Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bring It on Home, The Harvest Moon, September 19, 2013

Bring It on Home

The Harvest Moon, September 19, 2013 at 7:12AM EDT

Are you feeling the rush to finish projects?  The harvest moon, as she fills up and lights up the nights sky with orange and cadmium/ochre hues vanishing into the stretching void, dotted with the night lights watching over our curious slumber, holds back the night for us to bring in the harvest.

Here in Cleveland, Ohio that has come in fits and starts, with a peekaboo sun and a lot of grey skies this summer.  Nonetheless, we are tasked with the preparation of the goods and nourishment that will sustain us through the coming blanket of ashen aubergine winter days and nights.
Venus (love and partnerships) is in a leaden embrace with El, Lord of the Rings (time, constriction, discipline) and Karma has come to call with the Moons north node (the head of the dragon, emotional baggage and way-shower) and one might suspect that all is a woeful tale, but not so quick!

Sure, Aphrodite is preparing her lovelies for the descent into the underworld, but she is in a very romantic nudge as she sextiles Pluto/Hades (Lord of the underworld and the riches that world has locked within her treasure chest) and he IS in Capricorn, which may seem stingy at times, but he likes to look successful and Aphrodite can certainly be charming enough to seduce our Randy friend into allowing her a few pretty things, the rewards that El/Saturn will also want to give for those who have done their work over the summer cleaning out the attic so to speak, dealing with that karmic dust and storage and not simply overlooking our own participation or the flutter of the bats keeping their radar on all things sticking to our auric fields, as we attempt to drag them down into the depths of the underworld as ‘mine and ours’.  
The moon in Pisces at 25* opposing her lover the sun at 25* of Virgo is swimming in her emotional sea of make-believe and also her ability to love unconditionally and forgive over and over.  While she is still in those last degrees, or at least the energy of the full moon, you might take that advice seriously, as you will soon see.

As Aphrodite/Innana draws away from the old man’s clutches (El/Father) she is still able to warm him up too, since Saturn is exalted in Libra, her fair and balanced mind suits him fine and he has been in a sextile which is also a mutual reception with Hades in Capricorn, this CAN create a bridge over the decadent and harsh reality as long as some truth has been spoken and revealed, dealt with and yes, even Scarlett O’Hara has rolled up her sleeves and done some digging in the fields on her own.

I am not trying to lay down a bed of roses~not completely anyway.  You see, Aphrodite/Venus is pushing into a square with Mars, (action, ambition and energy/passion) and they will be locked on that pressure point exactly at the 18th* on Friday the 27th of this month, so the pressure is building.  Mars in Leo may bring out the puerile tendencies of your male paramour, or your own (female) desire to go out on the prowl and be playful.  That doesn’t always sit too well if Miss Scarlett is the one at home when we know good and well how much she loves to get dressed up for all that attention and admiration and in Scorpio…?  There is one thing everyone should know, you don’t and let me repeat this so you understand me clearly, YOU DON’T MESS WITH VENUS IN SCORPIO.

You know the saying; “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”?  That was written about a Venus in Scorpio woman, I am sure.

Venus in Scorpio is hmmm, let’s see how do we draw this picture up for you?  Oh yeah, remember Glenn Close as Alex in “Fatal Attraction”?  She starts out all seductive, Michael Douglas who plays Dan, cannot resist, even though he has sweet and pretty Anne Archer (Beth) lovingly waiting at home for him.  The PASSION IS SO INTENSE THEY GET LOST INSIDE THE VOLCANO OF EMOTIONS AND SEXUAL APPETITES THAT ARE UNLEASHED, AS IF THEY HAVE BEEN BURIED THERE FOR MANY LIVES WAITING FOR JUST THIS OPPORTUNITY TO BURST FORTH.   Guess what, they probably have.  This is the testing and tempering that Venus in Scorpio along with her posse, Saturn and the Head of the Dragon are stirring up in that sextile to Pluto/Hades (passion and death personified) and that square to Mars in the Lordly realms of the lion.  HE is king of the jungle and he will have to pay, if he has played around lose and fancy especially while the sun that LEO houses is in the saintly and austere realms of the Virgin.

Oh no, this won’t play out well at all if you have been playing either character, Dan or Alex, even though the seduction and the heat were intense, this can only end in an explosive cataclysmic event and the truth will spill out all over the place.
The best you can do is to come clean, and start making nice (using the Venusian charm and gifts of Libra) and while that sun is still in Virgo, humble yourself.

Otherwise, this equinox when things go into balance may have you scrambling when it is too late, especially when that Venus square to Mars in Leo hits the energy field and the worst kind of passion ends just like that story, in a fatal attraction.  Now, I AM not saying there will be an actual death, but I will say that endings are assured; people will sever their ties and go their separate ways.  Saturn will gladly take out his scythe and cut away all that has been left to rot and decay.

So, measure up what is important in your life and put in the energy and effort to maintain the good part of passion, and of course, there is a lot to love about passion that has controlled fire, measured heat and steamy embraces in the cooling and crisp air of autumn.  I am also not disparaging all of you with Venus in Scorpio either, that comes with a lot of heat to control, and YOU KNOW THAT BETTER THAN ANYONE.
And think of the beautiful possibilities that exist, just like the beauty of the natural world giving off its brilliance in burning colours of cranberry and citrine, the last of the fire of the sun that has been thirstily drank all summer is now ready to return the favor and dazzle the landscape; so too can a relationship that has been tempered and stood the test of time.

All this makes me think about temptations in the first place and a conversation with a client opened up to discussing the seven deadly sins as they are called.

Here they are, with Pride at the top, since it supposedly begat all the rest:
Pride, envy, anger, sadness (sloth), avarice (greed/ covetousness), gluttony, and lust.

Those are the little tempters that one might pay attention to with this kind of stellar configuration.

Hey, I am not saying anyone is perfect, just trying to give a guideline and a road map to help us use the stellar lights as a guiding force from the Great Divine Mind for our own good and evolution.

As far as the Uranus (UR/people/change/brilliance) square to Pluto/Hades that is ongoing, the changes that we make now, will ultimately prevail if they are formed by a larger vision or perspicacity in mind, and a unifying field created by the strength of our individual gifts and strengths, and all of this will finally coalesce way down the road in 2016, but my how time flies when you are having fun…oh and getting older. (Cough)

Because it won’t be until then, that Saturn is finally making a nice sextile to Uranus after they have opposed one another; which started this whole divisive field we now live in back in November of 2008.
That’s right, we simply MUST find a common ground, a unifying field to meet up in, or let ourselves continue to be torn apart in the violent opposition of the We/They, Red pill/Blue Pill meme that is being stoked and poked along much to the unawares of those buying into the angry (Seven deadly) warlike drumbeat lulling us along into a far worse scenario, if we allow ourselves to be victimized by the old played out versions of reality that are practically ripping their emperor clothing line off themselves.

Store up a bit, use the time as it was meant, for preparation and moderation, and with a bit of discipline and hard work (Saturn) you can reward yourself with a good night out, as long as you are not using it as an escape valve and you haven’t actually done the ‘home-work’.  Otherwise, use the steamy energy to alchemize your partnership into a deeper shade of blue, royal purple becoming the amalgam of love, a true Venus in Scorpio reward saved only for the worthy and intrepid souls.


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