Monday, August 21, 2017

The Lion Roars out of the Dark Night of the Soul

Please read part I of this blog, here:
There was evening and there was morning, a third day. 14Then God said, "Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night, and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and years; 15and let them be for lights in the expanse of the heavens to give light on the earth"; and it was so.…~Genesis 13
This New Moon Eclipse on August 21st. at 2:30 PM EDT as Lady Luna swallows the sun in her long shadow EXACTLY at 28* 52’of Leo the Lion in what has been dubbed, “The Great American Eclipse” because it will be visible ONLY in the skies of the USA as they cut a path that stretches from Salem, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina slicing the country in half.  This also makes the first band of what I am dubbing, ‘The Great Confederate Flag Eclipse’ since there will be another eclipse in April of 2024 whose path will make the other band.
This is the symbology that jumps out at me.  A lot of Leo’s will feel as though they can finally kick
off their training wheels and RUN ON ALL FOURS LIKE THE KING OF THE JUNGLE THEY ARE, or just the need to ‘RUN!’ Mostly since they are having a hard time inside their own skin.
The Great Lioness is giving birth…
She is giving birth after travelling through all the ‘mansions’ of Leo, exposing the weaknesses as well as strengths.  Leo can be too boastful, brash and sometimes selfish.  He can also be a wonderful protector and provider of the pride/family.  He can be very generous with both beautiful things and trophy’s as well as compliments and can be just as easily seduced by them.
An evolved Leo beaming at you can feel as though you are revolving around the sun itself, they have rock star magnetism and charm.  They are among the very best actors and actresses…D R A M A… which can either entertain or just be a petulant demand for attention.  Some famous Leo’s: Mila Kunis, Jennifer Lawrence, Madonna, Charlize Theron, Sam Elliot, Robert De Niro, Lucille Ball, Robert Redford, Helen Mirren, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Cattrall, and how about politicians?  Barrack Obama, Bill Clinton, or even Herbert Hoover?
Now we add another layer to the mix: During this occultation, as lady Luna and her paramour conceive they will be swimming in the powerful energy of the star, Regulus who is also in occultation at 0*Virgo and Regulus, and is literally called: ‘the king maker’, he also represents the fall of a king, depending on how honourable the crowned king has behaved. 
Our two guiding lights, will be extinguished…no sun will beam down, the moon will not reflect back his great light and power.  No, the sky will go dark…LIGHTS OUT.  Now is when we must rely on our own pilot light.
The Lion King represents the EGO.  I find that interesting as the lights go out in Leo, ROYALTY & LEADERS are all in a state of CHANGE.
We are living in the ‘Age of the Self’ or as one documentary maker so aptly titled it, “The Century of the Self” which does a superb job of outlining our human trajectory.  You can find the documentary in its entirety here:
The Angel and the Small Scroll
4When the seven thunders had spoken, I was about to put it in writing. But I heard a voice from heaven saying, “Seal up what the seven thunders have said, and do not write it down.” 5Then theangel I had seen standing on the sea and on theland lifted up his right hand to heaven. 6And he swore by Him who lives forever and ever, who created heaven and everything in it, the earth and everything in it, and the sea and everything in it: “There will be no more delay!…
We have ‘Self-Checkouts’, we ‘pump our own gas’ and we also have auto-immune disorder.  The ego has taken a beating, while at the same time, seducing the world into gaudy displays of wealth that used to be quite unfashionable in previous generations.  There is a great line in the movie, “The Devil’s Advocate”, where Al Pacino (playing the devil) explaining to Keanu the now successful attorney (because of Al’s help) how easily he seduced him: Pacino says: “The seven deadly sins, my personal favorite, ‘Vanity’…as the great seducer, gets ‘em every time."
There is so many false teachings, ‘fake news’ and confusing and conflated information going on out there, actually seducing people down the false spiritual path that somehow means you become ‘rich’ or now have a lot of ‘stuff that turns to dust’….sorry, this has NO THING TO DO WITH SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION.  Remember…Jesus did NOT GO AROUND PREACHING HOW TO GET MORE STUFF, BIGGER HOUSE, ETC…NOR DID BUDDHA, CONFUCIOUS, OR ANY OTHER TRUE SPIRITUAL TEACHER.
Buddha, actually taught that desire…’wanting’…stuff or other, was the cause of human suffering.
All become enlightened, through the ‘BRAVE HEART’…COMPASS ION.
At the end of the journey for Leo, he finally learns what a gift he has been given to light up the world with laughter, charm and generosity.
NOT take it all as winnings for his vein ego…
Since this is an eclipse, the sun and moon conjunct the head of the dragon (north node) so this is also portends a spiritual awakening, a doorway ‘through the eye of the needle’…
Jupiter/Zeus (JeZeus) is forming a wide trine of support for the greater good at 20* Libra and he sextiles Saturn/EL who is getting ready to Station direct at 21* Sagittarius, where he has been th still at 21* Sagittarius, the archer 
glowering over Saggies for far longer than most of them can handle.  He is however, ready to anchor in a noble stream, for those who have isolated their strengths and are ready to move forward with Saturn when he stations direct on August 24 and really starts to gain speed on the way to Capricorn the Goat, as the ruler.  Mercury/Hermes is Retrograde at 8* Virgo, he is pulling back the curtain on Healthcare, Service, and the need to take a step back and perhaps hide from the world for a time, as you refresh, restore, renew and reconsider your approach to communication, a new ordered universe begins to take shape.
More on the eclipses headed our way in the coming years:
We can also see that Mercury, in ruler ship in Virgo and Retrograde, is also opposing Neptune/Poseidon (also in rulership in PIsces at 13*) now too, so there is an awful lot that is going on behind the scenes that is not in line with what is being projected and/or spoken, these are deep dark secrets that might find a way through the darkness and return like a Lion as the sun comes out in full glory once again.
Many of you will feel as though you have been in a boxing match, running a marathon and should be able to take a breath and step back now, as you don your new wardrobe with the stripes…THAT YOU HAVE EARNED…
We can take the energy of supportive Uranus, who Stationed Rx this month, returning to assist the sun and moon at 28* in EXACT trine.
This is a tinder box of FIRE.  Expect FIRE to be a major subject on the news as it was ravaging and even forced some Eclipse travelers in Portland to have to vacate for their own safety…that is another theme…’VACATING FOR SAFETY’….expect major earth changes in the form of Volcano’s, Earthquakes, Major Storms and Floods, as all are activating the Earth’s Magnetic Field and Uranus likes to make changes through…’ERATIC AND REVOLUTIONARY MEANS’.
This eclipse will set the stage for the next decade, let alone the next 6 months to a year, especially as we lead up to the eclipses at the beginning of 2018, on January 31st, a lunar eclipse with Moon at 11* Leo/Sun 11* Aq and then on February 15th with the new moon, we have another solar eclipse at 27* of Aquarius.
As stated in the previous blog post, this eclipse is a part of the Saros cycle, and I do find it interesting
how much George Soros has been in the news as of late, I think we will hear of difficulty’s besetting him, possibly even leaving the earth plane by the next eclipse…I also think the Queen Mother will leave us by February of next year if not physically then by title.
As for America?  Well, I already pointed out that it forms the Confederate Flag, and if you have not been living under a rock, you know just how much discord is being sewn.  The next 8 years leading up to that eclipse on April 8, 2024 at 19* of Aries, will have us coming to resolution on this matter, but not until after the whole thing goes up like a tinder box.
This is all leading us into Saturn’s ingress into his home base of Capricorn.
All of this is culminating off the FIXED CROSSES, SQUARES, formed by Pluto squaring Uranus and Jupiter…and other stellar players, so our idea’s of what we once thought, were ‘FIXED IN OUR MINDS ON THE WORLD STAGE’, and also within our own matrix have gone through a major overhaul as the REVEALATIONS continue to pour out the truth…(even as Neptune is used to obfuscate and confuse).
Speaking of Pluto/Hades, he is also still squaring Jupiter from his perch on the mountain at 17*
Folks, our government will NOT BE THE ONE WE ONCE KNEW.
Pluto in Capricorn.  This is DEATH.  It is the destruction of political belief’s and dynasty’s…of government as we know it….and we will continue to see a MAJOR TRANSFORMATION OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT LEADING UP TO HER PLUTO RETURN IN 2021 AFTER THE SATURN/PLUTO CONJUNCTION IN 2020.

Ultimately, there are signs everywhere that point out the changes…
Kim Jong un has some terrible aspects to his own chart, as does Bill Clinton…(who also may not live past February of next year either).

So, go inside and find that light licking the walls of your inner soul, as the sun reappears, so too will your own light be ready for the World Stage…how will you re-enter? 
We’ll be here…we’ll leave the light on….

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A Moon Shadow Eclipses The Mason-Dixon Line X Marks the Spot

“Nations, like stars, are entitled to eclipse. All is well, provided the light returns and the eclipse does not become endless night. Dawn and resurrection are synonymous. The reappearance of the light is the same as the survival of the soul.” ~Victor Hugo
Here is a little ditty from the Farmer’s Almanac: 
“Dog Days bright and clear
indicate a happy year.
But when accompanied by rain,
for better times our hopes are vain.”
Certainly, eclipses have portended major events throughout history, and since the Full Solar Eclipse just so happens to cross the US from the West Coast to the East Coast, an event that has not happened since 1918 and we have not seen a Total Eclipse that is ONLY visible in the US since our country was founded in 1776!!!
If you really want to dig up some information to create a better foundation of comprehension as to just how big the astrological times we are navigating, go back and read this blog on Pluto/Hades in Capricorn here:
If you have read the blog posted, then you realize that Pluto is also about to return to his placement at the time of the birth of the USA…where he has not been since and we recalled some of the benchmark dates of that period.
This eclipse pattern is also part of a larger pattern called the ‘Saros Series 145’, an eclipse pattern that happens every 19 years, the last one on August 21, 1998 and previous to that on August 22, 1979.  I find it numerically interesting that we also have our ‘45th’ president who is being greatly aspected by these eclipse patterns.
Then on April 8th 2024 we have the second band of the fallen cross at 19* Aries, this is the magic number ,7 years later.
So let’s start adding up the ingredients for change, shall we?
We shall start with the first eclipse when Lady Luna becomes full on August 7th at 2:10PM EDT at 15* Aquarius the Water Bearer.
Mars/Ares is still firing up his camaraderie at 11* Leo the Lion with our Stellar guide at 15* of Leo in the Dog Days of August.  They are getting a lovely breath of fresh air to feed those flames from a sextile to Jupiter/Zeus at 17*Libra and a fiery trine to Saturn/EL/Lord of the Rings for support at 21* Sagittarius.  This also occults the star, Dubhe who at 15* of Leo, will lovingly but forcefully push for change.  This is a lot of activity in Leo the Lion…strength and courage are always associated with the Lion and remember, this full moon, partial eclipse was born on July 23rd at 0* of Leo.  This is the Fixed Cross, so the more fixated you are and the less open for change you are, the more difficult this might be for you.
She is ‘exposing’ what has come to the surface especially since the last new moon.  What do you really invest the most attention or energy into?  Now we shall see the shadow exposed. 
It goes without saying, that Leo’s or those with planets being aspected by these eclipses will be effected the most, and we can magnify that the closer to the path of the eclipse you live within.  Now to this, we add all the other fixed cross signs: Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus who will also be feeling the effects of this eclipse for good or ill or a mixture of both.  The new moon last month was birthing Leo…and all of Leo’s qualities; leadership, courage, charm, strength, heroicness, playfulness, humour, pride, entertainment.  They swallow the sun and allow His brilliance to be cast upon us at their whim. 
You can find where you might fall on the spectrum of how much you are being affected personally by considering the following: Some people may have found their voice, their inner strength and have begun to roar, and also realize just who or what might have been ‘eclipsing’ your own voice and light?  Are you speaking up for yourself for what seems to be the first time in a very long time…ever?
You can feel the power of the lion in the belly, as in ‘fire in the belly’ or ‘a gut instinct’.  To feel strength, one must feel a sense of ‘wholeness’ or ‘pride’, as in an entire family or ‘altogether’. 
This will bring up issues surrounding what a family is or means to you, to the nation since the eclipse at the next new moon crosses the entire country from the west coast to the east coast.
You might start to feel as though you need to put more joy into your life, go for a ‘joy ride’ down sunny streets or pull out your crayons, paint and canvass and let your inner artist come out and play or just paint a room a sunny colour.
It could go much deeper than this, if the issues are more about finding the strength to explore your creativity somehow at work, or how much you feel that your work impinges upon the space for your creativity?
Uranus just stationed RX on August 1st at 28* Aries and Mercury/Hermes will Station Direct on August 12th at 11* Virgo the Virgin who will give birth on September 23rd when the sun enters Libra.
The eclipse will first have the sun swallowing up the moon in Aquarius when she is full on the 7th so the feminine, the moon, ‘the people’ may feel as though they are not being heard, but this will come to fruition in the fullness of the full solar eclipse on August 21st at the end of the territory of Leo at 28*.
Here, the moon will swallow the sun and the path of the Total Solar Eclipse will cross our country from the west coast to the east coast for the first time in 99 years.

Here is a link for safety and further info from NASA:
You cannot look directly into this eclipse, people have been blinded as their retinas were burned.  I cannot believe I even need to say that, but people really don’t know better apparently.
Saturn/EL is also still riding closely to the Galactic Center and like a great ship whose rudders are shaking as she tries to change course, he is divining that serpentine energy right into our cosmos now, so we are surging in energy.  Look at the information on the rise of the Schuman Resonance as well as ultra-violet radiation increase.
So when we put mind to action, we are steering that energy into creation…the question is what are we or YOU creating right now?
As we head into the solar eclipse, and the energy peeks and wanes, prepare for a major shift along with the rift that is ripping the north and south apart…be vigilant

for peace and open to truth.
As we near the full eclipse, will return with much more, including how much this aspects our current president and vice president’s chart.
This eclipse series is part of a much larger serie
s called the SAROS SERIES.  

The first window to this eclipse will be on February 15th, 2018 when we have a partial solar eclipse at the opposite end of the Lion at 27* Aquarius.  At this time, we shall see just how we have managed to navigate what has come to the surface, both in our personal lives and on the world stage.  How is the USA managing this division?  This could be the revealing of a deep scar.  The first band of the cross.

That will open up another doorway that will also last for 6 months, but keep in mind, that the larger door, is going to be when the other band of the cross forms on April 8th,  2024 at 19* of Aries the Ram.

These times will literally be putting the nails in the coffin of the US, or shall we say, ‘Cross’…especially as we come out of the World Square of Pluto to Uranus and the subsequent ‘Crosses’ that were made as planets and nodes crossed the other two points to form that cross.

When we add, that Transiting Saturn will conjunct Transiting Pluto on January 12th, 2020, followed by Transiting Saturn conjunct the natal USA Pluto (and all of this after the two have dug up the detritus and opposed the USA lineup in Cancer, the moon, the people and specifically the MOTHER OR women.

We are heading into Pluto’s return home….and 2020, is for me, when people will finally have 20/20 vision.  It is also the Judgement Card.  Lord help us, the chickens are coming home to roost.

Will it be too late, when enough people finally see the divide and conquer routine?  Or, will we actually coalesce and find the right candidates that are not part of the regular ‘status quo’…and TRULY OUTSIDERS?

With Saturn/EL heading into his own sign, he is finally returning home, after his long trek around the wheel….he has taken his sickle and become rather uncomfortable until he finally makes it back to the top of the pyramid again.

That is Pandemonium….PAN.
If we have lived in excess, we will PAY FOR THIS.
And, Saturn will want to take back the Old man’s rights and power that the feminine has fought for.
The times, they are a changing.
Heaven help us, we will need it.