Monday, February 18, 2019

A Snowy Virgin Moon Details the Future Evolution

And God said, “Let there be an expanse between the waters

To separate water from water.”

One of the first basic science experiments we do in learning the different states of matter, is with the example of water.  We know that when the temperature is 0 °C or 32 °F.  In this instance, water is a solid.  Above this temperature water remains liquid.  Then there is the boiling point*(1), which varies depending on altitude, where water turns into steam and evaporates, condensation in clouds and the recycling continues.

So God made the expanse and separated the water under the expanse from the water above it. And it was so. God called the expanse “sky”. And there was evening, and there was morning—the second day’ (Genesis 1:6–8).

So, we have our foundation built upon ~ water.

We are also made up of around 80% water, and every single cell in our body, is encased in ‘hard water’.

The reason I preface this message with this, is to try as best I can to explain what is happening on the planet and how the bodies of light we see in the heavens, have an effect on us, because this is how I experience energy many times, very liquid-like.

‘And God said, “Let there be lights in the expanse of the sky to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark seasons and days and years, and let them be lights in the expanse of the sky to give light on the
        earth.” And it was so. God         made two great lights—the greater light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night. He also made the stars. God set them in the expanse of the sky to give light on the earth, to govern the day and the night, and to separate light from darkness. And God saw that it was good. And there was evening, and there was morning—the fourth day’ (Genesis 1:14–19).

We seem to have forgotten this part of our instruction manual.

Decreed in Word/Logos from the beginning by God, He tells us the earth was formed out of water and by water.

He also states that the heavens existed within the waters.

People always ask me what it was like, when I died.  One of my experiences was that it was more liquid-like, because you are watching ‘waves’ of everything moving since it is all connected.  This is the same thing I experienced when the two Great Angels, took me and showed me a vision of something that was actually happening at the same time, in another location.  I have seen things remotely, this was different.  I was literally ‘pulled up through water’ like emerging out of a swimming pool.  It felt exactly the same, only it is not wet.

When I shared this and the revelation in connection to Psalm 91 with my spiritual counselor, she said: ‘and the bush that was burning was unconsumed, because it is the Holy Spirit’.   Every light went off.

I knew that the ‘DISCIPLES’ (HAVE LEARNED THE DISCIPLINE OF THE RINGS OF SATURN/EL, thus no longer needing to learn discipline by Saturn/EL as the state or the universal teachings that will come) who share, ‘the WORD OF GOD’, call it that, because they LIVED THE WORD OF GOD.  Thus, they are commanded to write it down.  (I also had to have the matrix to develop and connect this information, I HAD TO HAVE FAITH.)

To this I will add another story I have shared many times and that
is the experience in Athens, Oh when I was at an herbal retreat.  We only ate what was grown on the property.  Everyone is charged with going out and gathering food, all prepare and cook.  It becomes quite the gastronomic delight.

Around about the 3rd day or so, I was having a conversation about energy, while sitting on a large, sun-warmed rock in a small stream.  All of a sudden, I could just see everything moving like liquid, the energy moved through the trees, along the stream and everything appeared to be moving…’under water’ and the rock was in the middle of the ‘CURRENT’ of energy.  (CURRENCY)

Why?  A confluence of events, no doubt occurred to generate that experience.

I personally believe that ‘becoming one with/atonement’ by eating with the earth and in her cycle and environment had a lot to do with it.


I have attached a link to a great ship, navigating a storm:
Navigating rough seas:

I do believe it goes without saying, that we are experiencing CHANGE all over planet earth.  You don’t have to be an astrologer to simply have eyes to see.

However, as an astrologer for over 30 years now, what I see is breathtaking and disconcerting.  With a future of promise, ONCE WE NAVIGATE THIS CHANNEL.

Like great locks in a channel, our ship will enter things in stages.

Readers will recall that the last time, Pluto and Saturn were conjunct in Capricorn was back in 1518 at 4* Capricorn.  In the meantime, they have come together in other signs, for instance they were last together in Libra, back on November 7th 1982 at 27* Libra.  So, we are in a ‘wheel within wheels’ or a Saturn/Pluto cycle, within the great Saturn/Pluto cycle.

As those heavenly bodies move through ‘The waters they create great waves that ripple and impend upon us.  Look down at your phone, no connections, just that little instrument that is ‘channeled’ into each other riding the same frequencies.  You can talk to someone, text or watch a video with sound, picture, etc. and all in real time if you choose.  Yet there is no physical connection that you can see.

The same holds true for our personal space ship the earth and our own personal vehicle, the body we each have inhabited for this incarnation.

We are encoded, like a mother board with our own personal matrix, created from the Divine, living in this dimension, a finite being inhabiting a finite, physical yet living organic being.

So, if you were sitting in a pool and people were moving around you, you would feel those waves, those currents.

Even though you cannot see ‘the waters’ that surround us, that we now navigate, they are there just the same.  I think in part, it also is the Neptunian device that I can watch a ‘movie’ about something or someone, which my own physical being did not experience, at least yet.  It becomes the ‘inner celluloid strip that plays upon the projector of light.’

Well, Neptune/Poseidon, ruler of the waters, seas, oceans is in her own sign of PIsces at 15*, sitting in sextile to a 16* Saturn/EL in Capricorn who is on his way to meet up with Pluto/Hades in January of next year.  She is also forming a square to Jupiter/Zeus who is now at 20* Sagittarius.
El and Jupiter are IN RULERSHIP.  Pluto is dancing on the tale of the dragon, which is magnifying his own tail.  THAT IS VERY POWERFUL.

That means their energy as at its peak, like a fully charged battery.

This little cycle, wheel within a wheel, the common moon cycle that started in the new moon on February 4th at 15* of Aquarius, is expanding/waxing into her full being, February 19th at 10:53AM, when the sun is at 0* PIsces standing across the heavens of a 0* Virgo New Moon.  She is a SUPER SNOW MOON.

She wants a brand new start in putting order to things.  New organization.  Paying attention to your health.  It is putting the details and discipline back into our spiritual pursuit.

Some of you may recall me telling the story when I was told: ‘We are living in the time of REVEALATIONS’.   Of course I was ecstatic and at first only thought about how wonderful that would be, when people would know the true Light of Gd.

When what has been kept in the dark, secret and hidden would be revealed, Mystery Babylon.

On December 6, 2017, President Trump formerly acknowledged Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital.

They have been working now, for a long time creating everything that will go into the rebuilding of the TEMPLE OF SOLOMON.

They are already making walls, columns prefab, so everything can go up, within 3 days.

The Temple is in the shape of a man. 
Rub your temples.

The rebuilding of the Temple is in line with astrology, the Great conjunctions of Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto all in Capricorn, and Saturn and Jupiter will tip into Aquarius, zinging on Uranian energy.

Saturn is EL, as you will recall.  

Sol = sun  Moon = Moon
Sol = soul mon = Man or sun of man/woman.

As Above, So Below

As that Temple is being rebuilt, and will LITERALLY GO UP OVERNIGHT, (3 days) ~so too, must we be rebuilding our OWN INNER TEMPLES.

Neptune is ILLUSION, but grounded in reality she is unfathomably gorgeous, art and music the highest octave of LOVE.
 Just not the sticky, sweet, 'pretend and shallow version' so often being peddled, both as forms of ardor and in trite sayings without the depth and knowledge of real love.

The more we haven’t excavated our souls and laid bare our foundation to be rebuilt, the more difficult will be discernment during this time, IT IS GOING TO BECOME INCREASINLY HARD TO KNOW WHAT THE TRUTH IS.

Saturn is Discipline/Discipleship.  With great discipline, can one master the vessel that is tempted in this world, on one end of extreme to avoid, is the temptation of the flesh…and on the other…GREED.  That which the “I” seduces the ego with self-importance, time to wash other people’s feet.

All of us have to navigate this world in this body and the temptations that come with this world.

Either will seduce you out of the desert, if you are anointing the Christed Being within you at the temp-EL and are not building that Temp-EL on THE FIRMAMENT.  The only true way, is through love, entering the upper-heart chakra.  

Jesus on more than one occasion told the disciples that what He taught them in private, He taught in parables to the ‘public/profane’ who were not properly tempered to hold the LIGHT OF THE WORD.  This is why, we were commanded: 'seek and ye shall find, knock and the door will be opened unto you."

I recall after I lived in the barn, without running water, skirting madness as I pulled off one layer after another of the Illusions I had encased myself inside.  All the beliefs and the ‘self’ I became, to contort myself into this world.
The thing is, we have to live into the rules sometimes, to grasp why they were implemented, but peeling back those layers, exposed myself to me, the good, the bad and the ugly.

When I came back, it was like a ‘re-entry’ and I could visibly see the bubble people were walking around in, like a demarcation in invisible waters.

It is so easy to lose ourselves inside these ‘waters’.  This is of course, why as I have stated so many times now, is the reason Jesus is walking on water…He is illustrating that He is above the ILLUSIONS of the Age of PIsces, you know…where the disciples also caught 153 fish.  PI

The more caught up in this world someone is, any of us are, the
harder it will be to navigate this time and discern the truth from the barrage of falsehoods on their way.  We haven’t seen anything yet.  Because this world has sticky ‘NETS’.  It isn’t to play silly games and avoid the truth like a child, yes a child with the greatest imaginations, unspoiled yet have not made us all ‘VANISH’ since we always play, ‘peek a boo’/I can’t see you’.
Saturn/EL is the planet of responsibility.  Not avoidance…that is Neptune.

So we must, as I have stated, all grow up and become adults this year and Saturn is going to assist us in doing just that, willingly or unwillingly.

The irony of someone like me, saying this is rather ironic all by itself, since I love to play.  We can see what happens all too often with famous people, very hard to handle that kind of power, no matter who it is, so really what we see is US.  How would we be capable of handling any of that power, fame, extreme wealth, and would we become corrupted metals or forge ourselves a stronger integrity?  What we do know is that the wisest among us all through history tell us that men need to have ‘discipline’ and monitors to help them keep their own soul in check.

EL-e-MENT =GD MIND.  Make the sign of the cross, creating a sacred circle and calling in with respect, the EL-ements.

Solomon’s Temple is a cross, just like man is.

Mars at 3* of Taurus is hanging out with Uranus who is at 29* Aries getting ready for his re-entry back into Taurus again, and they form a lovely trine and sextile to the moon and the sun respectively.  That is energy being granted to us to shore up the balance and prepare.

Mercury at 16* of PIsces is bobbing along with Neptune, which can make some great art and music, but also can confuse reality a bit more too.  (this is a running theme back and forth this year).

With Venus/Aphrodite at 18* Capricorn is sitting between Saturn and Pluto right now, forming a nice little love-bridge, so this is a good time to make peace and see the value in what clearing away some of the old forms that have outworn their purpose but not throwing the baby out with the bath water.  This time requires rolling up your sleeves and implementing a disciplinary practice. A step by step plan of getting to the top of the mountain, or ascending the INNER SPIRAL STAIRCASE to your temp-EL.

This is the end of many ages and former methods of how we sculpt, use, inhabit and recycle the material/finite world we inhabit.

 The less we pay attention to what new models of structure in government are being removed and created, the more we may wake up in a world where our options have run out…not paying attention, ‘Neptune’, is allowing the time to expire without utilizing this opportunity for your soul’s growth, for the forging of your own temple.

The end of next month, may have us wishing this time back…difficulties on the world stage may well arise in the form of engaged and increasing conflicts.

These things are happening whether you believe in them or not.

We are here now, build your temple.

That is why I have been stressing the anointing blends.

Last blog, we passed along information on anointing, and our own Valentinus Blend.  Now you may have a better idea as to why.

This year is a proving ground.  We must rebuild our temples!

We use the oils, the ESSE…ESSENCES. TO FIND OUR OWN INNER LIGHT, OUR INNER truth and realign ourselves.

There are many people suffering from strange illnesses, this will continue.  Essential oils and even better, a masterful blend from reliable sources, like will help.

Prayer and meditation will help.  Connect with the EArth!!! HEARTHEART EARTHEARTH


Monday, February 4, 2019

Poseidon Releases Dreams as Anu Super-Charges the Atomosphere

New Moon 02/04/2019 4:03PM EST 15* Aquarius
Part of Body: Lymph vessels of left lower leg

Sabian Symbol: A big-businessman at his desk.
Here we see the need to take care of business, literally.  In Aquarius and while Venus/Aphrodite is newly entered Capricorn at 1*, this earthy formation has us putting our ducks in a row, in one corner or another.

Ambitions and attaining future goals will be on most people’s radar.  Time to put things in order and plan.  In Aquarius, we have a better ability to detach from the personal and see things from a more logical if not even practical approach. 

This also forms a really kind sextile to Jupiter so DREAMS AND VISIONS with Jupiter at18* Sag, who is squaring Neptune at 15* PIsces.  Guess what?  Neptune and Jupiter are also both direct and in their rulership.  That is POWERFUL.
Mercury/Hermes is buoyantly alongside the sun and moon union at 19* Aquarius, so he is only too happy to send the air-waves abuzz with lots of new information about new candidates and their new platforms.  We shall see some refreshing new words hit the airwaves with new approaches.

How we dream and all ACT TO MAKE THE WORLD THE ONE WE WANT, is critical in this time frame.

Aquarius asks us to take new approaches.  This is also tapping into the recently finished nodal cycle in Aquarius and Leo, So those signs can feel the squeeze, but not like our cardinal signs.

With one level excavated at a time, the cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and CAPRICORN’s are being completely exhumed and rebuilt in some area, and for many it is in more than one area and can include life-threatening situations.

We will say goodbye to many people and old situations this year and this new moon has us pulling up our big boy/girl pants and once that overhaul is done, the rebuild coming will be as clear and clean as it gets.


Of course it is normal to have fear and it is not a sign of spiritual weakness, in fact it is wisdom, but that does not mean you won’t be up to the task.


The less you can truly see your internal blaze, the more the clear-cutting will continue.

Pluto is like a bunker-buster. 

Now he (Pluto/Hades) is at 21* of Capricorn.  He has climbed a third of the way up the mountain of the goat.  He is toppling anything on that mountain that is decadent and without integrity and that goes for your own internal mountain.

You can try to hold on to things that have outgrown their use, including jobs, homes, careers, items, cars, ideals and beliefsBut it will be futile.  You are only detaining the inevitable.

If he is transiting your 1st house, he is rebuilding you from the ground up, he has already gone through your 12th house and done so internally.

If he is transiting your personal 2nd house, than he is eradicating what you thought you valued that gathers dust.  He can threaten your job and certainly will transform how you earn a basic living.  And so on through all the houses. 

Saturn/El is coming behind Pluto to form a conjunction that has not happened in 4000 years.  Here is where you will rebuild the gleaming structure of truth.

Of course we see endings all over the planet now.  These are powerful endings.

Jesus says: ‘Have you found the ending, good…for then you have also found the beginning.”  And this is true.  This is especially true for these times we are now living.

Mars T Square at 23* Aries conjunct Uranus at 28* Aries forming a square to the Head and tail of the dragon at 25* Cancer/Capricorn respectively and that taps into

Pluto at 21* Capricorn too, just ahead of a 15* Saturn/El.

Mars is happily home in Aries the Ram.  He is fully direct and in charge of ambitions and energy and with Uranus he is highly charged and excitable.  Forming the squares can have EXPLOSIVE consequences as Uranus acts like a lightning rod, drawing down the currents to this super-charged square to Pluto.  Let’s hope this won’t turn into war with Pluto at the helm which would be nuclear.  At the very least, we see a newly ramping up nuclear arsenal happening that has not happened in decades.

That said, on a microcosmic level, this can be harnessed to get vast amounts of work finished.  Watch tempers, be careful driving.  This could put pressure on the earth and her fault lines as well as volcanos.

This can put pressure on your own inner volcano too!

This is also fuel to help us up the mountain to get a clearer picture and to rise above situations.  How you use this fuel will be up to you.

This new moon will culminate in the full moon on 10:53 AM February 19th when the sun finds the asteroid vesta at her hearth at 00 PIsces. 
This is also a good time to tap into your community and volunteer to help those having a difficult time and to plan future events and organize.

There will be a lot of MEETINGS.
Tap into the theatre of nous and draw from the bosom of this sweet earth, the time has come for RAINBOW WARRIORS.  Notice how you are running into your fellow tribe again?   Like cogs bringing you back around to each other?  This time you will gather together and move forward in much more stream lined vehicles, with all your new knowledge and with much clearer eyesight less the spiritual goo that occulted the truth previously.  This will make this time, the winner.

This is also the beginning of the Earth/Pig/Yin year.
She is 'EARTHY/EARTHY' HERE, so again, we see the emphasis on the physical world and the need to take stock in what 'I Have...….' is followed by.
Much healing to be done, but a new world is breathing just ahead.