Monday, February 4, 2019

Poseidon Releases Dreams as Anu Super-Charges the Atomosphere

New Moon 02/04/2019 4:03PM EST 15* Aquarius
Part of Body: Lymph vessels of left lower leg

Sabian Symbol: A big-businessman at his desk.
Here we see the need to take care of business, literally.  In Aquarius and while Venus/Aphrodite is newly entered Capricorn at 1*, this earthy formation has us putting our ducks in a row, in one corner or another.

Ambitions and attaining future goals will be on most people’s radar.  Time to put things in order and plan.  In Aquarius, we have a better ability to detach from the personal and see things from a more logical if not even practical approach. 

This also forms a really kind sextile to Jupiter so DREAMS AND VISIONS with Jupiter at18* Sag, who is squaring Neptune at 15* PIsces.  Guess what?  Neptune and Jupiter are also both direct and in their rulership.  That is POWERFUL.
Mercury/Hermes is buoyantly alongside the sun and moon union at 19* Aquarius, so he is only too happy to send the air-waves abuzz with lots of new information about new candidates and their new platforms.  We shall see some refreshing new words hit the airwaves with new approaches.

How we dream and all ACT TO MAKE THE WORLD THE ONE WE WANT, is critical in this time frame.

Aquarius asks us to take new approaches.  This is also tapping into the recently finished nodal cycle in Aquarius and Leo, So those signs can feel the squeeze, but not like our cardinal signs.

With one level excavated at a time, the cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and CAPRICORN’s are being completely exhumed and rebuilt in some area, and for many it is in more than one area and can include life-threatening situations.

We will say goodbye to many people and old situations this year and this new moon has us pulling up our big boy/girl pants and once that overhaul is done, the rebuild coming will be as clear and clean as it gets.


Of course it is normal to have fear and it is not a sign of spiritual weakness, in fact it is wisdom, but that does not mean you won’t be up to the task.


The less you can truly see your internal blaze, the more the clear-cutting will continue.

Pluto is like a bunker-buster. 

Now he (Pluto/Hades) is at 21* of Capricorn.  He has climbed a third of the way up the mountain of the goat.  He is toppling anything on that mountain that is decadent and without integrity and that goes for your own internal mountain.

You can try to hold on to things that have outgrown their use, including jobs, homes, careers, items, cars, ideals and beliefsBut it will be futile.  You are only detaining the inevitable.

If he is transiting your 1st house, he is rebuilding you from the ground up, he has already gone through your 12th house and done so internally.

If he is transiting your personal 2nd house, than he is eradicating what you thought you valued that gathers dust.  He can threaten your job and certainly will transform how you earn a basic living.  And so on through all the houses. 

Saturn/El is coming behind Pluto to form a conjunction that has not happened in 4000 years.  Here is where you will rebuild the gleaming structure of truth.

Of course we see endings all over the planet now.  These are powerful endings.

Jesus says: ‘Have you found the ending, good…for then you have also found the beginning.”  And this is true.  This is especially true for these times we are now living.

Mars T Square at 23* Aries conjunct Uranus at 28* Aries forming a square to the Head and tail of the dragon at 25* Cancer/Capricorn respectively and that taps into

Pluto at 21* Capricorn too, just ahead of a 15* Saturn/El.

Mars is happily home in Aries the Ram.  He is fully direct and in charge of ambitions and energy and with Uranus he is highly charged and excitable.  Forming the squares can have EXPLOSIVE consequences as Uranus acts like a lightning rod, drawing down the currents to this super-charged square to Pluto.  Let’s hope this won’t turn into war with Pluto at the helm which would be nuclear.  At the very least, we see a newly ramping up nuclear arsenal happening that has not happened in decades.

That said, on a microcosmic level, this can be harnessed to get vast amounts of work finished.  Watch tempers, be careful driving.  This could put pressure on the earth and her fault lines as well as volcanos.

This can put pressure on your own inner volcano too!

This is also fuel to help us up the mountain to get a clearer picture and to rise above situations.  How you use this fuel will be up to you.

This new moon will culminate in the full moon on 10:53 AM February 19th when the sun finds the asteroid vesta at her hearth at 00 PIsces. 
This is also a good time to tap into your community and volunteer to help those having a difficult time and to plan future events and organize.

There will be a lot of MEETINGS.
Tap into the theatre of nous and draw from the bosom of this sweet earth, the time has come for RAINBOW WARRIORS.  Notice how you are running into your fellow tribe again?   Like cogs bringing you back around to each other?  This time you will gather together and move forward in much more stream lined vehicles, with all your new knowledge and with much clearer eyesight less the spiritual goo that occulted the truth previously.  This will make this time, the winner.

This is also the beginning of the Earth/Pig/Yin year.
She is 'EARTHY/EARTHY' HERE, so again, we see the emphasis on the physical world and the need to take stock in what 'I Have...….' is followed by.
Much healing to be done, but a new world is breathing just ahead.

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