Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Re-Member Angel Testimonial

ArcAncient                           April 21, 2015

Just wanted to let you know a couple things....

Mason has been doing absolutely amazing......I have been using sleep and remember and communication on him. His behaviors have changed completely for the good. His behavior charts always have checks instead of X's. I am so pleased when he asks for the oils in the morning before school. Mommy it helps me be a good boy. So I am so blessed to be using the products by Arc Ancient absolutely life changing for my family. 

Light spirits has really helped me me more conscious of being in the present and not worrying about the future. I love my oils......
with gratitude,  

Jen Martinc (ArcAncient distributor since 2004)

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Angel Gabrielle Bringing the Essence of Healing, Baptizing the Light Within.

We are in the critical time, when we MUST BRING FORTH, that which we came to give birth to, to midwife, to be born through us on this planet.  No more waiting.
If something irritates you where you are or in what you do, be the change agent, or find those who will help you give birth to that place.  Which character are you in the play?  The idea?  The generator?  The structure/organizer?  The motivator?  The activator?  The person who puts it into play, action?
To answer some of these questions, I recall one of my angel visits, and that life-lesson that changed my own life completely.
It was at my third workshop with Jeannie Rose and Barbara Bobo, and some other wonderful teachers.
We were all sitting around the table, up in Barbara’s barn (about 27 women or so).
Jeannie had just finished teaching about Helichrysum… (helio’s ‘sun’ and chrysum ‘to anoint’) and she was distilling Geranium (Pelargonium Graviolens) and describing the healing properties.  Among the many healing property’s, she started to describe the healing powers for female internal female sexual organs.
I was a gasp.
As she described the properties…I couldn’t help myself, I said out loud, ‘but you can’t actually heal the ORGAN, THAT IS INTERNAL?”
(I was thinking to myself, I can understand relieving pain, helping breathing, headaches, sinus…all of that made easy sense to me.  But not an internal organ?
I already had a hysterectomy…which meant that I would not be able to heal, it was already too late for me.) I recoiled
As I said that out loud, about half a dozen women turned and looked at me, and said: “Yes, you
I began to shake as the tears were fighting their way out of me…I got up and went outside...I began heaving and sobbing.
I was so hurt.

How could this be?  How could something over 5,000 years old be available to heal me naturally?  Yet…NO ONE WAS TALKINGA BOUT THIS?
What? (This was back in 1994)

I had taken other herbal classes, etc., my first being back in the early 80’s, with the Grand Dame of Herbalism, Hannah Kroeger.

But never did I completely realize that I could heal internal organs, for real.
As I sobbed…a light came upon me, just like the sun coming up over the horizon.  It was the Angel Gabriel…I was told…in a very gentle voice…”Gloria, it might be too late for you, but it won’t be too late for you to help a lot of other women”…
I was still so hurt…I objected…at first, but in a matter of seconds, all of those emotions swirled through me…and I accepted.
I said, “Okay, if that is what you want me to do God”…
And I put myself back together and went back into the class, slinking around the back and finding my chair
I did, and after a bit, a woman, “Linda Honeycutt-LeGrand” from South Carolina, walked over to me holding a paper to her chest.
She said to me, “Miss Gloria, when you came back in, the angel Gabriel, was holding you, and I drew this picture of him, and wanted to share this with you, if you accept”…

It was a beautiful drawing of the Angel.
She saw him with me.  I was witnessed.  (This same woman would witness with me several things that are extremely profound and which I discuss in my book)…
Anyway…that was it.

That blend, became ‘WiseWoman’…because of all the wise women who I sat with that day, the healers of the old.  We have been carrying this energy for lifetimes.
But, it was time, to bring it back out.

It is time to stop calling our life giving ability ‘the curse’…when it is our POWER. 
So, that is a blend of 13 different oils.
WiseWoman was made for endometriosis and menopause, but it has such strong anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, it is really good (rolling it on the area) to relieve pain and swelling too.
So, thank you.
That is the story of WiseWoman (c), of which you are ONE.
What is Helichrysum oil?  Let us look a bit closer:
HELICHRYSUM (Helichrysum Angustifolium)
DESCRIPTION: A highly aromatic herb, grows up to 24in. high with a many-branched stem, the base is very woody.
Brightly yellowish coloured flowers reminiscent of daisies.
EXTRACTION: Essential Oil by steam distillation from the fresh flowers and flowering tops.
SKIN CARE: Abscess, acne - "Treating acne tissue with Helichrysum has proven more effective than any other essential oil" -Victoria Edwards. Allergic conditions, boils, bums, cuts, dermatitis, eczema, inflammation, scar tissue, skin spots, wounds, etc.
RESPIRATORY SYSTEM: Asthma, bronchitis, chronic or whooping cough.
IMMUNE SYSTEM: Bacterial infections, colds, flu's, fever.
NERVOUS SYSTEM: Anger, depression, debility, lethargy, nervous exhaustion, neuralgia, stress related conditions and disorders.
DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: Liver congestion, spleen congestion.
CIRCULATION, MUSCLES & JOINTS: Muscular aches and pains, rheumatism, sciatica, sprains, strained or pulled muscles.
EMOTIONAL OR SPIRITUAL: Useful in keeping things from changing. To have everlasting love, faith and guidance.
PROPERTIES: Anti-allergenic, anti-catarrhal, anti-coagulant, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, antioxidant, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antitussive, astringent, diuretic, expectorant, fungicidal, hepatic, nervine.
PRINCIPAL CHEMICAL CONSTITUENTS: Carophyllene (Sesquiterpenes), Neryl Acetate (Terpene Esters), Nerol (Monoterpenes), Geraniol, Pinene, Linalol.
ADDITIONAL: Also known as Everlasting or Immortelle. Helpful to detoxify people from drugs.

If we look just at the colour, that beautiful sun spinning on the tops of their green stems, we see it relates to the sun.  The colour yellow, is associated with the 'Solar Plexus' chakra, with FIRE, digestion and what we can 'stomach', our ego, and our 'gut instinct'...
It represent the liver, which is our major clean up organ...helping us to heal wounds and to regenerate. 
So, in cases of IN-FLAMATION, we want something that relates to FIRE, and this is one of the best
to reduce inflammation and deliver amazing pain relief, IMMEDIATELY USING ESSENTIAL OIL, BUT MOST SPECIFICALLY IN THE WISEWOMAN © BLEND FROM ARCANCIENT, it contains 13 essential oils in the magical blend as it was given by Archangel Gabrielle, to share and help ‘a lot of other women/people’.
Is it only for women?  NO, it is for anyone who suffers from pain and inflammation.  It has provided almost instant relief for sciatica sufferers, carpal tunnel, and of course, neck and shoulders that are tight and sore, also find that wonderful relief, just from rolling it on and massaging into the skin.  It is simply lovely.
Obviously, it also does wonders for Endometriosis sufferers too, which it was initially created for, simply roll on the abdomen and back, massage into the area affected, and without even getting out of bed, you can alleviate that pain and discomfort, and start the day on a much better note.
So, if you have swelling, pain, etc., this is your go to blend.
In the meantime, you are naturally attending to your own essence, your ‘esse’…which of course, means to be or to exist, so where are you?  Where do you come alive?
As the stone is rolled out, that Christed being is baptized into the world anew, after ‘dying to this world’…so what are you prepared to leave behind that no longer works for you?
The 3rd Chakra also relates to anger…all that fire trapped inside the body, looking for a way out…and the body feels that distress and sends out the body’s natural chemicals to help heal and protect the body.
I am also a believer, that depression, is ‘trapped information’ that is so depressed back into the body/system, it weighs u down.  The same as a gift, that is stored in the vault of your being, bring out that gift.  It is life-giving and so as it happens, I can look back and see how amazing a blend is, much more so than its original design, but the Angelic and Devic Livingdoms, desire to help us, to mid-wife our beautiful spirit and that unique signature that is ours alone.
Once, that stone is finally rolled away from the crypt, and we birth into this world, an anointed light-being, and the river of life flows through us again, and we bless the world with the MUSE-IC of our soul.  Only you have that blue-print.
Once we give birth, to the dream that birthed us, we move back into the flow with new life and our evolutionary being realizes itself…this brings true awareness.  Awe of RA, aw Ra ness.
The other major problem we face on this planet, is the extra-ordinary amounts of pollutants and heavy metals…Helichrysum is THE BEST DETOXIFYING OIL, helping to cleanse the system.
So light up your world, anoint that essence within you, and COME ALIVE, WE HAVE BEEN WAITING LIFETIMES FOR YOU!   
So, get your WiseWoman Roll on here: http://www.arcancient.com/~shop/roll-ons/wisewoman-roll-on/185600/?catId=34723

Sufferer’s from Fibromyalgia and Lupus have found great relief, using the WiseWoman for specific points of pain, and using the Arthritis & Fibromyalgia Cream © on the entire body.  In addition, the use of Sleep Angel © will help you finally get that good deep sleep, to rejuvenate and heal.  We have so many testimonials over the past 20 years, but each one brings tears of joy to my eyes.
All those blends and creams as well as the individual pure, highest available grade essential oil on the website too: www.arcancient.com
If you need specific blends made up, all you need to do is contact us, we will be happy to help you!

I am giving birth to my dreams, ARE YOU?  WHY DID YOU COME HERE?  I pray, meditate, walk in nature and don't avoid going through a hard tine that I know will alchemize my being...we have to bring our light, into the darkness, to see the light is already there, waiting for us all along, the Black Madonna...Black Wholes...same thing, the creational matrix.
These blends are made to help you do the same, it is one of the reasons I came here at this time...but now, I am off to sing a little jazz and blues...

Friday, April 3, 2015

Blood Moon opening up the Dimensional Doorways

Just as most of us will rise tomorrow (April 4th), a lunar eclipse will be taking place, starting at 6:16 EDT, total eclipse begins at 7:58AM and will last until 8:03, with the greatest eclipse at 8:00AM.  The whole show will end by 9:45AM.
The moon will be in Libra as she waxes into fullness at 8:07AM at 14*.
She will be standing in front of the radiance that illuminates her, but she will be blocking us from that male solar energy, as our fiery star pours his every light into her waiting embrace at 14* of Aries the RAm, and Mercury/Hermes tries to catch up at 8* of Aries and they are both following closely behind Uranus at 16* of Aries, as he squares Pluto/Hades at 15* of Capricorn.
So, insights and inspiration should be pushing at the throttle a bit now…wanting that release, like a great thoroughbred in his gate, just waiting for the sound of the starting gun.
We have been spiraling through the galaxy, and as we do, we make certain transits, that allow us a view, of both the road we have traveled, the decisions we have made, the course we have been on, and this is all culminating in this time.
This is the 3rd of the 4 tetrad blood moons, which I have written extensively on, and drawing the
comparisons, so many others have, to previous periods of blood moons, that fall on High Holy Days.  (Passover/Pesach in April and the last one blood moon falls on Sukkot, September 27th. At 4* of Aries, culminating the Libra/Aries polarity.
Here, I will make a comparison for you.  Consider the Yggdrasil, world tree and the upper, middle and lower levels; or Dante’s Inferno, and the 9 levels of hell, or even Stadium Checkers, and all those layers and the different perspectives, those layers or levels present in each of those examples.
This is what we are doing…we have been on a journey that has become so intense, so fast moving, sometimes it has become just too much for some to continue on, in marriages, relationships, jobs, homes, and spiritual beliefs.  Even, to simply continue…there are many people, who may find a smile when they travel outside, but once they return to the sanctuary of their own residence, the walls to their façade falls down, the heavy weight they feel once again can swallow them up, and they begin that descent into the levels…
Since this is an eclipse, the head of the dragon is aligned with La Luna at 10* and he wags his tail between the Sun and Hermes at 10* of Aries.  We are consuming everything that is being dissected on the world stage, and the dragon is eating all that feminine energy and we see too, the discussion about fairness.  Are the Police being fair?  Was the suspect acting appropriately?  Are people paid enough?  What is a fair amount of income?  HOW AM I VALUED AND HOW DO I VALUE? 
Venus/Aphrodite at 21* of Taurus, so this will emphasize this aspect, because Taurus is ‘I Have’…so we are talking about ‘VALUES’.
Now, can you look back over the past 20 years, and see how you have been challenged on what YOU BELIEVE?  Have you adjusted those beliefs and are you now coming to a more clear and focused picture of what you believe, value on all those levels?
The path you choose now, sets the course for the next 19.5 years in very personal ways.
Once we travel so far down, what I will call a life tube, that reality is what envelopes us, and we play out that role for the duration, as we again learn and adjust and grow.
This will create intense shifting for the next 6 months too, riding on the back of the new moon eclipse
we just had on March 20th. At the anoretic degree of 29* in PIsces and quickly moving into that 1* zone, in the very first house of Aries…so we see that we have traveled through the many mansions of the house, and we were put into the lock to wait our move, even as we began to peak out in our new garments.
We always read the last degree’s and in particular the 29th degree, as the beginning of the next house/sign…but there are those things that need to be tied up, hopefully you have done that work, so you can move forward.
Now, imagine climbing up a spiral staircase, and you can look down the center of the well, and see the floors below…this is the kind of perspicacity that we have been given, to see ourselves, and this world, with more clarity as those veils fall down.
But, let’s get back to those blood moon tetrads, and the relationship to Israel.
Back in 1948, we had blood moon tetrad, and Israel became a nation recognized legally, following the (חרור "The War of Liberation"), in Eretz-Israel to be known as the State of Israel.
The next blood moon tetrad came in 1967, and we had the The Six-Day War (Hebrew: מלחמת ששת הימים, Milhemet Sheshet Ha Yamim; Arabic: النكسة, an-Naksah, "The Setback" or حرب ۱۹٦۷, arb 1967, "War of 1967"), also known as the June War, 1967 Arab–Israeli War, or Third Arab–Israeli War, was fought between June 5 and 10, 1967 by Israel and the neighboring states of Egypt (known at the time as the United Arab Republic), Jordan, and Syria. ~ excerpt from Wikipedia.
So, we can see this is very powerful indeed, and what do we see on the world stage right now?  The escalations again of conflict in the middle east, but we also just had the announcement, that we have renegotiated our relationship with Iran, discussions of Nuclear capability have been on the table, and this is being heralded as a great success from the White House, while at the same time, some believe it is exactly the opposite, and is only a mask on the impossible.
The point for this article right now, is to illustrate the importance of these blood moon tetrads and their historical past.
And we see, it is also about ‘values’…what people are willing to do, go through for their values and

the home…
By now, you feel a clearing has taken place, you may feel similar to how you felt in some ways back in 1996/1997 as we entered that time cycle.  The difference being, a more profoundly solid you, even as the more defined model, is perhaps a bit more flexible?  Sliding Doors?
You may also feel that as you clear those grey or more ignorant beliefs up, this makes room for the heart energy to fill you back up, and this is coming from the heart of the galaxy.
This all forms a T-Square, as the stellium of the Sun, Mercury, and Uranus, oppose the moon and the Dragon’s head and both square Pluto in Capricorn sitting in the middle at 90* between the two.
Sit with your being, connect with the Divine and find gratitude for all you can now, truly we have found so many new levels that we may have had a bit of a time, negotiating as we newly entered, but now some of that has settled down and we have much deeper and profound yet gentle appreciation and love.
Use your ArcAncient Ascension © blend, to elevate yourself and connect both deeply into the core of the earth, your own core and then extend out your aura, in joy, as you look around and see how you partner with others.
You can see through other people’s eyes, and find new heart-space for their path and their own battles.
So, we move forward now, in gratitude, as I am grateful for all of you.
We are in a Libra/Aries energy, who do you partner with, how do you see yourself through their eyes?  Partner with the Earth first, then you will always have firm ground to walk upon.

Before you push off, make sure you are going in the direction of your heart…but go ahead, push off…it is time to test our sea-worthiness and spin the stuff of dreams.