Monday, September 8, 2014

Full Moon In PIsces, Dreaming the Fire

Everything is so ‘match-stick’ ready now; ready to be fired up in an instant, gratuitous seconds that string life together and leave all the waiting in the rear view mirror.
Uranus used to make random guest appearances and light up the mind with an instance of awe.
Now, as Uranus regains his ‘sky god’ status, ruling this new Age of Aquarius; the anticipation of possibilities has been usurped through the constant contact the new technology (ruled by Uranus) has brought.
People string along sidewalks waiting for the latest new gadget or phone, which will be ever ready to steal away the moments that once gifted us with the luxury of our surroundings and the present.
Now this same new technological wizardry hijacks our spirits into ‘being on call 24/7’ in a continuous stream of alert messages and information that we somehow managed to do without before; before we were mesmerized (Neptune/Poseidon in Pisces, the age we are leaving behind,  as cohort in this drama) into the need for this instant feed.
Gone is the magical silence that once wove its spell in anticipation of that phone call from a new lover, the kind that kept us on hold and frozen, finger tips in mouth with only the mind and heart  racing at the end of the phone that was attached to the wall.  YOU COULDN'T move, or just keep running through life, you had to wait. 
Gone is the wrestling of giving up a night with friends, of whether you should just leave instead of waiting for a call that might not come.  No more is the cauldron that helped cook up the heady brew, the angst of wonder, the slow blooming and budding of love that may go unrequited.
That ring meant everything.
When it came, it was the reward that would set your heart ablaze and reassure you that your new love shared your feelings.
So too, do we see all the 'instant gratification' pseudo spiritual teachings being shared now: 'Be in the Now' 'Get more stuff if you're really spiritual'...and all of it, is really masquerading as being spiritually evolved, when you wake up and smell the burnt coffee floating over the reality of selfishness and false pride.  People seem to not be able to have enough, quick enough.  I myself, become very frustrated with my computer when it freezes, or I cannot open a file quick enough.  Mea Culpa.
Real spirituality has NOTHING TO DO WITH MONEY AND MORE STUFF!  Note, Jesus in the desert or cracking the whip that He fashioned in the temple.  It is an inside trip, and one will do more evolving helping someone else, being kind to others, rather than always needing to feel good and help themselves feel even better.  Yes, you should take care of yourself, but what happened to the code of ethics that taught us not to be selfish?  Be wary of the underbelly of URanus!

New Moon, July 26, 2014 at 3* of Leo.

We are entering some very ‘hot’ times, coming as the moon squeezes out the energy of Saturn/EL/Lord of the Rings finally, going direct at 16* of Scorpio the day before UR-Anus went retrograde at 16* of Aries.
So, do we see they are both at 16*?  They are exactly INCONJUNCT one another in their synodic dance in the heavens.  This is not a comfortable place for them (or any planets in aspect) and the energy becomes very difficult to work together.  Saturn/El being structure, form, control and time in dissonance with UR-anus (former time keeper ‘anus is where we get annual from’) just a longer clock concerned with the bigger picture.  URanus is also ruler of Aquarius, electricity, computers, community and co-ruler of lightening and sudden, ‘out of the blue’ events).  So, when these two are in such distress with one another, they will bring upheaval with their rulership subjects.  Saturn/EL took his sickle and cut us off from the heavens of Uranus, and as he did so, Uranus (cutting off Uranus’s penis) his semen flowed into the seas of Poseidon, and we had the birth of Venus (beauty/love) spring forth. 
Though it brings upheaval, the cracks that form to the structures, allow the light to come through so that hidden things in plain sight become even more evident.  They will definitely shake things up that were once static.  Saturn as he brings up the secrets and reveals that those in power behind the scenes (Scorpio) may have an agenda that is not comfortable with preconceived notions.
 All this while we are feeling the gurgling revelations of the licentious acts that have taken place while Pluto/Hades was retrograde, now getting ready to station direct on September 23rd, 2014 at 10* of Capricorn after having been retrograde since April 14th. at 13*.  Remember, when a planet is in its shadow phase, our own shadow side of that planet’s energy often is revealed.
See your own placement by sign and house to see how that will affect you personally.
Picture the viscous globs of oil rending their way on shore, the serpentine version of Pluto/Hades crawling on his belly and bringing up the dark and odiferous muck that was imprisoned in the abyss.
We had Mars conjunct Saturn in this process, just below Saturn on the horizon (Horus son) at 17* of Scorpio exactly on August 25th, the day of the new moon.  We saw agreements between warring factions try to etch themselves into binding form.  
We just have too much antagonistic energy in the seas we swim in now.  Luckily, on September 14th.  URanus and Saturn will move even further away from each other and no longer in the inconjunct.
The problem is, other planets are also inconjunct:  The sun (ego/identity), now at 16* Of Virgo is forming an inconjunct To Uranus; Jupiter/Zeus at 11* of Leo is inconjunct to Pluto/Hades at 11* of Capricorn and the Moon before she turns full tomorrow at 16* of PIsces, will briefly inconjunct Venus/Aphrodite who is at 4* of Virgo.
We will also feel the wider orb of the inconjunct of Mercury/Hermes who is at 9* of Libra to Neptune/Poseidon at 5* of Pisces.  
What an emotional cocktail fomenting this building full moon which happens On September 8th at 9:39pm E.D.T. at 16* of PIsces.   She opposes her mate, but she is bringing into full view, all that she has filled herself with (Or you have seeded during this time) to reflect back to us who we are and who we are becoming.  Remember the old commercial?  Maj, I think I can ‘see myself’?
A PIscean moon is emotional anyway, but she is home to the dreamers.  She may confuse you as she glides by Neptune, ruler of PIsces.  She will be dreamy though, they could be doozies in tonight’s ocean of deep wonder (And the next few nights).  You can tap into this creative soup, but be careful about decisions made during the allure Neptune casts in her soulful sister.
If they are decisions to change what you have, to trade in for something ‘you think’ is better, be very careful!!!
All that glitters is just not gold, but you will wake up as the afterglow of what was really just a one-night stand, and realize you just had one too many. This can also bring deep spiritual insights, and even a connectedness to the source, or God.
If you can enjoy the buoyant effects Of Jupiter/Zeus who is at 11* of Leo and is sextile to Mercury/Hermes and in a nice trine to URANUS right now, (especially Capricorns and Virgo’s) you might get a lift out of the heavy Plutonian aspects and find your place in the sun.
All The fear-mongering going on, we can thank this heavy Plutonian energy.  I will write later on the usage of the word ‘ISIS’ and how that is actually a very sly way to denigrate the Divine Feminine, and derail that balancing energy of the strong, loving, nurturing feminine God-head that loves the earth and the EL-ements.  This is exactly what is needed on this planet right now!
We are and will be, in the upheaval of the Blood Moons as noted in previous posts, see: until September of 2015 and all the while, we are still in the other tumult of the Cardinal Cross/Uranus square to Pluto that will also not be over until April of 2015.
Change is going to come.
I expect that the next hit, Mars conjunct Saturn at 17* of Scorpio on August 25th will bring some major agreement being etched in stone, at least formulated on the airwaves, and since it is in Scorpio, probably already written and just kept secret.
Now, I am not fond of sharing difficult news...but since these Blood Moons are falling on the High Holy days of the Jewish calendar, and history showing us that unrest always happens in these particular cycles, we knew something was going to boil over as the Blood Moons spilled into the streets.  This leaves most of us with a heavy heart.
The universe always gives us something to help us through such times, and this is no different.
This new moon on July 26th, was in Leo at 3* AND it was in conjunction with the benevolent Jupiter/Zeus at 2*.  This bodes very well for Leo’s, giving them some joy to help with the Saturn in Scorpio square they are experiencing. 
Find some laughter, enjoy children right now…all of us can find a lighter heart through the innocence of children, their smiles, their curiosity and we can become child-like, and enjoy playing ourselves.
Find your roar, your joy, your inner strength and bask in the summer sun. 
This culmination full moon, started with the New Moon in Virgo at 2*, so had lots of organization happening…and if you got that done, then you can revel in the newly organized space, that is rid of clutter.  If not, so much to do now, confusion will reign.
The other major thing we see with Pluto coming to the surface and Mars conjunct Saturn, is the volcanic explosions, lightening (Uranus square to Pluto) and airplane incidents as well as earthquakes.  I wouldn’t want to fly now, but with that inconjunct from Uranus to Saturn/EL easing up, that should help.
This full moon in Pisces, will wane into the darkness of the new moon on September 24th which will be at 01* degrees of Libra.  Let’s hope that a bit of fair-mindedness and harmony will be seeded, and love will reign supreme?  A bit of kindness from this Piscean full moon energy filling the planet and caring for the underdog.  Enough with the thug behavior and the bullying already!
That new moon will culminate with a lunar eclipse, and the next of the 4 blood moons on October 8th.  She will be at 15* of Aries, so once again, the Cardinal signs; Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra will be activated, since this is also right on the Uranus/Pluto square cycle.  Thankfully, it is not on the critical 13*, but it does ignite the final square that will happen on March 16, 2015.
So, let’s lean towards the Joy of Jupiter in Leo and seed the earth and each other with kindness, shall we?  We are all here, swimming in this same energy and we can change that…kindness goes a long way.
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Sending kindness….