Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Sizzling Smolder of a Melting Lioness Moon

Full Moon, January 23, 2016: 8:45 PM EST
Snap, crackle, pop…this sun at 3* of Aquarius, detached and rational, surveys his lady now fully beaming his own light back to him, sizzling at 3* of Leo, she is melting under his gaze.
With her beating lioness heart weakened in Leo, she cannot help but succumb to his masterful plan as she is caught up on the Aquarian high-wires.   The Ace up her sleeve though, is her nobility is now exuding a warmth that can undo his re-solve, having just tripped the 01* Rx point, that Hermes stationed Retrograde. 
Hermes is now saddled alongside Pluto/Hades at 15* of Capricorn.  Winding up his next mega-blast of information that will come to light, exposing our sensitive spots, that thorn in the paw of the lion, which can now be removed.
Hermes/Mercury is preparing to station direct on the 25th at 14* of Capricorn, and remember that new moon back at 15* of Capricorn?  Yeah, well that is being triggered wide open, and the lioness is roaring back with all of those communication seeds we planted, and all those people that need to return with their message. 
Hermes is also in deep discussion down there with Hades who is also at 15* of Capricorn right now and he has recently brought quite an A-list of passengers over the River Styx; The B-one pulling back
his bow one more time, and sending it shooting out on the silver-screen all taut with Neptune/Poseidon at 8* of PIsces, still in her square to Saturn/EL who is refusing to budge at 13* of Sagittarius, even as she wicks back and erodes the very shores he thinks are so firm.
Oh those Neptune hooks are going to hurt as they are extracted, so remind yourselves to cleanse and drink plenty of water, as this is quite the toxic flush.
Watch for major coastal erosion as Uranus does his very best to re-wire this change at 16* of Aries the Ram, he is fully in support of EL’s RULE.
Mars/Ares at 10* of Scorpio is also forming a lovely trine to Neptune/Poseidon who at 8* of PIsces, is only a hop away from exact trine.  This makes for lots of energy to infuse into our dreams and onto the big screen, with more watery/snowy/blizzard pictures flooding the airwaves and internet, with Uranus at 16* of Aries and feeling the push from Pluto/Hades squaring him at 15* of
Capricorn in deep discussion with Hermes reviewing the whole shebang.  This is a very powerful exchange of words…and it will give power to the words we speak now too…So consider this in regard to your own self-speak, and try and lighten up, Pluto/Hades can be used to restore, and we are still in hibernating season north of the equator anyway, so no one will blame you if you pull the covers up spend some time in his darkness, it will TRANSFORM YOU, WILLINGLY OR NOT. 
That could make for some nasty revelations and at least one ‘Ivory Tower’ to come falling down, by the New Moon on February 8th, when Luna joins up with her lover again at 19* of Aquarius.  The internet will be abuzz and something will make its way to shocking transformation of residual thoughts and belief’s that never had any truth, clinging weakly now to any neuronal matrix.
Prepare for a giant slide of information, to begin its erasure from the hall of records, pushed away like the poison of Original Sin, the serpent will recoil ready to lunge at us, lest we fall back into the illusion of a quickly disappearing past.
Gone for instance, will be any trace of Bill Cosby as the years erode the glistening, smiling images of
a happy, successful black, middle class family.  No more jello, no more Fat-Albert, it will all be pulled save for the few that people manage to archive themselves.  But the media?  It will be SURE TO ERASE EVERY BIT OF THAT AS THE YEARS WIND OUT OF THESE SQUARES, SETTING THE STAGE FOR OPPOSITIONS TO COME IN THE FUTURE.
The idea of the  Tower, is something we will revisit a few times this year, Mary Magdalene, rules these years and all roads lead back to Rome, MM, AND she is the ‘Tower of the Flock’, according to Gematria.
Jimi asked us to face our Castles in the Sand…they are about to come tumbling down, and a steady stream of Gaia’s passenger’s will exit their flight.
This also makes for fertile ground to burst out a bit of your REAL truth, find that Witness self, which is AS ABOVE, and go BELOW in the mirror image of truth now staring you right in the face…we will no longer be able to dismiss the darker truth’s that we dare not even peak at before.
When you catch hold of the head of the dragon, Rx at 24* of Virgin territory, with the spotlight of Zeus magnifying the WAY and pulled back just enough to angle that light perfectly at 22*, the details are bound to be pulled out before the mind has a chance to catch up.

But this is such a time to be born, to be alive as the old and new worlds collide on a daily basis, the chasm widens in every way, and we choose which ice flow we belong on, the others drift slowly away, others rupture along with earth’s mantle pressuring the plates of both the earth and our very own skull’s too. 
Without finding the release valve, this could blow, but if you have managed to find a way to free some of the hostages of your past, you will find this time quite exhilarating, as a very new you emerges from this Chrysalis.

You might exclaim to yourself, “Are you watching me now?”  A new planet is discovered outside Hades who in the Goat’s domain is supercharged on the Cardinal Cross, just as a Dark Star enters and exits at the same time.  Get used to this revolving door.
Lazarus, will you rise again?

Monday, January 18, 2016

Earth Moon Trine with Zeus

Earth Moon Trine with Zeus

Having just opposed Mars at 8* of Scorpio, La Luna is now forming a lovely earth trine at 16* of Taurus on the leg of the bull, she is supporting Pluto/Hades who is at 15* of Capricorn the Goat/Pan…(EL, Lord of the Rings is Ruler of the Goat/Janus, also known as the planet Saturn) and in Taurus, she is SENSUAL AND EARTHY, if you have a lover, you may not want to get out of bed, this makes for very sweet intimate relations, it can get very tasty in this earth trine.Moon trine Jan 18.16.jpg
Zeus at 23* of Virgin territory is nicely partnered with the head of the dragon who is at 24*, so as lunabelle moves through these earth decanates, she now gathers the details as she dances over the hotbed and triggers these energetic markers from 18* Virgo (Pluto/Uranus conjunction) (Saturn/Uranus opposition).
Zeus, is pulling out ‘all the stops’ so you can connect with that luminescent glow that hovers between the headstones of your eyes, as they penetrate her gleaming.  He is illuminating your divinity, your purpose that you came here, to earth EA, to impregnate her, to till her soil, to bring to life?  You have the support you need, as you review the past and how plans have gone awry and what you need to do, to better communicate your truth and what you need.  
As Luna moves closer into her trine, she moves into the sweet trine Zeus is providing to our Solar Ambassador, our own personal Star, unlike the Black Star...Zeus in retrograde is just not fast enough and she will soon cast her full gaze at 4:15 PM EST today (January 18, 2016) when they are exactly trine each other, both now at 23*3’ and moving closer into the light of the sun who remains at 27* of Capricorn.
This will help with the discomfort that Venus/Aphrodite and Jupiter//Zeus now feel, as they square each other, Aphrodite now at 23* of Sagittarius the Archer.  Details may not be so comfortable as they are disclosed, and of course, Aphrodite just wants all kinds of freedom, she doesn’t like the rough and tumble of practical reality our Virgoan friends are so fond of, she wants the luxury of Venusian ‘I Have’ , velvet curtains, soft fabrics against her skin, satin pajamas, and silk stockings...she is ‘Jeannie’s Magic Bottle’
Astrological Equity Birth-of-Venus.jpg
1.18.2016   5:55 AM
In these seasons of change, this is one moon to tap into...
Arc of the Ancient’s

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Singing Over the Bones of EL Morte

A warning sound weakly makes its way  through the fog, pensive and crackling with a nervous energy rumbling up from the deep, dark halls of our past.
LaLuna finds her way back to her lover, our soul director on Saturn’s Day, January 9th at 8:30 PM EST.  They will embrace at 19* of Capricorn, both having recently embraced Hades at 15*, putting their hand to the wheel of the Cardinal Cross.
This is truly and literally life and death because it is ON THE CROSS.
In Capricorn the Goat, they reconcile the past with one another, and with Mercury/Hermes having recently stationed retrograde at 00 Aquarius and on his way back to reconnect/reconnoiter after having begun his trek backwards through his own visitation through disposit of first Uranus in Aries (who is as bold as they come and reigniting the electrical charge now infusing the atmosphere/field) then he gathers his momentum and passion when he displaces Mars who was at 0* of Scorpio and forming that square to each other…made for some tense energy and probable communication melt-downs (which will be reviewed during this Rx) and flew over to Hermes/Pluto (and the Cardinal Cross reactivation) at 15* of Capricorn and to the ruler of Capricorn…Saturn/EL where things get all kinds of serious…as the LORD OF THE RINGS is wrestling with Poseidon he moves on then to sky God Jupiter/Zeus who was at 23* of Virgo…he wants the DETAILS and having consulted with the rest of the gods…Mercury/Hermes returned to himself in Aquarius where we are recalibrated according to our own progress.
Mercury is now at 29* of Capricorn in this new moon.  To say things have gotten serious and demand attention, is an understatement.  This very Cardinal New Moon, wants ACTION, but it wants that action to be taken with very serious consideration, and so as Hermes continues his flashback, he will bubble up all that plutonian energy wanting to come to terms with the stark reality…and oh if it were only that simple.
You see, Neptune is lording over this New Moon as she swims in her PIscean Sea at 7* she forms a lovely trine to Mars at 3* of Scorpio, who wants to get to truth behind the scenes and is willing to go into the muckity muck where all that ugly truth has been hiding…Neptune/Poseidon bursts open a symphony so beautiful it tugs at the very depths of our being and haunts us down the halls, her water gushing and pushing us only to hit the wall of Saturn/EL…whose leaden RINGS wake us up over and over each time we hit his shores he sternly reminds us…"your dreams ARE NO THING WITHOUT MY REALITY and IN MY TIME."
Such might have been a similar energy as the Titanic was going down. On the deck the musicians played stoically and their music drifting into the cold-night sky as some go down, some find frozen safety among the screams of the dying and the anguished cries from some of the people watching their husbands, children, wives, mothers, fathers, grandparents, slink down into the depths of a frozen and unforgiving abyss.
You may not like this message but I am just a messenger.
Is there a silver lining in this?  Yes, of course!  Look at this…it is Neptune animating the animus and the anima on a very big screen.  Showing us who we are, whether we like it or not and everything is just not shiny and bright or peace and love with instant nirvana waiting to take us into eternal bliss.
You see, the gods are up there talking about all of this too, they are watching us… (Yes, they see you when you are sleeping and they know when you’re awake…they know if you’ve been bad of good, so be good…for HEAVEN’S SAKE.)
Jupiter/Zeus is Rx with the head of the Dragon so the warmth and optimism may be a bit harder to come by, but if we look (pray and take affirmative action toward good and benevolent conditions, thoughts and actions) we will see that he is in full support in a trine to the sun, moon and Pluto.
So, though you may feel alone or abandoned by the god’s at this time in some way, know that we are not…not even for one single second, abandoned.
Neptune/Poseidon…ruler of the mighty seas…softens everything.
Imagine you are walking along the sea shore, the sun is dazzlingly brilliant in his jealous sky as you look down and see the bright colours making their way through the clear-glistening waters below you of millions of rocks, pebbles, glass and shell, so soft under your feet…because they have been softened…through water/Neptune/Poseidon and what?  Time
Do you know who rules time?  Saturn/EL the Lord of the Rings.
Saturn/EL/Lord of the Rings/Cronos does his very best to discipline us back into our true core being.  He demands of us, what we have to offer or to exhume (Pluto) and he will accept nothing less, than our very best.  So…he will out wait you…
Now, as you realize these factors, and think of the EL-e-MENTS involved, you see that universal MATT-ER has a brilliance we can only begin to FATHOM.
Residuals are coming in…those of the investment kind whether they be financially, emotionally, or physically, what we have invested in, is now paying us in dividends or taking back what is rightfully his.
All of this, is demanding action that will start up in a fury this winter-spring and be somewhat halted again this early spring when Saturn/EL goes Rx on March 26th at 16* of Sagittarius, while Jupiter/Zeus is still Rx from Jan 9th at 23* of Virgo.
It is truly in the Details, no matter how much Neptune tries to obfuscate, remember those details MATT er.
This is our dreams, our hopes, and our wishes…all of that ‘new age talk’ (You are creating what you are thinking, so don’t think about bad things)…against the cold reality of Saturn, all of that melts away into simple illusions.
I can pray for a cup of tea…or I can get up and make one, which do you think will happen first in this reality of 3 and 4D?
There is truth to the energy of thought and certainly WORD or LOGOS, which takes the thought and speaks it into this world…but that becomes NO THING…if it does not MATT er.  And everything on earth, is triggered with the senses.  In order to ANIMATE the energy…we must infuse it with our action and in order for that to make it over the finish line, it must have PASSION.  THAT WHICH YOU ARE WILLING TO DIE FOR, OR TO LITERALLY SUFFER FOR. 
One way to look at this, is to consider some past posts on children.  A HEALTHY parent, loves their child so much, they are willing to suffer or die for that child in most cases.
That is PATHOS.  So, when you are asked, if you are LIVING YOUR PASSION, every day you go to work, to bring home the bacon or the rice and beans as the case may be, you are living YOUR PASSION, YOU ARE SUFFERING FOR WHAT YOU TRULY LOVE.
Now, if you are suffering under a financial strain, because you bought the ILLUSION OF WHAT MATTERS MOST then that ILLUSION may become bigger under this strain, without the reckoning of Saturn/EL and Virgo’s need for EXACT DETAILS because now that the nodes are floating in the Virgo/PIsces axis, this will be a running theme.
So, during this exchange, this clashing of Saturn/EL and Neptune/Poseidon, our very dreams are over cast with the somber reality of Saturn…in Sag…it is easy enough to use simple words that never gather the steam of truth and action, but they quickly melt like ice on a hot-black tar road under the summer's noon-day sun.
Sagittarius Saturn is not as playful as Sag likes to be, he is certainly not as free as this centaur likes and he is questioning HUMANITY as a global turning world struggles under the heavy weight Pluto in Saturn’s domain of Capricorn squaring off with Uranus, stunted and angry from having all of his technical breakthrough’s stifled is now bringing.
We want all the comforts and bliss a new world promises, but we have not come to terms with the cold and harsh reality of living in a finite world, with very real laws that are UNIVERSAL.
If you had all the money in the world, what would you do?
For most, it has become to build bigger, more, taller, buy more and more and more…and it is easy enough to say…’I would never’ but without having lived that life and proven to yourself that you in fact, would live within what YOU NEED AND WHAT NEED ALONE (I am not in that category, I try, but I live in this world too, and I like things, pretty things, and don’t I need a sun room?, lol) so you see, even if we had all the RESOURCES (Virgo) at our fingertips, 7 billion people would all want to buy big homes, cars, etc.
She only has so many trees.
So much clean water.
So much clean air.
She needs a clean and healthy earth/mantle to nourish us, feed our plants, trees, etc.…so when all that fancy spiritual talk leads into ‘all the stuff you can have if you only know the secret’…this is AN ILLUSION.
You are aligned with, not against the body.  (The same as a cancer cell, which is aligned attack the body's healthy cells.)
Are you aligned with the body that is our host, our ship carrying us hundreds of thousands of miles an hour through space along with our heavenly guides and our central ambassador the sun…do you not think they know they very hair on our heads?
Of course prayer works, but if you cut your leg open, would you pray for it to heal or would you go to the hospital?  So much for just talking to your leg to heal or simply ignoring it so it won’t get any bigger, right?
This is called a REALITY CHECK, this is Saturn/EL…don’t play with him…he is serious and he will make you pay quicker than the lawyer on TV who says he will.
He is discipline… (Saturn/EL the LORD OF THE RINGS), so you can either learn to discipline and control yourself, or HE, using the state, will come and do that for you.
Now, on the world stage, a real tinder-box has been cooked up with a daisy chain running all over the planet, just ready and waiting for that one inflammatory incident to light the whole thing up.
We simply MUST LEARN TO PARSE THROUGH COMPLEX SCREENS OF INFORMATION while keeping a very simple reference point of truth partnered with wisdom and grace.
We have to listen to each word someone is saying, without dismissing them outright, either by party affiliation or what we may perceive as not aligned with our political thoughts or perhaps we are being told by the media that they are crazy or unelectable in some way?
They all have SOME TRUTH THAT THEY DIVULGE amidst that which is obfuscating reality just enough for our own discernment and evolutionary needs.  Yes, our needs.
We cannot have FREE ENERGY TECHNOLOGY without THE SAME SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION IN THOUGHT.  Saturn is not going to let that happen, it is his job, as far as he is concerned, he is still Gaia’s protector.  Somebody has to play the tough guy in all of this.  When Gaia was unhappy so many of her children had been locked up in Tartaros, she asked the 12 Titans for a volunteer to help them escape. Only Cronos (Saturn) was brave enough. Gaia gave him an adamantine sickle with which to castrate his father (Uranus/Ouranos the original sky god). Saturn/Cronos took up the task and was forever after shown with his sickle.
These planets are known for ‘cutting away’, Saturn/Cronos with his sickle, Mars as a ruler of metal instruments and surgery and Uranus in the blink of an eye, with shock-therapy.  Pluto/Hades as ruler of death and transformation will take you into his lair and transform you into a wholly new being.  Neptune will dissolve you without you even realizing it until it is much too late, so subtle and yet equally capable of turbulence that will kill you with one blow.  She will take you down into unfathomable depths, and if you are cognizant enough and SEEKING, you will SEA that bright shiny glint of a brass handle, grab hold and pull out your treasure chest buried long ago…
These Titans, are in a fierce battle now…Uranus/Pluto square which began back in their conjunction in Virgo in 1964.  The 7 exact squares which began in 2012 came almost 50 years later, as the second stage of this roughly 200 year cycle.  This is how big this is right now…along with this, we have Saturn/Neptune cycle in play as they just formed another square in a synod that began with their exact conjunction on  March 3, 1989 at  11°53΄ of Capricorn.  So we see major events taking place on the world stage, and these events are born in the conjunction, the same as we start a new cycle with every new moon.
Saturn wants to take Neptune’s idealism, her art and visions and form concrete Matt er as he ANCH-ors into reality her dreaming mind so fertile in the gestation of deep waters.  Neptune/Poseidon wants to smooth out the rough surface of Saturn’s cold gaze, together they soften, Water + Time.
And this cycle, kicked off with the Saturn/Uranus opposition that began, November 2, 2008.
This new moon at 19* of Capricorn, is tapping back into the Saturn/Neptune conjunction and triggering the whole Uranus/Pluto square and all Cardinal Points from the Cross are activated again. 
Some of you may not think the tears from seemingly ‘out of nowhere’ will ever end, sadness that was hiding under the surface will spill over Saturn’s walls of restraint and disappear just as quickly as a smile of comprehension comes across your lips, realizing something deep has just been released, perhaps one of Neptune’s hooks from back in that conjunction or even long before, because the square will tear out those concepts that have no basis in the reality of Saturn’s world, and sorry, but this is the LAW.
Jupiter/Zeus at 23* Virgo may have just gone retrograde, but he is still forming a nice supporting trine to the sun, mercury, moon and Pluto, and he will bring you back to that insight you lost, if you just look into the details, you are sure to uncover some jovial place along with Mercury Rx, that should help to lift the ominous weight of Pluto and the change and transformation he will exact and which we will see unwind in the following decade, after we negotiate the storms that are wreaking havoc on us today.
In Capricorn the Goat, we are at the top of the mountain looking down and into the past.  At the end of the Taurus decanate, we are again asked to wonder what we have…no really…what do you really own on this planet?  What have you sacrificed to obtain all that you have and do you consider that success?
What do you value?  We put energy into that which we value...and how much energy do you have, that you are willing to trade time together with family or friends in exchange for something you value more, what is that?  How does it feel on the inside when you consider this value exchange?
Are you ready for your old age?  Social Security is surely going to be a major theme this month and the coming year…ominous and chilling tales of our future will be trotted out, if we don’t start ‘cutting back’ or out altogether (If Saturn has his way).
Mars at 3* of Scorpio forming a lovely trine to Neptune/Poseidon at 7* of Scorpio will help us to put some action and energy into our dreams and spiritual beliefs pursuits, and with Venus at 12* under the leaden cloak of Saturn/EL at 13 of Sagittarius, you can put energy into planning vacations or the idyllic surroundings of your retirement place, but it will be a topic of conversation, as

Mercury/Hermes aims to review all plans now.

This is the moon you plan out the year with, light your candle, set your intentions and add all the music and prayers to and relatively low-lit and serious occasion.  Sing over the bones…
1/25/16 Mercury/Hermes will station direct on January 25th at 14* Capricorn
2/9/16 Transiting Saturn opposes his natal position of 14* Gemini when he reaches the 14* point of Sag. (Where he was on 9/11)
3/9/16 Saturn goes Rx on March 9th at 16* of Sagittarius and will station direct on August 12th at 9* of Sagittarius.
5/9/16 Jupiter will station direct on May 9th at 23* of Virgo
Mars Rx's on April 17th at 8* of Sagittarius and stations direct on June 29th at 23* of Scorpio.
8/12/16 Sagittarius and will station direct on August 12th at 9* of Sagittarius.
8/24/16 August 24th, Mars and Saturn will conjunct at 9* of Sagittarius.