Thursday, August 29, 2019

Rain Forests on Fire Is the Dollar Far Behind?

Grandmother Luna is at the end of the dark cycle occluding her into her new beginning with our solar ambassador.

On Friday August 30th at 6:37AM EDT when they will both be at 6*46’ of Virgo the Virgin.  They are not alone with Venus/Aphrodite leading the squadron at 11*Virgo followed by Mars/Ares at 7* Virgo creating some mental combustion with the sun at 6* Virgo.  Taking up the rear is Mercury/Hermes at 2* Virgo.

So, this is a whole lot of mental activity regarding earthly matters, pets, service with a lack of actual fire/energy to complete such tasks, save for a 15* Jupiter in Sagittarius still forming a square to Neptune at 17* PIsces, both in rulership, bringing reality for the moment, into GREAT PERIL because of this ‘illusion’ sweeping over the world.

It also brings levity to difficult times, music, prayer, dance, entertainment, so the universe is giving us a balm to slake weary souls.

This can also bring dreams crashing down to reality for anything that was not grounded in practical forethought.

The lack of fire in this new moon chart, will create a lot more thinking about what you might do and less about the actual physical work and financial reality, at least for now.  Try not to be too hard on yourself about what you think you are not accomplishing immediately.

With good reason, while Saturn/EL at 14* dancing with the tail of the dragon, ALSO at
14* and engaging with Hades/Pluto at 20* Capricorn, while both are retrograde right now we are really living through the ‘send in the back up troops’ as the old guard is irritated and threatened we see corporations and a very old male paradigm struggling to stir up fears of the future with solutions of turning back clocks (Saturn) and going back to some very outlived and outworn version of our evolutionary struggle as humankind.  The past is the south node, the past lives, and with both of these gds dancing on it, the very depths of hell are being opened.

So few of the top 1% are capable of awakening to a higher consciousness, just as someone can fall back on their own south node in their chart, when they are too afraid to move forward too.  “I know this place”.  They are prisoners of their own making, worried about 'losing' the paper trail to the master they serve, in a strange comfort of their addiction to greed.

This is bringing up all the fears and the warnings, but SOULS NEED TO BE EXPOSED to ignite the hour of the day we are now living.

The Lord of the Rings will soon station direct at 13* Capricorn on Sept 19th

She has been pulling Aries between 10 and 23 degrees back down memory lane while opposing Cancers between those same degrees and driving over Libra’s again and giving stark reminders to Capricorns how easily they can fall, just like stock markets.  Forcing people to pare down and roll up your sleeves.  I am not being glib about the wide swath of tumult and devastation that has been left in this pairs wake.  My heart goes out to all of those being very harshly aspected.  My admiration goes out to all of those who are here now, and more importantly to those who have ‘ACUTE’ aspects that are triggering them and their deep soul open for these interesting times of deep transformation.
Real estate transactions will finally begin to move forward and see a boost with Saturn’s stationing direct on September 19th also. 

Now, let’s go over the retrograde a bit and this ‘lack of energy’ that leads to so much frustration.  We need to review so much right now, BEFORE we LOCK IN THE FIRST ROUND when Saturn and Pluto fuse their energies on January 12th next year.  We are still too caught up in the past to even possibly move forward, even though things seem exigent and worthy of immediate action.  We also don’t have all the facts, more of which will come out in sheaths next year.  All of our stuff is coming up…internally and externally we see the detritus (our fears) we now must deal with.
But that south node, the tail of the dragon needs to release the OLD GUARD, BEFORE IT INSTALLS A NEW ONE.  
I mentioned that the dollar originated in Bavaria back in 1518 and it was called the ‘THALER’
 In 1518, that town OF ‘THALER’ began issuing standardized silver coins using silver from a nearby mine.

These coins were issued at a standardized weight of 29.2 grams. The coins were called “thalers” because “thal” means “valley” in German, and the coins came from a valley. Get it?
Countries across Europe soon came to recognize the value of a standardized currency system. Countries adopted the standardized thaler coin from commerce. Different governments used different silver and different production methods, but all the thalers were virtually identical.

Thaler/Dollar, see the morph?  Well, next year will see the beginning of the call for new currency, they may start with any sort of government payment/SS, etc. to have to have a ‘card and some sort of new currency system’ that is being implemented.

In the meantime, EL will be racing to meet up with Hades as soon as he stations direct in October and it won’t be long before we are in the fated January 12th conjunction.

Just a few short months away as they END THEIR 500 YEAR CYCLE, and you wonder why you feel this way?

This means that Saturn and Pluto are in their own darkening phase together, lots on the down-low happening as they wind down their cycle that began back on January 3rd 1518.  There is a lot jumping out at us to retreat to the past for safety, but moving forward is the only option and that is surrounded in Cancer the Crab.  That means MOTHER AND listening to the MOTHER, WOMEN OF WISDOM AND THE PLANET.
This is unavoidable, btw, it is only a matter of reckoning.
How anyone can be that much of a luddite that moving back into archaic versions of 'power' is any thought whatsoever is a matter of fear, plain and simple, because it is the south node after all.
You can move forward, think of ways that will help us help each other and 'mother' (cancer) the world, the earth, SHE IS IN CHARGE, JUST WAIT UNTIL SHE STARTS TO REALLY SHOW US JUST HOW MUCH BY THE END OF THE YEAR.