Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Full moon eclipse November 28, 2012

So we are at the gateway now, this full moon eclipse follows the the new moon solar eclipse we just had on November.
Well, we are flying at light-speed into this full moon eclipse at 6* of Gemini on Wednesday, November 28 9:46AM EST. Do you feel like you could explode somehow?
With the New Moon solar eclipse we had on November 13 in Scorpio that happened while Mercury was retrograde after just crossing into Sagittarius we had quite the little powder keg brewing.
Moon eclipse majik
So let’s start with Mercury going retrograde on November 6 at 3* of Sagittarius. That first wave out of Scorpio and into the teacher/healer washed onto our shores a whole lot of Scorpio energy after transiting through Libra and finally conjuncting Saturn/Lord of the rings and EL himself who spent a long time as the great judge bringing up issues of fairness and balance. Well, when Mercury entered Sagittarius, he washed all that deeply buried Scorpio energy onto the airwaves which also means our own consciousness and lives.
We saw on the world stage, the exposure of pedophiles such as Jerry Sandusky who was sentenced 30 to 60 years for sex abuse after we heard tearful and anguished victim statements and a parade of guilty cover-ups from the very top of the hierarchy.
We see the sex scandal coming out in the UK after explosive evidence regarding Jimmy Saville and all those connections.
Those are just a few examples of what we will see regarding this issue; expect more as Saturn transits through Scorpio bringing up all the old issues regarding sex, abuse and whether a woman has the right to choose or is that something she doesn’t have the right to decide?
Now that Mercury has gone direct, the communication will start to flow again, our cars should be happier with us, and those little trips might not turn into great big runarounds that seem to go nowhere.
Our computers and printing equipment should work normal again, and those little issues that may have cropped up between our siblings might find a way to peace again.
I will be writing a lot more about this, but I wanted you to know that we need to take a moment and take a breath and reconnect with God. Go back into God’s loving arms and remember that even when we might not feel as though there is any support, and we are on our own, God has been gently guiding us all along.
Yes, we have to go through some tough stuff; we have to clear out that sediment that has been choking us from the deep. The murky blob that has been buried and hidden has to be brought to light and when that happens, the way can become cloudy and less clear.
But then, after the storm rages through, and chaos erupts, the sun comes out and a new day prevails. In the meantime, we find a deeper and abiding spirit, those that came to us and gave us a hand, an ear or arms to fall into.
Those that understood our less than diplomatic exchanges, and gave us the space, the silence or the comfort we each and every one of us need from time to time.
We found our humanness…and that human next to us that is frail and trying to find their way too.  Remember that we all need to be forgiven and the only real judge we are told to accept is the Lord.  So, if you can, find it in your heart to let some prayer and love wash over and cleanse any wounds that may have been ripped open in the past few weeks.  See if you can create a calm conversation about what may have transpired and find some place in the middle you can both meet.
“Be kind, everyone is fighting a hard battle” ~ Plato
Sometimes, we don’t have it in us. The holidays can bring pressures and added to the astrological configurations and energy, which can become a real pressure cooker.
Now, there are also some of you that may have found your strength, your peace and became that port in the storm, the lighthouse for others to find their way lest they be dashed upon the rocky shores in the storms of their own lives.
Good for you and thank you.
Thank you to all of you for pushing through and for reaching into the deeper aspect of your being as we walk together into what will become increasingly energized events and energy within our own beings to sort and manage.
For just as the storms rage even stronger on the planet, so too will the energy be more intense for us all to bear, to hold and to discipline and control.
So light your candles, Gemini is thought, usually several streams of thought or action at the same time. Gemini’s are inventive and playful, so let’s ground ourselves with some Sleep Angel, play and heal those sexual and creative traumas with Sensual Healing and to help with aches and pains that have come up with all the work we are all doing, we will add a nice Muscle Ease and Arthritis Roll on special too.

So, let’s add some of the rest of the chart that is so chock full!

Let us start with the reminder to forgive one another.....we are just human!

Sometimes with all of this evolving...we expect more of ourselves and others and forget that being human...and then fall into the false light....of 'pretending or thinking we are more evolved' and then reality thumps us on the head with a Scorpio Mercury Retrograde backing up into this full moon in Gemini.

Being evolved doesn't always mean being 'nice' and 'perfect' there is an awful lot of nature that would disprove that theory and who can argue with God’s work?

We are all learning, doing our best and walking each other home.

Judging that not so evolved. It can find us playing a little god.


Now, we see Mars has caught up to Pluto and they are exact conjunction in Capricorn at 8* and Pluto was already in it square to Uranus in Aries at 4* (some astrologers would not consider this past 3*, I do since it is still accessing the energy of the square and Uranus is retrograding) which is backing up into Pluto and that motion makes a dipping, retrograde always reminds me of sticking an oar in the water and watching the water swirl around and the feeling of resistance the water makes on the oar.

Anyway, that Mars/Pluto conjunction is Mars activating Pluto, since Mars is the original ruler of Scorpio they are fond of each other.   Mars rules Aries, so it is accessing that square from Uranus (sudden changes and developments) and the energy of WAR.

While Mars conjuncts Pluto (God of the underworld and hanging out at the edge of our solar system, cold and distant….leaving us as the universe expands…he carries our hidden desires and the energy of mafia/clandestine power groups all hidden from sight), but busy, busy, busy right now with this activation.  We can be sure that plans are going on behind the scenes, regarding war….strategies…and the power of ‘currency’ in the form of both atomic and financial means….where is the money and how will the powers that be finance their plans?

After dragging all that hidden muck up, Pluto wants to control it and in
Capricorn…it is all about the power and the hierarchy fighting over who is on top.

With Saturn, good old EL sextiling Pluto AND also in a conjunct to Venus in Scorpio the mutual reception of Saturn and Pluto will funnel into Venus and Venus in Scorpio is PASSION, but also can be very vengeful if she feels as though she has been crossed…so be careful of feeling the need to ‘pay back’ some nasty energy or action you may feel someone has done, and try and remember that is where ‘they are’….but you also don’t have to be a doormat either.

Venus wants to push the boundaries and especially while they are both trining Neptune and Chiron on Pisces, the water is being moderately controlled by Saturn, learning and or teaching us boundaries and how to manage passionate feelings that everyone has a right to, whether they are on the same page or not.

Neptune conjunct Chiron, still has us healing old wounds and especially those of the karmic sort, from many lifetimes ago, and many distortions that religions have obfuscated the truth with, and how we are trying to make sense as the veil thins and the walls come down.

If we look at the placement of the Moon, she is in talkative Gemini which is also conjunct Jupiter so expansive emotions again, and wanting to feel good, but hey, that is not only opposing the Sun in boisterous Sagittarius, but squaring Neptune and Chiron in Pisces while also forming an inconjunct to Venus and Saturn, so this is uncomfortable as she partially hides in the eclipse.

Once again, we find the area of secrets bubbling up to the surface like a pot of festering crude rising up through the illusions of clear water and happy days.

Casting a lingering darkness like clouds gathering on the horizon, forces are marshaling together and we can feel it, but we cannot determine exactly what the outcome will be.

Nor can we really put our finger on what and who, until they squeeze out those who will take the fall….Once again, there is an element of the female being controlled and held down while Jupiter is trying to expand her, so can we feel that energy pushing us to the walls like being inflated with distressing compressed air?

We will see on the world stage, females being ‘held hostage’ or taking a beating.

Someone has to take the wrap so to speak, and it will be women.

On the super good side to manage this energy, we have the Trine from Uranus in Aries to the Sun in Sagittarius, so use your creative and inventive ideas, come up with new ways of ACTION and new ways to activate your own spirituality, but make sure it has its bases deeply rooted in the truth and keep it on the straight and narrow path of the archer, so FOCUS your creative truth, what is uniquely you?  What gift or talent can only you do?  Don’t doubt yourself….just DO IT!

Use that trine from Neptune and Chiron in Pisces to Saturn and Venus in Scorpio to soften the edges and make music, art and passionate love in complete abandon.

We also have those nice sextiles from Venus (exact) and Saturn to the Mars/Pluto conjunction, so again, we have a nice way to love the transformation…so what is the way?  THE HEART.  The more we can organize ourselves and discipline and focus that love from Venus we will find that Mars activating Pluto can be complete redemption.

So walk into your Emerald City, smell the roses or buy some and put them on the table or altar.

Recall the loving moments and set your sails to the winds….with a clearly defined path to your dreams….act on them and don’t let the storm clouds on the horizon or the faint sound of war drums cause you to remain tied to the dock, or shiver in your boots.  Believe in the magic of your soul and use your prayers to energize your actions and paint the world of your sweetest imaginations. 

So, here are the specials:
Sleep Angel Roll On: $12.50 Special price
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Muscle Ease and Arthritis Roll on purchased together for: $40.00 special price and you can take your additional discounts off of that.
This offer will expire Friday December 9, 2012 at 5PM and all orders must be paid by that time to qualify.
Now, give thanks….what are you grateful for? I am grateful to have the amazing healing powers of the finest aromatherapy products (ArcAncient, Inc. nearly 20 years in service) available to myself and to share that liquid light with others.
I am grateful to all of you, who have shown up in my life to help walk this path with me.
Say a prayer of gratitude and light your candles. White as always but blue and yellow will be good too.
See the light at the end of the tunnel?  It may not be easy, but we can try and remind ourselves that everyting passes, and then the sun returns and beautiful colors explode around us that lift us, wash over us and fill our hearts.
So too is the energy of this time.  I can already feel it.
Now, depending on where these planets land in your own natal chart, and aspect your own planets, is the indicator for how it may or may not affect you in more powerful ways.  That is also what I love about astrology, to see the windows and the passages of time and know it will pass and possibly how to prepare and make the most of it.
I always include prayer...first and foremost and find it is the most powerful of all the tools I use.  Adding Aromatherapy and other tools can only enhance your conscious participation.
Happy Full Moon, more to come on this later.
ArcAncient, Inc.
ArcAncient, Inc. Aromatherapy
Gloria O'Neil-Savage

The light on the other side of the tunnel.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Alchemy of the Soul

Alchemy of the Soul

   Gloria ‘Sangreal’ O’Neil