Monday, October 31, 2016

Diving Deep Into The Transformative Scorpio New Moon

New Moon October 30. 2016 7* Scorpio.
Asking the deep questions, we probe and contend with the more sobering aspects of relationships, commitments, and what we are willing to endure, for what we love or wish to possess.
This may being financial or relationship strains, but it may also being appreciation for someone who soldiers on and is responsible and committed.
Even with Neptune still commanding the skies in her ruler ship of PIsces, this Scorpio new moon will have us contending with far more serious matters that will help us drop anchor and find our moorings.
Neptune/Poseidon is also in an exact trine to Mercury/Hermes who is at 9* of Scorpio, Mercury is part of a lovely little stellium, with La Luna at 7* conjunct the sun at 7* of Scorpio, we have serious visionary capability now and dreams will be like walking into a virtual reality of vibrancy now too.
Mars/Ares at 23* Capricorn is also square to Uranus at 21* Aries now, while Venus/Aphrodite at 15*Sag is also forming a nice fire trine to Uranus so the atmosphere is electric and sizzling with passion for change.
A sudden romantic romp might come bursting out of the blue, or even out of an argument creating the heat in the moment.
Saturn/EL is also still widely squaring Neptune/Poseidon, so we are really morphing between the past, the present and the future while shifting ladders swing in and away, we will at once be desirous of taking the leap of faith onto some form of ladder that appears for us to move upward and out of this energy, while also wanting to drop anchor or become more organized and concrete in our newly birthing belief’s.  The head of the dragon is on the other end of this T Square at 9* of Virgo, let the healing begin once the exposed wound has found the light of day.
We are transforming ourselves into adjustable, movable vessels, lighter than before all of this really started getting serious back around 2012 with the Uranus square to Pluto, and we are still in its wake.
Another huge influence is the newly formed Venus conjunction with Saturn/EL, which happened when both were at 14* 10’ Sagittarius on Saturday, October 29, at 8:38 PM EDT.
We want to know that where we pour our love into is worthy, and we will either invest into allowing this deeper commitment or realize that it is just not worth the time, or we may question what we possess in a more profound way, and certainly ascertain how much it takes to keep that possession/commitment in your life going?
We may question how much our other investments keep us immobilized or give us the freedom we wish to have, to travel or investigate other areas of life, even if it is in investing in some higher education at this time, realizing we are investing into our own being, at a much more profound level than we may have understood in the past, as time has done a great job of opening the doors of the past, to show us the future.
This is a fertile new moon indeed, so plant your seeds, thoughts and ideas into new earth, as the shadow of the eclipses falls and seasons the brew and the walls between worlds become paper-thin now, we howl in the dark with our newly forming instincts razor sharp, we prepare for our loved ones who have crossed over to pay us a visit, and we create the altars and take the time to thank them for all they have done and continue to do for us in our immediate world as well as the hallways we will travel down tomorrow, each column a lifetime past, collectively we march towards the Eternal Light that calls us all home. 
Get ready for even more fireworks, as both candidates do their best to stand straight on the greased skids of their pasts, we are reminded of our own choices that may come to haunt us too.
Our Native American’s from both the south and the north, dancing and praying together for water for life, for the earth, for their sacred grounds to have the same respect we give our own temples, once more their treaty’s violated, but this is significant.
Remember, Dakota literally means: Friend.
There is a saying, that when the Eagle of the North and the Condor of the South, fly together, there lies the road to peace on earth.
That is the great gathering in North Dakota.
Our prayers are needed, if you have something to donate do so, and if you can go participate, do so, you can call and write your Senator’s and congressional representatives and make sure your voice is heard.
If we allow the desecration of these ancient sacred sites, of hallowed ground, and we allow the crushing brutality of trained operatives to go unchecked and unimpeded, we allow the murder of all that is natural…and we will not return.
This is a major sign, so please pay attention.

To this end, we add our own prayers and intentions of the Highest Order for healing, for peace and protection for our Native brother’s and sister’s standing up for all of us and our host/earth, that we are so fortunately allowed to walk upon and share her bounty.

Add your own and dream big, while we find concrete ways to make our dreams a reality, and seed fortuitous blooms for the days to come.  It is time to be reborn!!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Long Hot Summer's Passionate Full Moon

Full Moon in Aries, Sunday October 16, 2016 at 12:23 AM just after midnight Saturday and oh is this a hot one!  We have La Luna at 23* of Aries conjunct Uranus (brilliance, unexpected, change) opposing her lover, the sun at 23* of Libra.
With Mercury/Hermes at 15* of Libra in EXACT square to Pluto at 15* Capricorn which is conjunct Mars at 12* Capricorn AND tagging along to widely oppose Uranus and the Moon/La Luna over there at 22 and 23* Aries respectively.
/As if this is not enough, in a couple of days, on October 19th. At 7:04AM EDT, both Mars and Pluto will be exactly conjunct one another at 15* of Capricorn (activating the whole Uranus/Pluto squares both in your personal world and on the world stage while we also have a big ole’ mutable cross that forms on Wednesday with Saturn/EL at 13* Sagittarius, he will oppose the moon at12/13* Gemini while squaring both the head of the dragon (lunar north node at 10* Virgo and Neptune at 9*PIsces so take into consideration that we just said the word ‘CROSS’, visiting upon the signs in particular: Sagittarius, PIsces, Gemini and Virgo and consider those degrees in particular (9* -13*) and we can go back a few to see who will really get hit, at 6*-16* these will be the most sensitive in this ‘Magic Square’, where you may find

yourself feeling ‘boxed in’, and that is also Donald Trump, who is a Gemini, so we very well may see some exploding on his part (more theater than ever) while this also plays heavy on Hillary’s chart too, especially via her PIsces moon, we will probably have more lurid exposing from both camps.
What else is new, right?
This is also the kind of chart that can auger some big storms, earthquakes, volcanic activity, etc.…so prepare for the season of change.
You will find yourselves, organizing once again to compartmentalize the pain that has been exposed again.  We will have many health disclosures come bursting on the scenes within the next week too.
There may seem to be so much to do, we can become overwhelmed, and certainly during this change our breathing capacity is often compromised as the season shakes itself out and readies for winter.  (Distributors, see SPECIAL)
It is quite possible, that many will feel frazzled, with emotions running in seemingly different directions at once, we may feel lost in a hall of mirrors so to speak, with lady Luna all ‘white-hot’ in Aries, take heed that we don’t get too ‘hot-headed’…(note to self) as Saturn in Sagittarius closes in on our boundaries and really questions the self, the self in the group, as to what seems to be ‘foreign aspects’ of ourselves, where do we draw the line?
Sagittarius is the horse or the Centaur who knows magic, but it is squaring the North Node and Neptune/Poseidon and where the North Node in Virgo will try with every breath to take us into our higher selves and find a way to make someone feel better, to serve others…(which will be a magical release valve, should anyone be looking for one) though Neptune in her own sign of Pisces is dissolving things as quick as we can see them, so have respite even as the moments themselves may seem acute at times, and with Luna in Gemini, she will go back and forth exacerbating Neptune in PIsces which is also a duality that submerges and surrender’s to the divine whole, in other words, seeing the BIGGER PICTURE.
Yup, that Full Moon is going to light things up, make us question how we save, how we spend and what we are doing on planet earth, and hopefully, some of the Fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius might feel a bit of a reprieve (until next month, lol).
So, all that may seem like bad news, but it will also expunge and expose us to help us ‘BUILD ON THOSE SAME SQUARES/CROSSES AND UTILIZE THE BOXES AS SUPPORTS TO THE FRAMEWORK OF OUR NEW PATH’S.
Everything is changing and morphing into new outcomes.
It is time to take those daydreams that you may have been escaping into, and build the model that will make it a reality.
I know it sounds corny, this is literally a time to make dreams come true, especially those that are
Gemini/Mercury/Hermes is the messenger god, so as the moon ingresses into Gemini, she has the ability ~ especially as she activates the whole mutable cross as Mars (ruler of Aries) conjuncts
Pluto/Hades in Capricorn the Goat/Pan, to communicate with those who have crossed over, but also to visit all the other gods, and find out what they have to say to help you.
We will see government and government officials hung out on this cross most likely…
So, take the emotions that are so energized right now, and infuse your dreams with any creative venture to help someone who surely could use a little help from a friend right now.
Reach out and touch someone…make this world a better place, if you can.

With Uranus hanging out with Luna on the full moon at 22* of Aries, expect the unexpected, for change is gonna come, of that we can be sure.

Expect some serious drama on the world stage as brilliance exposes some wonderful good news too, with Spica conjunct the Sun at 24* Of Libra, and you might not want to rely too much, on love from others, (except the very exceptional already that truly live that loving life) but also may feel a little less self-esteem, or somewhat powerless in ways with Venus not so happy in Scorpio in the 5th, where she wishes she was not so constricted by decisions made in the past, she now will need to find new ways to lift her spirits try watching a comedy or go to a Live Comedy Show, but find the humour in all situations if you can, it will buoy the spirits and infuse your plans and actions.
Enjoy the hunter's moon and howl.