Tuesday, July 2, 2019

A Coven Takes In the Wounded Male Healing Him From Battle. New Moon Eclipse in Cancer.

At 2:16 PM EDT on July 2nd, we will have a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE.

It will only be visible to a short band in South America, mostly Chile and Argentina.  It is also the first total solar eclipse, since the USA TOTAL EXLIPSE in August of 2017.

As stated previously, my mother came with some ‘Light Beings’ in my dream a week or so ago, to tell me that the eclipse is already having an effect on people, their emotions and concerns.

Lady Luna will block out her solar paramour as the two line up and oppose Saturn/EL at 17* Capricorn, sitting on the tail of the dragon at 17* and now very wide conjunction to Pluto/Hades RX at 22*, they have come so close, believe me they are smacking waves into each other as they create quite the little undertow for Aries, between 14-25* and push back into Libra’s of the same degree. 

EL and Hades have been transforming Capricorn’s as they demolish old patterns and habits, as well as belief’s that just are not based on facts and in opposition to the other cardinal sign, Cancer, in those same 14*-25* range, turning life upside down for many.  No, I don’t have the news about that stopping now, though as they pass through those degrees and revise and reform structures, once they go Direct in September (Saturn on the 18th at 13* Capricorn, which broadens the current spectrum to 10* of any of the Cardinal signs and then Hades, who travels back to 20* Capricorn and goes direct on October 3rd, the rebuilding can begin somewhat.

Why somewhat?  Because until they form that conjunction on January 12th 2020, many will be starting all over again.  So this time of learning, and revising is crucial to moving forward. 

This is also bringing up all kinds of karmic patterns, lessons and past-lives, which I was experiencing in REAL time, during my waking state a few days ago myself.  Phew!

I repeat, this can be EXTREMELY UNNERVING FOR MANY, as the tale of the dragon can knock you flat out.  It is also where the dragon is ‘releasing, or defecating what he has been noshing on with his head, the north node which is always conjunct the eclipse point’.

Jupiter RX at 16* Sagittarius is still in square to Neptune/Poseidon at 18* PIsces.  Oh are some people swallowing untruths; hook, line and sinker.

Neptune/Poseidon is ILLUSION and easily seduces those looking for an ‘easy fix or way out’, she rules drugs, the pharmaceutical company’s but she also rules music, art, deep spiritual truth’s, the mystery.  In square to Jupiter/JeZeus this magnifies the illusion, but it can also fuel visions and dreams, grounded into reality, especially those formed BEFORE THESE PATTERNS STARTED.

Mars at 0*Leo is conjunct Mercury at 3* Leo (getting ready to station RX on the 7th) and the two form a SQUARE to Uranus at 5* of Taurus the Bull.

They also both form a lovely trine to Ceres, goddess of wheat and harvest.

Topping this off, they are in a lovely grand trine to Chiron at 5* of Aries the Ram.

Chiron is the wounded healer, I have written extensively about in previous posts,
ever since my dream where I was taught that Chiron is the KEY, THE SKELETON KEY to the chart.  Each degree in the wheel is known as a mansion.  “My father’s house has many mansions.”

He pierces the veil of Saturn/EL’s rings.  He is Parsifal, or piercing the veil, to perceive the ALL.  (You see how I love etymology, this is how I am taught in visions and dreams too, since this is well known about me.)

Mars and Leo are also conjunct Juno who is now flying at 5* of Leo the Lion also, and Uranus is in wide conjunction to Vesta, who is at 9* Taurus.

          (Juno is named for the Queen of Heaven and carries a sense of royalty and entitlement.  Juno was patroness of marriage, and the asteroid represents conjugal issues and partnership, especially legal unions.  Status and equality issues are important to Juno, as are strong emotions, and also money matters.  Juno's energy can also manifest with violence, and seems to relate to the concept of the primal feminine quality of power, the Shakti bestowed by goddesses in order for the cosmos to come into being.) ~ Solar Fire

When we add that they are all in Leo the Lion, we are talking about PRIDE.

A pride is the offspring of the lion.  This is putting our words into ACTION regarding what we believe is the definition of family.

          Vesta relates to the Classical goddess of the hearth and family, and is Keeper of the Flame of Life tradition, piety, dedication and service, focused behaviour and efficiency. We are seeing the fires stoke up for ACTION AND LEADERSHIP regarding children, community, family, etc. 

Vesta’s conjoining to Uranus who is uncomfortable at best in Taurus, is requiring change in unique ways and using different approaches than previously tried.

So now, let’s flesh this out in an even more tangible way for you.

When the sun is ‘eclipsed’ by the moon, adding that they are both in Cancer, who is ruled by THE MOON, identities and egos can take a back seat to the MOTHER, EMOTIONS.

Adding all the other very feminine EL-ements to this, we see a new vision emerging, as the concept of home, hearth, family, earth, survival come front and center.

Fixed signs, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus are also getting a major shake-up, between 0-8*.  Former roles are being switched, from one authority figure to the other, between partners, mothers and fathers and in personal relationships, with all the issues previously mentioned, family, home, country, etc.

Uranus wants to turn everything overnight into a techno land, and many new medical advances using recently and continuing discoveries in the health care field, as well as new concepts regarding the earth and her bounty, how to care for her.

Mutable signs (no, didn’t forget you) still recovering in many ways, from your own long struggles and battles from the previous nodal shift out of Gemini/Sag, while Jupiter and Neptune keep dangling tantalizing dreams of ‘what could or could have been’ is also showing you the way through this, via music, art and expressing your true heart, TO THOSE WHO DESERVE THAT LOVE, are being reminded of their dreams, especially those mutable signs; Gemini, Virgo, Sag and PIsces between the degrees of 10-21*.

Everyone is coming to terms with mother, family, children, our own mothering issues, or inner-child healing (great time to do this work, btw) and reviewing how we parent or have parented.  Who belongs to a family?  What are the obligations of

family to each other, under one roof?

And of course, the great debate at the border, will become full blown by the full moon on July 16th, when Luna is once again in Capricorn at 23*, hanging out with those ‘heavy’ planets, Saturn and Pluto, and on that south node with them.

As the sun eclipses the moon on that day, identity and ego can battle the shadows that have not been visited in all of us. 

Mars can make the fuse short and anger can come up, seemingly out of nowhere, especially in square to Uranus.

So hang on, plant your seeds of kindness, light candles to the dark night of the soul, we are going in…hope you have found that inner light!

I have been recommending, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, PhD’s book again, (since I found it back in the early 90’s and felt the wolf, the wildish self, calling me home.  The story of the ‘too good mother’ and of course, the Vasilisa Doll (inner child, mitochondrial/ancestral inheritance from your female lineage) on how to nurture yourself and find your inner fire.

This month will ask us for many prayers and compassion, as well as trying to take a step back from what we think we know and believe, to move forward in the most positive and fruitful manner.

We must show that we are learning or the lessons can turn into a war and division that we might not all come back from.

We can also find that inner-peace and light to truly build upon, as the fear is being stoked to keep us from realizing just how much we need each other, and we always have.

Wake up, we are losing our father today...and we need both the feminine and the masculine for balance, we NEED EACH OTHER.

 Healing the wounded male archetype with love from the goddesses...

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