Saturday, July 8, 2017


Old EL might have your face pressed against the cold-steel wall…your breath dotting the silence with little puffs of false beliefs making their last appearance.  This astrological blueprint has Lady Luna meeting up with The Lord of the Rings at 22* Sagittarius on Thursday, July 6th at 11:32 PM EDT.
This can also be an emotional cocktail for some, particularly anyone whose planets, points are aspected or occulted in this configuration.
Now Saturn can feel like a straightjacket, taunting you with his tricks of time, pulling the lines taught, you can hear the mighty ship lurch and ache through the brewing darkness looming on the horizon.
He demands the rules be followed, tempering the vessel and casting out nonsense, you come face to face with reality…
They are dancing on the Galactic Center…because Saturn has hovered over this 27* line and gathered all that energy pouring through the tear in the fabric of time, as Ophiuchus does his best to handle the energy of the serpent.
Mars/Aries was swaggering across the starry night opposing this meeting at 21* of Cancer.  He ambushes out of the shell of the mother…CRAB, ruled by the moon lest we forget.  To take aim at the Centaur with his mighty spear as our own star, our sun stands approvingly at 15* Cancer, his gaze says that might makes right.
Now, Luna is pulling her vessel up to Pluto/Hades wretched ghost-ship when she blooms full on July 9th at 17* of Capricorn, Hades will be at 18* Capricorn.  Just out of the straightjacket of Saturn, she gives birth into the transformative tumult of Pluto.
The two oppose the sun at 17* and Mars at 22*.
The reality of death, the final arbiter may come front and center for many right now.  How much time do we really have and what do we do with time…or how do we SPEND TIME?
Are you trying to pile up riches that will turn to dust?
These aspects will very likely turn up the tension inside the earth and really start her shaking…and all for the eclipses coming in August.
This is literally, shake n bake.
This can also release the sweetness of the ripened fruit of many years of efforts too.  This will be the balm for those who may have been seduced down the path  of false truth, or the ILL-LUCE-ION’s of Neptune/Poseidon who has and will continue to be in rulership at 14* of PIsces.  That also means that She has been touching back on her square to Saturn in Sag…now 3* separation again.
Dreams coming into the cold-hard truth of reality.
This is a Clash of the Titans again…POWER of the few…VS POWER OF THE MANY.
This is a time where many people, will pull back and take a look at the promulgation being played out on the silver screens of immense wealth and abject poverty and angst at the same time.
Take a closer look at that Fire Trine, with Saturn/EL at the peak at 22* Sag, being nicely supported by Uranus, planet of change and brilliance out of the blue, at 28* of Aries (Yes wide, but they have touched and gathered energy that is still very much activated now) and the head of the dragon at 26* of Leo the Lion.  This is support to activate the SOUL’s PLAN.
With Uranus, it means we must take a unique or different approach, and with Saturn, that must use the tried and true formats that this earth requires, which is reasoned and well thought out.
Now, while all this is going on, we also can see that Saturn is squaring Chiron the Wounded Healer who is at 28* of PIsces.  This is deep spiritual wounding and trauma from both within and without as people struggle with their own spiritual belief’s even as the disgusting truth of abuse at the highest levels of the Church lead us right up the road past the Egyptian Obelisk to the Pineapple paired entrance of the Vatican itself.
Where is YOUR GD?  Is He/She alive and well within you too?
Can you see GD on the faces of those around you?  In the plants that smile back at you and wink with delight when you ‘WITNESS AND LOVE THEM TOO?’
Over and over have we shared with you, the meaning of EL-e-MENT, (GOD MIND) and literally, earth, air, fire and water?  It is all EL E MENT-ARY MY DEAR WHAT SON?
This is also often an auger of WAR, and we will hear the drum beat steadily as the bell rings louder and louder…this will depend greatly on the soundness of the markets, as belts begin to tighten up getting ready for Saturn’s entry into Capricorn, his rulership at the end of the year.
Before I get into what that might mean, let’s take a peek at the eclipses coming in August, shall we?
This will start from her birth at the new moon at 0* at 5:45AM on July 23rd.
The LION will return to us leading up to the dog days of August.

What leader will take the world stage with a major announcement?  By the time Luna waxes into her fullness at 15* of Leo, there will be plenty of anger and hostility, but also some fresh perspective and leadership from both a forgotten wise keeper and some of the youth that came here prepared for just such a time.  Luna is being eclipsed by her starry paramour whose light she basks in, is now under attack as the sun is still cocky with Mars alongside of him at 11* Leo.
As she tightens her grip and wanes into her darkest place, she is like a black-hole ready to swallow the sun entirely in the Full Solar Eclipse at 28* of Leo on August 21st at 2:30 PM EDT.
Mercury/Hermes will have brought new communication and information into the mix as this eclipse hits the west coast of the United States and cuts the north and south as she heads to the East Coast, it will be the first time in 99 years, that such an eclipse has taken place across the entire country.
You read that right, it will CUT THE COUNTRY IN HALF.  This speaks of a great division being regurgitated and could foretell of a great rift being exposed.  This will also have a strong pull on the coastal plates and that volcanic ring of fire.
Mercury/Hermes can’t wait to bring the news down into Hades Lair flying easily over the River Styx.
I expect great revelations, disruption, and exposure along with some wise healing taking place, with those old wounds being exposed and Witnessed, then healed through the Light of Truth in the New Daylight.
The Greatest of These…is LOVE.  We are planet H-E-A-R-T…E-A-R-T-H..ART.
It is time we remember exactly that, and not a minute too soon.
Oh, and Saturn…Old EL’s foray into Capricorn coming?
It’s a Family Affair, more on that later…
Cut down on expenses, or pay the price later…
Here is a taste, just go through history..
Saturn in Capricorn 
December, 1929 to November, 1932
Remember these fun years?
January, 1959 to January, 1962

February, 1988 to February, 1991
After Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr. displays the power behind the throne as he makes his true entrance upon the world stage…Oh, there he is.


Thursday, June 8, 2017

Thor Hammers Out a Golden Chalice Worthy of Aphrodite in Taurus

From her Gemini birth in the new moon on May 25th the storm clouds gather as Lady Luna illuminates fully the matter the busy-minded twins percolated with their mercurial passion.  She will be full on June 9th at 18* Sagittarius the archer at 9:09 AM EDT.  She will meet up with Old EL, Saturn 12 hours later at 24* where she will quickly be corralled into his somber and cold embrace.
Our full moon will first square Neptune/Poseidon who is still in ruler ship in PIsces at 14*, so drugs, pharmaceutical companies and commercials, opioid epidemic,  and even the Health Care debate, is blooming into a full blown crisis, or at least, one we will eventually not ‘escape’ coming to terms with.  Why do so many people feel the need to escape in the first place?
To really blow this whole cinematic display up, Jupiter/Zeus is just beginning to station direct at 13* of Libra the scales of justice, on June 8th at 10:00 AM.
He has been Retrograde since February 6th. Where he stationed Retrograde at 23* Libra.  There, he pulled back the veil to relationships, their values and how we proportion out the give and take, making it somewhat hard to access his usual bounty and generosity in those aspects, which can lay bare, the foundation of the relationship.
The good news is that Jupiter Zeus/Thor will quickly fill his heavens with a better mood, as his honey once again infuses us with a more generous and joyful spirit, something the ruler of Sagittarius is far more comfortable with.
At the critical 13th degree of Libra, he is in the second decanate of Aquarius, creating a very subtle connection to Uranus who is in the opposing sign of Aries the ram right now at 27* and forming a lovely supportive trine to Saturn/EL who is now retrograde in Sagittarius at 24*.  The Lord of the Rings won’t station direct until August 24th at 21* of Sagittarius.  This gives all those new insights that are coming up, time to be restructured and re-organized before really taking off with the final eclipse on August 21st in Leo, where both the sun and moon will lend support in the form of the matching Grand Fire Trine.
Yes, so much will be exposed, excavate the detritus that haunts you from the peripheries where they can finally be exorcized from the psyche.
Each Re-VOLUT-ion, we make with the stars/angels that guide us from Gd’s Holy Order, exposes another layer that occludes that burning Light from within, our Witness Self, that only TRUTH and INTEGRITY can RE-VEAL.  REVEALATIONS.
Truth can certainly be jarring, until the exploded matter, settles and reforms into an integrated whole again.  We assimilate and finally digest fully, what we have engorged.
This full moon has Lady Luna standing in the flaming truth, fully exposed to her paramour, our central star at 18* of Gemini, the Libra decanate, he pulls us and the whole partnership/balancing act of give and take becomes fully infused, as Luna heads for the galactic center at 27*, to add to the feeling she cannot escape, facing her own soul.
Jupiter/Zeus will gladly come to the rescue to boost confidence and add the necessary buoyancy that will lift and lead to the Light.  Thor will hammer out a Golden Chalice to hold the cup of Light being poured through the Galactic Center.  Venus in Taurus will appreciate the pure gold and finely encrusted jewels that adorn such a worthy chalice.  Hard work pays off.
This is also a mutable, or changeable energy, so this makes a very good time to turn that rudder and set your goal, here the whirr of the great and mighty engines as the waters swirl and the vessel finds her new course.  Steady as she goes.  Mars in Cancer at 3* puts our sights and energies back onto the home front and the importance of the mother, even as we head into Father’s Day, with Venus/Aphrodite luxuriating in Taurus the Bull at 3*, we feather our nest’s and take Jupiter’s bounty into creating the perfect home sanctuary’s. Careful not to bloat up credit card debt releasing that pent up good mojo again. The cookouts will ubiquitously fill the air with the pleasurable scents of people gathering to share the bounty and their laughter pulsates with all the ‘en-JOY-MENT’ that will finally slake a thirsty world.
Yes, there will be tough news to digest and contend with, but Mercury in Gemini at 4*, his ruler ship also, will add to the giddy fest, even as the laughter comes bursting through tears.  Sarcasm will abound and often become just the twist necessary to handle the incoming stream of bizarre and unbelievable news.
Like foam rising to the top of the glass, or the power of having tea and laughter in a Mary Poppins world, Try to allow the headiness and happiness lift your spirit, rather than the serious leaden jacket of Saturn, the Lord of the Rings and his constant drone of ‘the good old times’ or ‘the way it used to be’…as his steely grasp tries to hold us back from our forward momentum into the future.  Yes, we have learned not to throw the baby out with the bathwater.  Yes, the old tried and true well planned, steel structures will hold when we lay the foundation stone, anchored in the truth of who we really are.
We can balance both the old and the new, using the positive energy of Jupiter in Libra.  Which side will you allow your scales to be tipped?  Which chamber are you sitting inside of within your Flaming Heart?  Is your Witness Self Illuminating your beauty or are you allowing the shadows on the walls of Plato’s Cave, to frighten you from believing and seeing the true light?
What fruit are you bearing?  Is it dark or LIGHT?  Does it taste sweet or sorrow (sour) ful?  Go to the Light.  If you need to, cry out to the Angels, they will make that weight a lot lighter/LIGHTER.  ArcAncient's Bone Lover will help with inflamed joints and aches.

Hey, Jupiter is making a lovely trine to the sun, and they will dance together for a while, and yes…that’s a good thing!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Hades Intense Drive For Truth

Happy Full Moon in Scorpio at 20*!  Feeling intense?  Are you to the wall?  Emotional?  Scorpio likes to dig up the truth, only we can forget that we all have our own version of the truth.  That might come out now, as feelings break from the pressure and LaLuna in Scorpio wants to dig up all that pain or pleasure from the past, all those buried secrets want to come gushing out to save the day or cut through all the detritus, that anyone feels is obscuring their path, their life, their happiness.
She just formed a nice trine with Neptune/Poseidon, so all that deep sea diving is bringing back up the found knowledge, past, or treasure up and into the light of day, as the sun shines brightly across the heavens to his loving but dead-serious femme-fatale.
We are still in the cross-hairs of the T Cross, with the Pluto/Hades turning the handle as his square to Uranus is quickly waning and has separated, with Hades at 19* Capricorn and now retrograde since April 21st and Uranus moving forward now at until he stations retrograde, now at 26*Aries and having just occulted Mercury/Hermes yesterday who is flying at 26* Aries right now.   Jupiter/Zeus is on the other side of the square to Pluto at 14* Libra,
he will station direct on June 8th. at 13* Libra.
That has Jupiter in opposition to both Uranus and Mercury right now.  Communication can blow up but also heal in a big way right now, it might be hard to keep those swords in their sheaths as the S-WORD might come out quickly and cut before we regain our compassion and composure.
Saturn/EL at 26* Sagittarius riding the galactic center (the help Sag has been waiting for while Saturn laid heavy on them) is helping support our new ways and roads, as he trines Uranus and the head of the dragon, the north node at 29* Leo, he asks us to move forward with our own ideas and innovations, the new road to rescue our drowning spirits…now all fired up and ready for direction…have you found your calling?
Take a leadership role, step up…or we are left with the world where those who step up to lead, might not lead us into the world we want, but the one they are willing to create.  It is up to those willing to take the chance.  Leo asks us to be brave, to remember we are kind of the jungle.
With this full moon in Scorpio, Mars (co-ruler of Scorpio) is at 13* Gemini forming a lovely trine to Jupiter/Zeus at 14* Libra right now, so the argument as to whether it is ‘fair’ or not, is it ‘just’…is a theme.
Mars, drive and ambition is chugging ahead with a fury of words spewing forth that are fertilizing the earth to bloom as Jupiter moves direct…some people will handle the passion of this astrological blueprint poorly, they may ‘claim’ their ‘obsessions’ however they need to, because Scorpio is fueling an intensity that can obscure rationality.
It does however, give us the lane to move forward as the energy pushes us to make choices and clear the air.
This intensity will explode on the world stage, as the secrets and those who keep them, wrestle with their versions of the truth, and we watch the macrocosm explode with our buried realities.

The universe is purging us in waves, this one will lead up to the new moon in Gemini at 4* on May 25th. when we will have our directions focused, and we begin anew with communication skills honed and ready to fuel up our rockets into the rest of the year…hang on.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Aphrodite Kissing Deep Wounds as the Pink Moon Reflects

Full Moon April 11, 2017 2:08AM EDT 21* Libra
Venus and Chiron (the wounded healer) are playing kiss and tell as they occult one another, both squaring Saturn in Sagittarius.
This will bring up the past (Venus RX) as well as old wounds but also GIFTS.
As you review what you love, who you love, how you love and your connection to the Divine, flashes of insight will gain more and more traction as time (Saturn) is also retrograde until August 24th. When he will station direct at 21* Sagittarius.  Venus/Aphrodite and all that we love, floating backwards in space (perception) is also pushing the square and asks us what we want to, or have built our life upon is at 27* PIsces (who is very dreamy, ruled by Neptune) will station direct on April 15th. At 26* PIsces.  Aphrodite is kissing Chiron the wounded healer and this can and will bring up old wounds, our weaknesses and how people treat us or LOVE us or just plain VALUE us.
As Venus goes direct again she will soon catch up to a lovely sextile to her favorite, Mars on April 18th, which will be a powerful day when they dance together at 27* PIsces and Taurus, respectively.
This will be especially powerful, since Venus rules Taurus (I have, possessions, daily work routine) and the universe will once again feel more like she is supporting us. 
Yes, we are in major square situations, but we also have a big ole’ grand trine going on with this full PINK moon, with Saturn at 27* Sagittarius, to the head of the dragon at 00* Virgo (new beginnings for the soul’s purpose, managing the details and putting things in order, health, service) down to our little trio starting with Mercury/Hermes, also retrograde at 4* Taurus (see that 2nd house possessions theme cropping up again?) and also all the retrograde planets bringing back issues, opportunities and opening the door to communications, but watch those words, you CAN’T TAKE THEM BACK.
Now, it is wide but with Mercury retrograde he is bumping into the energy first of Uranus at 24* Aries (unexpected, brilliance, higher octave of Mercury/communication and thus, computers and new technology) who was just occulted by the sun, giving him a warm hug a few days ago and supercharged that desire for change and is now at 21* Aries the Ram.  The sun is identity, the ‘I AM’ but mostly "I Rule" as ruler of Leo the LION…
That is juxtaposed to the infernal T-square,) which we shall finally see separating this year (not soon enough for many) formed right now, by the sun at 21*, Uranus at 24* Aries, opposing the moon (and thus her fullness brings up all those emotions into full view) at 21* Libra, conjunct Jupiter/Zeus (the beneficent, expander and ruler of foreigners) at 17* Libra and also retrograde at 17* Libra (Jupiter will station direct on June 8th at 13* Libra) and they are all squaring Pluto/Hades now at 19* Capricorn. 
This can be very trying to say the least, but as stated so many times now, it is also the death and destruction that clears the field to rebuild.
While the universe parts her skirt and lifts the veil disclosing far more than is comfortable for most.  The pressure of this T square (CROSS BEING ACTIVATED OVER AND OVER) can make people want to cut and run (Jupiter and Uranus) as if they can just run away from life, from the past and just take almost any option to stop that pain.  When this separates, there might be a lot of regrets from choices made to try to ‘cut out and leave the past behind’ when it is really just another terrible choice to try and stop the pain.  It also might be the RIGHT CHOICE.  That won’t really be clear until the dust settles.
By then, it might be too late.
So very many people are suffering, hurting in this life, which has turned a different direction and is running like a freight train out of control, as is the perception of many.
The reality is that just so much was swept under the rug and into our subconscious, without truly grasping the much deeper (Plutonian underworld) driving force and motivations that were not apparent, are coming to the surface as Pluto grinds away in our temp-EL’s.
We will feel ‘like we internally cleaned out our basements, attics, etc.’ through all of this.  We also can see and experience moments, longer or so quick (Uranus) that show us WHO WE REALLY ARE

Once that cleansing is over, it will be like cleaning the lens or suddenly wearing glasses and realizing how much we missed when we thought we saw before.
Everything is IN GOD’S HANDS, as best as we can, try to remind yourselves that God loves you and is bringing us all to a better place that our souls have called into this world.
Cleansing, both mind and body, can help.  Drink plenty of water and take as many showers as possible.  Meditate and pray with newfound intention and focus and ‘dive into yourself’ and bring back those pearls of wisdom.
The earth is greening in the northern hemisphere, flowers are popping up and blooming a fragrant mind.  Take a walk in the park and bathe in the respite of nature’s caress.
You will find that the process was worth it.

Tomorrow is another day.  Christmas is coming and there will be presents under the tree...gather round the HEART-H.  

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Moby Dick Swallowing The Soul With the Uranus to Pluto Cardinal Cross and Square Dances.

The Cardinal Cross, began forming in 2010, with a 90* angle relating to the Cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, with the two main culprits being Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries and back then, Saturn had just entered Libra (which re-formed the Uranus opposition to Saturn that was first exact on November 3, 2008 at 18* Virgo/PIsces respectively). 
That formed the T-square.
The Cardinal signs, all herald the new seasons, spring equinox, summer solstice, fall equinox and the winter solstice.  Just as they announce the new season upon us and the change or ending of another, they represent the beginning of a new cycle.  They are starters that bring in new ideas and along will come the ‘fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius (Ezekiel’s Wheel) to anchor the ideas into the earth. The third CROSS in Astrology are the mutable signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and PIsces, they are the malleable, adjuster signs.
Now, let’s add to this, what the planets themselves are adding to ‘the new beginnings’ of our Uranus square to Pluto transformation of the soul and self.
Pluto entered Capricorn on January 25, 2008.  He will remain in Capricorn until November 19, 2024.  The last time Pluto was in Capricorn, was January 8, 1762 until Dec 1, 1778 when he left at 11:39:13 pm, EDT.  Anything come to your mind that may have happened during that time?  Remember the 4th of July in 1776?  I have written a pretty extensive timeline several years ago about those years.  See link here:
Pluto=death and transformation, rebirth, mobs, taxes, Power and Disempowerment. In Capricorn the Goat, that is structures, disciplines, governments, the peak of the mountain (10th house).  Pluto is making his first return to the US chart now.  That is right, it has taken all this time (230 years) for Pluto to make his way around the wheel.  This augers the events similar to that time period and we see what is happening to our government (United States) now.
So, we can deduce that Pluto was also in Capricorn when we had the American Revolution.
Pluto in Capricorn is in a square to Uranus in Aries. (90* angle) With Uranus being the ruler of Aquarius, change, revolution, sudden events, insights, brilliance, inventions, and artificial intelligence; he forces us into revolutions and in Aries, he is brash and headstrong...on fire.  So we see all over the planet, people rising up against their governments, or PTB.
Internally, this can cause people to break their own routines, programming, 'status quo', because it forces people into thinking differently or taking a different approach.
Uranus is also 'a sudden' change or something 'out of the blue'...and since it is a 'square'...people can feel they have to make a change because it becomes so uncomfortable, they can feel 'boxed in' going back and forth and back and forth with decisions.
Pluto is an octave above Mars (action/male/ambition/drive to know the 'I AM') and Uranus is an octave of Mercury/Hermes (siblings, communication, markets, autos, writing).
We see this on the planet in earthquakes, volcanoes, storms, etc. and the rioting and protests everywhere, remember Mubarak and Egypt?  Sort of started the whole ‘shebang’.  “As Above So Below”.
Saturn in Libra questioned our sense of justice and who and how we partner, bringing up that whole issue on the planet.
Once Saturn/EL/Lord of the rings (structure, discipline, restriction, the Gd of the Old Testament) entered Scorpio that formed a mutual reception to Pluto in Capricorn, and that is a very strong daisy chain or loop with both accessing the qualities of the other?  Saturn entered Scorpio on October 5, 2012 and made his final exit on September 17, 2015.  On Dec 23, 2014, Saturn entered Sagittarius for the first entry.  He will leave on December 19, 2017.
Jupiter/Zeus has been in Libra since September 9, 2016 and will leave on October 10th this year.  He is known as a benefic planet, but he is also the planet of expansion.  He is ruler of Sagittarius the centaur.  He also rules foreigners and long distance travel as well as higher education (beyond high school).
So, he forms an opposition to Uranus in Aries and square to Pluto in Capricorn right now and every time a planet enters Cancer (home, family, mother, and moon) that forms the cross all over again. 
As you read above, there are THREE crosses in Astrology.  There were 3 crosses on Golgotha, Jesus falls three times with His cross, which I often remind people that even Jesus falls 3 X’s with His cross.  Those are examples.
Crosses literally form in the heavens above and around us.
These are also 90* angles or squares.  This is what we use to build new structures both physical and mental in life.  They carry pressure by their very nature, just as the stress on the angles in a home carries the weight to further build upon.
Do not build your houses upon shifting sands, but on a firm foundation, upon a ‘rock’.  After the clearing of the devastation, just as in the wild and bizarre storms we see, then there is the space to rebuild.
So, it is not necessarily an easy ride, and in some cases it is downright painful and devastating.

Those cardinal planets, Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn have been literally on the cross that has been forming and separating to form again, since 2010.
The closer to your own personal degrees, the more it personally activates your motherboard.
Saturn is now in Sagittarius, so this brings up the whole ‘foreigner’ concept and boundaries and higher education, we see all these things as major topics of conversation in politics.
When we look at cymatics, or the LAW OF VIBRATION, we see that the forming patterns using tones, also ‘break apart’ while they are raising or lowering, ‘changing/Uranus’ the vibration.  So, though some people have a solid foundation to handle change this purification will unravel most people, or thinking people anyway, as they shift out of outdated modes of being that no longer serve their purpose.  This is an alchemic transformation we are all coded for to both serve our soul’s growth and serve on the planet.
Some people will ‘break’…some cannot handle the intense pressure and people have different breaking points and abilities to handle the heat required for transformation and also some people will feel more or be asked to ‘handle more’ with their personal planets and points being aspected or activated.  (The 13* degree point is a critical point for instance.)  These squares will annihilate what has not developed the tensile strength of truth.  They are not easy.  But they are places to rebuild again with new found truth of each person’s soul identity.  The exact degrees of the Uranus to Pluto squares: 6, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13 and 15 degrees of Aries and Capricorn respectively.
They are also causing the tearing of the curtain or the ‘veil of reality’ so we see what we did not, could not or would not see before both in our own personal lives, in sacred truths, in discoveries and inventions, in reality, in politics, in each other.  This is REVEALATIONS.
Buckle up, it is not over.  April 2nd and 3rd could be tricky as the sun will be at 13* Aries (critical rd.  Then we will have the wake after that to deal with.  I always see the universe as liquid-like, and as the heavenly spheres (Seraphim) swim around the skies, that movement makes waves.  We will be in just such a wake after the Uranus/Pluto squares subside. 
point) and the moon will slide into Cancer forming the cross on the 3rd. of April, 2017.
The Uranus to Pluto square leaves the ELection period when they are 8* separated on Dec. 26, 2017.
That does not leave out other signs, which are also being aspected by other angles (angels) or by
other planets and points.
PIsces/Virgo just ended an eclipse pattern, so they will feel a clearing in many cases, like their own ‘cross has been lifted’, which is also what the Cardinal signs will feel as these squares and crosses finally…release and begin to form pleasant aspects in the process of rebuilding.
How it affects someone personally, is based on their personal chart/blueprint.
You can schedule a personal reading following this link:

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Aphrodite Backing Into Old EL Pushing Open the Galactic Center

Tomorrow, March 30, Jupiter will form the second-last square to Pluto and on April 4th, and the moon in cancer will activate the Cardinal Cross again.
These energies can be tense, and with Venus backing into that square to Saturn/EL again, (who is sitting on the Galactic Center) these are MAJOR TRANSITS ON THE WORLD STAGE.
We must do the best we can, to keep this in our mind and hearts at all times.  Some people have already rebirthed in the process, their light is shining brighter than ever now.  Some are still in the birth canal being washed and rocked.  Some are right up on the cross, and some are just dragging that cross as best they can.
The Galactic Center is a very powerful opening. 
Now, let’s add what we have told you many times now about Saturn/EL.
EL the Lord of the Rings, is the planet of restriction.  He rules Saturn’s Day, Saturday.  He is the God of the Old Testament and one of the ancient God’s of Egypt, along with Sin. 
Remember our definition?  The Eternal Sound of God is the measurement of resistance?  Resist he does, until the opening appears, a slight twinkling light in the distance at first…perhaps it is an idea that caught your heart and lit you up.  Perhaps it was your knowing we are eternal beings in our human vessels, and on earth, there is resistance?
Resistance, just like in weight training, makes your muscles stronger and more developed, able to lift
It is okay to fall with your cross, rest if you must, but GET BACK UP.
more weight in time. 
Venus/Aphrodite, what we love, and as ruler of the 2nd and 7th houses, our possessions and our partners.  “I Have” and “I Balance”…if your 2nd house is accented with a heavy hand, you may only see yourself as ‘what you have’…if it is an afflicted 7th house, than you may only see yourself through your partner.
Saturn/EL, is the Capricorn goat that climbs to the pinnacle of success, ruling governments and those with authority.
Now, he is tasked with the responsibility of the ‘stuff’ that Venus may have acquired in her pursuit of loving beautiful things that turn to dust.

Venus, is now the ‘morning star’…she is heralding the sun rising…or ‘the light bringer’.  She is also in a mutual reception with Mars at 14* of Taurus, while she is still in Aries and don’t forget, she is retrograde, which can make her energy a little harder to access, but in the mutual reception, she and Mars are sharing that energy and accessing each other through the astrological daisy chain.
On April 3rd, Venus will enter PIsces where she will be much softer and more receptive.  Now, she is a bit agitated, but this can also add heat to the bedroom, if you happen to be in a loving relationship already.
The square might activate the pressure to ‘produce’ or have you questioning whether what you have, is worth all the hard work to maintain…conversely, she may ask if you are working hard enough.
On April 4th, when that cardinal cross is activated with the moon in Cancer, all Cardinal Signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will once again, feel the pressure to ‘DO SOMETHING’…since that is what Cardinal signs do, they activate, they start, they are harbingers of what is to come as they sit on the Cardinal Points, and open up every new season.
The New Year, officially begins with the Aries new moon for me, it is the ruler of the first house and “I AM”.
This is also an explosive astrological chart, expect many things to go off on the world stage…and we are still in the process of REVEALATIONS.
Just when you thought you had seen it all, and had your eyes peeled open to see more truth about what is happening, EVEN MORE WILL BE EXPOSED.
So, get your plans ready, set your FOUNDATION STONE.
What are you building?  If you fill in the blank, what would it be: “I AM______”?
Why do you want to ‘have’ those possessions?  How big of a house, do you really need?
The moon in Cancer, will ask us about family values.
What does family mean to you?  What does country mean to you?
What is balance on the planet?  Are you in balance?  How much do you work, and how much do you play?
Are you constantly obsessing about what you have? 
Old EL, is not usually happy in spring, since he has to allow Persephone back up to the surface to help her mother wake up the earth in the northern hemisphere and perfume our world while she paints the landscape with delightful colours and scents. These astrological configurations will have you learning a lot more about yourself and others.

Communications can also start to combust too, Mercury, already in his shadow will station retrograde, on April 9th at 4* of Taurus the Bull.  (2nd house of possessions/possessed) again.
YOU are stronger than you think.  Time, is a wonderful healer and this too shall pass.
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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Ramming Up For Spring in the Aries New Moon

New moon, March 27, 2017 10:57 PM EDT

As our golden orb heralds the dawn rising earlier in the northern hemisphere now, we leave behind the dark vestiges of a deep and troubling winter for many.  The world stage seems far from peaceful and as rancorous as I can recall in my adult life.
The sun and moon, will ‘occult’ one another for their monthly conjunctivo at 7* of Aries the Ram.
Here in the first decanate of Aries they ram up to move spring forward in the wearing of the green.
Venus/Aphrodite has just flown by as she is Retrograde at 3* Aries and is pushing back into a square with Saturn/EL now at 27* Sagittarius, which is bang on the Galactic Center, opening the vault of the heavens, infusing our world with a potency that sizzles and crackles in the ethers, waiting to be harnessed or annihilate the unwitting whose path this live wire happens upon.  (In this case, it is in your own personal chart and on the world stage, as we see the powerful games being lobbed back and forth.)

With Venus Retrograde, she can either bring back what was meant to be yours, or move the carrot just
out of reach, depending on your circumstances.  Venus rules what we have, possessions and what we value.  In Aries, she is randy and can be reckless, but retrograde can reign in your resources, or may bring investment opportunities that have come along before.  Either way, you may find yourself questioning who you love and why, what you value or how you invest.
I would like to tell you that our markets and economy should move along swimmingly, and HOPEFULLY they will, after all, who wants a crashing stock market? 
Now, she asks us if we have invested in what we love or to put that another way, do we love our investments?
I liken the stock market to gambling in Vegas, because you have no control over what is being done with your investment, or the outcome, unless you are a major shareholder and have some small say at a stock meeting.
Mercury will Station Retrograde at 4* of Taurus on April 9th. And almost a week later on April 15th, Venus will station direct at 26* of PIsces, which she will enter on April 4th.  So, adding this into the equation, we must consider that Taurus is ruled by Venus and we are right back into the 2nd house of VALUES, EARNING A BASIC LIVING/WORK AND POSSESSIONS.
For some reason, the universe just didn’t think we would be moving in the right direction and set our astrological clock to remind us who we are.
In this sense, it is as though we are being continuously made to repeat a grade, until we are actually ready to graduate.  This can create a volatile stock market or planet volatility, as the planets pull and push one another and activate these world squares.  Every time LaLuna hits one of these Cardinal Cross points, she is triggering the stress, and in particular, on Tuesday and Wednesday, 3/22 and 3/23 when she meets up with Pluto in Capricorn immediately after hanging out with old EL hanging on the Galactic Center, she is gathering stress, as she moves over these points, some of that stress may be released.
Adding to the volatility of our markets, etc.
We have Jupiter still retrograde at 19* Libra, he is the planet of optimism, good fortune, expansion and joy.  He too, is pulled back on his energy until June 8th when he will finally Station Direct at 13* Libra.  Expect the gusher to start moving quickly when he moves forward…
Make sure you are taking the steps you can, to ground and center.  Do NOT let anxiousness keep you from getting a minimum of 7 hours sleep during this most challenging time for many on the planet.
Pluto is still the handle at 19* Capricorn, on the T-square to Uranus at 23* Aries conjunct Mercury/Hermes at 25* Aries, in opposition to Jupiter Rx at 19* Libra. 
We have a whole herd of stallions all reigned in, waiting for us to allow them to gallop down the track, but the gate seems to keep shutting!
Oh, are they getting restless!

I hope to get a video together to better explain just what these ‘SQUARES’ SYMBOLISE.
We can see that not only do we need the SQUARE to build, it forms a ‘CROSS’, (See our recent article on “The Stations of the Cross” and check which house is being ‘pressured’ in your own personal chart.) which as we have shared many times now, also represents the EL-ements; earth, air, fire and water, the building blocks of life.  Which El-ement might be out of balance in your own life?
They can ‘block you in, or make you feel, boxed in’ depending again on your own situations and your personal chart.
Mars at 12* Taurus (emphasizing that second house of possessions again) sextile Neptune will try to energize the moral high ground but Neptune, so large and in charge in PIsces at 12* has all those ‘hooks’, but it is also the Fisher King who holds the grail, and what do we really ever have, without first the wounding?  This is how you see the face of Gd.  The universe submerges us and until we learn to breathe underwater, to realize what is ‘the illusion’…as Jesus walked ON THE WATER, SHOWING US HE WAS ABOVE THE ILLUSION, not getting ‘hooked into the material world’ that tempts us and turns to dust.
How much moral high ground becomes proselytizing without the path behind the talk as proof?  How can you show the way, without finding your own way out of the labyrinth?  If you are always skipping along the top of the water, and have not been fully ‘submerged’, then you are only capable of superficial understanding, and have not truly found your own light, that casts the shadows on the walls of Plato’s Cave.
So much will continue to be revealed on the world stage, buckle up…we wanted ‘EN-Light-en-MENT’….which turns on the light to see what we could not see before.  All sages get involved at some level politically, they spoke out, they took action because they finally ‘see what is happening’.
Some of the new age teaching is the complete opposite of ‘seeing’ and teaches ignorance, or ‘to pretend you don’t see’…I have even heard people say, ‘well what can I do anyway?’…well that is not empowerment, but disempowerment.  That is the opposite of enlightenment. 
If you hurt, cry out…cry out for help.  A well-meaning friend, thought that would ‘magnify the hurt’ by telling the universe when we hurt.  What?
All sages tell us to put our beliefs to the test.  Test it against logic…if you were in the woods, and fell, would you not cry out?  Of course you would, or no one would come to your rescue!

I have learned that the universe knows our voice/ our vibration and crying out is a clarion call into the universe that is BRILLIANT AND INTELLIGENT, and you cannot trick the universe by pretending.  If you don’t cry out, that means you don’t have faith in a loving, brilliant universe.  Don’t try to trick the universe.
Be REAL.  These times can be challenging to say the least, but at least we are almost through these world squares.  Get a buddy to keep each other comforted.  Hopefully one that loves you enough to let you ‘be where you are’ and if you are in pain, tell the person.  You don’t always have to learn, if you are in great pain, sometimes all we can do is be present and love someone, let them cry out, let them scream out.  WITNESS THEM.
It is sometimes, very inappropriate to try to teach someone a lesson, while they are in pain, because all they can do, is ‘get through that pain’.  It can even be cruel, please try and keep this in mind, as we move through this time.
If you are in that kind of pain, tell the person, you only want a soft place to land, and you don’t have it in you, to learn a lesson in that great pain.  It is called ‘compassion’.

Hang on, we are bubbling along the stream and sometimes those bubbles go underwater, but you will ‘emerge’ new and with a new perspective and level of kindness, you may have to learn the hard way.

We are all in this together….