Thursday, July 12, 2018

A New Moon eclipse and a Trine to the Bull

The new moon eclipse on July 12th 2018 happens at 9:47 PM EDT.  Lady Luna will nuzzle up to ‘ECLIPSE’ her solar paramour, our sun at 20* Cancer…her rulership.  Just beginning the 3rd decanate of Cancer they oppose Pluto/Hades who is retrograde at 20* of Capricorn, opening the CARDINAL directions, they will also close out or eclipse out old patterns and habits.

You have a fresh new road to embrace.  Some will feel as though they are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel from February’s new moon eclipse at 27* of Aquarius, which bleed into the Cardinal sign of Capricorn, where Pluto/Hades now stands in opposition to the sun and moon’s liaison.

Pluto is the ruler of the underworld, mobs, taxes, wills and of course, Scorpio, who is legendary as the insatiable sexy lover.

With Saturn/EL also retrograde at 4* Capricorn, pulling back the veil to help expose all TRUTH while he is gearing up to meet up with Pluto later in 2020.

Jupiter/Zeus has just gone direct and is now at 13* of Scorpio he is ready to expand the horizons and open up the pocket books again, people will start to
splurge and feel a bit more positive, without really even knowing why.

Of course, just as some see the opening and can breathe again, others will feel the opposite way, they will be going down, ships passing in the night.

You may also have found yourself ‘magically transported’ in recent weeks, as if you have been put into a time machine and are reliving the exact feelings and good vibes from times past, out of the blue.  (Even decades ago)

The opposition to Pluto may bring some earth changes, while Mars is also retrograde at 7* of Aquarius, or when Mars, Saturn and Pluto go direct in the coming months.  (You can look this up, here):

Mars will travel his circuitous route through the heavens back to 28* of Capricorn.  Best to follow your gut instinct after you mull things over.  Tempers have been flaring with the currents charging the energy up to this new moon eclipse, lots of emotions being opened up and the rivers gushing…

We also have a lovely trine, being made from Saturn/EL at 4* Capricorn reaching across to Venus/Aphrodite who is at 3* of Virgo (where she is not so comfy, but she will get earthy and real) and Uranus who is at 2* of Taurus.

This earth trine, will have people tidying things up, sprucing up the homesteads and finding time to entertain at the home.  This is great for gatherings and cookouts.  It is also good to seed some ideas and put some real plans in order that are practical…(after following the gut instinct and sitting with those ideas and plans, and then finding practical ways to implement them as the planets go direct again.)

You will see things come to fruition or exposure as we near the full moon eclipse on July 27th when the moon is eclipsed at 4* Leo. Mercury/Hermes will begin to station retrograde on July 25th at 23* of Leo, just before the full moon eclipse…so…things could get frustrating and confusing to say the least.

Once again, we will see the changing of the guard as we head into the August eclipses…hang on.

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