Friday, May 27, 2016

Mutable Squares and the New Moon

June 4th New Moon Gemini

We had a full moon, May 21, 5:14 EDT PM
La Luna crossed into the mutable fire of Sagittarius at 1*, she stood opposing her lover as he cast his light upon her, our personal star guide was at 01* of Gemini the twins.

Now, this Grand Trine that we are also swimming in, is in the earth sign’s; and Mars Rx is conjunct the Moon at 1* Sagittarius, so we are asked in all of this, to look beyond, to boldly go out to the largess of our beings, and not shrink into fear, but to use discernment along our path and pull back that bow.
You can thank Jupiter/Zeus for going Direct finally, in Virgo!
To help out, you need to know what carrying your own cross means.

There are 3 crosses in astrology:
Cardinal Cross: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn
Fixed Cross: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius (The cross is also known as Ezekiel’s wheel/vision)
And finally, Mutable Cross: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and PIsces.
The new moon, will activate the ‘Mutable Cross’, which is to say, that ‘The cross you bear’ will be a major theme for the mutable cross people right now.
We will recall that there were also 3 crosses on Golgotha (Skull Mountain, or mountain of death), this
of course, is astrology again for those who are paying attention.
Well, I am writing about this activation for you, but we had to get the special out, now that Mercury has gone direct.  Even though we are still in the shadow of these retrogrades, and so you will experience fits and starts, clumsiness, etc.
Jupiter/Zeus for going Direct finally, in Virgo!
May 9th at 8 AM EDT at 13* Virgo.
This begins the push towards the mutable cross that is forming.  In that moment, Je Zeus was walking with the head of the dragon, and forming a lovely trine to our solar guide who was conjunct a Retrograde Hermes at 19* of Taurus and on the other side of the lovely trine, was Pluto/Hades at 17* of Capricorn the Goat.  So we have been also experiencing the most bucolic moments, often taking us to our childhoods and what we most loved about those days.  The warmth brings up gifts to be opened, as Zeus holds open the head of the dragon.
Then we had Hermes Station Direct on May 22nd at 14* of Taurus the Bull.  He can’t wait to head into his own home which won’t happen until he passes his shadow on June 7th at 23* of Taurus and then finally enters ruler ship of Gemini on June 13th.
Finally, the mutable cross begins forming on June 3rd. and turn into full activation on the new moon of June 4th, at 14 Gemini.
At 10:59 PM EDT, we will have a floating stellium as La Luna, our SOLAR Guide and Venus/Aphrodite are all loving each other and chatting up a storm at 14* of Gemini.  These three stand opposing Saturn/EL in Sagittarius at 12*, the first two arms of the Mutable Cross.  They both square the opposition between Jupiter/Zeus at 14* and the head of the dragon, north node at 17* opposing Neptune/Poseidon swimming very happily in her lordship of PIsces at 12*.
In the meantime, Mars/Ares is still angrily Retrograde in Scorpio at 27* still digging up all that old detritus of our sexuality and the nature of our deep mystery, which is being unearthed for all to see on the world stage, as we question how many who have worn such ‘cloaking devices’ and now revealed caught in the very ‘perversions’ that they railed against, oh “though doth protest too much!”
And Ares is being pushed now by a newly Direct Hermes who will oppose Ares at 25* Taurus on June 9th, when Mars will then be at 25* of Scorpio still Retrograde, so our action and energy is harder to tap into, though it is also digging up the old you, Mars is unearthing us like a plow.
So, we have this beautiful Grand Trine in the earth signs that is being tested by the mutable Cross.  So, those with mutable signs being put on  ‘your cross’, or asked to ‘carry your cross’ or what your cross is, all or some of this is being asked of you now especially those with mutable degrees between; 12*-19* you are being most actively hit in your charts.  This can create tension but WE BUILD WITH SQUARES, WE USE THEM TO BUILD EVERY HOUSE OR BUILDING YOU EVER SEE.  You see, the Square is the MASTER BUILDER HIMSELF, OLD EL.
We see EL Retrograde in the square at 12* of Sagittarius and he will move his leaden being backwards in the heavens until he reaches 9* of Sagittarius on August 13th.
So, the Master Builder is still reserving all his energy to make sure the plans we will build on now, are the ‘mutable’ changes and adjustments we are now, sure we want to move forward with.  In
Sag, Saturn/EL is asking us what we truly believe we know as our Faith?  What do we believe about
Foreigner’s?  Of course, we are debating the actual BUILDING OF A WALL TO KEEP OUT FOREIGNER’S. 
Neptune in PIsces is pouring all kinds of unifying energy into the square, that she knows we all exist within, the sea of consciousness, will demand us to adjust and come to terms with what that really means.
We do live in a Global world, how do we turn back the hands, and do we anyway?  The answer, is NO.
Uranus recall, has long been doing a square dance with Pluto/Hades, lest we forget, so…beside the fact that this is a ‘MUTABLE CROSS’, URANUS MEANS CHANGE.  So, a change is gonna come, you can drag your feet, but that will only hurt you, do you want scraped up knees? 
That said, Uranus is also a ruler of what is uniquely you and in Aries, he is as brash and bold as it gets.  Talk about a fire-starter!  So, even though the square to Hades is wide, don’t even think that we are not still in the mighty deep quaking changes of that square.
Now, we have that stellium of the sun, moon and Venus all over in Gemini…and Gemini wants mental activity, they like to ‘know’ things, and they are also extremely witty and often funny and light to be around, with their little hijinks, just like ole’ Hermes himself likes play.
So, some fun will lead to bringing up some truth’s about fun, and what is important, when is it enough fun and when must we become ‘responsible’ with Old El/Saturn?
There will be many, many idea’s bubbling up now, so write them down!  We are being given the ‘keys’ to the world we came with.  You see, Chiron, the wounded healer, and ‘key’ to the chart, as I
have taught now for over 20 years, and he is ‘Parcifal’.  ‘He who perceives the All’ because he pierces the veil between Uranus and Saturn or the Disciplinarian you must master (The MASTER is EL of this world) and then pierce his leaden shield, entering Uranus, EL’s father’ orbit and accessing your ancient past, as well as the future at the same time.  You enter a no gravity zone that is timeless.
Using Chiron the key at 25* PIsces, he is now in a lovely trine to Mars/Ares at 27* Scorpio, so he is bleeding out the truth, and the deep mysteries.  Our atmosphere is super-charged with this electrical flow from ANU or ‘where the ANNUNAKI COME FROM’ Just as the Nephilim come from Neptune but we are under the RULERSHIP of the EL-E-MENTS HERE, the earth, air, fire and water.
But we can also take that ether ship back and see where we came from too, and if you travel up the spiral staircase high enough, you will see that we are all from the ‘EL-emental’ or God MIND on the earth or heart planet.
We should see an awful lot of people traveling this summer.
Many people will be visiting their old homelands, or parents home, vacation home or space you recall as a child, that again, will bring up both bucolic memories and also some that have an ‘edge’ on them, but here you will see that just like bush that is pruned, you can now fertilize that Piscean dreamer…but build on a realistic model.
Jupiter/Zeus has finally gone direct in Virgo and he is the other handle on this cross, as stated previously, holding open the mouth of the dragon, the north node.  Oh, he is parting such sweet secrets for you now, seek and ye shall find, knock and the door will be open.  Don’t forget, he is also in the Trine to Pluto/Hermes (death and transformation/rebirth/phoenix) at 16* of Capricorn and Hermes at 20* Taurus.  Hermes will meet you at the Crossroads and he knows how to cross the River Styx, so be alert for visitors that have crossed over this very thin veil now.
In Taurus, Hermes assesses what he ‘HAS and we VALUE’ and what it takes to maintain that ‘value’ and even the amount of thinking and organizing that must be done to maintain the perceived ‘value’.
We will question what we own and even worker’s rights, because Taurus rules the average hard working laborer.  What is more important, the laborer or your stock return and retirement?
Ultimately, it is about the world we WANT TO LIVE IN.
What is our civic duty?
The question of ‘socialism’ is on the debate platform, just how much we understand of how our society works and the kind of society or social contract we are willing to embrace.
Expect lots of fun and festivities, while talk of the future is inevitable in discussions around the bar b q in summer outings.
This is gonna be one hot summer….

April 29th, Mercury Rx 23* Taurus
May 9th Jupiter Direct at 8 AM EDT 13* Virgo
May 22nd Hermes Station Direct at 14* of Taurus the Bull. 
June 3rd Mutable Cross
June 4th. New Moon 14* Gemini
June 07th Mercury is out of his shadow at 23* of Taurus.
June 09th Mercury at 25* Taurus opposes Mars/Ares at 25* Scorpio
June 13th. Mercury enters Gemini
June 20th 7:02 AM Full Moon, Sagittarius 29*
June 29th Mars Direct 23* Scorpio 8:14 AM
August 13th. 3:05 PM Saturn/EL Direct 9* Sagittarius