Sunday, January 20, 2019

The Sun of Man Spreads His Wings and the Lioness Bleeds Her Honour

The Lord of the Rings has been devouring his children, since the partially eclipsed new moon on January 5th had Saturn/EL casting his cold sickle about at 11* alongside the new moon at 15* CAPRICORN the goat, partially hiding behind her solar paramour the sun.  He is stern and serious and has many cutting away the excesses in so many layers.  Whether it is cleaning out your closets, or going even deeper and excavating your basements (Pluto/Hades is leading the pack at 20* CAPRICORN), this time has many in preparation.  Even if you are not consciously aware of the destination, (though the last decade has been doing a heck of a job of getting your attention and awakening something far deeper, one layer at a time) something ancient is stirring deep within and crystalizing in the gloomy haze.  There…just there ahead…you put your hand to your brow to catch a glimpse.  Sizzling in the dark expanse you see a spark dance off the newly polished sterling columns spanning the uncharted waters. This new moon had you taking that step forward, and the full moon we are waxing into just after midnight on January 21st, 2019 will return like a LION at 0* of Leo while she is fully consumed by the sun who is at 0* Aquarius.  He emerges out of the cold steel grip of Capricorn, to give us a look at where we are truly headed in the next 6 months giving us a clue into early 2020, first winding into the summer eclipses in Cancer the Crab.

 The new moon eclipse, we saw Mercury/Hermes at 01* Capricorn but by January 12th he has flown up to 12* Capricorn EL/Saturn where he is divulging all he knows and receiving instructions to move forward.  He is pulling line ‘communications’ from the Lord of the Rings along the heavenly grid until he meets up with Lord Hades on January 19th just one night before the Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse which happens minutes after the Midnight Hour of the Sun’s Day at 21st when the sparks fly as the fuse line is set. Hermes takes that evolutionary energy of Plutonian transformation and sizzles as he snaps, crackles and pops sitting on the Dragon’s Tale that is now at 26* Capricorn.  All of that energy is fusing into the Full Moon that now stands across the heavens newly ingressed into Aquarius.  The light show will be a harbinger of things to come.  And oh are things coming…

On Saturn’s Day/El’s Day the 19th the howling begins as a 25* Hermes ready’s to combust with a newly fed sun, ready to consume A BLOOD RED MOON at 00* LEO THE LION.  TIME FOR THE BRAVE-HEARTS!

Hear the ripping of the curtain as it is torn down by the silver knife of Lady Luna now dripping crimson? The earth will roll and moan during this dance of ANG-EL’s.
At the exact time of the Blood/Wolf/Moon eclipse.  You have a fully engorged Mercury at 25* Capricorn, buzzing with the fusion of Pluto at 21* Capricorn, and the tail of the dragon at 26* Capricorn…squaring a 28* Uranus in Aries while a 13* Mars in Aries (rulership) is squaring EL also at 13* of Capricorn…which by the way, squares and opposes a natal US Sun at 13* of Cancer.  (This becomes a strong preclusion of things to come in the Cancer eclipses this summer).

The streets will run crimson with weight of such squares, we can fully expect the same daisy chain of events play across the media as Saturn/EL is not about fudging anything but cutting out anything that obscures and finding the truth.  We will look at these times as nails being put into the ‘FALLEN CROSS THAT FULLY FORMS IN APRIL OF 2024’.  We can look at this as stepping stones into the future we are creating together.  But make no mistake, with so many planets in rulership and DIRECT AT THE SAME TIME, THIS IS A POWERFUL TIME AND THE SIGNS ARE ALL AROUND US.

We should all pray that serious war or conflict does not break out to further burden any chance for a bright tomorrow coming soon.

Jupiter/Zeus at 15* Sagittarius conjuncts a 14* Venus/Aphrodite magnifying what we love and value and also the immigration issue that is being battered back and forth and shaking the entire country with it, as they continue to form a closing square to Neptune at 14* PIsces (again in rulership), bringing up the issues that the mutable signs; PIsces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius have all been dealing with, going back and forth on their own issues, even as the Moon’s nodes have left their axis, tripping open their own reason for being here and asking them to step into their role on planet earth, what power have they/you been hiding or shirking from?  Which part of false promises have you grown tired of and where have you found the truth, gleaming and ever patiently waiting for you deep within the confines of your own soul, perfectly capable of ILLUMINATING THE DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL WITH


Go back to 2009, when the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune began in Aquarius (bringing to another close the fixed signs, like pulling a thread that gathers up the fabric, your new garment is forming in front of you).  There they seeded this cycle that is now bringing home the fruits or frustrations/confusion if the seeds were not heirloom, by that I mean were they from your root or did you confuse yourself with an ILLUSION that is now gushing out from the torn curtain.

Now, the times they are alarming…but also know this…they are potent with possibility for real soul growth right now, if one keeps their head on straight and has their perspective fully grounded, as Saturn/EL is now teaching us is necessary for ANYTHING TO STAND THE TEST OF TIME.

We are all given the opportunity to rise to the occasion and make whatever difference they can possibly make, each instance bringing a clear stream of Mercy and Grace pouring into a thirsty nation of confused and weary people.  All this ‘fake news’…so Jupiter square to Neptune.  What to believe?  This is why there is the need for discipleship, to discern…using the discipline of Saturn/EL one must become a DISCIPLE.  Prayer in ACTION.
In the meantime there is also a wildly unravelling and reckless Wall Street getting somewhat of a reprieve and protection while Venus is Direct and trine to Mars and Uranus is Direct, but will soon feel the cracking again as Uranus makes his way to Taurus which he enters again on March 6th.  Put your ducks in a row…this is all just the prelude of THE REALLY BIG SHOW…

Neptune/Poseidon has another 7 years in his own sign of PIsces, in that time we will see the ending stages of that era…of PIsces.  Upon the entry of Neptune into Aries, we will see ‘THE COMING OF THE SON/SUN OF MAN AS HE FOLLOWS THE WOMAN WITH THE PITCHER INTO HER HOUSE/AQUARIUS’.
Up unto this point, we have been learning to live in a finite world, but Aquarius will open up doors as our protection zone erodes…


You will need that by July of this year.  Has YOUR astrologer helped point out where that stellium in Capricorn is devastating and rebuilding THE VERY REASON YOU CAME HERE AND WHAT YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO LEARN?


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