Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Our Newly Found Inner Flame Lights The Way In The Cancer New Moon

New Moon, solar eclipse, June 21st, 2020 at 2:41AM, 00*21’ Cancer
Part of Body: Sixth rib
Sabian Symbol: Sailor ready to hoist a new flag to replace an old one.
The sun and moon at 00* Cancer, form an exact inconjunct to Saturn at 00* Aquarius, this means that there is movement forward that is uncomfortable, and that the old must be left behind, though it will create dissonance in the field, trying to hold on to ‘the way it was and always has been’.
That needs to give way to the new, without throwing away beneficial aspects of what the structure does to support the new creation.
Also known as the quincunx, the sun and moon want to start a new chapter as we can see by the Sabian symbol above.  Saturn, the OLD LAW, Lord of the Rings will have to give up or concede to create the balance that is out of order. So much has been lost, the past four years for those of us that are aware, are all about moving forward but NOT losing balance, just as I wrote months ago in; the ‘shift of the balance of powers’.
Lady Luna, upon meeting up with our solar ambassador, steals a little light, occludes him and passes
that torch off to the Head of the Dragon, Rahu as he and his partner, Ketu have just moved out of the Cancer/Capricorn axis and will now wake up Gemini and Sagittarius, the mutable signs, along with Virgo and PIsces.
This is also at 00*, which is POWERFUL SYMBOLIZING CHANGE.
But it is ASLO in a CARDINAL SIGN.
Red, the first colour the eye can see.  It is a touch me colour.
The Cardinal signs signal a change of season, the four cardinal points of the zodiac wheel, spring/Aries, summer/Cancer, fall/Libra, winter/Capricorn, midnight, noon, north, south, east and west.

The moons nodes, Rahu and Ketu shifting from the Capricorn/Cancer axis into Gemini/Sagittarius, is also why, the last full moon in Gemini/Sagittarius, which squared Mars the war god, was also so powerful.  Can you hear the war drums or that horn blowing?  This is CHANGE.  Like it or not, and now that it is out of the cardinal axis, which STARTS THINGS, and lit up that fuse in the RED square of Capricorn, FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN/VOLCANIC ENERGY, now what was seeded will GROW IN THIS NEW MOON.
This new moon is also just a few degrees away from the galactic center which is at 27* Sagittarius. That is an additional sign that this is going to be very powerful, as it taps into the Milky Way, MOTHER of creation and our source.
Cancer, the mother.  Moon Child.
The signs are all around us.
Mercury has stationed Retrograde on June 17th at 14* 43’ Cancer.  He will travel all the way back to 5* Cancer, when he stations direct on July 12th.
On June 22nd, he meets up with Lady Luna while he is still at 14* of Cancer, so this is a touchstone point, for anyone that has planets or points at that degree, of any of the cardinal signs.
This is communications coming back, as Mercury pulls back the curtain and unseals what was ‘Hermetically sealed’ before.
Ever try to open a bag of something that you are supposed to be able to open simply and it turns out to be a struggle?
As Mercury/Hermes peels back the layers, expect old acquaintances and thoughts about the ‘mother’, how to mother, and for those with children to have them come front and center in their lives, possibly bringing up regrets on how they raised their children.
No one is perfect.  None of us are, and we all have our faults.  Please remind yourselves of this, nor
was your own mother perfect, though for some that seems to be an easier relationship than others.
This also creates fertile ground to REBIRTH YOURSELVES.  For those who took the Inner Child Playshop, you might want to listen again.  Go through that ritual again.  Light your candles again.  Get out baby pictures and design your path forward.
When you go in and rescue that inner light, this is so prescient now, as we are living inside the Great USA fire eclipse, that began in August of 2017, the ‘middle’ doorway is December 14th and that will be another Total Solar Eclipse, visible in the US skies again, where this will be less visible for the US.  That doorway ends in April of 2024.
Now, what is happening around the world?
We have people marching for their freedoms and rights, to say that black lives matter.  I wish they would march in Flint, Michigan, where the water has STILL NOT BEEN MADE SAFE TO DRINK, that supplies much of the area that is predominantly black and poor.
They fixed the water long ago, for Chevy and Ford who complained it was ruining their cars.  Can you imagine?  That was the priority?
This was all set off when Officer Chauvin, put his boot/knee on
Lightening hits the Washington Monument, the signs.
Floyd’s neck and held him for 8:46 seconds.
Now, there are several salient things that jump out, the first of which is of course, the incredibly sad death of George Floyd.  The second thing is that for some reason, the time was MEASURED.  And we know the time of 8 minutes and 46 seconds.  Now, here is an interesting analogy that popped into my head.
Did you know that the first plane, hit the twin towers in NYC on 911 (IXXI) at 8:46 AM?  In Jewish Gematria, one of the meanings of 846 is, “Living God”.
I try to remind myself and others, that God is still very much here and ready to listen, we all can WALK WITH GOD, like Enoch or Ezekiel.  Though it may seem like we are abandoned, we are going through a doorway, as I have stated before, a mass ritual together, our CORONATIONS.
8+4+6= 18, which is the Moon Card in the Tarot.
When we add the 1+8=9 which is the Hermit card.
So, we see the both the moon, that will take a powerful position with this new moon, as she occludes
the sun, and the Hermit, and both of them are luminaries, the moon reflecting the sun and the hermit having done the work, ‘sequestering’ to find his INNER LIGHT.
What is in New York Harbor that is the iconic greeting/welcoming statue to all who enter though New York?  The statue of liberty, and she is holding a torch, for FREEDOM.
Washington’s Farewell address, tells us that the United States, is the Great Experiment.
She is Lady Liberty.  See her own ‘twin towers’ and the twin towers on the Moon card?
All of this, as the moon occludes the sun, (Identity/masculine aspect/patriarchy) and Mercury/Hermes retrograde motion, tells us to follow and respect the MOTHER, NURTURING, WISDOM and the hermit tells us we were to go inside and find our own inner light.  Hopefully, this period will have led people to do just that, rather than simply fight the flow of all this water.
This also serves as a great reminder to those who followed their INTUITION and knew enough to take that class, that was so necessary and the feedback, confirms this in the most wonderful ways, I am eternally grateful for having been inspired to do that workshop and yes, there will be more.
You can still get that workshop, it is still vital to participate even though it was tapping into Gemini, Venus retrograde motion RX 5* Gemini, stationing D 6/25/2020 at 5*Gemini, still has us learning to love our duality and integrating this and our darker/less comfortable aspects.
So, please try and take that class, for those who already paid and took the class, you can do it again, if you recorded that zoom, just remember it was FOR YOU, one ticket, one person’s entry, and if you feel someone else would benefit, send them to the link to purchase, thank you for honouring me in doing so, and honouring anyone you know will benefit.  (many would)
Now, let me remind you that it was officer ‘CHAUVIN’ who took that life.  The truth is, we simply must start to honour women/mothers and that energy on this planet now, rather than the long history of male dominance and its ugly extreme, CHAUVINISM. 
This is also killing this planet, and we all must find a way to integrate this energy, not to create another imbalance by making women more powerful than masculine energy, but the BALANCE, listen to Venus as she also pulls back the curtain and reminds us, we must learn to appreciate all that we are, and with Saturn RX 00* AQ, here too, we are given a ‘do over’, as EL pulls back the curtain and retreats back into his own territory of Capricorn, REVEALING the road we have led, what we have built our world upon and where we can improve.  The earth only has so much, we live in a finite world, but with infinite and eternal spirits/souls.  We are LEARNING TO LIVE IN 3D AS ETERNAL SOUL’S as spiritual beings, all with certain gifts or skills, for just THIS TIME.
Now, for those who have not navigated the ‘dark night of the soul’ or who may need to do this again, but avoid this embrace of the aspects they may not be so comfortable with, and who have not found that true north, inner light to guide them, officer Chauvin represents You.  You still want someone outside of yourself, to lead the way, an authority figure to discipline you.  (This is Saturn in your chart, EL, the Lord of the Rings) and in order to become a true disciple of God, you must learn to individuate and express your own unique identity, NOT THE GROUP MIND, of what the ‘broken system’ has you BREAKING YOURSELF TO IDENTIFY AND FIT IN, but the TRUE YOU.  Otherwise, this is a form of suicide.  You are not here to be anyone else, but YOU.
Embrace all of you.  You are no more sunny and warm all the time, than the earth, the MOTHER is.  This is not a license to behave badly towards others, just an acknowledgment of all that beautiful power, that you are too afraid to use.
It is normal, to be storming and raining sometimes.
The dark night of the soul teaches us to feel lost, without a rudder, without ‘authority’, as if God has abandoned us.  It forces us to find that inner light/calling, out of the dark land, the fertile soil of   (EL/AL-CHEM-Y).
Egypt, Chem/Khem or ‘ALCHEMY’.
Those who were more disgusted and felt the plight of Floyd, and ALL PEOPLE WHO ARE OPPRESSED, have done more of the work successfully, to integrate your own oppressed aspects.  For some, it is still too fresh and they don’t want to go backward, RETROGRADE, they don’t want to live in that pain, or even think of going through such a terrible time again, they are STILL RUNNING FROM THEIR PAST TOO.
So, we all have work to do.  These are cycles, just like the cycles of the planets, of the sun coming up every day as the earth turns, the seasons, and once this is integrated and acknowledged more fully, this new beginning is welcomed and utilized to its fullest potential.
Just as a new day, can bring peace and a fresh start, even when the previous day may have been a difficult one, and sleep is always such a wonderful healer.
There, God can whisper to us, lead us through our own subconscious, and again the more fully one has done the work, then you also begin to DREAM AWAKE/LUCID.  An unexamined dream is like an unopened letter from God, from our subconscious that is taking dictation from our higher self.
Make sure you have plenty of ArcAncient's Sleep Angel (c) to help you get a good night's sleep AND to help stimulate those dreams.
On December 2, 2019: Jupiter entered Capricorn to join Saturn and Pluto/Hades. When the planets are retrograde, they give us the opportunity to do just this, to review and examine the cross we came to bear, and once we do integrate that and accept, heal and appreciate those dark times, they become the gift to give to the world.
Right now, Jupiter is also RX 25* Capricorn, he has not been retrograde in Capricorn since May 8th through September of 2008, when he went from 22*Capricorn back through 12* Capricorn.  You can look at your own charts and see how this affected you, and that time frame, to realize the review you are making now, through that same territory.
Do you recall that in October of that year, we had an economic crash, where many people lost their homes?
There were huge bailouts for banks, as the common working man suffered often greatly, many people lost money that has not been recovered.
Well, we could very well see a repeat of this financial crisis during Jupiter’s retrograde now, and we already know that many banks, and huge corporations and CEO’s have been caught with their hands in the till, getting bail-outs again.
It is already more than $50 thousand dollars, for each person in the US.
To help facilitate your own dark night's journey, I suggest any of the works of St. John of the Cross, especially his examination of Psalm 23.

Jupiter will travel back to 17* Capricorn, before he stations direct on September 13th.   On July 14, He will oppose the sun at 22* Capricorn, while the sun is at 22* of Cancer.  So we can see, that Jupiter is repeating the retrograde in Capricorn in these degrees: 17*-22*.  (This is the clues for your own chart, and then looking at new territory for review, 22*,23*,24* & 25* Capricorn, hopefully you learned the lessons back then, so this will be a time when you can look back and give a sigh of relief, for the changes you integrated/made back then.)
First he will join up with Pluto/Hades again on the 30th, at 24* and they will both be squaring Eris (strife and discord), which is not a good aspect, this could portend trouble on the world stage, but with Pluto also making a sextile to Neptune at 20* PIsces, this can soften the edges of the cliffs the ship might be tossed upon, music, theatre and art can help, as well as essential oils of course. Hopefully we will find positive ways to transform into the new paradigm we are entering.  (We are transforming, there is NO GOING BACK, OUR WORLD WILL BE FOREVER CHANGED, it is only a matter of our participation to be the change you want to see in the world. Hint: you must get past the binary thinking we have been reduced to, creating new neuronal pathways and implementing those changes in actual, physical ways/structures. )
Jupiter does not station direct until September 12, 2020: at 17°24’ Capricorn, eluding his meet up with Saturn, until the end of the year.
This new moon is also leading up to the next full moon, lunar eclipse on July 5th, when the sun and the moon meet up at 13* Cancer.  Readers of this blog know, I have been talking about this period for an awfully long time.

Again, watch Putin emerge in a big way on the world stage, with his own sun at 13* Libra which squares the US natal sun at 13* Cancer, he is destined to have a hand in changing the US, and he swore to do so, long ago after Perestroika, the Afghan war, in which he has never forgiven or forgot, the US hand supplying arms against Russia.
Now, in this cycle of the Great US Eclipse, remember this fire pyramid (and I believe this has a lot to do with the pyramids on the dollar) this again, tells us what we all must do at this pivotal time.  PYRE A MID, FIRE IN THE MIDDLE.
Many of us believe that all darkness is an unholy darkness.  St. John of the Cross introduced us to the gift of a holy darkness, one that is given to some, as they delve deeper into their journey of faith, however, once you have done that deep diving, your soul evolves and you are strengthened, YOU BECOME THE LIBERTY OF SAFE HARBOUR for others.  Your vision expands when you no longer dismiss who you truly are and climb back up that mountain with your newly found gifts, through this self-examination. You realize that which turns to dust takes time, money, energy that could help you on your journey.
The work of St. John of the Cross has been described as “purgative contemplation,” (Purgatory) in which God specifically darkens a person’s will, intellect, and senses in order to test the authenticity of one’s love for God.
The spiritual novice may still be enjoying the ‘signs’ God gives us, the universe provides and when they evaporate along that path up the mountain, become fearful, this is when the Dark Night begins.
As far as how long that time might take, (we are all in a version of this through 2024) it is up to God, as St. John said: ‘we don’t know how long God intends or feels it is necessary to endure this crucible of darkness’. (cross/crux of the matter, Mars provided this cross starting in the last full moon cycle.)
Another great psychologist who has myriads of work on this, disintegration and
And then re-integration is Dobrowski.
The theory of positive disintegration (TPD) by Kazimierz Dąbrowski is a theory of personality development. Unlike mainstream psychology, Dąbrowski's theoretical framework views psychological tension and anxiety as necessary for growth.
I have been using cymatics as an example of this ‘breaking down’ since 1995, when I first started sharing the work I developed in one of my own ‘dark nights of the soul’ experiences, living in the barn without running water.
At that time, there was a visitor that blessed my experience when she stayed at the manor, and she asked me to share what was happening to me.
Dr. Staphanie, works with gifted children, and it was my good fortune to have been gifted this insightful woman, who turned me on to Dobrowski.
It was a magical, and yet frightening time for me in many ways.
Some of which I have shared via my blog and with some of you.
In cymatics, as the tone rises in pitch, the formations that are created, via sand, or some form of liquid, etc., breaks down and reforms again in a more intricate fashion.  Sacred geometric formations form living displays of just what can be happening, as we ourselves, go through positive disintegration and develop even more sacred doorways into our own higher self.
This is just such a time.
We have the ability, to get past ‘either/or’ scenario’s and create new dimensional doorways, as we fire our own new neuronal pathways and see both sides and find new ways to harmonize the two.  That is old coding.  (Go back and review all the new and full moon's with all the binary coding, and then adding the 2... literally a countdown.)
00* means we can create new codes and new paths, just as we did with Mars and Saturn at 00*
Aquarius and will again at the end of the year when Jupiter and Saturn meet up at 00* Aquarius too.
This is not to say, that all is lost, just that if you are still trying to live in the ‘old system’, and have not found new purpose and a life that is less dependent on ‘things that turn to dust. (a false sense of self) This period is sure to make you more aware in part, that you need to find security in the wilderness, as we create new worlds out of the destruction and chaos of the old worlds/systems/governments that are crumbling.  (This is represented by all the planets transiting through Capricorn, especially Pluto/Hades, and the aspects to them, along with the triggering aspects with the inner planets, new and full moon cycles.  The additional clue, is that Pluto/Hades is returning to its natal position in the US chart in 2022, and I have written plenty about that too.)  
To this we add that we are also in the ending of a longer cycle, the end of the Age of PIsces and entering the Age of Aquarius in 2026, though we certainly feel the shifts already at the foothills of this New Age.
Have your candles ready to light on Saturday, plant something that will bloom into tomorrow with your new dreams and visions.
We are boldly going where we have not gone before.

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