Sunday, June 16, 2019

Strawberry Fields Forever In The Wet and Wild Full Moon in Sagittarius

June’s full Strawberry moon.  Harvesting berries under water. This one is another doozy! 


This summer is almost set to begin on June 21, at 11:54.  First we shall have the moon bloom into her full light on Monday, June 17th at 4:30 AM, when she will be at 25* Sagittarius the archer.

This is RIGHT ON THE GALACTIC CENTER (27* Sag), this is a MAJOR DOORWAY.  What are you calling into your life, be careful, because it will come to the door.

Lots of pitter/patter as this full moon, has Gemini on her
Asc. In EDT.  Gemini being the polar opposite to Sagittarius.  A lot to communicate as Luna increases, we will feel the force and an exigency to get things done, that we want to put out into the world. She flies by Jupiter who is at 18* Sag now and in square to Neptune/Poseidon who is at 18* Pisces…DREAM.

Saturn/EL is still sitting on the tail of the dragon, the south node of the moon at 18* Capricorn, and that can be disturbing, making us nervous or pensive.  He is also dancing with Pluto/Hades who at 22* Capricorn, is close enough to feel that pull, as they battle over destructive or constructive measures.

They will continue this dance on the south node, well into October, FORCING US to face our past, assimilate, learn and grow with newfound insights and direction to move forward with Saturn as he stations direct in September, preparing that fertile field to rebuild.

They are lined up directly across Mercury and Mars, at
19* and 20* of Cancer/the mother, respectively   Cancer is ruled by the moon and is nurturing and protective with that crab shell.  This is women/children/mother opposing the establishment OR the traditional way of doing things.

We are being asked to look to a nurturing nature and our family in the bigger picture.  Mother Earth.

This prepares us for the coming July eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn, activating that Cardinal Cross again.  For Cardinal signs, this is MAJOR.

But right now, it is the mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sag and PIsces that are being pushed into change too, and we must guard against being sucked into the deep and dark abyss of depression as the past may try to take the ‘if only’ path as our past is being brought up from the depths…of Hades.

This is a major trigger time, we all will need to step back, take some deep breaths (with ArcAncient’s Breathing Easy ©) and proceed with caution.  Watch our tongues.  Mars conjunct Mercury can be rash and hurtful, because it is speaking from wounds and unresolved anger.  Let it visit and be kind enough to yourself to allow some peace and forgiveness to slake that soul and spirit.  This has been quite the ride this past decade, let alone the increasing velocity of the rushing river of time, clearing broad swaths, just like all the water/rain coming down and drenching the Midwest.  C L E A N S I N G.  Release.

Neptune/Poseidon is helping to dissolve some of the
harsher EL-ements, as she forms a sextile to Pluto/Saturn and lovely trine to Mercury and Mars (and the North Node/our collective soul’s calling).

Use Poseidon and her watery depths to wash away old destructive patterns, through art, music, theatre, movies, and any water activities.

This is a very powerful time to get really, deep, soul-healing body-work done now. 

We are being prepared for ACTIVATION.

Yes, we signed up for these powerful times, and we are going to begin to see a reversal of many people’s fortunes.  Those who went up on false claims or without integrity, will now find themselves coming down.  If you have managed to hang in there, you are about to be REWARDED.

Not so fast!  We have a lot to get through yet, but you are now starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel of just why you came here NOW.

Light your candles, give gratitude for making it this far and for the GRAND lessons you have learned and are finally able to integrate and put into place.

Get your ducks in row, THE RIVER IS ABOUT TO SPEED UP.  Make sure you come back for the doozy Cancer line-up… (Pray for peace).

Of course, how the planets line-up in your own chart, is of paramount importance right now, you do not want to miss these activation points.

ArcAncient can help you with 40 years of experience and our highly tuned in psychic/intuitive abilities.

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