Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Thunder Moon Darkens While Conspirators Collude

July 2nd Total solar eclipse at new moon 10* Cancer.

July 7th Mercury/Hermes RX at 04* Leo

July 9th We (the earth) go between Saturn and the sun July 9 in alignment.

July 15th The Moon goes by Saturn (aligns with) at night.

July 16th Partial lunar eclipse at 5:38PM 24* Capricorn/24* Cancer Sun/Full moon.

July 30th Mercury begins his station direct at 23* Cancer.

July 31st New Moon at 11:11 PM EDT 8* Leo.

These are just a few of the star-casts this month, we can see this is a busy month with lots of activity to watch.

On April 30th Saturn began its retrograde journey from 20ยบ31 Capricorn and will travel back to 13*54' Capricorn, where he will station direct on
September 19th.  As a result this Saturn retrograde in Capricorn will be especially significant for anyone with natal chart placements between the 10* degrees all the way through end at 30* of cardinal signs, travelling as we will into that Saturn/Pluto
conjunction happening in January of 2020.
The July full moon, also known as the "Buck Moon" or "Thunder Moon” always shines in or near the stars of Sagittarius or Capricornus (on the ecliptic). This full moon will feature a partial lunar eclipse.  Only the northern portion of the Moon will pass through the southern edge of the umbral shadow and become darkened.  Do you see the signs all around you?

Just before midnight on July 30th, around 11:30PM EST, Hermes and La Luna meet up in the dark, for their clandestine meeting hovering just before 24* of Cancer, which is ruled by the moon.  She is getting ready for her new moon less than 24 hours later, when she will meet up with the sun on July 31st 11:11PM EDT at 8* of Leo.  Along the way, she meets up with Aphrodite/Venus just before 5PM at 4* of Leo, infusing her with new insights about love and of course, MOTHER. 

There have been plenty of negotiations and deals being made ‘in the dark’ (behind the scenes) on so many levels, personal and all the way up to the world stage, while what is broadcast is another thing entirely in many ways, and this full moon eclipse that is blooming from the full solar eclipse on July 2nd. Has also EXPOSED many things too.

Like empty Cicada shells, claws, limbs, torn apart, carcasses of former homes, old beliefs are being tossed aside, layer by layer and in some cases, calving off like ice-burgs, creating great waves vibrating through lives, overturning ships and pouring onto shores. 

The Pluto lineup with the sun and the earth on the 9th as Hades settled on the plane of the ecliptic, brings in that plutonian energy of transformation in a more personal way, while tapping into the Cancer/Capricorn eclipses, is EXTREMELY POWERFUL.  It is questioning governments all over the world, while bringing in a totalitarian horizon that will become more prominent next year, especially after the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in January.

What you are experiencing now, will become non-negotiable by January of 2020, so wherever you can detangle and detoxify your body, mind, spirit, home, life will bring fortuitous blessings in this 6 month cycle, and assist the culminating transitions that will be exhumed by January to be ready for implementation in the most wonderful ways by the WINDOW/DOORWAY that will appear next year, in the middle of the ‘GRAND FIRE TRINE/ECLIPSE DOORWAY IN THE USA’.

This Grand fire trine, is A PYRAMID we are creating.  PYRE-A-MID, OR ‘FIRE WITHIN’.  Your vessel is being focused and prepared, for just this time.

December 14th, we have a SOLAR ECLIPSE AT 23* SAGITTARIUS.  That is the middle of the eclipse doorway that closes on April 8th 2024 at 19* Aries, when Hades has finally left his great wake in Capricorn and will then be ready to help lead us into a NEW DIRECTION ON THE ENTIRE PLANET as he follows the man with the jar into his house and wades into the Uranian energy of the AGE OF AQUARIUS.

As you look back, you will see you may have begun this path, got pulled away into other lessons necessary for your own clarity, Discernment, TEMPERANCE, and you now find yourself winding above in spirals, now you can SEE aspects that you have discarded in the cycles below and those you are honing now.

For many, a focus has been forming that is inspiring us into action as we once again, heed the CALLING and find ourselves in the very seat of our TRUE heart’s desire.  (The flaming heart) The word, de-sire…is literally creating, or siring that beautiful wildish soul that wants to gallop, showing off the new coat of many colours.

Another great Capricorn lesson, is simply to watch goats climbing sheer cliffs, Yes, I have stated this many times before but it bears repeating.  It also brings up the Hermit Card, because the higher up any path in life you proceed, the narrower the path becomes.  Very few can travel up to the peak in anything in life.  For most of the way, there are helpers with us, for a time or longer, however long it is necessary people, friends, family, visitors, animals, spirit guides, angels unaware, there exactly when you needed them, even when you didn’t know you would.

But at some point, you have to go that trail alone.  This is why it is most important that you have found your inner light, because the trials of such an endeavor are always going to break you even more, anguish shall pour forth and some will turn back…some will find that inner light fuel from way past mere words, mighty as they are, can even attempt to explain.

Many of you can break down and cry, and perhaps this will help you to do so if you haven’t, feeling very alone in so many different ways as you carried on and shouldered more than you would have ever conceived you were capable.

What deep wound was torn open children? (Chiron, the wounded Healer, will be at 19*24’ Aries, in the closing doorway to the great USA eclipse, April 8th 2024, and do you know who else will be EXACTLY 19*24’ Aries too?  The sun and the moon).
Did you treat yourself with kindness and care and HEAL?

Find what is holy to you/in you and STAY THERE FOR A TIME.  Make time, make space to tap into your flaming heart.
As Mercury/Hermes pulled back the curtain at 4* Leo on July 7th

He questioned our definition of what ‘PRIDE’ means, caring for the pride, children, once again emphasizing this Cancer cycle of the moon, mother and father.
What are we leaving as a legacy to our children and grandchildren? 

What do we take pride in and what brings you pride and joy?  Mars rambling through Leo will inflame passions in many ways.  Even the mighty lion knows enough to let the lowly mouse help remove that thorn.  Everyone has a wound. 

Hermes travels back in time, meets up with Luna and will release some emotional baggage just before he turns around to greet the morning sun, at the end of July, he has wound back the clock to 23* Cancer for instant replay.

Finally we find ourselves in the new moon on July 31st at 8* Leo.

We will be riding some major waves through this month to get there…we see the fixed signs, Taurus (Uranus is now at 6* Taurus), Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius in the first decanate (0-10*) being pulled into some swells in the universe, but not to the extent that the cardinal signs are being ACTIVATED NOW, as Saturn/EL/Lord of the Rings (whose rings can be seen now in the nighttime sky), Hades/Pluto wrestling with the tail of the dragon in Capricorn, Lady Luna who is just a couple degrees away at 24* and opposing Cancer sun, while squaring Aries and Libra’s…YOU ARE BEING CALLED TO DUTY.

Mutable signs between 10* to 20*, that is Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius (Jupiter is at 15* Sag, forming a widening square to Neptune at 18* PIsces) and PIsces.  Jupiter will magnify every planet he touches, in both good and bad ways, though he is known to be more beneficent and auspicious.  Again, the square to Neptune/Poseidon will still bring some euphoric times and moments, especially via music, meditation, walking in the woods, etc. but this combo can also seduce people being aspected with delusion and illusions.  Unless there is some grounding into reality or this earth/heart, it may be on the more elusive side.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

A Coven Takes In the Wounded Male Healing Him From Battle. New Moon Eclipse in Cancer.

At 2:16 PM EDT on July 2nd, we will have a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE.

It will only be visible to a short band in South America, mostly Chile and Argentina.  It is also the first total solar eclipse, since the USA TOTAL EXLIPSE in August of 2017.

As stated previously, my mother came with some ‘Light Beings’ in my dream a week or so ago, to tell me that the eclipse is already having an effect on people, their emotions and concerns.

Lady Luna will block out her solar paramour as the two line up and oppose Saturn/EL at 17* Capricorn, sitting on the tail of the dragon at 17* and now very wide conjunction to Pluto/Hades RX at 22*, they have come so close, believe me they are smacking waves into each other as they create quite the little undertow for Aries, between 14-25* and push back into Libra’s of the same degree. 

EL and Hades have been transforming Capricorn’s as they demolish old patterns and habits, as well as belief’s that just are not based on facts and in opposition to the other cardinal sign, Cancer, in those same 14*-25* range, turning life upside down for many.  No, I don’t have the news about that stopping now, though as they pass through those degrees and revise and reform structures, once they go Direct in September (Saturn on the 18th at 13* Capricorn, which broadens the current spectrum to 10* of any of the Cardinal signs and then Hades, who travels back to 20* Capricorn and goes direct on October 3rd, the rebuilding can begin somewhat.

Why somewhat?  Because until they form that conjunction on January 12th 2020, many will be starting all over again.  So this time of learning, and revising is crucial to moving forward. 

This is also bringing up all kinds of karmic patterns, lessons and past-lives, which I was experiencing in REAL time, during my waking state a few days ago myself.  Phew!

I repeat, this can be EXTREMELY UNNERVING FOR MANY, as the tale of the dragon can knock you flat out.  It is also where the dragon is ‘releasing, or defecating what he has been noshing on with his head, the north node which is always conjunct the eclipse point’.

Jupiter RX at 16* Sagittarius is still in square to Neptune/Poseidon at 18* PIsces.  Oh are some people swallowing untruths; hook, line and sinker.

Neptune/Poseidon is ILLUSION and easily seduces those looking for an ‘easy fix or way out’, she rules drugs, the pharmaceutical company’s but she also rules music, art, deep spiritual truth’s, the mystery.  In square to Jupiter/JeZeus this magnifies the illusion, but it can also fuel visions and dreams, grounded into reality, especially those formed BEFORE THESE PATTERNS STARTED.

Mars at 0*Leo is conjunct Mercury at 3* Leo (getting ready to station RX on the 7th) and the two form a SQUARE to Uranus at 5* of Taurus the Bull.

They also both form a lovely trine to Ceres, goddess of wheat and harvest.

Topping this off, they are in a lovely grand trine to Chiron at 5* of Aries the Ram.

Chiron is the wounded healer, I have written extensively about in previous posts,
ever since my dream where I was taught that Chiron is the KEY, THE SKELETON KEY to the chart.  Each degree in the wheel is known as a mansion.  “My father’s house has many mansions.”

He pierces the veil of Saturn/EL’s rings.  He is Parsifal, or piercing the veil, to perceive the ALL.  (You see how I love etymology, this is how I am taught in visions and dreams too, since this is well known about me.)

Mars and Leo are also conjunct Juno who is now flying at 5* of Leo the Lion also, and Uranus is in wide conjunction to Vesta, who is at 9* Taurus.

          (Juno is named for the Queen of Heaven and carries a sense of royalty and entitlement.  Juno was patroness of marriage, and the asteroid represents conjugal issues and partnership, especially legal unions.  Status and equality issues are important to Juno, as are strong emotions, and also money matters.  Juno's energy can also manifest with violence, and seems to relate to the concept of the primal feminine quality of power, the Shakti bestowed by goddesses in order for the cosmos to come into being.) ~ Solar Fire

When we add that they are all in Leo the Lion, we are talking about PRIDE.

A pride is the offspring of the lion.  This is putting our words into ACTION regarding what we believe is the definition of family.

          Vesta relates to the Classical goddess of the hearth and family, and is Keeper of the Flame of Life tradition, piety, dedication and service, focused behaviour and efficiency. We are seeing the fires stoke up for ACTION AND LEADERSHIP regarding children, community, family, etc. 

Vesta’s conjoining to Uranus who is uncomfortable at best in Taurus, is requiring change in unique ways and using different approaches than previously tried.

So now, let’s flesh this out in an even more tangible way for you.

When the sun is ‘eclipsed’ by the moon, adding that they are both in Cancer, who is ruled by THE MOON, identities and egos can take a back seat to the MOTHER, EMOTIONS.

Adding all the other very feminine EL-ements to this, we see a new vision emerging, as the concept of home, hearth, family, earth, survival come front and center.

Fixed signs, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus are also getting a major shake-up, between 0-8*.  Former roles are being switched, from one authority figure to the other, between partners, mothers and fathers and in personal relationships, with all the issues previously mentioned, family, home, country, etc.

Uranus wants to turn everything overnight into a techno land, and many new medical advances using recently and continuing discoveries in the health care field, as well as new concepts regarding the earth and her bounty, how to care for her.

Mutable signs (no, didn’t forget you) still recovering in many ways, from your own long struggles and battles from the previous nodal shift out of Gemini/Sag, while Jupiter and Neptune keep dangling tantalizing dreams of ‘what could or could have been’ is also showing you the way through this, via music, art and expressing your true heart, TO THOSE WHO DESERVE THAT LOVE, are being reminded of their dreams, especially those mutable signs; Gemini, Virgo, Sag and PIsces between the degrees of 10-21*.

Everyone is coming to terms with mother, family, children, our own mothering issues, or inner-child healing (great time to do this work, btw) and reviewing how we parent or have parented.  Who belongs to a family?  What are the obligations of

family to each other, under one roof?

And of course, the great debate at the border, will become full blown by the full moon on July 16th, when Luna is once again in Capricorn at 23*, hanging out with those ‘heavy’ planets, Saturn and Pluto, and on that south node with them.

As the sun eclipses the moon on that day, identity and ego can battle the shadows that have not been visited in all of us. 

Mars can make the fuse short and anger can come up, seemingly out of nowhere, especially in square to Uranus.

So hang on, plant your seeds of kindness, light candles to the dark night of the soul, we are going in…hope you have found that inner light!

I have been recommending, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, PhD’s book again, (since I found it back in the early 90’s and felt the wolf, the wildish self, calling me home.  The story of the ‘too good mother’ and of course, the Vasilisa Doll (inner child, mitochondrial/ancestral inheritance from your female lineage) on how to nurture yourself and find your inner fire.

This month will ask us for many prayers and compassion, as well as trying to take a step back from what we think we know and believe, to move forward in the most positive and fruitful manner.

We must show that we are learning or the lessons can turn into a war and division that we might not all come back from.

We can also find that inner-peace and light to truly build upon, as the fear is being stoked to keep us from realizing just how much we need each other, and we always have.

Wake up, we are losing our father today...and we need both the feminine and the masculine for balance, we NEED EACH OTHER.

 Healing the wounded male archetype with love from the goddesses...

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Strawberry Fields Forever In The Wet and Wild Full Moon in Sagittarius

June’s full Strawberry moon.  Harvesting berries under water. This one is another doozy! 


This summer is almost set to begin on June 21, at 11:54.  First we shall have the moon bloom into her full light on Monday, June 17th at 4:30 AM, when she will be at 25* Sagittarius the archer.

This is RIGHT ON THE GALACTIC CENTER (27* Sag), this is a MAJOR DOORWAY.  What are you calling into your life, be careful, because it will come to the door.

Lots of pitter/patter as this full moon, has Gemini on her
Asc. In EDT.  Gemini being the polar opposite to Sagittarius.  A lot to communicate as Luna increases, we will feel the force and an exigency to get things done, that we want to put out into the world. She flies by Jupiter who is at 18* Sag now and in square to Neptune/Poseidon who is at 18* Pisces…DREAM.

Saturn/EL is still sitting on the tail of the dragon, the south node of the moon at 18* Capricorn, and that can be disturbing, making us nervous or pensive.  He is also dancing with Pluto/Hades who at 22* Capricorn, is close enough to feel that pull, as they battle over destructive or constructive measures.

They will continue this dance on the south node, well into October, FORCING US to face our past, assimilate, learn and grow with newfound insights and direction to move forward with Saturn as he stations direct in September, preparing that fertile field to rebuild.

They are lined up directly across Mercury and Mars, at
19* and 20* of Cancer/the mother, respectively   Cancer is ruled by the moon and is nurturing and protective with that crab shell.  This is women/children/mother opposing the establishment OR the traditional way of doing things.

We are being asked to look to a nurturing nature and our family in the bigger picture.  Mother Earth.

This prepares us for the coming July eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn, activating that Cardinal Cross again.  For Cardinal signs, this is MAJOR.

But right now, it is the mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sag and PIsces that are being pushed into change too, and we must guard against being sucked into the deep and dark abyss of depression as the past may try to take the ‘if only’ path as our past is being brought up from the depths…of Hades.

This is a major trigger time, we all will need to step back, take some deep breaths (with ArcAncient’s Breathing Easy ©) and proceed with caution.  Watch our tongues.  Mars conjunct Mercury can be rash and hurtful, because it is speaking from wounds and unresolved anger.  Let it visit and be kind enough to yourself to allow some peace and forgiveness to slake that soul and spirit.  This has been quite the ride this past decade, let alone the increasing velocity of the rushing river of time, clearing broad swaths, just like all the water/rain coming down and drenching the Midwest.  C L E A N S I N G.  Release.

Neptune/Poseidon is helping to dissolve some of the
harsher EL-ements, as she forms a sextile to Pluto/Saturn and lovely trine to Mercury and Mars (and the North Node/our collective soul’s calling).

Use Poseidon and her watery depths to wash away old destructive patterns, through art, music, theatre, movies, and any water activities.

This is a very powerful time to get really, deep, soul-healing body-work done now. 

We are being prepared for ACTIVATION.

Yes, we signed up for these powerful times, and we are going to begin to see a reversal of many people’s fortunes.  Those who went up on false claims or without integrity, will now find themselves coming down.  If you have managed to hang in there, you are about to be REWARDED.

Not so fast!  We have a lot to get through yet, but you are now starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel of just why you came here NOW.

Light your candles, give gratitude for making it this far and for the GRAND lessons you have learned and are finally able to integrate and put into place.

Get your ducks in row, THE RIVER IS ABOUT TO SPEED UP.  Make sure you come back for the doozy Cancer line-up… (Pray for peace).

Of course, how the planets line-up in your own chart, is of paramount importance right now, you do not want to miss these activation points.

ArcAncient can help you with 40 years of experience and our highly tuned in psychic/intuitive abilities.


Your future awaits you!  Does all this ring your bells?  If you found it useful, please remember to SHARE the article with your family and friends on Facebook!

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Deep Transformation Creating Solid Foundations for Lifetimes to Come GEMINI NEW MOON

So much creativity is bursting forth, even as we dance on the head of a pin with angels and demons.  That is one way to look at Saturn and Pluto sitting on the tail of the dragon, also known as the south node.

This can make you feel very nervous/anxious, for no apparent reason. 

Ever trudge through muck and mud after a rainstorm?  Oh, recently you say?  Yes the 2019 spring is creating very soggy bottoms in the bread basket and Gemini winds have blown in right on time as tornado alley is obliterated by monster twister's howling through the Midwest. 

Like removing slag and attempting to plant in drenched flower beds that dry within hours when the hot air from the south manages to win out, trying to bring the summer heat.  EL and Hades might make you feel as though you just cannot get ahead, you can push and think you've done everything right, and yet?

This new moon in Gemini, on Monday, June 3rd at 6:01AM, the sun and moon will meet up at 12*Gemini and they will be alone, so our emotions and identity will have CLEAR contact, in the sign ruled by COMMUNICATION.

Gemini, the twins.  An air sign, ruler is Mercury.  3rd house.

Jet currents bringing the air up from the Gulf Stream, some heat and some humidity!  This is a very mental sign.  Hermes/Mercury assists us on our journey, we can meet him at the ‘crossroads’.  Mercury/Hermes/Thoth/Thought…breath.  Duality.

We are at just such a crossroad now. Which direction shall we take,
both individually and as a planetary being?

“You are to help your brothers until the LORD gives them rest, as he has done for you, and until they too have taken possession of the land that the LORD your God is giving them. After that, you may go back and occupy your own land, which Moses the servant of the LORD gave you east of the Jordan toward the sunrise.” ~ Joshua 1:14-15

He is brothers and sisters/siblings. 
In Lakota Sioux, Mitakuye Oyasin means: for "All My Relations.".
It is a prayer of oneness and harmony with all forms of life: other people, animals, birds, insects, trees and plants, and even rocks. It reminds us that we are connected to these other aspects of Creation, that we share a common kinship in the Hoop of Life.: To all my relations. 
E=MC2.  Energy =Mass X's the speed of light, squared.
He is short trips and letters, your pen and pencil.  He is fleet of foot, like the winged messenger on the FTD florist logo.

He rules commerce and the market place.
So, this is a good time to put things in order, organize while Saturn and Pluto are both retrograde.

Venus at 23* Taurus forms a nice supporting trine to Saturn at 19* and Pluto now at 22* Capricorn the Goat.

Venus is the ruler of Taurus, the 2nd house of ‘I HAVE’.

With this support pulling away now (because of the retrograde), it may seem as if the support you enjoyed in the past, is not so readily at hand and may seem as though it is gone, but in reality this is just to have us rethink, regroup and MAKE SURE THIS IS THE DIRECTION IN LIFE WE WANT TO TAKE.

Things will need to be reworked over the summer, the full moon eclipse in July will manifest some things and bring some fruit.

You will be glad things did not go full speed ahead, once you have found the glitches and reworked the structure and the power or energy you will need to accomplish your goals.

Saturn will be retrograde for the summer, until September when he stations direct at 13* Capricorn.  Pluto will remain retrograde until the beginning of October when he stations direct at 20* Capricorn.

These two moving retrograde creates an undertow of energy, tossing us around and making it hard to find our direction again, based on other aspects.  Any Cardinal point, sign that falls between: 10- 23 degrees will feel this more acutely and personally in your lives.  It also means, that anything you TRY TO START RIGHT NOW WIL BE LIKE Sisyphus PUSHING THE BOULDER UP THE MOUNTAIN.  PLUTO/HADES WILL TEAR IT DOWN IF IT DOES NOT HAVE THE INTEGRITY TO HOLD UP.  Saturn is coming up behind Pluto and they will meet, head on in January of next year.

If that foundation is not built on truth and necessity, it will not stand the tests of time and could throw you into lessons for many lives, this is a 500 year cycle.

Capricorn’s are cardinal signs, look at your chart at 10-23* of any cardinal sign, Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, and you will see how this is effecting you personally, structurally, procedurally or managerially that may need revising.  You draw this up for YOUR SOUL’S EVOLUTION.  Not as punishment.  Need help? 

Email: arcancientaroma@yahoo.com        

Somethings may just not turn out as you had hoped, (Jupiter square to Neptune creating illusions or false hopes) but in actuality may lead you to an even better outcome than you could have dreamed.  Some things may need to be discarded or abandoned altogether.

Notice how different you feel now, rather than 15 years ago?  Or even around the year 2000 or 2009/2010?

Those were bringing up the message in whispers, now it is 
loud and clear.

The goddess asks for the proper structures to be in place, for protections, with Venus trine to Saturn.   She wants to know her comforts are not changing, or that you have FOUND NEW INTERNAL COMFORT.

Pluto and Saturn are busy exhuming the truth even as Neptune and Jupiter are trying to soften the blow.

Find what turns you on, what makes you come alive and where your PASSION is, and bring that to the party.  Even if you do it in baby steps.

This is preparing us for a doozy eclipse month in July.


Thursday, May 16, 2019

Under Pressure, the Scorpion Becomes a Champion Boxer

On May 18th at 5:11pm, Lady Luna will have waxed into fullness at 27* standing amorously across from her SOLAR paramour who is now at 27* Taurus the Bull.  Quite the passionate cocktail.

Stating the obvious…the Scorpio Full Moon can be EMOTIONALLY INTENSE.  The sun is now showing you what you HAVE and what you DO NOT HAVE.  Luna is now pointing out to you what you can control and what you cannot.

This tiny wheel/cycle began on May 4th when the new moon was at 14* Taurus.  She rubbed her flint-stones together and caused a spark for some with those degrees being aspected to MOVE FORWARD.
The catalyst for change ignites the Cardinal Cross that, as we have spoken about, may literally become the exit door for some people, but more likely it pushes you into making the changes you are or have not been making as your consciousness outgrows the capacity to navigate this world in old forms.

After hovering over 0* for the first three full moons this year, she is finally decided to pull back that curtain first over the very balance point of 29* to 0* Libra, then tipping the scales back into review now at the full moon of 27* Scorpio.  Scorpio is one of the FIXED SIGNS/FIXED CROSS.

Scorpio and his godly name Hades is the ruler of the 8th house, where people make ‘passive incomes’ off of other people’s money/labor.  Hades is now plowing through Capricorn and causing ‘pandemonium’ while hot on his heels, is Saturn/EL and both have recently begun their summer retrograde?

Saturn/EL and Hades continue to engage one another while they both dance all over the South Node or Tail of the Dragon.  This can be highly unnerving to say the least and the rest of the aspects can both stimulate and unravel people as this energy can be hard to put your finger on, and for some will just seem like a sense of dread.

It is also shaking up real world events and raising the possibility of further entanglement in wars, Iran being chief amongst the destabilizing energy of this aspect.

We also have spoken about the effect Uranus in Taurus can have on the economy, which is to re-appropriate the current mindset of ‘have and have nots’.  Uranus in Taurus, where he made a brief foray into last year, adds unpredictability to everything you work for, everything you HAVE.
Uranus will remain in Taurus until it first ventures into Gemini in July of 2025 but won’t stay until he returns in April of 2026.

First, Uranus and Saturn will square each other at 7* Taurus/Aquarius respectively on February 17, 2021.  This of course, will be just after the inauguration of the NEW President voted in the year previous, 2020.

So much will transpire between now and then. 

But if you think that is far away, you are very wrong.

How are you lining up your life for the next voyage we are about to embark upon?  The angels or harmony of the spheres (just like spheres that are now showing up in some digital photograph’s, the planets are living ‘organisms/spheres/angels’) and we are now aligning our future progressions based on the choices we are currently making, preparing for the times ahead.

Yes, we are always preparing, but we are NOT ALWAYS PREPARING FOR LINEUPS IN THE HEAVEN’S, WITH SATURN, PLUTO, and JUPITER in Capricorn the Goat!  They all happen next year and will begin with the eclipse window of Dec/Jan.

Knowing this, this current full moon in Scorpio is going to give us a glimpse of what has been cooking behind the scenes.  This will lead us into the Summer Solstice on June 21st.  Which is just after the full moon in Sag hits on June 17th, The very center, where the sun shines the longest, and where he will try to give us a glimpse of what the July Cancer/Capricorn eclipses will bring.

I will give you a hint, this president is born on an eclipse, and therefore it was easy
to see that he would have a major role during this eclipse window starting in August of 2017 and making the last leg of the fallen cross, drawn and quartering the USA in April of 2024.  Go back to previous posts if you are unaware of any of this pertinent information.

In the meantime, Jupiter is pushing back into an exact square to Neptune/Poseidon which will happen exactly on June 16th at 18* Sag and Pisces respectively.  They will square each other once more on September 21st at 16* so they are going to review what we are going to experience this summer.
Feel whatever discomfort you are experiencing as a sign to CHANGE AND MOVE FORWARD.  If you do not, this summer eclipses will perhaps do the trick, otherwise, it will be a very painful choice, perhaps not one of your own, but of being FORCED, when the eclipses hit this December leading into the Saturn, Pluto conjunction in January of 2020, which if you read this blog, you know I have been forecasting that the year 2020 will bring 20/20 vision at last, though a bit too late for many.


Oh sure the planets line up all the time, but as I have stated now, for over a year…NOT LIKE THIS.  As stated so many times before, the last time that Saturn and Pluto lined up in Capricorn, was back in the 1518 at 4* of Capricorn…THE ESTABLISHMENT.  CORPORATIONS.  THE TOP OF THE PYRE – A – MID.

As these great ships have now all thrown the throttle into reverse, the sounds of sucking can be heard as the tornadic action begins to whirl pockets of the ‘waters’ that are above the firmament, to watch over us.

Hear the sound of distant thunder on a clear day?  Hades chasing Cronos, chasing Zeus who is flying back to meet up with a square to Neptune/Poseidon at 18* Sag/PIsces on June 16th.  The great expander/multiplier LORDING OVER HIS SIGN OF SAGITTARIUS WHILE POSEIDON SQUARES OFF IN HER OWN RULERSHIP OF PISCES…Fairytales can come true, it can happen to you, if you’re young at heart…now this adds up to some serious dream aspects! 

You don’t think that a Gd would have us undergo these times without also pouring GRACE UPON US?  The DIRECTION!!!

This window of time, BETWEEN THE USA ECLIPSES OF 2017 AND 2024, the nodes of the moon, the head and tail of the dragon or, ‘the eye of the camel’, which is also existed literally, as a side gate into Jerusalem, where you could not enter with a full load on a camel, let alone even get your ‘camel’ in.
Camel is also a nickname for one of the Hebrew letters, Gimel, because it looks like a camel.  A camel can travel in the desert for long periods without WATER.
And so, we see the windows for the LIVING WATERS.

Now, let me remind you that Donald Trump was born on an eclipse.  When Saturn and Pluto conjoin in January of 2020, they will DIRECTLY OPPOSE HIS OWN NATAL Saturn and Venus conjunction, how he tries to ‘structure what he loves’.  He is all about putting on a good show.

The eclipses in July of this year, will bring us perilously close to war if not flat out war with Iran.  They will also expose further glimpses into the ILLUSION that is being pushed with Jupiter and Neptune’s squaring aspect just around the corner.

Uranus and Venus are hanging out together at 4 and 3* of Taurus/TAU.

Right now, the Saturn/Pluto conjunction that is separating is also just penetrating the formation of a nice supporting trine to the sun who is conjunct Mercury/Hermes catching up on old times.
This is a great time to circulate your ideas and send out the message with this waxing moon…I AM READY TO SERVE YOU HOLY SPIRIT!

So as these great ships, turn and consider their meeting to SET THE STAGE LONG INTO THE FUTURE, believe me, many things are well underway in planning stages, SO SHOULD YOU!

This will be these doors closing…: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yQK4Ebm3fU

After the eclipse on April 8th 2024 at 19* Aries.


In the meantime, ArcAncient is busy preparing everything we will need, essential oil blends like Breathing Easy, have been helping people since 1990!

“In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people [over all the Earth]; Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.  Even on my servants, I will pour out my Spirit n those days, and they will prophesy.”

“And everyone who calls on the name of the LORD will be saved.” (Acts 2:17-21)

That Jupiter/Neptune square can bring the very visions you seek to light the way into the future, pay attention.
Hang in there, the pressure will lift, and a good's night sleep is usually a good prescription.  Try ArcAncient's Sleep Angel Roll On (c)