Thursday, February 23, 2017

Hades Cross Turning The Depths To Set The Soul of the World on Fire

Happy New Moon Eclipse!
Our lovers, sun and moon are busy getting busy in this eclipse, both of them swimming at 8* of PIsces.  Who else is swimming with them?  Poseidon trolling her hooks at 11* of PIsces, ruling her waters…drowning Mercury who is barely staying afloat, in detriment at 1* of PIsces.  Holy of Holies…impregnation while our lights go out.  Communication?  On the one hand, there will be soft places to land, empath’s will be overloaded but incapable of turning away those who need that soft, listening heart.  Angels abound, while also being very necessary.  The LIGHT and the DARK.
Hermes/Mercury, ruler of communication will also drown in the illusion, submerge yourself fully, don’t come bobbing back up, only to say something you might regret..
This T-Cross, With Jupiter now retrograde hanging in the balance of Libra at 22* (power number magnifying relationships) opposing UR-anus electrifying Mars who is also in rulership at 21* Aries, is pushing for CHANGE/REVOLUTION!
The lovely Aphrodite/Venus is also in detriment at 12* of Aries, she is in the opposing sign of one of her domains, she would rather leave it up to Mars/Ares to initiate, so is not comfortable here…AT ALL.  She is all ALL-ONE.
Who is holding the handle to this tension?  Pluto/Hades at 18* of Capricorn.  Yes, the great malefic, has his hands all over this little party.  As if this is not enough of a good time, Jupiter/Zeus is also sesquisquare our Sun, Moon, Neptune stellium… We are adding the aspect of the Square with a SemiSquare Aspect of forty five degrees. This is an uncomfortable relationship between the planets leaving the psyche in distress. These difficult aspects, are also the basis we build upon.  As stated many times before, you can ONLY BUILD WITH THE SQUARE.  So, the discomfort, is meant to be a catalyst to create something entirely new, push us past our normal boundaries and go diving deep into Poseidon’s world.  Imagine Dorothy’s house spinning in a tornado, only UNDERWATER.  Now, she looks out the window to the frightening visions, Hades conjures up her worst fears while Uranus is changing the scene so fast, she only has time to gasp.  She also will submerge so deep, she will find she can breathe underwater. 
Now, during these ‘flashes of insight’ that will flicker in the dark and deep, look there…do you see that shiny pearl there…yes…there it is.  Grab her, hold her close, you have found the light of your soul.
Shining internally from the beginning.
Remember, this whole process has been long in the making, to CREATE THIS OPPORTUNITY, to expose your light on deck.  Shine so others can see who you really are.
Faking will be exposed.  The veil thinning like Arachne’s thread unravelling the curtain.  The mystery’s revealing themselves in a race with our monsters no longer hiding either, because they cannot.  This is also why they are trying to make people fear the ‘other’…the unseen…so they can tighten control before we ‘wake up’ and see the Light of the World.
Don’t forget, we also have EL, Lord of the Rings, Saturn at 26* of Sagittarius, in a lovely wide fire trine (ACTION) to Uranus and Mars at 21* of Aries the Ram.
There won’t be any cannonballs being shot at success now, but slow and steady progress.  We will be asked to return and review this progress along the way this year.  So, the movement is tentative.  The square might make you feel, ‘boxed in’ but jumping from one thing to the other, is probably not the best thing, or expect your feet to get a little fried when they only land in another hot plate.  Remember, this is forming…not formed, save for the seed that you came here with…to plant a future that is going to become more and more exigent.
We are here to plant a new earth, to imprint as best we can, the world we wish for.  It is not the one we have, but the one that is ‘being birthed’.
Get your seeds and bulbs ready.
This is a potent formation to tap into.
Create your vision boards, fertilize and water your fertile earth.
Light your candles that cast back the dark and call in new love.
Remember, these are tender shoots…can’t give them too much exposure, until they have gained strength, don’t go putting your little babies right out there, people are frightened and HUNGRY FOR A NEW VISION, LIKELY TO STEAL OR TRAMPLE ON YOUR OWN, IF THEY HAVE NOT FOUND THEIR OWN LIGHT, they only see their shadow from the light you cast.
This is a CROSS, it is okay to fall, try not to be so hard on yourselves.  Squares are BOXES, it is normal to feel 'boxed in', you have NOT MADE A MISTAKE that you are being punished for, this is a world cross, world they affect you personally, is designed to activate YOUR GIFT, YOUR LIGHT.  
In one word, this is AN EMERGENCE.  Know that you are being 'birthed' right now.
Be safe.  Be kind.  Be true.
The way will be made clear for you.