Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Hades Intense Drive For Truth

Happy Full Moon in Scorpio at 20*!  Feeling intense?  Are you to the wall?  Emotional?  Scorpio likes to dig up the truth, only we can forget that we all have our own version of the truth.  That might come out now, as feelings break from the pressure and LaLuna in Scorpio wants to dig up all that pain or pleasure from the past, all those buried secrets want to come gushing out to save the day or cut through all the detritus, that anyone feels is obscuring their path, their life, their happiness.
She just formed a nice trine with Neptune/Poseidon, so all that deep sea diving is bringing back up the found knowledge, past, or treasure up and into the light of day, as the sun shines brightly across the heavens to his loving but dead-serious femme-fatale.
We are still in the cross-hairs of the T Cross, with the Pluto/Hades turning the handle as his square to Uranus is quickly waning and has separated, with Hades at 19* Capricorn and now retrograde since April 21st and Uranus moving forward now at until he stations retrograde, now at 26*Aries and having just occulted Mercury/Hermes yesterday who is flying at 26* Aries right now.   Jupiter/Zeus is on the other side of the square to Pluto at 14* Libra,
he will station direct on June 8th. at 13* Libra.
That has Jupiter in opposition to both Uranus and Mercury right now.  Communication can blow up but also heal in a big way right now, it might be hard to keep those swords in their sheaths as the S-WORD might come out quickly and cut before we regain our compassion and composure.
Saturn/EL at 26* Sagittarius riding the galactic center (the help Sag has been waiting for while Saturn laid heavy on them) is helping support our new ways and roads, as he trines Uranus and the head of the dragon, the north node at 29* Leo, he asks us to move forward with our own ideas and innovations, the new road to rescue our drowning spirits…now all fired up and ready for direction…have you found your calling?
Take a leadership role, step up…or we are left with the world where those who step up to lead, might not lead us into the world we want, but the one they are willing to create.  It is up to those willing to take the chance.  Leo asks us to be brave, to remember we are kind of the jungle.
With this full moon in Scorpio, Mars (co-ruler of Scorpio) is at 13* Gemini forming a lovely trine to Jupiter/Zeus at 14* Libra right now, so the argument as to whether it is ‘fair’ or not, is it ‘just’…is a theme.
Mars, drive and ambition is chugging ahead with a fury of words spewing forth that are fertilizing the earth to bloom as Jupiter moves direct…some people will handle the passion of this astrological blueprint poorly, they may ‘claim’ their ‘obsessions’ however they need to, because Scorpio is fueling an intensity that can obscure rationality.
It does however, give us the lane to move forward as the energy pushes us to make choices and clear the air.
This intensity will explode on the world stage, as the secrets and those who keep them, wrestle with their versions of the truth, and we watch the macrocosm explode with our buried realities.

The universe is purging us in waves, this one will lead up to the new moon in Gemini at 4* on May 25th. when we will have our directions focused, and we begin anew with communication skills honed and ready to fuel up our rockets into the rest of the year…hang on.