Sunday, November 15, 2020

The Tail Of Two Scorpion Lights Igniting Thanksgiving

New Moon, Sunday November 15, 2020 23*17’ Scorpio, just after midnight at 12:07AM.  That forms a lovely trine to Jupiter at 23* Capricorn, and Jupiter and Capricorn just met up for the third and final time on Thursday November 12th at 22* Capricorn.  Both titans are now in a trine with this new moon.  This gives explosive power to this new moon, Scorpio being ruled by Pluto and this also forms a trine to Saturn who is at 26*, people wanting to move forward with this government/election debacle.

Expect these issues to ignite even further, like a fuse, growing in intensity with this new moon.  Scorpio likes to get to the truth, but also rules the mob/underworld and this could have some revelations and indeed, with the dark of the moon, all sorts of underground scurrying about, especially while Neptune is still large and in charge in rulership also at 18* PIsces, getting ready to station direct at the end of this month on the 27th.

Mars stations direct on November 12th at 7:35PM at 15* Aries, this activates the opposition to Venus in Libra who will be at 19* Libra on that day.

As stated previously, they have not opposed each other while they are both in the signs they rule, since November 1988.  So, romance is in the air, you might feel like bees in springtime!  The honey is dripping from the hive, that pent up energy from intimacy that has now amalgamated for some, taking their relationships to new levels might feel like a honeymoon all over again.

For others, this might stoke up the beast and wayward energy in one or both, as the desire is stirring, but perhaps not for the person you now know too well, so many habits that get on your nerves, lol.

Hopefully, it is the former for most, it depends on how that falls in your own personal charts together.  Cardinal signs: Aries, and Capricorn, might feel a bit more amorous than say, Cancers and Capricorns, lol.

Of course, the old goats, Capricorns (old souls) might just see it as ‘that’s the way that it is’. 

Also, on November 12th. Jupiter makes its final conjunction to Pluto, when both meet up at 3:34PM at 22*51’ Capricorn, which squares Lady Luna who is at 17* Libra and she is flying to catch Venus who is at 19* Libra, so a bit more square dancing going on!  This of course once again forms a cardinal cross when we add Mars is 15*14’ Aries the Ram, getting ready to station direct.  Explosive energy that will either turn up the war drums, or increase the flames of passion, the key here is the word passion, which as stated many times now, comes from the Greek, pathos, which means pain.  Unresolved pain, trauma, issues that were not healed, can turn into a powder keg, the tears might flow, the cross/burden too much to bear, again, especially for cardinal signs.

Eris is at 23* Aries forming an uncomfortable inconjunct to the new moon at 23* Scorpio.  (150* degrees) Still stoking up the vitriolic words, and incendiary language firing up anger and that need to destroy for some.

This will make some challenging energies tugging on the earth, leading up to the full moon on the 30th that is a lunar eclipse, ending some of the energy that is brought up to heal, but not before there could be some real devastation.  This could be volcanic for both the earth and especially for mutable signs: Sagittarius, PIsces, Gemini’s and Virgo’s.
Leveling the ground for the HUGE PORTAL on December 14th eclipse of the sun.  Though it will not be visible in the US, (thank goodness) it will still have a lasting impact.  This is the day the elector’s vote.
Results can certainly stoke up at least part of the country, who feels they have been robbed.

It is high time we clean up any of this election confusion, with print out ballots that we can double-check online to make sure our votes were tallied properly and will make it far easier for any recounts and assuaging people’s concerns as to where votes came from, the living or the dead.
This is easily rectifiable and it is high time we do.

December brings the energy of the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction at 00* Aquarius, which as I have been sharing with  you for years now, is a ‘RESET’, this is also a dimensional doorway, we are going into a time-frame of inventions and new ventures that will blow our minds, and in some cases, quite literally.

They both begin their squares to Uranus in Taurus, what will happen to a jittery stock market and a housing bubble?

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Dates of Import:

November 12th. Jupiter makes its final conjunction to Pluto when both meet up at 3:34PM at 22*51’ Capricorn

Mars stations direct on November 12th at 7:35PM at 15* Aries, this activates the opposition to Venus in Libra who will be at 19* Libra on that day

Neptune is still large and in charge in rulership also at 18* PIsces, getting ready to station direct at the end of this month on the 27th.

11/14/2020 Moon squares Neptune 18* PIsces. (wild/visionary/ insights/ dreams/illusions)

11//18/2020 Moon cnj Pluto 22* Capricorn, (2AM) then about an hour later, cnj’s Jupiter at 23* Capricorn, and a few hours after that the moon finds Saturn at 27* Capricorn and is also squaring Venus at 27* Libra.

New Moon, Sunday November 15, 2020 23*17’ Scorpio which SQUARES Venus at
11/18/2020 Moon squares Mars

11/26/2020 Moon conjunct Mars 16* Aries

Full moon, Lunar ECLIPSE, November 30th 4:29AM, 8* Gemini

New Moon, SOLAR ECLIPSE, December 14th (the EYE OF THE GREAT USA FIRE ECLIPSE, THIS IS BIG, VERY BIG!!!) 11:16AM, 23*08’ Sagittarius.
This will forever shift many things, which path are YOU choosing?

December 14, 2020: Electors Vote in Their States Monday after the second Wednesday in December of presidential election years is set (3 U.S.C. §7) as the date on which the electors meet and vote. In 2020, the meeting is on December 14. Electoral college delegations meet separately in their respective states and the District of Columbia at places designated by their state legislature. The electors vote by paper ballot, casting one ballot for President and one for Vice President. The electors count the results and then sign six certificates, each of which contains two lists, one of which includes the electoral votes for the President, the other, electoral votes for the Vice President, each of which includes the names of persons receiving votes and the number of votes cast for them. These are known as Certificates of the Vote, which the electors are required to sign. They then pair the six Certificates of Ascertainment provided by the state governors with the Certificates of the Vote, and sign, seal, and certify them (3 U.S.C. §§8-10). The six certificates are then distributed by registered mail as follows: (1) one certificate to the President of the U.S. Senate (the Vice President); (2) two certificates to the secretary of state (or equivalent officer) of the state in which the electors met; (3) two certificates to the Archivist; and (4) one certificate to the judge of the U.S. district court of the district in which the electors met (3 U.S.C. §11).

Friday, October 30, 2020

Blue Moon You Saw Us Howling And Opened The Door To Loved Ones

Whew, what a weekend we are going to have!  Lady Luna is very pregnant and will be the gorgeously full Hunters Moon at 8* Taurus the Bull at 10:49 AM on Saturday October 31st, standing across an 8* Sun in Scorpio.  This is also the second full moon in October; thus, we call this a BLUE MOON.  This will activate this Mercury retrograde since Mercury began to station retrograde on October 12th at 11* Scorpio.  So, we have major energy infusing and activating the fixed cross.  All of us can experience renegotiating, repairing, resolving many issues or problems that may have demanded our attention, especially those we may have swept under the rug, or put off for quite some time.  

Scorpio’s and Taurus or those with planets or points in these fixed signs will feel this the strongest, that means it triggers Leo’s and Aquarian’s who may be starting to feel that rumble under the ground, or deep in their spirit, as Saturn and Jupiter are nearing the global reset point of 00* Aquarius.  Check your charts, or houses where this point is, because it heralds a major new cycle beginning. 
This is further exacerbated by the conjunction of Uranus who is also at 8*41’ of Taurus, he is retrograde so he has flown back through the heavens, to meet up with the moon for just this infusion of energy.  This will magnify eccentricity’s and changes that may come out of the blue.  Insights and new ideas of real genius may flash across your mind like a shooting star.  Though the moon is emotional and fleeting by nature, they are in Taurus the bull which is tenacious and does not give up.  

Those fixed signs may finally see their long-term perseverance finally start to come into fruition, the

light not only appears at the end of the tunnel, but it is also shining on your accomplishment and ready to light up your world.

This is also the weekend when the veil is very thin, and with Mercury retrograde, this can really bring some messages from across the ethers and into your world.  Pay attention to names, symbols, and signs that those you love who have crossed over are now sending you to let you know they are with you and watching out for you.  You may hear a song, something could literally fall on the floor in front of you as a remind and clear message, you could be thinking of someone and hear or see their name being called.  Those are all signs that they are sending love, and the more heart chords you created, the bigger the highway across dimensions.

We also have all Saints day on November 1st, the day after Halloween and then we have All Soul’s Day, or Day of the Dead on November 2nd, when Mercury will station direct after travelling back to 25* Libra, the scales of balance.

Of course, that is the day before the election in the US on November 3rd which will serve to further confuse election results, confound accurate ballot counts and very possibly fuel an already incendiary presidential race, and very likely actually catch fire in some places with Uranus bringing down bolts of lightening as the God’s threaten retribution in the war being waged, literally of good and evil. 

Make sure to light your candles and say your prayers, decorate your altars with fresh flowers and gratitude for that which you successfully hunted down this year, giving attention to your loved ones, get out their pictures and/or affects that have fond memories.

Uranus straddling the moon and Mercury stationing direct will serve to unnerve and destabilize an already combustive time.

The earth herself might be rocking and rolling with this energy, especially after coming out of the Cardinal Squares of the new moon, now blooming.

Mercury/Hermes at 26* Scorpio is also forming an exact square to Saturn who is also at 26* Capricorn and Pluto who is at 22* Capricorn.

This can make those cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn feel cornered, some may want to

flee or schedule a quick getaway, especially travelling by car.

However, this is also energy to build upon.  Mercury finally comes out of his shadow on November 19th when he reaches 11* Scorpio again.

Mars stations direct on November 12th at 15* Aries, having squared Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter along the way, creating cardinal crosses to bear for those cardinal signs or points and for some, it may feel as though it is all too much to bear.  He started this reversal September 9th at 29* Aries the Ram.  Along the way he also met up with Eris the Destroyer and stirred up many a bee’s nest.

We are not out of the woods yet, who knows what strife Eris and Mars might stir up before they finally stop squaring off with the Titans, Zeus/Jupiter, Kronos/Saturn, and Hades/Pluto. 
Some moved, some are just transforming the places they live, but it is out with the old and in with the new in many cases.

As Saturn and Jupiter inch closer to their upcoming square to Uranus that will be exact next year in January and February, let us hope those changes created the new foundations for positive growth in 2021.

I still expect some sort of social net, new relief funds created for those who are hurting and in attempt to re-stimulate the economy as she sputters in the fog of Corona19.  We are not out of the woods by any stretch, expect some delays regarding our ability to get back to full speed ahead.
The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 00* Aquarius December 21st all but guarantees this will happen, if not exactly on that day, certainly we will start to hear of plans being put into place.  Cryptocurrency on its way.  (No, I am not happy about this or any sort of transhumanism either).  But that 00* binary code is too blatant for any astrologer not to see, as I have been saying for over a year now.

Hopefully, you are taking this time to dig deep, do that soul work that you’ve been putting off because you are too busy, and for many, experiencing family and loved ones in new dynamic settings as we spend more time together.

The universe has forced many to stop running here and there, working and eating on the go to actually put down some roots into the earth, re-nourishing and revitalizing their soul and spirit as that shiny light reveals the true worth and meaning of life.  It is the Corona/Crown virus after all, any reader of this blog will have read some extensive word play and connections on that very visual symbiology.  We can only see the corona of the sun, when there is a solar eclipse.  There are your coronary arteries, that crown the heart, and there is the crown or keter chakra, we are literally all living in a global ritual together. for our 'crowning achievements'.

If you are getting stir crazy, it may mean you are running from some incredibly strong power within you, hiding like a boogeyman in the recesses of your being, ready to throw a tantrum to get your attention.  You can run, but you cannot hide.

So buckle up buttercup, expect quite the bumpy road, that will end up in court in some states, eventually working itself out, and of course for some this just won’t ever feel legitimate since only one candidate will win.

But next year, though the economy is going to have a rough go at the start, heralds a new time for people to realize that we work better together and we will need each other to make headway during this delicate transition.

Pray for cooler heads to prevail, even as we navigate disagreement and concern over a broader 

surveillance net being cast that will become uncomfortable and threatening to some freedoms long taken for granted.

We shall see how this all shakes out.

In the meantime, light ‘em up, and let the wisdom of those in our past come through this weekend to help guide the way, remember their stalwart souls as they give us the clues to lead us into a brighter and kinder future.

Here we go…Slainte

Monday, October 12, 2020

Square Dancing Backwards Hermes And Mars Explode The New Moon In Libra

This weekend, Neptune (Planet of Illusions, drugs, disintegration or disillusionment AND Dreams) is feeling the effects of a trine forming from Lady Luna, it will be exact around 11:43PM EDT tonight (Friday October 9
th) when the moon reaches 18*48’ Cancer, all the while Jupiter will exactly square the moon only minutes earlier, around 11:17PM when she is at 18*34’ Cancer and Jupiter is at 18*34’ Capricorn the Goat.  This also forms another a Grand Cross with the sun at 16* Libra and Mars the Warrior (ruler of anger and passion) at 22* Aries, conjoined to Eris who has had enough of the boys games, that have been trying to hold on to a patriarchal past caring only about control of life, not life itself as evidenced by their own war games and abuse and rape of women and children and the natural world, including this very planet.

Expect the insanity to continue to pour onto the world stage as the magicians blow bubbles spun by lies to foment this anger and avoid facing the ugly truth.

Lady Luna will continue her journey to square Pluto who has recently begun moving

forward again on October 3rd at 22* Capricorn and the two will square at 22* when Luna reaches that same degree in Cancer (the mother and ruler of the moon) tomorrow morning just after 6AM (the 10th) and continue on her flight to square Saturn who also is now direct at High Noon only a few hours later when she reaches 25* Cancer.
Cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are all being enticed by the Illusions and/or finally realizing they have been duped and the dream they bought into is a bubble about to burst.

The squares and the ‘crosses’ also can make people feel ‘boxed in’ by something they purchased that may feel more like an unbearable and unrealistic burden, rather than the dreamy vision they talked themselves into.  This can literally feel as though one is ‘on the cross’ as the lifeblood of reality and strength drips from their veins and onto the killing floor.
Like smashed ships on a shore, the only thing left might be pieces of a dream.  Careful not to get splinters, as this also includes; infections, Heart Attacks, high blood pressure, blog clots, fevers, viruses (many people will catch Corona19 this weekend and many more will find out they already it have while the number of those same casualties will keep ‘FLOWING’ out of the WH pandemic eruption too).

This also places emphasis on the mutable signs, PIsces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius as well as water signs: PIsces, Cancer and Scorpio.
With Mercury also ready to station retrograde on Monday, October 12th just after 9PM at 11*Scorpio.

This is quite the cocktail to create and also release pent up anger, eruptions can occur but they have been simmering long before they blow.  This is also creating mountains out of mole hills, the Neptune/Jupiter sextile especially can create quite the dramatic illusion.  Think of it as a balloon that gets blown up and blown out of proportion.  Hopefully, people do a decent job of releasing the pressure, rather than blowing the whole thing up.

We see the light is decreasing as the days grow shorter in the north and the dark nights increase.  The leaves burning orange and red, giving back all that light they soaked up from the sun all summer in a glorious celebration of the change of seasons.  The air is crisp like apples crunching and freeing their tart juice while cinnamon sticks stir hot cider.

For some it is a sad time, winter, and the long nights on their way.  But we cannot simply

wish away the change of seasons, and why would we want to dismiss this joyous symphony nature plays pushing us into autumns kaleidoscopic path into a blanket of snow?

The stars also play us, flipping switches on life codes and reminding us of the choices we have made, asking us if we still believe in the lives and characters we have chosen to play.

Those who conscientiously, pursued their path, grounded into reality with carefully planned, step by step guidelines may see their dream turning into a reality and experience that bliss.  They did not hide from the truth and simply focus on the positive (Illusions).  This could happen if they surveyed the landscape and considered the pro’s and con’s, harnessed their ability by implementing a practical and focused plan.

Do you see it is not a question of ‘either/or’ but taking into ‘CONSIDER AT ION’ ALL?   

This is the problem with myopically pursuing what is merely narcissistic, materialistic goals shrouded in a false spiritual cloak, called: ‘spiritual-bypassing’.  No, the cold, hard reality of truth does not sell books, and book tours for people looking for a ‘quick fix’ or who are so drenched in the seduction of some glamorous world, peddled in every form of ‘PROGRAMMING’ since most were born. 
There is a documentary on YouTube called: ‘The Century of Self’ that is lengthy but does a great job illustrating how much has gone into spinning people’s lives out of control, using advertising campaigns to make them feel that their own lives are worthless and lacking unless they can just purchase that ‘one more thing’ that will magically create that elusive happiness, the panacea they crave.
The lifestyles of the rich and famous. 
But what they exclude is the reality playing out behind the scenes.

I must also stress that having wealth does not exclude happiness nor does it connote a

spiritually bankrupt person.


Attaining the trappings of wealth or power on the earth plane MAY come with increased awareness, temptations increase with both.
This is the precise meaning of Jesus in the Wilderness, where he rebukes Satan’s temptations of riches, power, and earthly treasures.

But many have also been taught by some popular teachers to discard the ancient wisdom and truth found in the bible, because they do not understand the mysteries inside the teachings of parables.
In doing so, they create a growing darkness within, their subconscious longing to be listened to, the pains and trauma of the past yearning to be seen and loved whole. 
It is good to create and desire positive outcomes of course, but without healing the trauma of the past, even from your lineage, which bleeds into your life from its historical roots, right through your amygdala and mitochondria.  Likewise, as you heal, you heal the lines in your family, you heal your parents, your children and in so doing, can mitigate or clear altogether the heavy path they would otherwise have had to carry from this life and into the next.

To avoid the travails of the world, without allowing empathy and compassion through your heart, creating the desire to see what is wrong and find ways to help, sets up a the ‘evil under the bed’ so to speak.

It certainly doesn’t help any of us if we allow those who seek power, to simply create laws and a world that is setting a trap which we will all deeply regret at some later time.

This Grand Illusion was also used by teachers like; Norman Vincent Peale who wrote, ‘Think and Grow Rich’ and taught many sermons at his church.

With so many people burying the reality and hiding from the deeper truths, including ‘avoiding politics’ because it makes you upset and it can take your focus off creating that elusive dream you have been sold, the underbelly of reality grew in the lairs of Pluto. 
That is not enlightenment.

Pretending to be all ‘nice and happy’ all the time, robs the soul.

This is not to say you should not try to look on the bright side, or be kind, far from it.  It means being grounded in the truth, owning the shadow self to truly stand in your power.  That’s right, that is where the real power to create actually lies, in facing your dark side, the dark reality in life, your fears, and just like your own pupil (student) will enlarge in the darkness, so too will you feel the power surge up your spine, when you conquer and own YOUR ENTIRE SELF.  "When the pupil/student is ready the teacher/light will arrive".

WHEN YOU EMBRACE ALL OF WHO YOU ARE.  When you no longer feel the need to

‘just play nice’, as many girls especially, are commanded (which is entirely soul and power stealing, the basis for many who suffer depression, is this trapped information that has been suppressed, literally depressed into breaking you down, to be LESS THAN WHO YOU ARE.

Well, Pluto (Power, death, and rebirth, the rising from the ashes as the phoenix) is digging up all the darkness, throwing the dead bodies up on the shores and into our view.  After years of pretending, we are now confronted with reality. 
For a long time, I all but set myself on fire, warning of the dangerous times coming, well…we are here.  This is also POWERFUL TRANSFORMATIONAL ENERGY AND OPPORTUNITY FOR CHANGE.

Because, ignoring shares the same root word to ‘ignorance’.

President Trump’s father took him to sit through those sermons from Norman Vincent Peale.  That is right. 
Therefore, he cannot admit anything negative.  He must win at all costs.
Again, we can see there is both positive and negative connotations.

The highest goal is to serve humanity.  Not for selfish reasons, because this will come around to bite us.  It is to see where the pain is in life, to start by healing our own pain and then turn that into the gift we came here to give back to this world.

We take all kinds of psychoactive drugs now, uptake inhibitors, because we don’t want to feel pain, we can’t open that door to the dark abyss within.

This is also common when someone is so afraid of the past, of the scary monsters under the bed, confronting the actual horrors of the past, of the scars and wounds life has dealt us, can seem too ominous and frightening, as if it will simply take us down to a depth from which we cannot recover.

Of course, we should not dwell on the past or negative experiences, but we do need to attend to our wounds no different than a physical wound that we cannot IGNORE, for we do so at our own peril.  I remind you, IGNORANCE has the word, ‘IGNORE’ at its root.
We must heal those wounds, lest we bleed to death.

Anything underground is the domain of Pluto.

He rules the deep and dark odiferous bowels of our psyche and this earth.

Smaug lurks in the cavernous depths of the fortified “Lonely Mountain’ in ‘mithril’.  He is guarding his treasure of gold from the hard work of the dwarves and driving them into exile.
What is interesting, is the very treasures that people seek, by trying to focus only on the positive and ignoring the wounds in life, remain buried.  For the real treasure lies within, submerged deep within our psyche, (our very soul) the trail of lives we have lived and the genealogy to which we are connected.

The spiral staircase within travels upward, but also down into the depths, the soil (soul) of

our being.  It is our wounds that are the master key to our hidden treasures.  For here is where the universe of God has opened us to pour in the mysteries.

Seek to serve the world, using compassion, heal the wounds and we heal ourselves. 
We will have a major opportunity/window to demand that we take care of each other on this planet.


We will pay for this in taxes.

What we need to demand, is that we create small local banks, funded and styled the same way the ‘banks that are too big to fail’ are, so that the PEOPLE can get part of the same deal we all fund.  WE WILL NEED IT.
We cannot just spend so much money, without having a tab.

I promise you it does not matter who wins the presidency, they are going to come up with major plans in December/January out of sheer necessity with so many people out of work.

(This is the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction at 00* Aquarius and then proceeding to square Uranus in Taurus (money/I have).
We can use this time to transform a rotten and decaying system into one that has been opened up to the light, with the air of our collective voices fueling what the people need too, what community’s need to survive and thrive.

When people get a helping hand, that can go to pay banks, and credit cards anyway.  So they get the money anyway, it just enlivens the economy and the market in a much more natural cycle.

We then look to the new moon on October 16th at 3:30 PM, when the sun and moon meet up at 23*53’ Libra the scales.  This again forms a square to a 19* Jupiter in Capricorn who is inching ever closer to his conjunction to Pluto who is at 22*, and Saturn who will be at 25* Capricorn.  This also opposes Mars Rx at 20* Aries and still in wide conjunction to Eris the Destroyer at 24*.
In the meantime, Mercury RX is now at 11* Scorpio forming a powerful opposition to a retrograde Uranus at 9* Taurus.
This is sure to bring about financial news, both on the world stage an in our own personal lives, especially for the fixed cross: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.  Mercury is bringing back news from the past, resurfacing old news, records and exchanges that will have a direct effect on what we ‘have’.
This is also a PRIME TIME to tap into these powerful energies, light our candles, get involved and speak up, pray and dance, let’s sing a joyous world of kindness and a world where everyone gets a seat at the table.



ignore (v.) 1610s, "not to know, to be ignorant of," from French ignorer "be unaware of" (14c.), or directly from Latin ignorare "not to know, be unacquainted; take no notice of, disregard" (see ignorant). The original sense in English is obsolete.


"Principles are not values. A gang of thieves can share values, but they are in violation of the fundamental principles we're talking about. Principles are the territory. Values are maps." (The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People)

"The root cause of almost all people problems is the basic communication problem — people do not listen with empathy." (Principle-Centered Leadership)

“The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People.” Covey believed that positive thinking was part of the “personality ethic” that spread across America after the First World War. Covey said the personality ethic could be detrimental because it emphasized a person’s attitude and public-relations skills over the person’s character.

Similarly, Mary Trump, the president’s niece and author of “Too Much and Never Enough,” spoke of the dangers of “toxic positivity” in a recent Frontline interview.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

A Coat Of Many Colours Welcomes The Dark Night Of 20/20 Hindsight

Today we fall into autumn, the sun ingresses into Libra and out of all the issues Virgo brought up in health in our little animals, careers. Now we move back into finding the balance, we begin to put away the summer and ready ourselves for the long dark nights. We begin to turn inward even as Jupiter has stationed direct in Capricorn and is moving forward judiciously. All of the world wonders what other countries are doing, just 6 days before Saturn, old EL, the Lord of the Rings gets ready to finally station direct too, at 25* Capricorn. You can be sure there is much going on behind the scenes as the rings of power now move their players like pawns on this great chess board, calling in favors and threatening to expose anyone who stands in their way. Though most people can barely keep up with the blow by blow day, the constant onslaught of dueling narratives meant to confuse and perplex anyone beginning to truly wake up to the bigger picture, these plans were laid long ago. 
The heavenly stars portend the times we are living in, and all record keepers knew of this great time shift, when the lineup of stars in Capricorn would make their great entry to collude and set the time frame for hundreds of years to come. 
Others dismiss the weight of the Great US Fire Eclipse Doorway that opened in Leo (Lights of the Leaders) back in August of 2017. Even though people came from all over the world, to see this eclipse that was only visible in the US. So many people travelled all over the planet and then this country, that it created traffic jams along its path. We come to the center, the eye in the middle of this Fire Pyramid (PYRE=Fire, amid, just like what is on your dollar). On December 14th in the eclipse in Sagittarius. That is the last chance doorway, and yes these royal astrologers know this too. You can be sure that a very dark power will do all it can to maintain the icy grip it has planned for so long. All is not as it seems. 

In the meantime, prepare your own inner light, and ready your fires that will need to keep you warm
through a very, very cold winter. Saber rattling all over the planet, as the players shuffle to have a seat at the table being set, of rulers and kings. We see the rise of fascist rulers taking over democracy's and bullying their way into lifetime positions of rulership, and there is a reason for this. Do not be fooled, look behind the masks being worn, who are they, what is their legacy? What will be your own? Pluto may well decide to put a great display of 'the nuclear option of power' to show who's boss. What will Saturn and his son Jupiter do when they meet up on December 21st, at the Great Reset coding of 00* Aquarius? 
Will we come to the table as equals and for the greater good of community, or be disbanded and torn apart by the dark arts? Will we use the power of balance to negotiate a place at the table for all? What partnerships can come together now, in the name of shared responsibilities? It is still up to US.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Embarking On The Maiden Voyage The New Moon In Virgo Pierces The Veil

A virgin new moon on Thor’s Day at 7:00AM, Sep 17th, 25* Virgo makes a lovely trine to Saturn who is retrograde at 25* Capricorn building foundations to support ventures that started long ago.

As the moon and the sun join together, they fuse their energies for new beginnings, regarding health and service.  New light is shed on what mysterious ailment may have been disturbing the health of the family and/or pets.

We roll up our sleeves to get down to the basics and tackle plans we may have put aside, especially as Saturn/EL gets ready to station direct on the 28th and give his full energy back to creating the foundations we can build upon.
Mars has recently also stopped moving forward (and Mars is the planet of movement, energy, passions) on the 9th and is now at 27* Aries which he rules.
That squares Saturn and widely Pluto/Hades who is still retrograde at 22* Capricorn.
This may bring many karmic patterns visiting, what we have sent out, returning.  We may consider past decisions and previous places of employment along with the choices we have made along the way bringing us to our current situation. 
This can be uncomfortable, we can feel forced into changes we might not quite feel ready for, but that retrograde will have us taking the actions to fortify our skill-sets and foundations to move forward especially as Saturn stations direct on the 28th, still at 25* Capricorn (which he rules) when we are far more prepared.
Virgo has us taking stock of our harvest, sorting this from that and what we need to have in store for the coming shift of energies, change of season.

We look at what we have produced, make adjustments now, which all the retrogrades, even though they

may feel a hinderance (especially with the Tao/Mars T square that had so many accidents piling up, injuries and mishaps) were designed to help us do just that. 
Re-structuring our own transformation.

Jupiter will supercharge this transformation in November when he meets up with Pluto again on the 12th when they are both at 22* on the same day that Mars stations direct having travelled back to 15* Aries.
This will be quite the energized day and we will have all travelled through a wild portal on planet earth, of confused energies and mixed messages.
We are making major readjustments at this time and wise people will reconsider their priorities NOW BEFORE WE ENTER THAT INFERNO OF TRANSFORMATION.
Cardinal signs; Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn have been going through a complete overhaul, save for the very few who have aligned long ago with their destiny’s, albeit with some alterations during this highly charged time on planet earth.

Though we see and experience some of the most disturbing events any of us have ever had to negotiate and absorb, we are all readying for a complete shift of trajectory as the former ‘what’s in it for me’ evolves into ‘what is in it for the community and the greater good for all on planet earth’.
This will become far more clearer in December, as we enter the birth canal on the December 14th eclipse and Saturn and Jupiter meet up for the GREAT GLOBAL RESET on December 21st at 00* Aquarius.
Even though we will not officially enter the Age of Aquarius until 2026 as Neptune prepares to finally leave her Piscean rulership behind and ingress into Aries, we are now at the foothills, and the waves that have recessed during all the retrogrades are coming ashore, with newly found awareness as we gather our nets, that have 153 fish.  We have been swimming in the schools in a mass ritual on planet earth.

Our sacred ship that nourishes, supports and sustains us will become the cherished jewel in our eyes and hearts as the Annunaki who seeded this transformation long ago, return to our awareness investigating the ‘great experiment’ and the results of this global transformation.

The Annunaki as I was told years ago, travel by way Ur Anu (Uranus), the original sky god.

Will this be the great returning?

They came down to ‘watch us’ and give us the inspirations. IN-SPIRE-AT IONS.
We look out into New York Harbor, and we see Lady Liberty, holding her torch of freedom.

Now as we feel our freedoms slipping away, and we contend with Corona19, we see the US west coast ablaze, and people CANNOT BREATHE, like George Floyd who was timed at 8:46 minutes.  Some of us have a harder time than others and feel the walls closing in, like they cannot breathe in so many other ways.

Claustrophobic.  Not used to sitting with their own thoughts for exceedingly long.

In this month, we will never forget that terrible day.  911=IXXI 
The first plane hit the tower at 8:46 AM.

On the 11th day of the 9th month.

At the end of the year as I have been stating again and again, December 21st Saturn and Jupiter, Cronos and I U Pater, JeZeus come together in the sign of Aquarius at 00* reset.

Aquarius is the IIth house.  Ruled by Ur Anu.
That day was a black majick ritual, when the twin towers fell.  II
Later that same day, building number 7 came down faster than free fall speed.
Building number 7, the inner ladder was built by the Solomon Brothers.

Those twin towers represented the gateway to Solomon’s Temp-EL, Jachin and Boaz, justice and strength, the connection to heaven and earth.

The nightmare has accelerated ever since that day.
So many people were disconnected that day.  Not aware, they were hijacked off their own spiritual connection.

This time, this global ritual has us reconnecting to that inner light, LADY LIBERTY, the Torch of Freedom, that is the HARBINGER OF JUSTICE FOR ALL.

That all men and women were created EQUAL (II) =, IN THE EYES OF GOD.

The 11th house, represents community.

It is the great equalizer.

Mary Magdalene is also known for twin pillars.  The High Priestess, card II also has the two pillars at the entrance to Sol of Mon’s Temple.  Solomon, known for his wisdom, Jachin and Boaz.  Also shown as turrets.

So it leads from II/2nd house through a hidden doorway through dimensions into the IIth house, and we see how important all the signs and wonders are, showing us the way, if we have the eyes to see.

Our ancestors came on a MAIDEN (VIRGO) VOYAGE (Yes, even natives came from other lands, long ago) to create a new world.

We are all living in the GREAT EXPERIMENT.
All different colours and creeds.

We all bleed the same colour.  RED.

Venus at 12* Leo squares a 10* Uranus (Ur Anu) who is uncomfortable in Taurus the bull.  The earth being transformed in FIRE.

We are forced to recalculate what we LOVE.  How we lead.  How to take back the power in our own leadership and not rely on the leaders on the stage of life, struggling with the weight of their own choices and responsibility.

Saturn in Capricorn as he slowly makes his way out of his own sign, he has been preparing us to build a strong foundation, because he will leave that sign for good until he returns again, he is ready to become the woman who leads us with her jar, into her house (Saturn is the traditional ruler of the 11th house/Aquarius) where we were told to follow.

The house of community.  So, all this tumult has people paying attention, more than I have ever seen in my lifetime.  What is going on politically (even with all the different opinions and belief’s) what is happening to the planet?  How will we all survive? 
And that TRANSFORMATION, is what we are all creating to build a new COMMUNITY that welcomes all.

Mercury/Hermes is at 17* Libra squaring Jupiter, asking us for justice.

Asking us to be fair with each other, to listen to the OTHER.  To hear each other and all our differing perspectives, for this is when the COLLECTIVE GROWS AND EVOLVES.  This can make small things, blow up if people have not been sharing honestly.  A mountain out of a mole hill as the saying goes.  For those who have done some of the work to find common ground and meet each other in the middle, this could bring resolutions and agreements on which to build.

This year is the Hebrew Shin, relating to the Judgement Card of the Tarot. 20 XX.
20/20 Vision that will bring hindsight that was 20/20 next year and the years to come.  Two XX chromosomes, what female is born with.

Next year, 2021, is The World Card and the Hebrew Tao, the cross.  TAU The last letter of the Hebrew alphabet is called Tau, and it has the power of the Roman T. In its present form n, in the square character now in use, it has no resemblance to a cross; but in the ancient Hebrew alphabet, its figure X, or +, was that of a cross.
So we see that all of the signs reflect back to us, the vitality and motion of the times we have all come to experience, to play our role that we have prepared many lifetimes to enact.  It is REVEALATIONS, as I have been saying for a long time, when the veil is thin.

We must appeal to our better angels.

In January of next year, we enter the Saturn/Jupiter squares to Uranus.  That will force us to face reality quickly.

This lunar cycle in September leads us to a full moon in Aries on October 1st.

Fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, are you ready to step up?  Uranus is waking up your brilliance, it is no longer okay to just go along that same path, if you haven't made a change, the change will come in an instant.

Mutable signs, Virgo, Sagittarius, PIsces and Gemini, this will begin to ILLUMINATE what has been gnawing around the periphery's of your awakened consciousness, now she will wax into fullness,

lighting up what you have had buried so deeply that you couldn't face it and make the changes.

We are all in TRANSFORMATION.  Some will lead, some will follow and some will fall behind.  'The left behind'.

Take stock of what you have gained and those around you, how each of us plays a part in our lives, providing essential ingredients.
Being resourceful, we gather together the elements that will sustain us, carry us through the winter months.  That is the company we keep.

We need each other.  Stay tuned.

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Oh Baby Baby It's A Wild World When Mars Keeps Squaring In Cardinal Signs, Full Moon In Pisces

Full Moon in PIsces 10*12’ on 9.2.2020 at 1:21:55AM, so on Tuesday night she will be gorgeously full just after midnight.  Howl at the moon!  She will hear you!

Venus at 25*35’Cancer has just opposed Jupiter Rx who is at 17*35’ Capricorn which she did on Tuesday, August 25th and then she met up with lord pluto/hades on Saturday, August 29th when she was at 22* Cancer, whilst Hades was Rx at 22* Capricorn.  Now, she is standing across from Saturn/EL/Lord of the Rings who is also Rx at 25*55’ Capricorn.  

We question what we love, how we want to participate in the goings on down on planet earth especially while once again, Mars is at 27* Aries conjunct an RX Eris who is at 24* Aries, so there is plenty of action being put into chaos and strife, and Mars is the handle on this Tao Cross uncomfortable as his paramour, Venus is now squaring him too.  He is in rulership in Aries, as Saturn is in rulership in Capricorn.  This is the status quo, the government aligning with the underworld and renegotiating the details of their agreements, who shall be in power, how much power anyone can have, who will wage war.

Erdogan of Turkey has been moving the boundaries further into Greece’s territory and arrogantly cruising their battleships just off the coast, in the eastern Mediterranean.  Of course, they recently found oil there, so the sabers are rattling.  

Turkey says Greece and others are denying its rights to explore for energy resources in the Mediterranean. Greece and Cyprus have recently been joined by France, Italy and the United Arab Emirates in carrying out naval and aerial war games in the region. On Saturday, Turkey began its own maneuvers until Sept. 11 (9/11 if your paying attention, which of course is IXXI, very powerful) off its south coast.

Adding to the cocktail, with Uranus Rx in Taurus also at 10* so he is having a conversation with Lady

Luna in a nice sextile and a trine to the sun/identity.  This is like a 'welcome home'.

This will also bring sudden changes in emotions and insights as we review who we really believe we are, and why we are here.  For many, that is changing now.

Neptune Rx at 19* PIsces will soon be aligned with the moon too, and the Illusions may become more blurry for some, as well as those who will choose to bury their heads in the sand, drug use, false enlightenment or belief of what is happening.  

This can make some people try to rectify what they believe and what is real.  There won’t be enough sleep to satisfy the souls seeking nurturing and nourishment, communication through our dreams and sleep time.

Meditation will be very helpful and can be very deep and profound for those who have the tools and take the time to tap into this ‘living well’.

Some people will feel forced to change, while others will feel the need to make the changes that force

others, through their own inner journey.  This has been coming for a long, long time now.

It is just fomenting into a ‘trigger’ space.  It can also mean people will be triggered as reality tries to crash through their own ILLUSIONS.

Saturn in quincunx to the head of the dragon, the north node, and is uncomfortable with the changes that are pushing him out of his own comfort zone,  the ‘way things have always been’.  But this is so necessary now, preparing us for the December 14th midpoint of the USA eclipses, and the doorway into the 'way-showers'.  Follow that woman with the pitcher.

The full Moon in PIsces wants to cleanse us, feed us and make take that deep dive into our own spirits.  It will be good to try to stay with those who are more supportive and less toxic to our own energic field.  If someone feels as though they poison the well, it is best to stay clear of them now.

This is a powerful doorway into other worlds.  
Go betwixt and between and find the way through this binary reset that is coming.  Rise above, the eagle that flies from Scorpio will be waiting, if you have plumed your coat with many feathers.

You must also watch your balance, and Mars with sharp objects, especially cardinal signs: Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra as well as FIXED Signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius or aspects to any of these signs.

That does not leave out the OBVIOUS, mutable signs, to whom this should be an awakening: Virgo, PIsces, Gemini and Sagittarius.

Dig deep, your own soul is calling now…’Here me, see me, I have never left your side’.  

The earth will rock and roll, but nothing like the way she will be rocking and rolling come December.

These are going to be tumultuous months, but also some very, ‘AWAKENING’ times for those who allow themselves to GROW past presumed belief’s and what they think they already know, all around the gamut of that thinking.

Be grateful as one can be, while trying to find a CENTER.

Light a candle and do not let it blow out.

The moment I wake up, before I put on my makeup, I say a little prayer for YOU!

Be well my fellow travelers, we ain’t seen nothing yet.


Thursday, August 6, 2020

The Hot Leo Sun Tries To Fixate His Glare On Aquarian Luna While Uranus Twists The Fates

Full Moon 11:58AM EDT, August 3rd at 11* Aquarius.

So, as lady Luna waxes into fullness, where she will be completely illuminated tomorrow at 11:58AM, so just before noon on Monday (Moon day) just before noon, when she will stand across her paramour, our solar ambassador, while she is at 11* Aquarius and he is at 11* Leo.
They are culminating their journey from when they joined as the new moon cycle at 28* Cancer.  Starting out in that female energy of mother, family, home to express individuality and identity and bring the emotions of this into the community, where are we going as a community and with new technology?
The sun wants to warm up our

The sun and moon form a T-Square again (Tao) to Uranus who is at 10* Taurus.  He stands across the midpoint of the sun/moon in Scorpio.  This is the ‘handle’ of this T-Square, so we can expect unexpected events to come ‘out of the blue’ with changes into what we once may have thought were permanently established previously.  No, we are in for major changes, weather, etc. well into the fall/winter months.

And in the meantime, Mars at 19* of Aries, is conjunct Eris the Destroyer who is at 24* Aries and these two are in square to Jupiter Rx exact at 19* Capricorn, and this lights a daisy chain into Pluto/Hades Rx at 23* and Saturn Rx at 27* Capricorn (Saturn has just conjoined the natal US Pluto).

So, once again we can see this is not an easy energy to literally, ‘handle’.

These are ‘crosses’ to bear, especially for both the cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn,

but also the fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.  While the mutable signs deal with finding their true north star and purpose on the planet, as the lunar nodes are now dancing into the houses, with the north node (head of the dragon) at 28* of Gemini, and the south node (tail of the dragon at 28* Sagittarius, this will square Virgo and PIsces.

This does not mean everyone in those signs will have a hard time, some may feel the square creating a nice foundation to many years of hard work, but many will feel the burden, the cross, or that they feel ‘boxed in’ or will get the ‘CALLING’, especially the mutable signs.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place as the saying goes.

But all we need to do is look around at what is happening on the planet for confirmation of these difficult aspects, as we undergo this global ritual.

A ‘Crowning’ as we are birthed into new worlds, and ways we may have once thought were impossible or maybe never even considered at all.

But we are not alone, we have help, and we must all call upon that help now, tap into our divine source, and pray, pray, pray.

I remind you of the many experiences I have had, that proves God is indeed real, as are the heavenly spheres, angels, ‘Ang-El’s’ and also the concept of the Holy of Holies, which uses rounded lines, circles and ovals, to interweave and navigate into different realities and dimensions.

These are accessed through prayer, ritual and aligning with the heavens.

One can go to places in between best, by going to places and times that are ‘in between’, such as where water meets earth, or sky, at dawn, or dusk, in the cardinal directions, solstices, equinox, etc.

This is also true for dreamwork.  When the element, level, physical structures, etc., change, so to are you entering another space or aspect in your dream.

Don’t forget, we give birth with ‘water breaking’, ships are birthed into waters, water is a conduit.  While Neptune is large and in rulership at 20* PIsces, she is ruling the waters.  Is she happy or is she letting us know, we need cleansing?

Saturn is in rulership at 27* Capricorn (an earth sign) and he is returning to push back into Pluto/Hades ho is at 23* Capricorn and still fusing energy with Jupiter who is at 19* Capricorn and all three are retrograde, so reviewing and revealing, solidifying the energy they have activated on this spiral trip.

Venus is at 26* Gemini forming an uncomfortable sesquisquare to the moon and a semisquare to the sun.  Challenging what we truly love and how we feel about our identity and family situations, can be strained, especially for Leo’s, Gemini’s and Aquarius’s.  Communications can become testy to put it mildly and tempers can flare, so try and have some ‘water’ to put the fires out, before they turn into WILDFIRES, which will also happen in the physical world on the planet, as she too, is being scorched over concern for both her children and her own physical well-being.

This is nothing compared to what we are going to experience this fall and winter.  Oh, do we need to call on our better angles now.
The new moon on August 18th, at 10:41 PM EDT, may have real anger erupt (no, we have not seen the worst of this, and it may even become a war being raged or provoked on the planet, as countries square off for positions of POWER.

When Mars is conjunct Eris and squaring Pluto and…well…this is enough for now.

 I have continuously added new prayers to my daily repetitions.

Today I will share this powerful novena with you:

O Jesus, who said, "Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it will be opened to you", through the intercession of Mary, your most holy mother, I knock, I seek, I ask that my prayer be granted.

(Make your request)

O Jesus, who said, "all that you ask of the father in my name he will grant you", through the intercession of Mary, Your most holy mother, I humbly and urgently ask Your father in Your name that my prayer be granted.

(Make your request)

O Jesus, who said, "heaven and earth shall pass away, but my word shall not pass", through the intercession of Mary, your most holy mother, I feel confident that my prayer will be granted.

(Make your request)

Prayer of Thanksgiving for graces received from the Infant Jesus

I prostrate myself before your holy image, o most gracious infant Jesus, to offer you my most fervent thanks for the blessings you have bestowed on me. I shall incessantly praise your ineffable mercy and confess that you alone are my god, my helper, and my protector. Henceforth my entire confidence shall be placed in you! Everywhere I will proclaim aloud your mercy and generosity, so that your great love and the great deeds which you perform through this miraculous image may be acknowledged by all. May devotion to your most holy infancy increase more and more in the hearts of all Christians, and may all who experience your assistance persevere with me in showing unceasing gratitude to your most holy infancy, to which be praise and glory forever, amen.

(Every hour on the hour for 9-hrs on any given day. This prayer is to be said 9-hrs for one day and not 9 days.)