Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Seventh Magic Portal And the Eclipse of the Blood Moon

On Monday, March 16th, we enter the last of the 7 magic Uranus to Pluto squares, and the last exact square at 15* of Aries and Capricorn respectively; also pulls in the head of the dragon, wide at 10* but still active to push this into a T-square with the north node.
Now, I have written pretty extensively about all of this, but since this is the last square of this series and we are also heading into the solar eclipse in PIsces at the very tale end and right into 0* of Aries for our new moon, spring equinox send off, there is much to share and some to remind you of past blogs on this major power-shift.
That new moon eclipse at 0* of Aries, is all by itself a potent sign of things to come this year.  As I stated in previous blogs, we have been in a literal countdown to the new moons, 3, 2, 1, 0 blast off that all the moons countdown to the zero degree mark.
So, we can see we have the finality of the magic 7 (my title) Pluto to Uranus squares in their acute phases and aspects, that will be triggered again next month on the Full Moon at 14* of Libra, April 4th. At 8:07AM, which is a leg of the Cardinal square/cross that has been dancing back and forth since the first square, on June 24th with Pluto at 8* of Capricorn and Uranus at 8* of Aries.  (We had an almost, a bit of a bumper tap back in April of 2008, though it was never closer than 10* and never formed exactly until June 24th. Of 2012.)
There are several reasons I bring this up now:  Do you recall what that time was like back in June of 2012?  Do you now see how things started to heat up on the planet back then, even when in April of 2008, the two titans came close, they were initiating the sequence, which poured gas onto the dance, when Uranus and Saturn, made their first opposition on November 3rd., of 2008, election day.
They opposed each other at 18* of PIsces and Virgo respectively.  Now this is an important piece to the equation, not just because it is all by itself a powerful aspect, but because it formed at that 18* mark of Virgo, so we have to go back in time (again) to the conjunction of Uranus to Pluto on October 16th. 1965.
The square, from Uranus to Pluto, is like the ½ moon phase; it is the first major hard aspect they form to each other (90*) after they mate in the conjunctivo.  So, first they fused together in the mutable sign of Virgo the Virgin, ruler of the 6th house of health, service, order, re-cycling, details, pets, career, etc.  (For this reason alone, we know that this is about Virgo energy, not to pay attention to this will bring dire consequences, as we see playing out now, but will be of such catastrophic proportions by the time the opposition comes around, IF we survive until that time having made the changes now to have that chance.)
Virgo’s are the master recyclers.  They can make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear as the saying goes.  They are the born servants in society, but not necessarily in the typical sense of that word, but rather in the opportunity to serve and to help others as being an honour, is often very conscious in Virgo’s.
Virgo, ruled by the earth, governs our food.  The ruling planet of Virgo is the Earth (co-ruled by Mercury, its former ruler) and she works with Ceres and Vesta to keep the home fires burning, supper on the table, and a clean and orderly home.
She is amber waves of grain, purple mountains majesty, that succulent peach on a hot summer’s day.  She is the cool, clear stream that reflects back to us, nourishes us, and cleanses us back to the pure state of our being.  She gives birth to the Christed Being within us.  She is full of grace and the Lord (PIsces) is with Her.
Virgo rules quiet and refined style, and sometimes it can become a little utilitarian or puritan, without
other indicators; because they can have a utilitarian nature, and they are known to be practical, so a simple dress that allows comfort, suited for whatever task needs doing is often their belief.
Extravagance, at the expense of others, especially in the caring of animals and feeding hungry children; is anathema to Virgo’s (and most healthy people) but especially, to a Virgo or the Virgo aspects in your own chart.
So, Virgo wants to help us to get back to the garden, tend the earth, feed, clothe and take care of our children’s health and well-being.  She wants us to live naturally and simply.  She wants us to recycle and re-use.  She does not like chemicals, she prefers natural methods in all things if possible.  SHE IS THE VIRGIN.  SHE IS MUTABLE.
So, what we were to do back in the mating of Pluto and Uranus in 1965/1966, was to take the very best energies the two planets offer, and fuse those together achieving amazing outcomes.  That power was abused.
We were supposed to wake up and put our efforts into become sustainable and green.  When people protested Monsanto, they were laughed at as ‘hippy tree-hugging fools’, but the laughter has all but died.  You would think we would learn to take a step back, and think about the ‘label’ given to a person or group, that is really a personal attack.  Why are they trying to undermine the messengers, instead of just sharing their truth and facts, if that will provide the proof of their argument and exonerate them?  Take note: If someone is attacking someone personally, they know they don’t have the higher ground of the argument. 
Pluto rules atomic power, the deep evolution of the soul, Scorpio (see the hook on its tail?) sex, taxes, inheritance, legal matters and of course, we can see ole Hades, sitting on his throne and right now, he is almost ready to let Persephone back up on the earth, so she and her mother Demeter can bring back spring and the wearing of the green.
Uranus, as I have stated many times, is the mother of invention, ruler of genius.  He is the maverick, the powerful electric shock that prods us into action, and wants us to exhume the individual genius seeded within all of us.  (See past post, Murder of the Muse for further explanation on this).
Where is this affecting your own chart?  Where are the Cardinal signs in your own chart?  The Cardinal signs mean action, they initiate action.  Where is Uranus and Pluto?  Where is your Dragon’s Head?  How about Chiron?  Even if you are not a Cardinal sign, this does not mean that you won’t be affected by the astrological lock picking that is going on now.  Everyone has these placements, and of course, they have an effect on the entire planet and all within.  You should know, before the last tumbler falls and the gates swing wide open.
Hopefully, you have taken the time, to go within, to allow yourself the experiences that will help you to open up and bloom.  This requires…not doing…which is really hard for most of us anymore.  In order for the silent voice to rise up and be heard, you have to turn down the volume on the rest of the world.  Not forever, but for a time.  We have to put these down times into our lives, or we cannot hear and we cannot truly bloom.  That is the Yin/moon aspect.  We also need the Yang/sun aspect for action and growth.
What we have been through, is a series of locks, just like we construct on our great rivers now.  “Then God said, ‘Let there be an expanse in the midst of the waters, and let it separate the waters from the waters.’ 7God made the expanse, and separated the waters which were below the expanse from the waters which were above the expanse; and it was so.…” ~Genesis 1:6
So, God has separated the waters, the heavens parted and the Emerald City rises up out of the waters…our own little space ship earth, which as I have shared in the past, is the planet, ‘Heart’…E A R T H…and the last shall be first…H E A R T.
What I was told, is ‘the key fell out’ and I was shown a triangle.  Then I was told that Fear and Chaos swept in.  For some reason, the triangular shaped key, fit into the blow hole of a whale.  Now, that would fit in terms of my last revelation to you, that indeed, the Amygdala…and the Pineal…form a triune portal.  A MY GD ALA.
The limbic system that the Amygdala and Hippocampus (Sea Horse, re Mermaid) forms out of the seas/fish over 500 million years ago.
We are, coming out of the seas of Neptune/Poseidon, which rules the age of PIsces.  (Fittingly, I am finishing writing this on 3.14.15…9:26:53…which of course, is PI).
Now, Neptune/Poseidon invented the horse as the story goes.  She is the ruler of the seas…and we can then see, that the Sea Horse/Poseidon, as the Sea Mare, rising up out of the waters…who else rises up out of the waters?  Venus/Aphrodite.
She is the child of Neptune/Poseidon after Saturn/El/Chronos cuts of the phallus of his father Uranus, and it falls into the watery seas of Neptune.  (Jupiter/Zeus is also given credit as fathering Aphrodite, but the original sky God was Uranus, who sired Saturn/EL, who then sired Jupiter/Zeus (and we can see this is their order in the heavens too).
I would propose, that after this cleansing we have all been through, the beauty and love of Venus/Aphrodite will rise up out of the seas of Neptune/Poseidon, with new eyes and cleaner hearts.
Don’t you feel different since 11.4.2008?  Those born with planets or points in the Cardinal signs (Ares/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn), between 6*-18* are most strongly affected, as are those born at the
end of 1965, since the square we are now in, is the quarter mark (90*) of the conjunction in October of that year.  Because this square, is activating you, waking you up from your deep sleep.  I remind you of the comparison I often make, between ‘The Dream’ that turns into a ‘Night-Mare’…and WAKES YOU UP.  Has your dream turned into a bit of a night-mare?  Have you exhumed your vessel, and connected to your deep soul?  This is what Pluto/Hades has been doing, he has taken us down into his lair, he is raping us (Persephone) which of course, also impregnates…so after he burns off the dross…a new us…cleaner and clearer than we were in the past…rises up.  The Phoenix aspect of Pluto/Hades ruler of Scorpio.
Now, see that Scorpio, which is ruled by Pluto/Hades, symbolically has several iconic images that represent the sign: Snake, Scorpion, and Eagle.  If you have gone down into the depths of your being (rather than fighting it with that syrupy bs of thinking that you should always be happy and positive or your focus will bring more of that to you ‘partial truth’)…then you are going to be in for a harder time as the reality comes in, and preparedness for this journey was avoided. 
That is the serpent aspect of Scorpio, to crawl on the belly of consumption, always taking everything in whole, and becoming hungry again!  (This is our own alimentary canal, the grey folds of our brain, our intestinal snake).  This is also, ‘consumerism’…and as I stated in the post on “Murder of the Muse”…there are two main astrology symbols that both have hooks; one is Scorpio and the other is Neptune.
If you are crawling on your belly, simply worried about consuming (which is both eating and purchasing ‘stuff’…and your concern is about your ‘stuff’ or ‘more stuff’)…as so many have been seduced down the river of ‘De-Sire’ and have now been confused and ‘hooked’ into a pseudo spirituality that somehow now includes, getting more stuff, bigger houses, fancy cars, clothes and jewelry.  Re-member Jesus in the Desert?  Satan comes along tempting him, with ‘stuff’ and trying to seduce his ego, into wanting to rule ‘this world’. 
Many of us, when we first found other people who thought like us, and the classes and gatherings are all about the love, and hugging each other, like long lost friends.  Well, we are.
But that ‘feel good’ vibe, and a lot of the New Age spiritual jargon, has diverted true spiritual growth.  Many confused the concept of our focus and attracting energies and the Law of Vibration, with THE INCORRECT ASSUMPTION THAT WE SHOULD NEVER FOCUS ON NEGATIVE THINGS BECAUSE THEY WILL GROW BIGGER.  THIS IS PATENTLY FALSE AND PUERILE THINKING.
We focus on what we need to in life, whether that is to clean away dirt, manage bills (and focus on making them smaller, creating an actual plan to physically put into place in this world for financial health and well-being.)  We also have the positive to create, we have both, this isn’t either/or.
We live mostly in 3D earth right now.  She is a finite planet, with a finite amount of natural resources.  Gd may be infinitely abundant, but we are learning boundaries, consequences, what is truly important in life as we mine the gold of our being, unearth our very souls and shine our souls on deck, as Clarissa Pinkola states.
So, when people say ‘there is abundance’, again, there is truth to this, but it is short-sighted and the opposite of what we are learning right now….to simply want ‘abundance’ on a finite planet, means we dig up more of her, to make glass pedestals to our ego, the false part that tricks us.  And I bring all of this up now, because it ties back to that Pluto/Uranus conjunction at 18* of Virgo in 1965….the lesson was for us to stop destroying the planet for ‘stuff’ under the guise that it is infinite abundance FOR US.
This is also the ‘only the strong survive’ and ‘the winner has the most toys’ mentality.  We used to be able to live carelessly and we went through the phase of using stuff as ‘rewards’ to motivate us and also as an inherent birthright.  But those days are long gone, and should have been over in the 60’s, when we were first impregnated with the conjunction.  Little by little, people are waking up for real, and realizing that stuff, imprisons the soul and steals real freedom, and true evolution, in excess (gross display of wealth that used to be improper in more cultured circles and still is for those evolved with compassion and class).
There are only so many old growth trees, Standing Tall Ones, thousands of years old, but ignorant and underdeveloped belief of abundance; some may say they love that wood grain, and it simply must be from this ancient being that they make a room, a floor a home, etc. out of.  How ridiculous is this idea?  So, we see then, that abundance is a relative term?  On the other hand, there are those who have vision, who have started plantation wood, where the faster growing trees are used only, and replaced at the same time.  There are also other more sustainable sources, such as hemp, cement, etc., as far as building materials, rather than cutting down the rain forests and old growth trees.

Our soul and spirit stretch forth from the deep living well, the fountain of Creation that is abundant and infinite.  It is housed in this vessel we are all walking around in, that is not infinite, we all have only so many years in this vessel, on this planet….’YOU, WE WILL ONLY HAVE THIS SHORT TIME, BUT THE POOR WE WILL HAVE WITH US ALWAYS’.
Pluto is also the ‘collective memory’, and all of our collective memories, are being squared and brought out of us, as Hades burns off that dross, tears down the veil, the cover is removed and we begin to see the light burst forth out of the darkness.  With that light, ignorance melts away and the Phoenix of our being, rises to shine the light, give us a higher perspective (eagle) to see above the illusions.  The eagle is the bird that can fly closest to the sun, above the clouds. 
It is the golden thread that shimmers; we catch first one glimpse of the truth of our being, that infinite chord, then another and another until soon, we are fully on fire, impassioned with the knowledge, gnosis. That light, shines ahead and shows us the path we came to walk, illuminated and stretched out in front of us like ribbons of light snaking through the darkness, we find our way home.

So, do you feel as if you have done a thorough inventory?  Emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically?  Have you reassessed your belief system? 
The fundamental questions; who am I, why am I, and what is the best path for me, how do I best place my energies, priorities?
These have all come up for us, over and over again, as we peel back the layers of our belief ‘systems’…Saturn’s domain is brought front and center…the pyramid of power…our need to climb the ladder of success…what is success? 
What makes you happy?  Where do you live?  By that I mean, what makes you come alive?  Because that is Pluto/Hades, asking us to evaluate life, our own, our worth or value in this world, and underneath all of that, the crystalline and pure truth begins to shine brighter and brighter.
After the initial rush of finding our spiritual family, waking up and participating in the way we all
thought would do the most good; we then find ourselves, reviewing that foundation we built our world upon.
See the great volcano’s waking up?  See that life and pressure the earth (which in the micro is our own vessel) is straining to hold together?  Have you felt that way over the past several years now too?  All that bottled up energy, restrained by false belief and packaged into a superficial falsehood, that lacks respect for the truth, what our responsibility to ourselves, each other and this planet really is, and the ubiquitous syrupy aspartamic false belief, that we must only ‘selfishly’ consider ourselves, and our own thoughts as being the center of the universe and omniscient, or worse, that if we pay attention to the vagaries of life, that somehow that will pull us down into some negative sticky goo, that has been relegated to the poor people who just don’t know ‘the secret’. 
The truth is, that as we heal those layers, the illusion comes down with that illumination, and they also fall down around the rest of the world, so that the truth starts to shine forth.  We see the emperor or the wizard behind the curtain, pulling levers that are endangering life on this planet.  Since it takes a compassionate heart, that opens up the doorway through the upper heart chakra, to the truth, the light and the Way, for true spiritual growth; once one truly starts to awaken, you CANNOT HELP YOURSELF, BUT TO TRY TO FIND WAYS TO BE OF SERVICE (VIRGO/PISCES), it is simply not possible. 
Saying that one should leave behind others, who are ‘negative’ or bring you down, is the height of hypocrisy and selfishness.  There has not been one TRUE spiritual teacher or sage in our past who subscribes to this teaching.  No, they all were inspired and impassioned by the suffering, rolled up their sleeves and got to work to try to help.
If I was a burglar, wouldn’t that be great to just tell the people you are robbing, hey don’t see me, you will only make me more real, so just look away while I rob you blind?
Oh, you are bleeding?  Just ignore that, you can think that away.  If you pay attention and focus on that, you will increase the problem, so simply ignore the wound, and it will go away.  Doesn’t that sound ridiculous?  That is exactly what people are teaching and believing though.
As you become more aware, in that sense of service, you and I will see the ills of our world, and they are becoming clearer and clearer for people to see, both the puppet masters pulling the strings, and our own complicity in the raping of this planet and our soul, the murder of her children and the slaughtering of the innocents.  It is the rape of Persephone.  The SILENCE OF THE LAMBS.  (This is the year of the sheep).
This brings responsibility to voice our concern, and take the actions necessary that will remedy the
ills, stop the genetic manipulation and poisoning of our very lives.
Uranus, asks us to find the maverick, the rebel in us that wants justice and the good of all.  He is your
individual genius.  She is your muse.  The nightmare is waking the genius/muse up.  Each person is here, with their individual gift, to bring forth that healing force of the G_d spark.  The universal balm, the elixir of life that needs to pour forth now, from the great fountain of life.
So, if you have truly taken inventory and reviewed your beliefs, woken up to the crimes against humanity and done that soul work (instead of taking pills or some substance to ‘manage how bad or depressed you feel’ (shut it down and not listen to the very real screaming voice that has every right to be concerned with what is happening, in fact, if you are not outraged and filled with that passion to change the ills, you are not awake at all).  You have simply been seduced by the Neptunian/Poseidon feel good/utopian ‘easy way’ that diverts the true seeker.  This is discernment.  We have all been in the crash course.
The shutting down of real thoughts and feelings, is to stash and hide your real power, to hand over your power to the abusers, who don’t care about this planet.  It is the power we need in this world, to crack open the illusion and truly open the gates of Eden.  Pretending is the false pretense, the anti-Christ, it is the unilluminated aspects of our own being, and casts a long shadow of darkness into this world.
Virgo asked us to become responsible to ourselves, each other and this earth, and Uranus asked us to become responsible with that growth and uniqueness and bring it into the community for the greater good.  We were given charge over the earth, not to simply ‘rule over and subdue’ but as a care-taker of our mother ship.  After all, the earth is rotating around the sun, at 67,000 miles per hour. In addition, our solar system--Earth and all--spirals around the center of our galaxy at some 220 kilometers per second, or 490,000 miles per hour.  We are flying through the air, but Saturn/EL/Lord of the Rings and ruler of gravity, keeps us safely on our mother ship/earth.  Look, no hands!
Now, that Uranus is in Aries the RAm, he can be rash and headstrong and will come out of the blue, to make those changes we resist, just not in the gentle way of choice anymore.  He wants freedom and he does not want to be told what to do, being the original sky G_d in that pantheon that arose out of Chaos.
Remove those Neptunian/Scorpionic hooks, which obscure and hold you back, and break free (URanus) building on the evolutionary soul point (solstice) and (equinox: equal night and day) as we move forward into the spring, none of us will forget.
Until we come together as a community (follow the man with the vase into his home) bringing each of our Holy Grail Cups (vase) to empower and embolden the shift out of the archaic means we are enslaved now, that is literally killing us and this earth’s vitality; we will move into greater and greater danger.  We must wake up to the fact that we are in each other’s arms to keep.
She (the earth/Gaia) cannot be poisoned anymore, we have to bring things back into its natural balance and her ability to simply bloom and nourish us as we bring back paradise.  Her honeybees (symbol for Mary Magdalene) are in ‘COLONY COLLAPSE DISORDER’….This alone should alarm people into action…it is the broadcast loud and clear, that our own COLONY IS AT RISK FOR SURVIVAL.  Originally, we had 13….and we just had two Friday the 13th in a row.  (Another astrological rarity)
The practice of monoculture must be abandoned for multi-culture/permaculture sustainability methods that have worked and fed us all, bearing fruit and seed for regeneration (instead of the Monsanto system of having to buy seed now EVERY YEAR) is stripping the earth of her precious nutrients, much like the conditions that created the dust bowls in the Great Depression.
See this link:
Everything in and on this planet works together with more intricacy and brilliance than we are capable of understanding, especially in terms of the long range effects that cannot be known, without the passage of time, and the generational influence of each trigger that changes what was organic and healthy, into something we don’t know.  (Crisis)
Just like anti-biotic over use has created a very real crisis, (super strain viruses and very sick animals, whose defecation is used as fertilizer for plants, isn’t this a lovely cycle?) that we have yet to see the full impact from, we are doing things to this earth and our environment, that have long-term consequences into the future that will bring irreversible damage and harm, for a period we have no idea how long will last, or even survive.
They are soon to start up the Hadron Collider at Cern again….in fact, any day now.
What hole might that tear into the fabric of time, or what portal might be opened and to whom and where?  Could there be even more immediate danger when they start that up again?  The truth is, we don’t know, yet we are moving forward anyway, even though the consequences can be grave indeed.  Man loves to play G_d and pretend it can create life…”You cannot insert a gene you took from bacteria and insert that into a seed and call it life, you haven’t created life, you have only polluted it.” ~Vandana Shiva

We have a crumbling health care system, that is like everything else, now inflated at the top, while health care costs sky rocket, and we are hitched to this very unhealthy-health care system, that does not start with the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the water we drink.
Seriously corrupt political systems that we see being protested all over the planet, especially since the first Saturn/Uranus opposition in 2008, in Virgo.
Little by little, the natural world, including us, is being tweaked and manipulated with synthetics, and
even revered now, worshiping false idols, we create our own anti-christ, baptizing into life and approving their nefarious and invasive encroachment into the natural world, that we no longer respect and appreciate.
Greed and the centric concept of narcissism, are overtaking and seducing many away from their true path and calling.  And the earth is suffering from that lack of company and our role to champion her.
If you were flying in a plane, would you start tinkering with the engine when you were in the air?  We are!  Remember, we are flying through the galaxy at 490,000 miles per hour?  We are in our ship!
So, we are tinkering with our space ship’s engine, and her ability to feed us and keep us safe.  We have to stop this death race into exhausting all of her resources (old growth trees, rainforests, coral reefs, oceans, and waterways, polluting the air that is raining down that poison into our lungs and back into the earth in a vicious and ever-expanding poisonous intrusion into her vitality and well-being)…and therefore ours, and our children and their children’s future.
Our ascension process, has been hijacked, by pseudo spiritual beliefs, and the poisoning of the world mind.
How anyone can think they are ‘awake’ and evolved, and then think they can ignore this and our role and RESPONSIBILITY to tend to this increasingly dire situation, is beyond me.  A narcissist does not care what other people think, a compassionate person does, knowing and acknowledging that we are the sum of each other, and need each other for survival.  We either learn to come together and get along (11th house ruled by Uranus)…or we don’t survive. (Pluto)
Uranus in Aries, ruler of war, during this square sees that erupting all over the planet, tempers rising, and the dividing and polarization of people (ignited by the last Saturn opposition to Uranus in 2008), tempers short, the darkness that has been relegated to the shadows, rises like a thief in the night, kidnapping the rational spirit, and inciting fear (Pluto) over compassion, it is SURVIVAL MODE BEING TRIGGERED.
And people think we can ‘bless this and let it go’?  We have two hands, hearts and minds that can think and take action in this 3D world.  That is simplistic and na├»ve to believe we can remove ourselves from responsibility, and simply walk away from the needs of a world that is rocking and rolling, heaving and becoming more and more violent, as we ignore her pleas to stop the madness and the murder of innocents.
Now, this does not mean we don’t have powerful ability to dream and to create, and that our thoughts don’t have power, quite the contrary; it is the acknowledgement and true understanding of that power, and our wisdom to both create and tend to what is created with responsibility and discernment.  Until we mature enough to truly master what we have now, and who we are, becoming responsible and acting upon these injustices, we will not evolve!  So if you are not acting and speaking out against what is happening, and you are one of those people who think you can wish a world into existence without first learning to manage this one, you are further away from the very ascension, you avoid that when you avoid reality and life as IT IS.
You cannot keep building and renovating the 3rd floor of a building, using your vision and dream of what you see and wish to create, if the foundation (Saturn/EL) does not have integrity and is crumbling, no matter what good works you do on that 3rd floor, it will all be lost, from not seeing the bigger picture and prioritizing.  You will never have the chance to build a 4th or 5th floor, (dimension) without the strong foundation and a structure built with integrity.
If we want politicians and those who rule the world to be accountable, we must be accountable and responsible too.
The solar eclipse on the 20th. – will be extra powerful, because the night before there will be a Super Moon.  Mars the initiator is all set to detonate and light the fuse.
All of our efforts and struggles over the past, are now ready to be put into action.  But, it will be a bit like a car having a hard time starting for some, with Saturn/El now retrograde until August 2nd.  It will take more work, but it is time to start taking those steps, even if for some, it is simply planning and putting in place, all the things we need, for Saturn to go direct and move our structures forward.
Based on our own lessons learned, our actions towards remedying the ills and onslaught of terror against this planet and her children; will the difficulty we face moving forward be mitigated. 
We will see more people fall from grace, and into scandal as the opacity thins, they will pay for their karmic actions against humanity, but we will continue to see the shell game be played out, as the scrambling continues and the sacrificial lambs are offered up, while the other culprits hide in the shadows and come into the spotlight, with their mask in place, voicing the words that we want to hear, but once again, acting in the opposite of the words spoken. 
As many fall, some will rise, having done the hard work, THE REAL WORK, they have built a foundation, slowly and steadily over time, and now…will be YOUR TIME TO RISE.
If you have worked on your relationships, which have been so severely challenged in this square, instead of giving up and giving in (the seduction of Neptune with his hooks) then you are likely to have alchemized each other to move into an exceptional phase of life together, with a true foundation to build upon.

So, this time will be increasingly tense, as the build-up of energies fulminates first in the final magical square on the 16th. And then the new moon in Aries on the 20th, the life-giving blood moon eclipse, the second last in the series, the final lock opens up.
Feel the ship readying as she waits for the lock to open up to the next leg of the river of life.  The seas are separated in this dimension, but if you can understand the ripple in the water of a lake, understand that same ripple moves through the waters of life.
Water can both cleanse and nourish, but she can whip a force/a Tsunami that can and does wipe out life.
Expect some violent earth changes, earthquakes, volcanic eruption, and violent freak storms.  There will be great revelations coming forward regarding our own government and the governments of other countries.  There will be shocking news.
There is the very real threat of escalating wars.  I don’t like to say that, believe me.
There will be an escalation of division and hatred in the USA.  Those of us who have been through some of this clearing in a major way (especially those with exact cardinal points or planets aspected in this cycle) it will be your time to step up to the plate and step forward with action and voice.
Hold onto that silver chord you have found deep inside, pray, if you already do, pray more.  Meditate.  Step back, and do the best you can to bring truth to whatever situation you find yourself in.  Find your solid ground, and anchor (ANKH or) while you ready your arrow of truth (Sag/Jupiter who is still retrograde, bringing back the goodies to those who earned that karma, goes direct on April 8th, at 12* of Leo) to release at the time the universe ordained, inseminated long ago.  Now, see the archer’s bow, arrow pulled back, and line taut? The symbol is also an anchor/Ankh, can you see this?
Do you feel your new resolve?  (Re-Sol-ve) As your light has traveled around our sun, which travels around the Great Central Sun, you and I are now newly resolved into our being and our truth.
Start to draw up your map, if you haven’t already.  Your blueprint you are moving forward with.  Make sure you have this ready by March 20th.
On the new moon, (even if world events try to creep in and take over your mind and heart, please try

to find space to breathe, to pull back and find this time) have your map, candle, oils/blends (I recommend Sleep for grounding and protection, Inner Glow (Heart Chakra blend) and Ascension for the Crown.  It will create the right light matrix from mother earth to envelope you for optimal preparedness during this time. 
Take a ritual bath (use salt/Inner Glow in the bath, if you shower, simply use in the shower as exfoliant).  Light your candle, pray and meditate.  Now, is when you visualize, sending out ribbons of light into the world, light that is infused with the greatest love from the deepest source to heal and begin the long road ahead.
Find that kind, soft space in your heart that is confident and connected to G_d.
We are blooming with this spring opening up and spreading our butterfly wings, see their iridescent colours dotting the air, as our golden orb shines down from our returning blue skies. 
We are coming out of a long cocoon, hibernation into the year, we will never forget.
Glad to have you alongside of me, for the journey.

Thank you,

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