Thursday, September 21, 2017

Fallen, Fallen is Babylon

Dream of Twin Towers Imploding

Way back, sometime before George Bush became president, I had a prophetic dream. (One of many)

In the dream, I became lucid when I heard screaming and a male voice over riding all the screams stating: ‘The energy centers are imploding, the energy centers are imploding”.

The building I was in was shaking, rumbling as I made my way outside of the Cimmerian surreal hallways and tried to wake myself.

I found myself at the edge of a shoreline looking across the water and I recognized the skyline of New York City in the early morning hours.

The sun was trying to force itself through the dark mesh that had cast itself over the city and into my mind.

My body split as it remotely viewed a huge gaping hole sucking everything around it down and deep into the underbelly below, with the sounds of huge explosions preceding. I wondered if I was ok from my own location on the shores across the harbor. I was assured that indeed, I was ok where I was and would not be injured.

Within minutes, a second huge explosion took place and again the same male voice screaming “The energy centers are imploding the energy centers are imploding”.

The earth was sucking up the building as if it were dissolving into her belly in a magma and molten inferno like an inverse volcano.

People were screaming and running in all directions.

In the skyline before me, the pillars of smoke rising above began to turn into images of the sages and saviour’s who have come before us in history. 

Starting with "the Buddha" (the "Enlightened One"), and then turning into Jesus (the ‘Anointed One’) then Krishna they were all formed by the pillars of smoke that were 1,000 feet tall.

Each one said basically the same thing in different ways, but they were all saying: “Love One Another” “Do unto others as you would do unto yourself”.

Finally, the last form takes shape again in a thousand foot tall pillar, only it is a woman who is of medium coloured skin with a tall neck, whom I confirm along the way in mystical experiences that will follow, is Mary Magdalene.

She stands arms outspread as a mother who is concerned for her children, but whose children refuse to listen to wisdom and continuously disobey the teaching that is for their own good.

There is such a deep concern and love in Her eyes, as she surveys the earth below and all of Her children who She cares so deeply about.

Then, this Tall Woman, (Mary Magdalene) walks out of the plume of smoke and onto the planet. As she does this, I turn to see my sister Barbara, driving up in her silver car. She opens the window and tells me to get in the car.

(My sister Barbara, was already passed away when I had this dream, but has often come in dreamtime to help guide and teach me.)

I get into the car and we drive off into the eerie waking morning under burnt umber and autumnal red skies. In the distance, I hear another explosion/implosion.

We arrive at a building, Barbara tells me to enter and she follows me inside.

Barbara takes a seat in the very rear of the stadium style seating at the top and I look to see this same woman (Mary Magdalene) now seated in a large royal chair in the center of the stage no longer 1,000 feet tall, She is now just a very tall woman with a large presence that fills the room as She holds court.

I turn back to look at Barbara and implore her as to what is going on, and she simply nods to the area directly in front and below me, and tells me to pay attention.

There in front of me are several male politicians in suits and secret service talking with the usual hidden communication devices. Some of which I know very well, one a former president and the others gathered around him as he whispers to them his plans as to how they will get around this woman.

I am shocked, I think to myself: “How on earth do they think they will possibly get around this woman, didn’t they just see her standing 1,000 feet tall and walking out of the plumes of smoke, clearly in succession to the avatars preceding Her?”  I wake up, very shaken and disturbed by this powerful dream.
It leaves me visibly shaking for days.

On the morning of September 11, 2001, I am readying for work with the strangest of feelings, a friend calls me to ask me if I know what is going on? We turn on the morning shows to see one of the Twin Towers smoking and as we are watching, we see another plane hit the other tower.


I call one of my living sisters to somehow find a rudder in this horror, and tell her they are coming down. She replies that her husband says they are built to withstand this kind of impact from a plane; they have to be by regulation because of their height.

But I still know they are coming down.

The energy centers are the money centers; currency is a term for money and is also a term for electricity. We are learning about energy by exchanging currency/money. They are one and the same.

Every year starting with the year 2000 or the millennium as it is known, in Roman Numerals is MM.

That is Mary Magdalene, or the return of the Divine Feminine in marriage to the Divine Masculine, the return of the Fisher King.

All we have to do is to Love One Another and for a short time following the incident, I thought it might bring people together to do just that, somehow out of that horror, we might find our hearts are connected and that we need each other.
Those two towers were built by the Solomon Brothers no less, and of course, as stated many times, that is "the soul of man" or the Sun and Moon.  It is Jachin and Boaz.

That was an evil spell (the lesser magic) that was cast upon us and the breaking of the towers that connect heaven and earth, which was symbolic or allegorical of the disconnection from heaven to earth.

That weekend, I had already scheduled a retreat that we had designed and were going to lead called: “On the Wings of Fairies in the Emerald City”.

We called all the attendees to see if they were still up for the retreat, considering the events that had taken place. They all said not only did they still plan on attending, they were looking forward to coming, they needed the retreat.

One night during the retreat, while walking under the canopy of stars, I watched the lights and felt the clarion call had gone out to places far distant, that the earth was in grave danger, and things had been forever changed.

I recalled the images that shaped and formed out of that inferno, looking evil and satanic and wondered just what terrible daemons had been conjured up from the abyss on that fateful day.

It seems, rather than allow a natural waking process to take place, where we do indeed find each and every one of us are connected and to begin to truly open up our hearts and ‘Love One Another’.  This of course is the ‘Greatest of These’ from Corinthians 14 4:13.

We have been sucked into a vortex of division and hatred.

Somehow so far, they have managed to ‘Get around Her’.

At least by some appearance sake, but I have an abiding Faith, that in reality this is impossible, and a Greater Hand that teaches me to believe in the beauty that surrounds me and in every good deed and each heart flame, one at a time, igniting the other and reminding us of the seeds that were planted in us so long ago.

"All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen."

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

The wind is still crying Mary, listen to your heart song and you will hear her whisper the ways of love, by way of the heart.

31) “That is why I said to you, be of good courage, and if you are discouraged be encouraged in the presence of the different forms of nature.

32) He who has ears to hear let him hear.

33) When the Blessed One had said this, He greeted them all, saying, Peace be with you. Receive my peace unto yourselves.

34) Be aware that no one lead you astray saying Lo here of lo there! For the Son of Man is within you.’

~From the Gospel of Mary Magdalene

I have shared this dream many times over the years now, it was on the original ArcAncient Website and of course, I shared with my students.  I hope you enjoy the telling and can glean from it a strong message of hope, love and the inevitable return of the Divine Feminine and Her natural bounty.

I have many dreams and teachings from Mary Magdalene, which I will share both here and in my upcoming book.

After that fateful day, my body would not let me go…this is what happens to me.  The warning bell clangs louder and louder, vibrating me from inside and from somewhere far past my little being, like it did when my parents house was robbed and would not stop until I listened and confronted the girl whose name they kept repeating. Yes, it turned out she was the ring leader of the group who robbed our house.

It got so bad, I wrote George Bush, the New York Times and the Washington Post about the other premonitions I was having.

The second bad sign that we were going down the wrong track would be: That the US would invade and start war in the Middle East.  I prayed and asked; “how can I stop this, how can I help?”…I was given: “The Night Before Armageddon”, and I was shown “The Night Before Christmas”, which was the terrible display shown to Scrooge to get his heart to open.  In it, the Iraq war becomes a terrible unending murder spree, and the people and Saddam DO NOT JUST SUCCUMB AND GIVE UP SO EASILY.  They burn the oil fields and sabotage everything.  I tried to share this cogently in the letter.  As the death toll and costs, skyrocket, New Orleans is hit with a major hurricane, that overcomes the walls of protection and the City is fully underwater.  I implore President Bush, to consider the costs that will be as catastrophic as the hurricane itself.

I also sent it to my personal friend and coach. 

Almost 6 years later, another friend of my coach’s, Carol Z, walks into my healing center, and with mouth a gasp, states: “Oh My Gd, you are a prophet!  I was filing for (mutual friend and coach) and found the letter you wrote, I read it…and then looked at the date, to see it was dated before the events happened.”

I don’t consider myself a prophet, but I do for some reason and have always been given clear messages that are true and bear themselves out in time.

Chapter II of my book: “Alchemy of the Soul, the Ark of the Ancient’s ~A Limbic System” goes into some of the painful experiences of youth, that etched this knowledge and its credence deeply into my soul and consciousness. It did not come from attending a class or reading a book.

I WITNESS, so many people falling prey, to fake knowledge, to false ‘prophets’ and it really, really saddens me.  I watch them discard the LIVING WORD, for some 'new book' written by some 'charming author'.

I make no claim to know EVERYTHING, NOT EVEN CLOSE.  But I do consider myself a servant, a handmaiden to the Almighty…and I pray to do THY WILL.

Now, my heart wells up with sadness, pleading with Gd, what do I do?  How do I do it?  I have tried so hard to do everything in my power to wake people up.

Cashed in all my stocks to open and co-found the first state certified healing center in Cleveland.  Trained in Aromatherapy and shared that, waking up so many others who had never even heard of it.  Started the Distributorship, when I saw that people would not learn or take the time to use this wonderful healing (from our Master Alchemist, Mary Magdalene) path.  ArcAncient just gives a straight discount…to make sure the proper healing tools are available and we only use the absolute best essential oils and ingredients available.

Along the way, I watched the whole ‘New Age Movement’ (why I listened when angels told me to name the company, “ArcAncient”…because it is not new at all) usurp the actual increasing awareness that was taking place, or as some like to call it, ‘waking up’.

I read for MAJOR NAMES WITH BOOKS AND A LONG LIST OF FOLLOWERS, only to see to my own horror, they were ‘selling bs to make money’ and it was also, ‘usurping real awareness, TRUTH AND INTEGRITY'.

I watched and experienced, the people who fell into my own arms, crying…and asking what was going on?  Kick dirt on me, and choose instead to listen to the other owner of the school, all to get what they wanted, and it was much better for them, if they took the position that I created for myself, to get their own $$$ and degrees, with new promises from this ‘charlatan’, who told me personally, she did not even believe in ‘energy’ healing, or as she called it: “I don’t want to hear about ‘energy/smenergy!”…nope she just wanted to make money.

One after another, I watched the people I introduced to these alternative healing tools, assuage their consciousness and spirit/heart, with the lies that would best suit them. 
I actually wanted to spread the truth and help people heal.

I was naïve.
Finally, I spoke with someone who is well known for her wonderful chakra books and videos.  She acknowledged and confirmed to me, that yes the whole movement has been taken over, by those who just want money. Greed has such powerful foothold on this planet.

No, I don’t claim to know everything, far from it.  I am fully human and flawed.

But the other day, I read someone post and claim (among others) that he walks like Enoch, with the Annunaki. ( Which is Uranus/ANNU by the way) That he and they (he claims he is one, wow!)  He claims to go up into space craft when he wishes and calls upon them and that they, had rerouted the evil plan back in 2012.

Once again, another false prophet, making claims…(that people don't have to worry, they have it all taken care of, so you don't have to do a thing.)


I KNOW THIS.  It is up to US, each and every one of us, because it is all about, just how big the monsters have to get, for us to wake up to each other, and ‘love one another’.
So, reading that, and subsequent dreams, made me know how much I needed to write this all again.

Before I closed the last healing center/store, I was having terrible visions, one very powerful…showed me the Senate Chamber and how they were being held hostage, to the new plan coming.  I drew up an astrology chart and sure enough, I could see that would happen in October of 2008.  I renegotiated out of the lease, to get out of the last 2 years of my 5 year contract in September of that very year.

 April of 2008 I wrote an 8 page plan and delivered it to my local congressman’s office, trying to warn of the coming crash and ‘IMPLOSION’.

I spoke with his main assistant, only to have her ‘not hear me’…when I tried to tell her I was a canary in a coal mine, and that it was coming, but the plan if implemented, could help a lot of people avoid losses, at least locally.

NO ONE back then would hear me, save for a few, close and lovely people that  do listen to me and care about me.  I wasn’t saying: ‘Just focus on the positive, because that is what you make become a reality’…that is so incomplete a statement it has become one of the usurper favorite tools.  Stick your head in the sand, close your eyes…’and pretend’, as if you are an infant…hardly an ‘A WARE AND AWAKENED’ person.  No, EN-LIGHT-EN-MENT’, as I have stated a million times, is your consciousness, literally lighting up so you could see what you did not see before.

Lighting up the mind.

I have had so many tell me, (who also push this bs, albeit ignorantly and innocently imo) ‘what can they do, it is beyond our ability to change anything’.

But they are teaching people ‘empowerment’?  You don’t see the irony here?

They admit they have no ‘true power’…yet they teach empowerment, via, ‘just thinking happy, flowery, good thoughts?’

There is truth to the power of thought and word, I am not saying there is no truth, but that it is a partial truth.  It is not GROUNDED IN REALITY OF THIS DIMENSION 


Anyway, while standing at the counter, and hearing many, many times, this sickeningly, sweet, lies of ‘bless it and let it go’…’only focus on the positive’….you know, because you can wish your kitchen floor is clean, simply by not seeing the dirt.  Wow.

So, I am standing behind the counter, and this young couple tells me, that if I focus on negative things, I will make them happen.  They had NO CLUE.  I asked them: “So, if you could see a Tsunami coming, you believe you shouldn’t focus on it and instead, pretend you can ‘wish it away’ if you don’t look at it?  Intention is a good tool, but wishful thinking can be just that, wishful thinking that will not MATT-ERIALZE.  This is the kind of rhetoric I hear over and over with that glazed over look in someone's eyes, who believes that somehow just saying these words, means they are enlightened.

I closed the shop, and sure enough, the crash came the following month.

I predicted Fukushima….the Tsunami that hit India, the Chilean and Haiti earthquakes and I can go on and on.

I am writing this, because I care.  I care about this planet.  I care about her children and all NATURAL RESOURCES.

That, all by itself, is something that has to do with how I see. It is by way of the heart, setting the heart aflame and igniting the 'heart/thymus'...which of course means: Hear Thy Muse.

Now, I am praying once again.  What do I do Gd?  Mary….I hear the wind crying your name.  I see the knights riding two by two all along the Watchtower. I also see, that devastation, brings us together, and we finally forget all the ‘hate the other guy’ stuff being perpetuated on the planet now, because poverty breeds contempt just as familiarity does, as that great writer said so long ago.

It is when these terrible things happen, for whatever reason, that we finally do, ‘love one another’.

We don’t need a woman, who beats the boys at their own game, and we certainly are not ‘winning’ with a misogynist as the leader of the free world, and if you don’t believe that, you are really…really sticking your head in the sand of hope, but that is not building your home on a foundation of rock.


This is all about the usurpation of the Divine Feminine, the rising not of women who want to be men necessarily, but of women, who reach into the strength of the ‘mother’ aspect of themselves…and say: “NO MORE!”…”I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!”

Stop raping all natural resources, us, (the earth too) for our ‘riches’…stop believing we are ONLY THE LITTLE WOMAN WHO IS HERE TO DO YOUR BIDDING, LIKE A LITTLE SLAVE’.

No, we need to collectively, say…Stop.

Stop these ongoing and perpetual war machines that makes us spend ourselves into debt, making bigger toys that boys have to play with and see work, explode, and give them a false sense of ‘POWER’.

I know this is hard to hear or read, and many won’t, because it is not all ‘feel good, love and light, fluff’. ~ So is heroin at first I hear by the way.  Just another addiction.  Think about that long and hard.

But you know what?  See her power?  See that volcanic eruption in Guatemala?  8.4?  See these hurricanes?  Women GIVE BIRTH.

It is our wombs, which we need to tap into, our HEARTS/EARTH/EART/HEARTH…As I explain from another vision I had, the planet earth is the planet heart. Do you see the last letter become the first and form the word HEART?

Because it will take, ALL OF US, LOVING EACH OTHER.  

That love, is not all syrupy feel good, no more than any REAL RELATIONSHIP, IS ALL SYRUPY~ THAT IS INFATUATION, NOT LOVE.

Real love, can be fierce.  It does not pretend.  It is going into the flames and coming out,alchemized together out of the hardships.  That is LOVE.

I am grateful for all those who never left my side, and believed and trusted in me. 

Thank you.  Thank you so deeply from the bottom of my heart, that reaches into eternity…thank you.  (Everyone's heart does by the way).

Thank you to all of you, who didn’t ‘jump ship’ and go sell those big, corporate pyramid aromatherapy systems, that simply also usurped all the real workers, ONCE AGAIN, JUST LIKE LONG AGO, when they wanted to make ‘money’ from healing.  Yes, we live in a real world, which needs income to survive.

But we can stay in our integrity, keep our eyes and ears open, pray and always try to do what is right, no matter the consequences.

I am only one little soldier.  Together, we can be an army of truth and literally change the world.  My light is on, is yours?