Sunday, March 28, 2021

Full Libra Super Moon Worms Its Way Suspending Disbelief

In my dream the other night, I was at a hotel (hotels are a recurring dream setting) trying to catch up with some old friends.  I was looking for my phone, room key, and other various items.  Where was my room? (Where was my body, since in dreams, your body is often a car, building, etc.) When we leave our body, we can be in a state of ‘searching’ in the dream.  This is one interpretation, though we always look at context, etc.

A part of something dragging got caught up in a sign stand, I lifted the stand to see what was catching and it was a bunch of fabric, thread, hair, etc., (like what happens in a vacuum bar).  I was pulling on it all, trying to free myself so I could, (catchup).

I went into a corridor to take the steps.  The first flight led to a ‘missing flight’ of stairs, that were overturned.  I would have ‘leap’ to the other set of stairs to go any higher and get to my room.

I finally realized I could call someone on my phone.  Then I noticed I only had ‘half’ the amount of battery life/power left.  I couldn’t find my power cord, and how would I make more sales without being able to charge the phone, I would run out of power!

Interpreting some of the dream, we can see that the cell phone represents the need to rest

in our body, recharge, nourish the body for ‘energy’, etc.  You cannot recharge the body when you are ‘out of the body’.  If we want to communicate with others, we must be recharged and that means spending plenty of time consciously in the body.  This full moon on Sunday at 2:48 PM, the moon is at 8*18’ of Libra the BALANCER and stands across from the sun who is at 8*18’ Aris the Ram.

The sun is also conjunct Venus who is at 8*56’ Libra and Chiron the wounded healer who is at 8*49’ Libra too.  Chiron fused with the sun AND Venus, who is in her detriment in Aries takes a can opener and opens so many wounds and concerns about how to balance everything out, how do we keep moving forward and heal?

Which part is our own personal part in what is happening and what can we leave to ‘the other’, where does our responsibility start and end and another’s begin?

This will have us thinking about our roles, partnerships and when to go it alone.  It questions when the me boundary stops and the we expansion and inclusiveness begins.
We might question what and where to start a new process or project and when do we move beyond the place we are in now?

Will we love the next venture, person, place, job, or idea equally?  Will it bring up old patterns and wounds or will it create a fresh start/slate?
There is also a Grand Trine formed by Saturn/EL at 11* Aquarius, Mars at 14* Gemini and the moon at 8* Libra.
Mars is also conjunct the north node who is at 12* Gemini.

That is some blustery air blowing…(storms/tornados) fueling the path to move forward. 

Speeding up the energy currents and super-charging this timeframe that is rapidly quickening.
Ever watch a river surge in a storm, gathering up the sides of the banks, eroding them while debris clusters and breaks free, rambles and charges down the river battering anything in its path?

You can mourn the loss of the of the riverbank, shores, or the beach that is now gone.

But you cannot make it appear again.  You cannot build upon what has vanished in the currents of time.
We must make the ‘jump’…the ‘leap of faith’ onto the other set of stairs.  OR, you have to build a new set of stairs altogether.
You will never make memories again on those shifting sands and shorelines.

Unless of course, the activity is a new use of the destroyed area and you are boating, wading, swimming, or fishing.

You must change the activity with the changing sands.


This week, we had a 1300’ freighter ”Ever Given” (on the sides of the ships it reads, Evergreen)  get stuck, run aground in the Suez Canal and it is now blocking all trade through that major shipping canal.

This is such a stark reminder of what can happen when we try to take too much with us, and we are not navigating properly.  All that cargo, is adding to the weight of the freighter and hopes of pulling her free, without going belly up, which would be an even greater tragedy.
I have mentioned this before, but we are not going back to any normal that we once knew.  We are in a very new experience and if we try to hold on to the past, it can literally tear us up. 
Humanity and our little earth are moving forward and the only constant or familiar will be the idea of change and the energy of LOVE.
Connecting with the Light of the World.

Allowing that light to inspire, awaken, sprout the seeds of new fields, devastated after the blazing fire of so much scorched earth.

Everything else is now on a conveyor belt of transformation.

Especially as both last year (2020) and all this year, the Goddess Eris in Aries will be squaring Pluto in Capricorn.  TRANSFORMATION.  TRANS FORM AT ION.

Our concept of time itself is eroding.

Saturn in Aquarius wants to put into place the new rules and structure to this new world we are co-creating and this Grand Trine is the perfect platform/blueprint that is beaming at us, awakening dormant codes of light, imprinted upon us aeons ago.

At the end of the Age of PIsces, what else would we expect, then the ending of so much?  All the old laws that were part of the ring that binds us in PIsces (Saturn, Lord of the Rings) are being reworked into the rings of the airwaves.
In Pisces, Dogma’s, and so many false spiritual and religious teachings BOUND us in measures of control.  We were taught parables, and very few people peered past the dogma and into the depth of light buried, the true treasure hidden in so many teachings.  Those that know the deeper meanings, took more control.  But the seven deadlies trip up many who are also expressing through their own mortal coils of flesh.  Power and greed, the twin poisons that can deter the best intentions along the way. 
Jesus in the Wilderness, or Buddha’s journey outside the palace and his own awakening as he witnessed the suffering of humanity, are two examples of what it takes to wake up and bear witness.  Temptation begets rationalizations that can occlude the truth of actions, the ILLUSIONS of Neptune seducing even the most stalwart of souls.  Just like the illustration of the raging river above, a trickle can turn into a destructive force.

This full worm super-moon, also known as the sugar moon among Native American Tribes, will have us confronting the internal and rectifying that with the external world.  Digging deep into the wormhole and finding ourselves on the other side of a new world being born.
Saturn starting new cycles with Jupiter on December 21st at 00* Aquarius, is the beginning of the ‘Air triplicity’ period.
And this Grand Trine in the air signs with Saturn anchoring the shift is activating the field.

New regulations and rules the game is changing.

Over the years I have often asked, what are you creating?

More so now than ever before is this important.  When we try to pay too much attention to ‘what was’ rather than what we are creating in this ‘new world’, we fall out of time, into ‘no time’.  Things can become disorienting.  Like sleep walking. 

There is so much chaos swirling in uncertainties, it is hard not to fall back into the past and those memories.  But that will only serve to create a dissonance and despair.  This can create imbalance and what feels like an unsound mind.

Sound and music are two wonderful expressions that will help, any artwork and of course, being in nature and/or prayer/meditation.

We must put that plum line deep into our being, and let the soul take over the helm. 
This will steadily set our sails for the proper winds to steer the ship towards the future now. (without getting stuck in the birth canal)  I find it interesting that it is at the head/port of the Red Sea, the very sea that Moses parted.
Here we are with talking heads leading people into hatred of the ‘other’, especially those who come from this very area, the cradle of life.
Egypt is also known as ‘Khem or Chem’ the land of the dark/black.  (because of the rich, black, fertile soils from the Nile that flooded every year).  

Suez: Red Sea port, from Arabic as-suways, from Egyptian suan "beginning," in reference to the port at the head of the Red Sea.

The word, ‘sun’ from suan, jumps right out too or swan, which is one of the totems for the solar plexus, fire chakra.  I point these things out, since I believe this is one of the ways God speaks to us; through these major events, plastered all over the place, though very few bother to see the deeper meaning.  Ever Given or Ever Green, are we promised this good sweet earth, forever?  Are we 'ever giving'?  How much can we give, how much can the earth give?  We are the stewards of our earth, our little spaceship through the galaxy.
They have eyes, yet do not see.

Libra emphasizes partnerships of all kinds, and the balance between worlds.

Mercury sliding up alongside Neptune, at 19* and 21* of PIsces, respectively; assist in giving us the new words to rebuild the world in which we want to live.

Words of love, so soft and tender?

Libra is also a sign of judgment.  Libra wants to lift the downtrodden and see that people are treated fairly.  They are justice in this sense. 
Saturn at 11* Aquarius is still in a widening square to an 8* Uranus in Taurus, still forcing a shift between the stable and the dynamics of change.  Change in ‘I have’ which of course, is brought home visually by that Ever Clear/Evergreen ship, STUCK IN THE NARROWS (Saturn/Restriction) OF THE SUEZ CANAL. (Square Uranus in Taurus, while Mercury conjoins with Neptune in PIsces and both square the nodes widely and also square Mars!)
All while Venus/Inanna is underground, putting Ishtar back together.  What are you trying to put back together?

Fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are getting ‘unfixed’ which can be jarring for some, but they will soon find out the freedom that change may bring.  This is not at all meant to make light of some changes that are deeply discomforting.
Cardinal signs; Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn’s are getting another blast to push them into the action they have been refraining and restraining themselves from taking. 
Mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and PIsces are feeling the flow of the river currents, giving them bit more comfort than they have felt in a while.

All of us, are dealing with very interesting, if not challenging times.  Many are simply going through the motions, suffering in some state of depression.
It is NORMAL to feel concerned.  We are experiencing mass upheaval.

We are not psychopath’s without feelings or concern for those who are devastated currently.  Health concerns worry over being social and engaging in activities we once may have taken for granted, are not longer just ‘normal’.  So, lift another up if you have the heart and strength for it, and rest if you just cannot move forward…today. 
We need to write our own new stories.  Our dreams are telling us the way forward.

I am ready to make the leap, are you?

Thursday, March 11, 2021

The Power Of Dreaming A New World/Moon In PIsces


Just a few hours before the moon slides into her dark phase on Saturday, she will nuzzle along with Venus at 19* and then Neptune who is at 20* 43’ of PIsces.  She will whisper into dreamtime and blur the lines as she weaves and catches a world in slumber. 

These three are all squaring the north and south nodes of the moon, the head and tail of the dragon.  It can create that feeling of ‘escapism’.  This is the liminal and the luminal.  The lights shining though the misty morning, creating romance and an ‘other worldly’ feeling.  You might find yourself slipping in and out of your body/shell. 
For some, this can be dangerous as the feeling is just that, a ‘feeling’.  This is when lovers can think they have found ‘THE ONE’ because ‘they never FELT like this before’.  Little do they know; this is the ILLUSION AND SPELLBINDING POWER of just such astrological aspects.  Love is not a feeling; that is an emotion.  Affection is the energy one FEELS or shows when they love someone.  When they care about how someone else feels.  Doing something that makes someone we care about feel good, makes us feel good.

Real LOVE is a state of being. When the mind, body, and soul are aligned and united in conscious awareness in the state of love and that then desires to express itself.

Otherwise it can be the sensualness of infatuation. 
Lady Luna will reach the sun on March 13th at 5:21AM when both are at 23* PIsces.

Neptune is an octave of Venus, they are very compatible, and both relate to love, to music, art, and enjoyment.

Just after midnight on March 14th, Venus and Neptune will form a conjunction at 20*45’

which will set a powerful new cycle regarding all of what they rule, and the combination magnifies this POWER OF DREAMING.

Expect much to come in dreamtime and during the days leading up and just after this new moon, regarding your own inner guidance nudging you along to your true soul’s purpose.

Wherever this is by transit in your own personal chart, is going to be activated and this is time to plant the seeds for what you want to create.

It is on the cusp of spring here in the northern hemisphere.  It is THE PERFECT TIME TO PLANT SOME BULBS and ritualize this with celebratory energy, as much as possible.  Give the good, sweet, earth a nice drink, share some libations, and thank her, celebrate the return of the light.
Thank Demeter for negotiating the release of her daughter, Persephone (Inanna) for descending into Hades lair, loving him and remaining to help keep him sated while the rest of us are hibernating and restoring.  Show your gratitude to Pluto/Hades for releasing Persephone to dress the northern hemisphere once again in green.  She will be wearing the green and giving us some living colour again, fragranting our hearts, senses, and mind.
Reminding us of how wonderful it is to be alive, to experience the senses.

Ask before you go to sleep, even write down the questions as I’ve told you so often by now.  This is like putting something into the search bar on your computer.

PIsces is CREATIVE ENERGY, it is SPIRITUAL ENERGY.  It is movement two and fro, the ability to see the past and future, it is timelessness.  Here in the 12th house, the veil is so thin, and it is a catchall for all the energy from the other planets.  It is SPIRIT, OPEN TO ALL THE DIMENSIONS.
So listen, you can hear the messages that are being transmitted to you now.
Sing, dance, play your instrument, write, draw and be creative.

Open up the doors and windows, not just of your house but your ‘home’/vessel and let in the fresh air and the sunlight…GO THERE!

This is also forms a sextile to Pluto who is at 26* Capricorn.

Pluto is POWER, death and REBIRTH.

And what we’ve all been experiencing is the clash of POWERS.

Of whom has power and who does not.  When is it within your power/rights and when does that cross the line into other people’s power/lives?  Literally…LIFE OR DEATH.

So, take heart, many have lost hope and are tired now.

But Pluto rules death and REBIRTH! 
What we want to consider, is that with all the planets lined up in Aquarius and the Great Conjunction having just taken place on December 21st last year, when Jupiter and Saturn met up at 00* Aquarius, you will want to know where the ‘Water Bearer’ is pouring that pitcher of water into your chart!

Because that is the water of PIsces and Neptune, though Aquarius is an air sign, ruled by UR-Anu, all that traveling through the houses by LeFool (00*AQ) is pouring into that 11th house of community.


PIsces, oh can you swim now!  And the other water signs, all the dots can fill up and fill in the pieces of the big picture for you now.

That is YOU, Cancer and Scorpio.  Do you like what you see?  More importantly, how you FEEL? This moves into mutable signs, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Gemini’s…you may be looking for the place to open the valve.  Release that pent-up emotion!

Follow the stones being laid down, create your own path to a frairie garden of your dreams.

Aquarius, are you waiting for the damn to break altogether?  Will that help you in your ‘fixed place’?  You have all the power lined up in YOUR HOUSE.  Which part of: YOU ARE WEARING THE RUBY SLIPPERS DON’T YOU GET?

Go out and lead!  Show the way, way-showers!

And Cardinal signs, you too, are having the gates opened, all that lineup that was in Capricorn, shifting the ground underneath your feet, is now being poured onto the shores, ready for you to build again.  You are the natural born leaders, btw, you came here to START THINGS, to formulate new plans, idea’s and then just start it, the other signs (especially the fixed signs) will come along to help you fill in the blanks that you are afraid of, that unknown factor, well now is the time to HAVE FAITH.  Walk the talk!

You know how you end up feeling powerless and too tired to do anything?


So, now is the time, to make the trip, to drop that plum line down and bring up the

treasures within.

Bring them up and paint the world a new colour, YOUR COLOUR.

What is that?  What music does your soul make?

We’d like to hear.  We want to know what YOU came here to do.

Power is tricky, yes it is.

It is one of the most corruptive forces on the planet.

Every great philosopher, mind in the past discusses the issues of Power, once held in the reins, and the POWER and FORCE of the stallions, those great lions within you, wanting to run, the power of muscles when you sit upon a great horse.  The Charioteer.

You must direct that power, let them know who is boss.

In the case of government, when we don’t step up, others are all too willing to do so, to create the world they want.  That just might not include YOU.

So, get up, get involved and TAKE BACK YOUR POWER.

New worlds are being born.  We are being reborn, every single second of every day.

We leave behind the old world; the old skins and we are born anew.

Who are YOU?  Shine that soul, bring her out and let her dance on the warm, soft, earth.  Go howl in the woods.

Become vital and let out that wildish self.

If we don’t express our own power, our own vitality and rightful reason to be here, to express and experience every taste, sound, lights, music, joy, sorrow, anger…it will be taken from us.


That is why we don’t let any single person have all the power in this country, it is the entire point of the checks and balance system.


"Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it"        - William Pitt the Elder, Earl of Chatham and British Prime Minister from 1766 to 1778. In a speech to the UK House of Lords in 1770


"Absolute power corrupts absolutely" arose as part of a quotation by the expansively

named and impressively hirsute John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, first Baron Acton (1834–1902). The historian and moralist, who was otherwise known simply as Lord Acton, expressed this opinion in a letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton in 1887:


"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men."


We are undergoing great changes astrologically. There will be no returning to what people call, 'normal'. The Great Reset, is ASTROLOGICAL ~ PERIOD. Saturn conjunct Jupiter on December 21st, 2021 at 12:00 Noon. 00*.

This World Is Passing Away

The Apostle tells us that “the present form of this world is passing away.” Horatius Bonar once reflected on this and wrote a beautiful bit of writing that shows just what that means and how we should live accordingly.

The world is passing away — like a dream of the night. We lie down to rest; we fall asleep; we dream; we awake at morn — and lo, all is fled, which in our dream seemed so stable and so pleasant! So hastens the world away. O child of mortality, have you no brighter world beyond?


The world is passing away — like the mist of the morning. The night brings down the mists upon the hills — the vapor covers the valleys; the sun rises, all has passed away — hill and valley are clear. So, the world passes away, and is seen no more. O man, will you embrace a world like this? Will you lie down upon a mist, and say: This is my home?

The world is passing away — like a shadow. There is nothing more unreal than a shadow. It has no substance, no being. It is dark, it is a figure, it has motion, that is all! Such is the world. O man will you chase a shadow? What will a shadow do for you?

The world is passing away — like a wave of the sea. It rises, falls, and is seen no more.

Such is the history of a wave. Such is the story of the world. O man will you make a wave your portion? Have you no better pillow on which to lay your wearied head than this? A poor world this for human heart to love, for an immortal soul to be filled with!

The world is passing away — like a rainbow. The sun throws its colors on a cloud, and for a few minutes all is brilliant. But the cloud shifts, and the brilliance is all gone. Such is the world.

With all its beauty and brightness;

with all its honors and pleasures;

with all its mirth and madness;

with all its pomp and luxury;

with all its revelry and riot;

with all its hopes and flatteries;

with all its love and laughter;

with all its songs and splendor;

with all its gems and gold — it vanishes away!

And the cloud that knew the rainbow knows it no more. O man, is a passing world like this, all that you have for an inheritance?

The world is passing away — like a flower. Beautiful, very beautiful; fragrant, very fragrant, are the summer flowers. But they wither away. So fades the world from before our eyes. While we are looking at it, and admiring it — behold, it is gone! No trace is left of all its loveliness but a little dust! O man, can you feed on flowers? Can you dote on that which is but for an hour? You were made for eternity — and only that which is eternal can be your portion or your resting place. The things that perish with the using only mock your longings. They cannot fill you — and even if they filled, they cannot abide. Mortality is written on all things here — immortality belongs only to the world to come — to that new heavens and new earth wherein dwells righteousness.

The world is passing away — like a ship at sea. With all its sails set, and a fresh breeze blowing, the vessel comes into sight, passes before our eye in the distance, and then disappears. So comes, so goes, so vanishes away this present world, with all that it contains. A few hours within sight, then gone! The wide sea o’er which it sailed, is as calm or as stormy as before; no trace anywhere of all the life or motion or beauty which was passing over it! O man, is that vanishing world your only dwelling-place? Are all your treasures, your hopes, your joys laid up there? Where will all these be when you go down to the tomb? Or where will you be when these things leave you, and you are stripped of all the inheritance which you are ever to have for eternity? It is a poor heritage at the best, and its short duration makes it poorer still. Oh, choose the better part, which shall not be taken from you!

The world is passing away— like a tent in the desert. Those who have traveled over the Arabian sands know what this means. At sunset a little speck of white seems to rise out of the barren waste. It is a traveler’s tent. At sunrise it disappears. Both it and its inhabitant are gone. The wilderness is as lonely as before. Such is the world. Today it shows itself — tomorrow it disappears. O man, is that your stay and your home? Will you say of it, “This is my rest!” There is an everlasting rest, remaining for the people of God.  

                                                                               ~ Horatius Bonar

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

In Between The Returning Light Of The World

We are now past the midway point, between winter and spring.  Yes, see the sun coming out in the blue sky?  Just 25 days from today, (February 23, 2021) We will have the spring equinox on March 20th!

And just as we are ‘in between’ these times, we can also give perspective to the times we all now find ourselves on planet earth.  For the shift has begun, and like giving birth, it is not easy.  The water must break.  The head must begin to push through the birth canal in undulations and we can learn to breathe and work with those birth pains, to make this an easier process.

That doesn’t mean you don’t have cravings for food, rest, certain people who comfort you, books, movies, and Muse-IC, all can play a role in this process.
Personally, I need to take time throughout the year, but especially during the dark, winter, months to incubate, to pull away in swim in the embryonic safety of my own seclusion and allow memories to flash backwards and cloister myself in prayer activating the deeper connection to the Holy Spirit.

To the angels who may grace me with their presence, and to my unseen queen, Mary Magdalene.  She, the Patron Saint of Aromatherapy and Alchemy who has come to me over the years to teach me.  Even more often the Angel Gabrielle, have I found myself in the presence of this sweetness, and I know I am not alone in this connection.
Because this time, is the beginning of Her time to walk with us.

I have stated this over and over in sharing my dreams and experiences, including several chapters in my book and the blogs I have written.
Beginning way back with the first newsletter I started to write for ArcAncient in the year 2000.
Does this always wipe away my fears that also arise during these times which are at the very least, disconcerting?  No.  I am no monk or cloistered nun living on that path where one can hide from the vicissitudes of life.
There are no collection plates being passed around that assures me that I will have all I need to pay my bills.

And that brings me to a point I want to make that I often hear people glibly say.  And that is that if it is a gift of spirit, it should be given freely.
Even tribal medicine men and women were assured that they would be fed and sheltered, honoured by the tribe.  No, I am not making any claim to such status.
I wouldn’t dare.  I am no fan of people abusing the word, ‘shaman’ or any such thing, because it is irreverent and absent of the true meaning.
A shaman, ‘walks between worlds’ and has ‘died to this world’ and returned.

I have done both, yet still, I make no such claim.
I don’t because I am all too aware of being in this mortal coil, walking on this earth and dealing with the very real struggle of day to day living.

Even Jesus was ‘tempted in the wilderness’.
In my own experience, and I have met many a wonderful human, teacher, sage on my walk, no one is above this and those who claim differently are either ignorant or lying.  I have seen the struggles and personally guided many of these same teachers or elders behind the scenes. 
People want a leader.  They search for a saviour. 
This leads to a lot of misguided and mislead people, and when the illusion breaks, and it always does, it is a very difficult fall, and realignment that must take place.
That is the whole point of the seasons of winter.  To go within.

To find your own inner-light.  That doesn’t mean you don’t stumble in the darkness.  Some of us are very hard on ourselves (myself included) when we stumble, when we can’t hear that voice, when the coincidences and ‘signs’ aren’t appearing to reassure us.  This is of course, the ‘dark night of the soul’.

And going through it once, does not mean, you won’t go through this period again.  We reach levels.  When you graduated from 12th grade, and then found yourself in university, or whichever new aspect of the path, was that the end of learning for you?  Of course not.
Just as I point out in: ‘Total Sensory Healing and Integration ©’ in the Cymatics aspect of sound, as the pitch changes, the sacred geometrical shape BREAKS DOWN and reforms.  I taught the first class in 1997 after writing much of it, while living in the barn.  I taught segments of this, starting in 1990, as it came to me during dreams and in working with clients.

Don’t you wonder why we even experience snow?  Why the very plants who create the liquid-light of ‘esse’-ntial oils, hibernate?  They haven’t abandoned us; they will return soon.  Even now, you will find plants and trees growing new buds.  You can go out and witness that each snowflake is unique and gorgeous.

It is also just necessary for me to seek to know God.  To find the language and the signs.  To follow the very stars from heaven, in the firmament, the waters above that have been separated from the waters below.  The lights given to guide us.  

I am simply a lowly messenger, a handmaiden.  When I am inspired and the ‘book opens up to me’, the thrill is the fruit far out on the limb, so sweet, it makes the arduous journey all worthwhile.

So, I read the signs, that is what makes me love astrology.  Because it is one of the languages of God.
Most people know of Enoch, who ‘walked with God’.

In chapter II, we find these words:

1 And in those days, I will open the Storehouses of Blessing, which are in Heaven, so that I may send them down upon the Earth, upon the work, and upon the toil, of the sons of men. 2 Peace and truth will be united, for all the days of eternity, and for all the generations of eternity.

Don’t we all yearn for peace and truth?

We are promised just that. 
Soon, the spring rains will bring another promise, that of the rainbow that stretches across the horizon, a gift to us, a sign that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Please forgive me during these times when I must hide and recuperate.  Feeling and seeing the difficult times, and all the people reaching out to me for ‘hope’ daily, takes its it toll.  I must withdraw to restore and replenish my spirit.  To drink the water from the eternal well.

My ‘hyper-sensitivity’ makes those lines between the weight and worry of people I care deeply about and the overwhelming and very palpable fear so many feel now all over the planet too thin a veil to keep from filling me and weighing me down.  One layer at a time, my vessel fills.  The very gift that allows me passage ‘between worlds’ and a ‘sensitive’, also creates the need to pull back and protect myself at times.
It is an ongoing lesson for me.  I soon find myself confused and unable to find the mooring of my own soul.
Please don’t take this personally when this happens. 
Wisdom is an ongoing process of the soul’s evolution.

I share this, so that some of you may also realize the very same need.

It is not being ‘selfish’ it is one of survival.

The very EL-e-MENTS themselves are telling us to add layers of protection from the cold winds that literally can take a limb.  Take a ‘member’ from our being or bring us to our very death. 

We cannot always sustain or attend to other people’s needs, when it means drowning or freezing, gasping for breath.  This can be a very hard lesson for anyone who is inclined to be a ‘caregiver’.  Very hard indeed.

But how else, will we create a new design of interstellar beauty to reveal and bless the world? 
Yes, we must dive deep, go diving for the pearls found in the depths below, what seems ‘unfathomable’ is literally fathoms beneath the superficial world, in the ocean of our subconscious; the carefully protected soul.

She is there beaming her light, whispering in the winds of change, and beckoning us to take a seat for the feast she has prepared to replenish you after your long and arduous journey. 

Take heart, you may feel alone (all one) but we are all going through this mass CORONA ritual together, 19, NUMBERS are another language that speaks to us and shows us the WAY. 
I have broken down those numbers for you before, but as a reminder, the 1 (I) is the MAGICIAN who stands at the table (plain of existence/square/EL) with the El-e-MENTS, and like Jacob who wrestles with God, as the angels ascend and descend the spiral staircase of DNA, the magician is the fool, now learning the basics of language.  Alchemy.  EL-Chem/Khem-y.  (Khem is the land of the darkness, or that which is occulted).  MM, see further down.
IX is the Hermit (see him with his lantern he had discovered in his quest for the Holy Grail? See his staff?  This is so he can lead others)
XIX (all by itself, see the power in this number?)

It is the SUN CARD.  You can only see the Corona of the sun during an eclipse, which of course, in August of 2017 opened up this very gateway we are now travelling.
And when we add: I + IX= X As above, So Below, X marks the spot.
It is the Wheel of Fortune.  Fun, eh?

There is literally a chapter called, ‘NUMBERS’ in the bible.
We are shown over and over, like children given a manual, a map to find our way home.  Yet, we do not have the eyes to see, nor the ears to hear, that which is right in front of us.

Yet, people are often stuck, lost in the superficial words that occlude the deeper truth, the parables given to the ‘profane’ who have not yet peeled back the veil enough to learn the truth hidden within, the MYSTERIES.
Babylon (confusing languages) revealed.

So, I send this to you, as a beacon, as a reminder that we are on our way.  Just as the sun extends that LIGHT OF THE WORLD with each passing day now, God sees our every moment.  God has not abandoned us.  Just allowing us to try to ride our bikes without physically running alongside of us. 
We can do it.

We have come through so much now.

We will peel the layers of clothing off, just as we expose ourselves and become naked before our own soul.  We will put sunglasses on, so the LIGHT doesn’t burn our eyes, or the GLARE doesn’t blind us.

The moon is now journeying through the mother/house of Cancer.

 It forms the cardinal cross again, to Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.

We enter Lent, when we give up something and are instructed to ‘fast’, which we also call, ‘detoxing’ now.

Another method to begin to peel back the layers.

Believe me, as an astrologer for over 40 years now, I have NEVER seen the stars align in such powerful ways.
We are now travelling tropically in the sign of PIsces.  This will enhance our dreams and visions.  Neptune in rulership square the north and south nodes of the moon, further awakening us, and activating the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and PIsces.

Another cross.

Here, I remind you again that after dying on the cross, we will ‘roll away the stone’ (our pineal gland/Kheter/crown chakra/many petaled) tucked between the two hemispheres of our brain. And then we will find ourselves in the garden.
Pesach/Passover begins on Saturday, March 27th 7:47PM, which is the ‘Last Supper’, it is when Jesus breaks bread and offers wine as COMMUNION.
How has your body and blood aged in your own vessel?

We shall serve no wine before its time.

Let no one lead you astray saying ‘lo here or lo there’ for the Christ is found within.

Seek out your own light, that you may help others to find their own light too.

Every layer becomes one less until our very skin as we age becomes thinner, we become more child-like and we finally cross over and enter the kingdom of heaven.

This too shall pass.

PASSOVER ends, and we celebrate Easter on April 4th, which always follows the full moon, which happens on March 28th at 2:48PM when the moon reaches the cardinal sign of Libra at 8*, and the Cardinal Cross is once again triggered.  

Mercury is direct and will be out of his shadow on March 13th when Mercury is at 26* Aquarius, the FIXED CROSS, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, the Water Bearer...follow the woman with the jar into Her house.  Mary Magdalene is now walking with us on planet earth.  This is not something I think, it is something I KNOW.  She comes to many now.  Walk in nature, listen to the music of the river, listen to the whispering wind in the branches.  Watch her dancing light shimmering on the WATERS.  She is here to help balance these times.

Much love,

The Arc Crew.

Further notes on Mary Magdalene:

Mary Magdalene and Martha were Mary and Martha Boethus - two famous 1st century aristocrats. And there is a lot of information to justify this theory.

Mary Boethus (ie: Magdalene) lived at the House of Simon (Simon Boethus) as did the Bethany sisters, MAry and Martha.

Mary Boethus (ie: Magdalene) had a sister, Martha.

Mary Boethus (ie: Magdalene) married Jesus (Jesus of Gamala).

Mary Boethus' (ie: Magdalene's) husband, Jesus, became high priest - as did Jesus in Hebrews 7.

Mary Boethus' (ie: Magdalene's) husband, Jesus, was involved in a Revolt against Rome - as was Jesus (Mr 15:7).

Mary Boethus’ (ie: Magdalene's) husband, Jesus, was crucified.

The main difference to the gospel account, is that Mary Boethus (ie: Magdalene) was the richest woman in Judaea. Her dowry was one million gold dinarii. She was left destitute after the Jewish Revolt, and may well have been exiled to France. ~ Ralph Ellis

Thursday, February 11, 2021

New Moon In Aquarius And A Lot of Bull

Happy New Year!

We are just shy of a month away from the beginning of spring.  I know it may not seem like it, especially if you are up in the north, northeast where it is cold, cold, cold.  Wait, let me check, yup, it is colder than even that.

The year of the Ox!

With both Mars and Saturn in Taurus, this will really amplify this energy being born.  Like the Taurean bull, he is patient, perseveres, dependable, diligent, is slow to anger, is determined.  These reflect traditional conservative characteristics.  Metal Ox (1961, 2021) characteristics are hardworking, active, always busy, and popular among friends.

Today, we had the moon conjunct Mercury at 2:21 AM at 16* Aquarius.

At 4:55AM, the moon squared Mars when she reached 18*13’ Aquarius, to Mars in

Taurus at the same degree.

At 2:05PM 2/11/2021 we have a new moon, when the moon meets up with the sun at 23* Aquarius.  This is all about community, what we are bringing into the world, mutual agreements, and concepts.  We can expect more new ideas that will combine both inventive ways, the ‘air waves’ internet and concepts in sustaining the earth.  The more the ideas do both, the better they will be received and the more traction they will gain as time progresses.

This forms a wide square to Mars in Taurus at 18*.

Yes, we do still have Mercury retrograde at 16* Aquarius also squaring Mars in Taurus, so this is going to have us reviewing and not getting things started so easily, save for those who are returning to things they began before the retrograde.  It will still make for a hard way to go with problems coming out of the blue, things spilling or falling, etc.  So basically frustration.

Good time to plan, not so much to actually try to do.  Yes, we have had a lot of this, the windows of opportunity to move forward are just not so plentiful right now, but that is just not true for all things, or all people, especially if the timing is just right.  Mercury stations direct on the 20th.

Saturn is closing in on her square to Uranus in Taurus.  They won’t perfect that square until February 17, 2021 at 2:08 PM EST, when Saturn is at 07*13’ of Aquarius and Uranus is at 07*13’ Taurus the Bull. 

Saturn is restrictive, predictable, and conservative and Uranus is progressive and unpredictable.  This is the clashing of those who want to cling to the past and conservative measures and those who want to move forward in what could be considered progressive ways.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, and the lineup as well as the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn was at 00 Aquarius, so who do you think is going to win?

That’s right.  You can want the ‘good old days’ but it is futile wishes.

We are moving forward into a bold new world.

If you think your old job is coming back, well…I wouldn’t count on it happening anytime soon.  Best to come up with new ways of moving forward.

Aquarius is scientific, so expect more news about why we need to rely on science as fact. 

We can see this split between the old and new, between conservative or progressive (so called) being emphasized, as well as the ongoing debate between those who want to take the vaccination and those who do not.

It is not easy, because of the squares and Pluto in Capricorn that is still chugging along transforming structures, particularly those in government.  Those are going TO CHANGE.  No matter what anyone wants, it is a GREAT RESET.  I have been telling you this for years now.  It is ASTROLOGY.  You can’t stop this reset, you can try to point it in a direction that you believe is more to your liking, but if it is not inclusive of the COMMUNITY, then you are wasting energy and time.  BECAUSE IT IS ASTROLOGY.

So, this entire lineup in Aquarius is set to take off today. 

With the new moon, this is the birthing of this wave, it will ignite all those planets in Aquarius and the square to both Mars and Uranus in Taurus.

Light your candles and prepare.

Neptune is of course, being the slow movement planet she is, in PIsces at 19* and she is squaring the north and south node that are at 17* Gemini/Sagittarius. 

So, these planets are completely trying to prepare us, through dreams, both nighttime and those of our hopes or goals, whether that is to go forward, to leave them behind, or just how much energy we should invest in them.

Are they still valid?

Now that you have been stripped to your core, leaving only your core values, are they still important, VITAL?

The winter can find us sluggish, perhaps a few extra pounds, less outdoors time and thus, we begin to find the need to detoxify and replenish our body, mind and spirit.

You should start any detox after the full moon on February 27th.  You want to work with the moon, as she wanes, not waxes.

Also, be sure to start gently, not full speed ahead.

Nature tells us it is really time for a stronger detox when the dandelions start to bloom, they are good detoxifiers all by themselves, root, stem, leaf, and flower.

Yellow is also a good antidepressant.

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Hermes Cornered In A Lover's Quarrel In Aquarian New Moon


We are now past the midpoint of winter...the winter of 2020/2021 on our way to spring.  Try to keep this in mind, as the line-up of planets in Aquarius are forming squares to Uranus and Mars in Taurus.

The moon has finally left Scorpio which was forming a heavy cross and that literally pushed many people to the ‘breaking point’.

The good news, the moon is in Sagittarius now.  That will change on Sunday, February 7th just before 4PM EST when the moon enters Capricorn.
This can trigger some emotional residue that started rolling at the beginning of last year.  So, things can snowball.  Small issues can blow up, it can feel as though you are looking through a microscope. 

The emotional intensity of the moon in Scorpio may still be seeking an outlet if she didn’t find one yet this week.  You may try to take things lightly only to have it rear up with the slightest irritation.
In Scorpio, she formed a square to the Aquarius line-up as well as square Uranus and Mars in Taurus, which can bring emotional outbursts, but also a deeper connection to the origins of wounds and unrest in the soul.

We are collectively going through a cleansing and healing ritual on the entire planet.  We are in this mass Corona Ritual and there is still no end in sight.

You may wonder how you can feel overwhelmed, even isolated.

 "Then God said, 'Let there be an expanse in the midst of the waters, and let it separate the waters from the waters.'" Genesis 1:6

Once you realize we are all connected to each other through the 'waters' and to the expanse above that reflects down upon us in the heavenly waters with the lights to watch over us and the waters we all swim together in on planet earth, it can make more sense.  I can't wait until enough people collectively realize this... that we are in this together.

Water is a conductor but the illusion of water, creates separation.

Moses parts the waters/Red Sea.

Some people are more aware and sensitive to this connection.

For some, the level of fear and anger or trauma can be like a Boa Constrictor.  You may feel as though you are in a 'constant shower of pain raining upon you' and not be able to put your finger on how or why.

Take time to implement whatever soul/spiritual healing practices you are familiar with.  Meditation walks in nature, yoga, a cool washcloth over your face, shower, bath, or some measure of kindness to tend to your battered and bare spirit.

Light some candles.  Gentle yourself.

Try to remind yourself that other people may be feeling traumatized too.

We are in each other’s arms.

On the 9th, the moon will conjunct Pluto at 12:22PM at 25* Capricorn.  This can bring a focus on matters of support, structure, discipline and what savings or retirement accounts or the fear of whether that may be manageable.

Expect additional word to come from the WH, regarding Social Security or savings/debt recovery plans.  Later that day around 8:20PM, the moon enters Aquarius.  All bets are off at this point, as this will additionally trigger the entire line-up of ships in Aquarius as well as square Uranus and Mars in Taurus.
Keep in mind, Uranus rules Aquarius, so the square can activate even further the concerns over what we have or don’t have.  Fears as to what we may or may not have in the future.  Concerns over savings and what we will leave to posterity.

This little daisy chain of potentially explosive events really gains steam on the 10th at 7:40AM when the moon conjuncts Saturn at 6* Aquarius.  This is also leaning into the square to Uranus who is at 7* Taurus.
I will add here that this is going to have the greatest effect on the fixed signs, especially; Aquarius, Taurus, Leo’s, and Scorpio’s.  Anyone with planets or points in those signs will feel this more acutely and personally.
After bearing the weight of the heavy cross for so long, cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn may feel a bit of a reprieve (save for Pluto still digging things up, excavating your deepest values, indeed, peeling back the layers of the soul.  You may also have planets and points in those fixed signs, so that gets trickier too).
Oh, and mutable signs?  You don’t get out of this so easily either, more about you later.
Uranus is FORCING CHANGE.  It will ‘break’ whatever is stuck and needs to change, whether you believe it does or not.  What is stuck in the old, if we don’t change it willingly, will merely crack up in the process, like an ice-cutter.

If you are really sensitive, you can literally hear this happening.

About an hour later, the moon will square Uranus exactly.

At 5:09 PM lady luna meets up with Venus at 11* Aquarius.

Expect those emotions to come pouring out of your heart.  Feelings no longer staying locked up in any vault, they will breech the walls of the heart and spill out.  Being rational, the Aquarius energy might try at this point, to compartmentalize all the debris flowing down the river that has now escaped, and it may seem almost hopeless once it is all out, you can’t put anything back into the box.  For some, this is Pandora’s Box.  Because it doesn’t end there.


The moon conjuncts Jupiter at 6:29PM at 12* Aquarius (Yes, it is still Wednesday!) So, this can expand and magnify this newly relieved/revealed emotional outpouring and FEAR, and can bring a sense of levity, by Jove.

Hopefully, you are now calmer and able to laugh about how much of a mountain you made and whoever you may have exploded onto or with, also feels relief and in a forgiving mode/mood.

See it is not all bad!
On Thursday, February 11th at 2:21AM our little moon crashes into the path of a newly retrograde Mercury at 16* Aquarius.  (Mercury stations direct February 20th at 11* Aquarius) Just two hours later the moon perfects her square to Mars at 18* at 4:55AM.
At 9:49 AM, Venus meets up with Jupiter at 12* 34’ Aquarius, to start their cycle together.  What new things do you now know you love, and what do you now want to put more time and effort into?
What do you uniquely do, that gives pleasure to others, to the community?

How do you make people feel?  What will people remember about you? 
These are the VALUES that will have a lasting effect.

“There is no such thing as a guilty pleasure” ~ Fran Lebowitz
She explains: “Why is a pleasure guilty?  If you are not doing any harm to another person, there is no guilt.  Just enjoy it, life is hard enough.  If you find something you take pleasure in, it is not ‘guilty’, so enjoy it.”  I paraphrase somewhat, but I agree completely with that sentiment.
As we are all being shaken to our core over the past year, our CORE VALUES are being exposed.

Venus and Jupiter are straddling the square to Uranus and Mars in Taurus.

We may feel as if we just aren’t getting enough pleasure in life.  We might feel as though relationships that once brought value, no longer have enough ‘pleasure’ in them to continue to put effort and energy into them.

photo by: Glenn Petranek
The squares can have us moving back and forth, taking a step up and then a step back, as we weigh out the pro’s and cons of the value someone brings into our relationships.
Later on the 11th at 2:05PM the moon and the sun meet up to start the new cycle at 23* Aquarius.
If you haven’t felt the energy of spring fever banging on the walls yet, this might just be the final trigger that will shoot you out of your skin, or into some vehicle bound for somewhere, anywhere but where you are now.  It can grab you out of the blue.  This is the kind of energy that packs someone up and screeches out of the driveway, sometimes without even having a destination in mind.

Now, any of this can happen during any point in time along this lineup.

So, whatever preparation you can make now, dealing with issues even a little at a time, is advisable, to just reaching a breaking point, without taking the time to weigh and measure out the advantages and disadvantages of any venture or alteration to the course you have been on.

Remember I promised to get back to the mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and PIsces?  Yeah, now is that time.

On February 13th the moon will first square the head and tail of the dragon when she reaches 17*21’ of PIsces, (the nodes of the moon) and just a little bit later she will conjunct Neptune at 19*42’ PIsces and they will add to the dreamy (pay attention to your dreams, EXTREMELY PROPHETIC AT THIS TIME) energy being created by this T Square, as well as asking you, are you living the dreams you imagined for yourself?  Is that all there is?  If that’s all there is my friends, then let’s keep dancing, let’s break out the booze (or not if you don’t drink, have a cup o Joe) and have a ball…if that’s all…there is.

That song pretty much sums up this time.

What I know in my own experience, what makes me feel good, is when my soul feels seen and heard and that happens when I help someone, make someone feel something or think about something, they

may not have felt before.

Obviously, sharing the wisdom of the living essences of the plant kingdom, who have captured the light of the sun and bringing their purpose, to heal and nurture us or this planet, is one of those experiences or gifts I love.

So, while the light has begun to expand the hours he exposes to us during the day, greeting us earlier each morning and not falling on the other side of the horizon until later and later each evening, one way to bring that Light into your world, is through the magical world of Aromatherapy.

We are also heading into Valentine’s Day on the 14th.

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The last time we had a line up like this in Aquarius, was February 1962.
Here is a chart comparison: