Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Thunder Moon Darkens While Conspirators Collude

July 2nd Total solar eclipse at new moon 10* Cancer.

July 7th Mercury/Hermes RX at 04* Leo

July 9th We (the earth) go between Saturn and the sun July 9 in alignment.

July 15th The Moon goes by Saturn (aligns with) at night.

July 16th Partial lunar eclipse at 5:38PM 24* Capricorn/24* Cancer Sun/Full moon.

July 30th Mercury begins his station direct at 23* Cancer.

July 31st New Moon at 11:11 PM EDT 8* Leo.

These are just a few of the star-casts this month, we can see this is a busy month with lots of activity to watch.

On April 30th Saturn began its retrograde journey from 20ยบ31 Capricorn and will travel back to 13*54' Capricorn, where he will station direct on
September 19th.  As a result this Saturn retrograde in Capricorn will be especially significant for anyone with natal chart placements between the 10* degrees all the way through end at 30* of cardinal signs, travelling as we will into that Saturn/Pluto
conjunction happening in January of 2020.
The July full moon, also known as the "Buck Moon" or "Thunder Moon” always shines in or near the stars of Sagittarius or Capricornus (on the ecliptic). This full moon will feature a partial lunar eclipse.  Only the northern portion of the Moon will pass through the southern edge of the umbral shadow and become darkened.  Do you see the signs all around you?

Just before midnight on July 30th, around 11:30PM EST, Hermes and La Luna meet up in the dark, for their clandestine meeting hovering just before 24* of Cancer, which is ruled by the moon.  She is getting ready for her new moon less than 24 hours later, when she will meet up with the sun on July 31st 11:11PM EDT at 8* of Leo.  Along the way, she meets up with Aphrodite/Venus just before 5PM at 4* of Leo, infusing her with new insights about love and of course, MOTHER. 

There have been plenty of negotiations and deals being made ‘in the dark’ (behind the scenes) on so many levels, personal and all the way up to the world stage, while what is broadcast is another thing entirely in many ways, and this full moon eclipse that is blooming from the full solar eclipse on July 2nd. Has also EXPOSED many things too.

Like empty Cicada shells, claws, limbs, torn apart, carcasses of former homes, old beliefs are being tossed aside, layer by layer and in some cases, calving off like ice-burgs, creating great waves vibrating through lives, overturning ships and pouring onto shores. 

The Pluto lineup with the sun and the earth on the 9th as Hades settled on the plane of the ecliptic, brings in that plutonian energy of transformation in a more personal way, while tapping into the Cancer/Capricorn eclipses, is EXTREMELY POWERFUL.  It is questioning governments all over the world, while bringing in a totalitarian horizon that will become more prominent next year, especially after the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in January.

What you are experiencing now, will become non-negotiable by January of 2020, so wherever you can detangle and detoxify your body, mind, spirit, home, life will bring fortuitous blessings in this 6 month cycle, and assist the culminating transitions that will be exhumed by January to be ready for implementation in the most wonderful ways by the WINDOW/DOORWAY that will appear next year, in the middle of the ‘GRAND FIRE TRINE/ECLIPSE DOORWAY IN THE USA’.

This Grand fire trine, is A PYRAMID we are creating.  PYRE-A-MID, OR ‘FIRE WITHIN’.  Your vessel is being focused and prepared, for just this time.

December 14th, we have a SOLAR ECLIPSE AT 23* SAGITTARIUS.  That is the middle of the eclipse doorway that closes on April 8th 2024 at 19* Aries, when Hades has finally left his great wake in Capricorn and will then be ready to help lead us into a NEW DIRECTION ON THE ENTIRE PLANET as he follows the man with the jar into his house and wades into the Uranian energy of the AGE OF AQUARIUS.

As you look back, you will see you may have begun this path, got pulled away into other lessons necessary for your own clarity, Discernment, TEMPERANCE, and you now find yourself winding above in spirals, now you can SEE aspects that you have discarded in the cycles below and those you are honing now.

For many, a focus has been forming that is inspiring us into action as we once again, heed the CALLING and find ourselves in the very seat of our TRUE heart’s desire.  (The flaming heart) The word, de-sire…is literally creating, or siring that beautiful wildish soul that wants to gallop, showing off the new coat of many colours.

Another great Capricorn lesson, is simply to watch goats climbing sheer cliffs, Yes, I have stated this many times before but it bears repeating.  It also brings up the Hermit Card, because the higher up any path in life you proceed, the narrower the path becomes.  Very few can travel up to the peak in anything in life.  For most of the way, there are helpers with us, for a time or longer, however long it is necessary people, friends, family, visitors, animals, spirit guides, angels unaware, there exactly when you needed them, even when you didn’t know you would.

But at some point, you have to go that trail alone.  This is why it is most important that you have found your inner light, because the trials of such an endeavor are always going to break you even more, anguish shall pour forth and some will turn back…some will find that inner light fuel from way past mere words, mighty as they are, can even attempt to explain.

Many of you can break down and cry, and perhaps this will help you to do so if you haven’t, feeling very alone in so many different ways as you carried on and shouldered more than you would have ever conceived you were capable.

What deep wound was torn open children? (Chiron, the wounded Healer, will be at 19*24’ Aries, in the closing doorway to the great USA eclipse, April 8th 2024, and do you know who else will be EXACTLY 19*24’ Aries too?  The sun and the moon).
Did you treat yourself with kindness and care and HEAL?

Find what is holy to you/in you and STAY THERE FOR A TIME.  Make time, make space to tap into your flaming heart.
As Mercury/Hermes pulled back the curtain at 4* Leo on July 7th

He questioned our definition of what ‘PRIDE’ means, caring for the pride, children, once again emphasizing this Cancer cycle of the moon, mother and father.
What are we leaving as a legacy to our children and grandchildren? 

What do we take pride in and what brings you pride and joy?  Mars rambling through Leo will inflame passions in many ways.  Even the mighty lion knows enough to let the lowly mouse help remove that thorn.  Everyone has a wound. 

Hermes travels back in time, meets up with Luna and will release some emotional baggage just before he turns around to greet the morning sun, at the end of July, he has wound back the clock to 23* Cancer for instant replay.

Finally we find ourselves in the new moon on July 31st at 8* Leo.

We will be riding some major waves through this month to get there…we see the fixed signs, Taurus (Uranus is now at 6* Taurus), Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius in the first decanate (0-10*) being pulled into some swells in the universe, but not to the extent that the cardinal signs are being ACTIVATED NOW, as Saturn/EL/Lord of the Rings (whose rings can be seen now in the nighttime sky), Hades/Pluto wrestling with the tail of the dragon in Capricorn, Lady Luna who is just a couple degrees away at 24* and opposing Cancer sun, while squaring Aries and Libra’s…YOU ARE BEING CALLED TO DUTY.

Mutable signs between 10* to 20*, that is Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius (Jupiter is at 15* Sag, forming a widening square to Neptune at 18* PIsces) and PIsces.  Jupiter will magnify every planet he touches, in both good and bad ways, though he is known to be more beneficent and auspicious.  Again, the square to Neptune/Poseidon will still bring some euphoric times and moments, especially via music, meditation, walking in the woods, etc. but this combo can also seduce people being aspected with delusion and illusions.  Unless there is some grounding into reality or this earth/heart, it may be on the more elusive side.

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