Wednesday, January 2, 2019

The Lord of the Rings Climbing The Mountain Towards Hades


2+0+1+9=12 (1+2) =3               MMXIX


We start a THREE -3- year with Saturn/EL hanging out right along with the sun at 11* degrees where both will be on the 2nd day of the year together.  Not too far ahead of the pair, is Pluto/Hades also in Capricorn the Goat at 20*.

Just when you thought you could not handle any more endings, this year will be full of them.  There are many cycles ending this year into next year, Jupiter and Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto, Saturn and Pluto all have cycles ending this year into next year. 

Ever since Pluto/Hades ingressed into Capricorn on September 12th 2009, and the world square to Uranus that began at 8* Cap and Aries respectively, on June 24th of 2012.  Pluto has been leaving a devastating path in his wake. He has caused a crisis in evolutionary consciousness digging up and leaving nothing but scorched earth in his path, preparing the ground for the rebuilding process of Saturn/EL coming up to meet with him exactly on January 12, 2020 at 22* of Capricorn.

        (Pluto will ingress into Aquarius on March 24th 2023.)

Saturn/EL entered Capricorn on December 19, 2017.  He is driving behind Pluto, putting new structure and ORDER OUT OF THE CHAOS.  (Saturn ingresses into Aquarius on March 22, 2020.  He spends part of the second half of 2020 in Capricorn again, because of a retrograde that begins in Aquarius on May 11th, 2020.  He is back in Capricorn on July 2nd until he finds his way into Aquarius on December 17th of 2020.)

In the meantime, the entirety of 2019 will be a wild ride as earth changes continue, as the first day of the year is a 5, portending the year ahead as one of change.

With Saturn swimming alongside of the sun as he traverses Capricorn territory, a serious overtone is emphasized.

This will be a year of determination, discipline, duty and hard work.  Already, many will find themselves getting rid of excesses, cleaning out the old and creating a more conservative atmosphere. 

Meanwhile, Mars/Ares has ingressed into his own sign of Aries giving us plenty of energy to complete our tasks.

On March 6th Uranus Ingresses back into 0*Taurus.  Here in this earthy “I HAVE” sign, our sense of self-worth may be challenged, with things that come out of the blue.  This will also auger new technology in earth energy and manipulating the energy grid.    Uranus, planet of ‘REVOLUTION’ with his erratic orbit, is not too comfy in the earth sign of Taurus, and we are likely to see an uptick in earth change, earthquakes, volcanic activity, etc.

v Mar 28 2019 Pluto conjunct S Node 22* CAPRICORN

The tail of the dragon is excreting all that does not have integrity or necessity, or was unwisely tethered or built upon that which is not essential, especially with regards to our structures and governments.  We will see people jumping like rats off a burning ship.

It will be like squeezing the last bit out of the toothpaste tube for the rest of the year.

 The head of the dragon is in the complimentary feminine energy polarity in Cancer, the moon.

Here, she is digesting and leading us into nurturing our souls and feathering our nests.  This will definitely bring our retirement, Social Security, Social welfare net, all of this will be major themes for many of us this year.
Back and forth, we will go through a series of wobbles, between what we truly need, and bouts of regression of spending fits that we believe will slake our soul.

The snake is shedding his skins.  (Pluto the snake) to find his deeper soul truth, and what HOME really means.

This will be so much about the mother, what MAATERS, the material, 
how what we extract from the earth takes a toll on all of us in ways long into the future.

With Chiron ingressing into Aries on February 18th of this year, this will expound on Saturn’s theme of responsibility, as people finally pick up the pieces of their own mess.

It will no longer be about blaming religion, or that search, but about truly growing up. When we put the theme of the SUN/IDENTITY/HONOUR and the idea of the MOTHER/CANCER we have a BRAND NEW ME TOO MOVEMENT.

From last years, “Me too” movement, we will see that turn into the men’s “Me too” movement, but this year, it will be the return of the ‘gentleman’.

There will be crisis’s that will bring the issue of what
really matters ‘Me Too’; right to the forefront in many 
ways, faith will be tested.

It will be new technology, combined with old ways and inventions that are the most respectful to the earth that will make appearances this year and bring hope.
III  He will say; “Me too, I’ve seen this kind of wounded 
boy/man too” as a twist on the movement as we all grow in integrity.  There will be some rise of ‘me too’ men, but mostly it will be the rise of the responsible male, and the role models that lead the way into true maturity, the standard of the man with integrity will see a comeback as they ask their brethren to rise up and be better men too.

The last time SATURN CONJUNCT PLUTO was on 11/8/1982 @27* LIBRA, that cycle is winding up this year.

This is a maturation cycle.


Aphrodite/Venus was born from the foam of the sea where Uranus' penis fell. Her name in the Greek language means "the one who has risen/emerged from foam".  So literally, Venus is the cream rising to the top.  Our own limbic system developed out of fish/sea over 500 million years ago.  Submerged in the dark night of the soul now, true integrity and temerity is discovered and will indeed, help those who have those characteristics more developed, rise to the top of life right 

Venus/Aphrodite, rising out of the sea is often shown in famous paintings as a beautiful goddess rising in a sea shell.  The sea of course is Neptune/Aphrodite who is her higher octave.  Here in the water a reflection is now cast.  What beauty is seen in the Neptunian waters, able to cast a spell on Narcissist? 

It is these times and these carefully, mystically designed calculations that have wound this clock/Saturn/EL exactly to this moment.  Layers peeled off, from both our own illusions about ourselves, and the illusions that have occluded the world.

We start the year with Venus/Aphrodite at 23* Scorpio forming a wide trine to her paramour, Mars/Ares who stepped into his dominion of Aries on the same day and is now at 0*Aries.  She is also currently in a lovely supportive trine to our healing, wounded Parsifal, Chiron the wounded healer in our own chart, the skeleton key to the 360 degrees/mansions in the chart, who is now at 28* PIsces.  It is Chiron that pierces the leaden ring/veil of Saturn to access the higher octaves of angelic spheres in our galactic being.

That is a lot of active and constructive energy designed to heal a lot of our old feminine and masculine architypes and lifetimes of lessons for both, emerging a much stronger and self-aware, yet compassionate human.

The times test our own humanness, our deepest spiritual beliefs in flames both internal and external in circumstance, until all that is left is the TRUE ESSENCE/ESSENTIAL BEING.

Of course, that is also why ESSENTIAL OILS/from ESSE (to be, to exist)
and OILS (from olere, to emit a smell or be fragrant) are so popular now.  They are the LIGHT OF THE PLANT WORLD HELPING US FIND AND ALIGN WITH OUR OWN LIGHT AND OUR TRUE SPIRITUAL AND NATURAL CORE.

We will also see the continued release from Neptune/Poseidon who at 14* PIsces, is squaring an 11* Jupiter/Zeus in Sagittarius.  Both are in rulership.  The bounty can be immense, it can also create great big walls of water.  This can both bring money to the ‘banks’/shores of the sea and it can also take it away just as quickly. 

This will have more of an effect on; PIsces, Gemini’s, Virgo’s and Sagittarius.  Your dreams are either going up like balloons or you may be lost in unrealistic hopes or plans without the earth of a good foundation.  Many other aspects must be considered and all the planets are players as we can see.

It will help fuel the dreams and hopes of many who needed some creative juices to inspire new visions and with Uranus wanting to take over the helm and rule the age, Neptune is showing us the last vestiges 
of her own age too.

Thus, we even see the terrible sight of dolphin’s, whales, and whole schools of fish of all types, beached, dying and dead.

They are the visible display, as well as the drug crisis that is on both the legal and illegal side of the aisle.  Neptune leaves her own domain on January 26, 2026, which is only 7 years away.

Jupiter and Neptune are in their closing square now, and are finishing their own cycle that began when they were conjunct on July 10th 2009 in Aquarius, they will meet up again on April 12th 2022 when they are both at 23* PIsces.
Whatever dreams you may have launched back in 2009 with that conjunction have either shown you that they were illusions or will now be growing into a whole additional level and expanding.

It is definitely good for creativity and dream time.

Now, we circle back to the numbers.

12/3 so we have the one/Magician/I finding the power within, and taking control over/charge over one’s life and finding your own causal actions and what works and what does not.

2/II/High Priestess: Taking the creative/generative forces and command over your own resources/what you have within your own response ability/realm.  Partnering with like-minded people to create what is necessary on the planet at this time, and especially leading up to the 3/Three/III Goddess.
To create in harmony with the beautiful green goddess Tara/Gaia/earth.

There will be many miracles and we will also need them.

This is of course the Trinity of Support and Inner Divine Guidance.  Three can be emotional and there is sure to be much of that this year again, as we have entered a period of mass migration on the planet.  This is emphasized with Jupiter/Zeus in his own dominion of Sagittarius squaring Neptune/Poseidon, forcing the issue onto the world screens and as one that needs solutions into the next several years.

The president will see a continued onslaught coming down around him as more and more comes out, with new dangers this month and culminating in the July eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn again.  This will put pressure on him mentally as well as to his heart. 

Cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are once again in that turning wheel of fate, pushing and pulling us, opposing and winding open the special gifts, lessons and healing that only times as powerful as these can trigger.

Aquarius, Leo’s, Scorpio’s and Taurus have all seen the head and tail of the dragon, triggering your own gifts and insights, readying you for these times as you are well on the way of your new path.

Our own government in the US is experiencing a shut-down in part, over how to deal with our own border/immigration situation and how and what we are willing to spend, all while our own debt/deficit is seeing levels that are alarming at best.

All of that is a prelude/harbinger of the coming times, leading up to the infamous 2020 when we will indeed, have a far clearer ability to see the truth, and as I have been saying, will have 20/20 vision.  It is also the Judgment Card.  XX

This year, is our own short period, to make the bed we want to lie in.

This challenging period we have all been through, has so many transformed into entirely different people than they were before it all began.  Thinking very different thoughts, or finding themselves on the side of a belief they may not have thought of before.  Some people will wonder, who are they?  For others, the journey has made that more crystal clear than ever.

 Where are you going?  What is your passion?  What are you willing to endure for/pathos/pain?

These times call upon us to rise to the best of ourselves, and Saturn/EL in Capricorn is laying down the steel rails, click, clack, click the train picks up speed.

The date of the Chinese New Year 2019 is February 5, 2019.  We begin the year of the earth/pig.  The pig wants to indulge in the earth, literally finding himself playing in the mud.
The colours are red and white.
Stay the course.  God speed.

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