make the most High your refuge
Than no harm shall befall you
No disaster will come near your tent (intent)
For He will command His angels
To watch over you
They will lift you up
So that you will not strike your foot against a stone."
          (I will have the rest of the prayer at the end of this article.)
Those words “They will lift you up” now opened up to me - along with the realization that, indeed, those words were real.  They are not just words, but LIVING WORDS.
For indeed, two great Angels, had lifted me up through that water-like portal.
Now, I will tell you that when I died, everything I experienced was the same way, now recollecting the two together.  We walked, but I didn’t necessarily use my legs, I saw, but not with my two eyes, but with a singular hidden-spiritual eye, which I now know to be the third eye.  All of the sensory experiences, were fully experiential in a different way, but without the earth senses as we know them.
In recounting the experiences together with a friend of mine, who is also a spiritual coach, she very quickly said that is the Holy Spirit; it is the Fire that doesn’t burn.
This just blew me away.  Maybe it seems obvious to you, but it was not so obvious for me to put this all together until that moment.
I am now trying to recapture and to share to the best of my ability, this amazing truth that was revealed to me, as so much is being revealed during this time of REVEALATIONS.
When the apostle’s wrote; ‘This is the Living Word of God’, it is because they know they were actually LIVING THE WORD OF GOD.
“The bush, burning but unconsumed”.
I believe, it is because, EL, is in charge here on EArth. (In this daemonsion or dimension.)
And, as I have explained, many times now, EL, is God, or Saturn/Lord of the Rings, and also, EL-e ment, is God mind, and the obvious, ELements, earth, air, fire and water.
How we experience them on the planet earth, is all about the sensory experience.
But in the 5th world, the experience is different, and the senses are there, but they do not consume, because the Holy Spirit is inconsumable and eternal.
Here is link and the full article cut and pasted, as I came across it today.

An article about the fourth stage of water.
Bizarre fourth state of water discovered
Michael Franco  April 26, 2016

A sample of beryl and an illustration that shows the strange shape water molecules take when found in the mineral's cage-like channels (Credit: ORNL/Jeff Scovil).

You already know that water can have three states of matter: solid, liquid and gas. But scientists at the Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL) have discovered that when it's put under extreme pressure in small spaces, the life-giving liquid can exhibit a strange fourth state known as tunneling.
The water under question was found in super-small six-sided channels in the mineral beryl, which forms the basis for the *gems aquamarine and emerald. The channels measure only about five atoms across and function basically as cages that can each trap one water molecule. What the researchers found was that in this incredibly tight space, the water molecule exhibited a characteristic usually only seen at the much smaller quantum level, called tunneling.
Basically, quantum tunneling means that a particle, or in this case a molecule, can overcome a barrier and be on both sides of it at once – or anywhere between. Think of rolling a ball down one side of a hill and up another. The second hill is the barrier and the ball would only have enough energy to climb it to the height from which it was originally dropped. If the second hill was taller, the ball wouldn't be able to roll over it. That's classical physics. Quantum physics and the concept of tunneling means the ball could jump to the other side of the hill with ease or even be found inside the hill – or on both sides of the hill at once.
"In classical physics the atom cannot jump over a barrier if it does not have enough energy for this," ORNL instrument scientist Alexander Kolesnikov tells Gizmag – Kolesnikov is lead author on a paper detailing the discovery published in the April 22 issue of the journal Physical. But in the case of the beryl-trapped water his team studied, the water molecules acted according to quantum – not classical – laws of physics.
"This means that the oxygen and hydrogen atoms of the water molecule are 'delocalized' and therefore simultaneously present in all six symmetrically equivalent positions in the channel at the same time," says Kolesnikov. "It's one of those phenomena that only occur in quantum mechanics and has no parallel in our everyday experience."
By using neutron-scattering experiments, the researchers were able to see that the water molecules spread themselves into two corrugated rings, one inside the other. At the center of the ring, the hydrogen atom, which is one third of the water molecule, took on six different orientations at one time. "Tunneling among these orientations means the hydrogen atom is not located at one position, but smeared out in a ring shape," says a report in the online news journal Physics.
"This discovery represents a new fundamental understanding of the behavior of water and the way water utilizes energy," says ORNL co-author Lawrence Anovitz. "It's also interesting to think that those water molecules in your aquamarine or emerald ring – blue and green varieties of beryl – are undergoing the same quantum tunneling we've seen in our experiments."
Because the ORNL team discovered this new property of water but not exactly why and how it works, Anovitz also says that the finding is sure to get scientists working to uncover the mechanism that leads to the phenomenon.
Kolesnikov adds that the discovery could have implications wherever water is found in extremely tight spaces such as in cell membranes or inside carbon nanotubes. The following video from ORNL provides more details on the discovery.
The chessboard is made up of 64 squares on a magic box of 8 x 8 black and white squares.  This creates a dimensional field, and it is also known as water.  Water is also a hidden reference alchemically to people.
We are indeed made up of over 80% water and so is the surface of the earth.
In chapter I of my book, I detail this in the comparison of the body/temple.
Jesus changing water into wine as the very first miracle.
Psalm 91 continued:
"…You will tread upon the lion and the cobra
You will trample the Great Lion and the Serpent
          (Leo and Scorpio on the Fixed Cross of the three crosses of the zodiac)
Because she loves me says the Lord,
I will rescue her
I will protect her for she acknowledges my name
She will call upon me and I will answer her
I will be with her in trouble
I will deliver her and honor her
With long life will I satisfy her and show her my salvation.

*       +

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Getting Squared Away In the Scramble

Getting Squared Away In the Scramble
You know, I love when I get to share good news and tell you all about the exciting things we have to look forward to, where money rains from trees and love is all anyone knows.  Joy to the World and all of that.
Yeah…not so much right now…but there is light at the end of this tunnel, er shall I say ride?  Hang in there…
Now what we got here, is a failure to communicate.  So…everything just bursts out of nowhere at the most inopportune moments. ~ Sometimes that is.
But I am going to start this a little differently this time.  I am going to ask you a question, and I want you to think about this for a minute.  Have you been in a constant review of your life and the decisions you have made in the past?  A loop?  You start joyously flying into the sunny moments, and you recall something from a previous time in your life?  Or…Déjà vu?
Are you considering making choices that you already may have made last year, the year before, a decade ago, a couple of decades ago; but questioned the choice you finally made and the life-curve it took you on?
As if to say…oh no…not this again…this time…I will do A, B, C?
Alpha, beta, gamma?  Abracadabra?  Something different?  Like…a second chance?
I’ll tell you why it MUST be something different…Because we are dealing with the planet Uranus and the planet Pluto…change and transformation and we have been dealing with this square these two Angels have been forming with one another, for the past four years, starting on June 24, 2012 as you have read right here.
Oh…but this time…you can almost hear the tumblers falling, can’t you?
RED…just like the Chinese colour for this Monkey, Red, Fire year.
RED is the first colour that the eye can see…it is a touch me colour, it stimulates ~ blind people can ‘feel’ the colour red.  We have ‘red light districts’ for a reason as well.
It is on red and white checkered table cloths at restaurants, it stimulates the appetite, as well as yanks you into attention and makes you want to pick something up in a store and buy it.
It is the first colour that the eye can see…RED.
This new moon on April 7, 2016 at 7:23 AM EDT, will fall on 18* of Aries the RAM.  This is only a slight 2* away from Uranus, and Luna will bring all that emotional CHANGE up to the surface…even if it only gurgles at first, you will feel the discomfort in the area that needs attention, unless of course you are already sitting in the flight deck, in which case you are ‘aware’…and watching…so it will come as no surprise to you, hopefully just reading this will be enough to trigger any reticent cells that may withhold you from this important opportunity.
I want you to recall an old ride, the ‘scrambler’ often found at travelling carnivals… you feel as though you are going to ‘crash’ right into the other circle of cars that is spinning concurrently with you?
All of a sudden, you could be on an entirely new track, and then think, what just happened?  I was going along so merrily I tell you…and all of a sudden
You see, that’s Uranus…’out of the blue’…
But now, we have our Ambassador and LaLuna right there with him, the original sky god Uranus, just ask Shakespeare.
And whilst Uranus is ganging up with LaLuna and ElSol, infusing them both in Aries the Ram/Mars…coming out of the last eclipse pairing on the Dragon’s head; Saturn/EL/Lord of the Rings is Retrograding (returning through that time field) Rx at 16* of Sagittarius, he is also squaring, Zeus/Jupiter Rx at 14* of The Virgin and Neptune/Poseidon swimming powerfully across from Zeus, forming the T-Square wide at 10* of PIsces.  Do we see the Rx or retrograde theme, the returning, the re-spiraling through our pasts, our visions, our dreams?
Lord of the Rings on the handle of that MUTABLE T-SQUARE, AGAIN we see the ‘change’ theme repeating itself.  As hard as squares are…THEY ARE WHAT WE BUILD WITH (I am paraphrasing an old teacher and friend of mine, Anna Cook).
I never liked hearing that from her, especially when I was only 15 years old when I met her, because they can also be very HARD.  They are NOT easy.
On April 18th. 8:14 AM, Mars will also go retrograde at 8* of Sagittarius.  This will inhibit the forward momentum, so prepare yourself to review your actions at this time, re-evaluate the choices you are making right now and the ‘feeling’ of the energy flow and the direction you are moving. 
We can adjust during this time, until May 9th, at 8 AM, when Jupiter/Zeus will station direct and also square Saturn/EL exactly, AT THE VERY SAME TIME!  This will begin to push us forward again, until the mighty push of Mars direct again, on June 29th.
This can also be a stressful time for earth changes, and of course, we will see the continued escalation of the clashing between political beliefs.
This is the power and wisdom of our Divine Creator, who has all these angels/angles timed for us in such precision, there should never be a doubt as to our faith.
Mars/Ares will go direct on June 29th 8:14AM at 24* of Scorpio, that’s right, the RAM is going to go digging up all that Plutonian detritus and scandal again.
And speaking of Pluto/Hades, at 16* of Capricorn the Goat/PAN, he will have just formed a lovely and exact trine with Jupiter/Zeus, who at 16* of Virgo, will also be conjunct the head of the dragon.
So, we will have support, if it is done in the name of service
We want the support of Zeus, and Zeus is opening the head of the dragon for us.  It could go very badly, for those who are not recycling and regenerating themselves now or their lives.  Hopefully you have visited purge-a-tory enough to have the vessel ready for this new movement.
This is about saving money, and helping those who are less fortunate.
That time frame around June 29th, could be very explosive on the planet, but we will get to that later.
For now, this new moon in Aries is also in a lovely trine to Saturn/EL…so we have support to make changes and initiate whatever new approach, venture or partnership we have been considering.  The next two weeks leading up to the full moon, on April 22, 1:23 AM in 2* of Scorpio, four days after Mars retrogrades on the 18th.
Mercury/Hermes will retrograde on April 29th at 23* Taurus.
So, now that you have the dates, for forward motion and can see when we will also have some resistance, and it will be more difficult to actually move forward completely, we see we will still be learning and upgrading the recycled lessons, which will be exhumed to complete the process and illuminate the path ahead.
So, just know that during Mars retrograde, starting April 18th until Mars goes direct again on June 29th; the energy to ACT will be diminished, our motivation and passions could be harder to access, yet we may feel the discomfort of the squaring energy to want to change faster, to stop the pain.  Oh will it ever end?
This often leads to short tempers, confusion about the intention of others actions, especially after April 29th, when the added energy of Mercury/Hermes is also retrograde and harder to access, this can cause some serious arguments…I mean heated.  If you can avoid trying to have a discussion that you 
know is already red-hot, it is probably wise to do so.
We will have roughly 40 days during that period, when we should be contemplating, revising reviewing our strategy, and preparing for that huge forward push that is going to come on the 29th of June.
So, we are cleansing and renewing, re-shifting and reshaping in so many ways right now, that can be terribly frightening for people, with that uncertainty in the air, if you can reach down and rooted into the earth, be calm and supportive and access ANY wisdom during this time (That is the Golden Rule, it will be readily available if you seek to find during these times too, bend the knee my friends…do it on purpose).

We are gonna have one EXPLOSIVE SUMMER.  HANG ON!