Sunday, July 22, 2012

We are the Arc of the Covenant, we are the promised land

Recently I read a forward regarding the care of our being/earth. 12/09/2008
We are in fact one and the same. Perhaps we all need a gentle reminder of what we already know.
We are the “Arc/Ark of the Covenant”. We are the Holy Grail.
Moses climbed to the top of Mt. Sinai whereupon he encounters “The Word”. Now I use this story alone, though there are many others like it, but for the sake of space, this will address most of the people receiving this information.
...The bush, burning but unconsumed, from which G-d spoke to Moses (Exod. 3:1-4), is used by the Fathers as a figure of our Lady; an antiphon at Lauds of the Circumcision (q.v.) and in the Little Office B.V.M. Says: “The bush which Moses saw unburnt we recognize as your glorious virginity: Mother of God, intercede for us.” Taken from: Attwater, A Dictionary of Mary, 1956.
Mount Sinai means: Temple of the Moon, or Moon Mountain. See: “The Woman's Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects”, Barbara G. Walker
The “Arc or Ark” itself, is a female vessel, bearing seeds or fruit to give birth to a new paradigm out of the destruction and chaos of another.
Do we feel the destruction of the world as we know it happening all around us?
What more must happen for us to wake up to ourselves?
The winged Cherubim who stand guard over the “Arc” are our own winged beings.
The moon boat is the sliver of the moon, created from the earth's shadow upon her in the waxing cycle.
We are the earth/heart of it all, this is all created for us. (Please note the anagram of earth and heart for those who need reminding of the last being first).
Moses brings down the Arc of the Covenant, from whom? “I am that I am”.
Is is, or Isis.
We are told not to break God's commandments, of which there are X.
X marks the spot.
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As a side note: Several months back, I was wondering why “on earth” would she have us here at all as humans when we are so disrespectful and destructive of her? I asked her that question.
Her response was this: “Gloria, I want to be loved and appreciated too, I need you to do that, to reflect back to me, love as a mirror.” I cried in joy for a long time after that.........

We can add further notation on entering Two by two....each of every kind (futher look up the word “kind” and its origins, such as kin.) Everything in pairs of opposites.

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