Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The New Moon Finding Balance Between the War of the Sexes

Our lovely Luna is in perfect harmony as she nuzzles up to her solar paramour at 15* of Libra in the new moon at 11:46 PM EDT on October 8th, 2018. The duo also forms a hard square to Pluto/Hades who is at 18* of Capricorn may put the somber realization of just how much there is to be done, to achieve the transformation that is necessary.

Many may be feeling as though they have hit a wall of resistance right now, and deep inside the cold nagging fear that something ominous is floating on the horizon, even as the sun and moon do their best to find peaceful resolutions and moments of calm.

The storm?  While Jupiter/Zeus has drug up a lot of painful memories as he transits Scorpio, Venus/Aphrodite now Retrograde in Scorpio is forming a challenging square to Mars who is at 9* Aquarius, another fixed sign…this will have people digging in on different sides of the issues…and the classical, ‘male vs female’ dynamic stimulated into full charge with the energy of the new moon.

Uranus is opposing Mercury/Hermes who is at 28* of Libra, also trying to find the balance before his exit, but ultimately realizing there needs to be a new form of communication.  We have to reach a higher level of awareness to deal with the detritus of the past.

As we near the full moon, we will find the sun has cozied up to Venus at 01* and 04* Scorpio respectively, as the sun has now found his way to illuminate all that dark mess that creeped out, that magnifying love EL-ement opposes a 0*Uranus now electrifying the moon who is at 1* Taurus, and EL is supporting both via sextile and trine, so what we have here, is some reconciliation and medium ground being found, that hopefully has indeed found that virgin ground of shared values, pain and healing…together.

That of course, comes AFTER the blow ups that could spill out onto the merry making, as Neptune trines Venus on this new moon, from her perch at 14* PIsces.

Careful what you are energizing now, it is going to become much bigger in the future screen of your life, as Venus/Aphrodite/Inanna makes her decent, she is retrograde and does not begin to station direct on November 15th when she has travelled all the way back into Libra, where she will rule again at 25*, coming just weeks after Jupiter ingresses into Sagittarius, where he also rules.  Justice may be on its way after all.