Saturday, July 8, 2017


Old EL might have your face pressed against the cold-steel wall…your breath dotting the silence with little puffs of false beliefs making their last appearance.  This astrological blueprint has Lady Luna meeting up with The Lord of the Rings at 22* Sagittarius on Thursday, July 6th at 11:32 PM EDT.
This can also be an emotional cocktail for some, particularly anyone whose planets, points are aspected or occulted in this configuration.
Now Saturn can feel like a straightjacket, taunting you with his tricks of time, pulling the lines taught, you can hear the mighty ship lurch and ache through the brewing darkness looming on the horizon.
He demands the rules be followed, tempering the vessel and casting out nonsense, you come face to face with reality…
They are dancing on the Galactic Center…because Saturn has hovered over this 27* line and gathered all that energy pouring through the tear in the fabric of time, as Ophiuchus does his best to handle the energy of the serpent.
Mars/Aries was swaggering across the starry night opposing this meeting at 21* of Cancer.  He ambushes out of the shell of the mother…CRAB, ruled by the moon lest we forget.  To take aim at the Centaur with his mighty spear as our own star, our sun stands approvingly at 15* Cancer, his gaze says that might makes right.
Now, Luna is pulling her vessel up to Pluto/Hades wretched ghost-ship when she blooms full on July 9th at 17* of Capricorn, Hades will be at 18* Capricorn.  Just out of the straightjacket of Saturn, she gives birth into the transformative tumult of Pluto.
The two oppose the sun at 17* and Mars at 22*.
The reality of death, the final arbiter may come front and center for many right now.  How much time do we really have and what do we do with time…or how do we SPEND TIME?
Are you trying to pile up riches that will turn to dust?
These aspects will very likely turn up the tension inside the earth and really start her shaking…and all for the eclipses coming in August.
This is literally, shake n bake.
This can also release the sweetness of the ripened fruit of many years of efforts too.  This will be the balm for those who may have been seduced down the path  of false truth, or the ILL-LUCE-ION’s of Neptune/Poseidon who has and will continue to be in rulership at 14* of PIsces.  That also means that She has been touching back on her square to Saturn in Sag…now 3* separation again.
Dreams coming into the cold-hard truth of reality.
This is a Clash of the Titans again…POWER of the few…VS POWER OF THE MANY.
This is a time where many people, will pull back and take a look at the promulgation being played out on the silver screens of immense wealth and abject poverty and angst at the same time.
Take a closer look at that Fire Trine, with Saturn/EL at the peak at 22* Sag, being nicely supported by Uranus, planet of change and brilliance out of the blue, at 28* of Aries (Yes wide, but they have touched and gathered energy that is still very much activated now) and the head of the dragon at 26* of Leo the Lion.  This is support to activate the SOUL’s PLAN.
With Uranus, it means we must take a unique or different approach, and with Saturn, that must use the tried and true formats that this earth requires, which is reasoned and well thought out.
Now, while all this is going on, we also can see that Saturn is squaring Chiron the Wounded Healer who is at 28* of PIsces.  This is deep spiritual wounding and trauma from both within and without as people struggle with their own spiritual belief’s even as the disgusting truth of abuse at the highest levels of the Church lead us right up the road past the Egyptian Obelisk to the Pineapple paired entrance of the Vatican itself.
Where is YOUR GD?  Is He/She alive and well within you too?
Can you see GD on the faces of those around you?  In the plants that smile back at you and wink with delight when you ‘WITNESS AND LOVE THEM TOO?’
Over and over have we shared with you, the meaning of EL-e-MENT, (GOD MIND) and literally, earth, air, fire and water?  It is all EL E MENT-ARY MY DEAR WHAT SON?
This is also often an auger of WAR, and we will hear the drum beat steadily as the bell rings louder and louder…this will depend greatly on the soundness of the markets, as belts begin to tighten up getting ready for Saturn’s entry into Capricorn, his rulership at the end of the year.
Before I get into what that might mean, let’s take a peek at the eclipses coming in August, shall we?
This will start from her birth at the new moon at 0* at 5:45AM on July 23rd.
The LION will return to us leading up to the dog days of August.

What leader will take the world stage with a major announcement?  By the time Luna waxes into her fullness at 15* of Leo, there will be plenty of anger and hostility, but also some fresh perspective and leadership from both a forgotten wise keeper and some of the youth that came here prepared for just such a time.  Luna is being eclipsed by her starry paramour whose light she basks in, is now under attack as the sun is still cocky with Mars alongside of him at 11* Leo.
As she tightens her grip and wanes into her darkest place, she is like a black-hole ready to swallow the sun entirely in the Full Solar Eclipse at 28* of Leo on August 21st at 2:30 PM EDT.
Mercury/Hermes will have brought new communication and information into the mix as this eclipse hits the west coast of the United States and cuts the north and south as she heads to the East Coast, it will be the first time in 99 years, that such an eclipse has taken place across the entire country.
You read that right, it will CUT THE COUNTRY IN HALF.  This speaks of a great division being regurgitated and could foretell of a great rift being exposed.  This will also have a strong pull on the coastal plates and that volcanic ring of fire.
Mercury/Hermes can’t wait to bring the news down into Hades Lair flying easily over the River Styx.
I expect great revelations, disruption, and exposure along with some wise healing taking place, with those old wounds being exposed and Witnessed, then healed through the Light of Truth in the New Daylight.
The Greatest of These…is LOVE.  We are planet H-E-A-R-T…E-A-R-T-H..ART.
It is time we remember exactly that, and not a minute too soon.
Oh, and Saturn…Old EL’s foray into Capricorn coming?
It’s a Family Affair, more on that later…
Cut down on expenses, or pay the price later…
Here is a taste, just go through history..
Saturn in Capricorn 
December, 1929 to November, 1932
Remember these fun years?
January, 1959 to January, 1962

February, 1988 to February, 1991
After Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr. displays the power behind the throne as he makes his true entrance upon the world stage…Oh, there he is.