Friday, March 16, 2018

Dreaming of Healing on the Balance of the Sun and Moon, New Moon in PIsces

The New Moon, March 17th at 9:11 AM EDT, 26* of PIsces. Hello moon lovers, cyclers, travelers into worlds within and without.  Do we immediately see, the ‘11’ theme again?  Even more so, we see: NINE-ONE-ONE, OR 911.

March, in the Gregorian calendar is a 3, adding the day: 3+ 1 + 7=11.
What is the year again? 2018, and of course, 2 + 1 + 8=11.

26* is 2 + 6 =8 or Pluto’s house of Scorpio…and we are in the watery sign of PIsces, the 12th house domain.  Who do we see swimming with our ambassador of light, conjugating with Lady Luna?  That is Chiron at 28* of PIsces, who I have been teaching and sharing for years, is the ‘key’ to the chart.  If you just look at his symbol (which opens up the deeper knowledge in all things) we literally see a key, as I have shared on this very blog so many times.
Barbara Hand Clow’s wonderful work with her own book on Chiron helped open up the deeper secrets to Chiron, which opened up that connection.

If you ever have the chance to go to one of her workshops, I highly recommend that you do, her journey into 9 dimensions is nothing short of well, stellar.

Chiron is of course, the ‘wounded healer’ and if ever there was a wounded healer, it is PIsces. 

After all those other planetary aspects that always lead up to the next cycle, this will also be a new beginning in healing those eruptions of truth, the deep wounds
opened and the secrets that are spilling onto the surface daily, and with that trine to Jupiter who went Rx in Scorpio at 23* on March 9th, we will see more of those secrets come out, but this time, there will be some good news on the evolutionary front with Mercury/Hermes at 14* Aries, making a nice trine to the Head of the Dragon, the north node at 12* of courageous Leo the Lion.

There will be deep healing happening and also, you may sleep deeply now and also feel the need to sleep more than usual.  Go ahead, it will be healing and there will be plenty being taught and shared from the other dimensions now.

You might wake up feeling even more tired!

When we add the 11 + 11, we get the next master number of 22/4.  That is a partnership and building number.  So make those connections in this fertile soil, plant your dreams and wishes, can you smell the warm soil as she opens up her being with all the new green children popping their heads up?

Everything worships the sun.  He gives us life and plants digest that sun and with their magical photosynthesis, create the nourishment we need to survive.

Our bodies digest the sun too, and produce vitamin D, so essential to good health, especially to bones and liver!

Vitamin D is a group of fat-soluble secosteroids responsible for increasing intestinal absorption of calcium, magnesium, and phosphate, and multiple other biological effects. In humans, the most important compounds in this group are vitamin D and vitamin D. Cholecalciferol and ergocalciferol can be ingested from the diet and from supplements. Only a few foods contain vitamin D. The major natural source of the vitamin is synthesis of cholecalciferol in the skin from cholesterol through a chemical reaction that is dependent on sun exposure. ~ Wikipedia

So, as we push ourselves through the darkness, and find our own way to the light, old wounds heal and scars become a distant memory.  Try to remember we are all healing in this human vessel, and none of us our perfect. 

Snuggled in the middle, is Venus/Aphrodite at 13* Aries, who is loving her some Mercury/Hermes right now and helping that communication to the head of the dragon, our spiritual doorway into our highest good.

Leo asks us to be brave, he is proud of his ‘pride’ and he also likes to sleep long hours in the sun, as he warms himself and heals his tired muscles that have run far and quick, to survive, take care and protect his pride, and feed himself and his own.

Mercruy/Hermes goes RX on 3/22 (we see that double 2 and 1 theme again) at 16* of Aries the Ram, so prepare for a journey down memory lane, as old friends and lovers pop back into our lives, as well as old patterns and messages to IN FORM US.

He will travel back to 4* of Aries, when on April 15th, he finally starts moving direct again.  This is a good time to fix things, especially cars, computers, and relationships, especially with the healing and forgiving PIsces vibe and all that water we will be swimming in…just remember, it can also be confusing and mixed messages can stir the pot…word to the wise.  Keep that gentle spirit and try not to let it turn into a tempest in a tea pot.

Saturn/EL is at 8* of Capricorn, trying to catch up with Pluto/Hades and squaring Venus and Mercury, so all is not just bliss, but it is to help rebuild and restructure our plans, especially as he too, goes Retrograde on April 18th next month, at 9* of Capricorn the Goat and Mars/Ares will meet up with him before that on April 2nd, the day after Easter when both are at 8* Capricorn.

The powerful square from Mars at the end of Sag at 29* to the trio of the Sun, Moon and Chiron, may cause further eruptions, and also can bring up that painful past and a world of hurt, as he rips open the wounded healer, Chiron, and defies the sun and moon’s dance together.  Please be kind, especially as the planets move forward with ulterior motives and agenda’s.  All is not as it appears.

What a powerful day that will be, as they start their new cycle together of putting energy into building and especially for those who want to build a relationship with Creator/Gd.  The doors are open in the highway between worlds so dreams can be an enormous channel of information now, our loved ones who have crossed over will have ‘clear channels’ to share the love.

Maybe Gd is trying to tell you something?

Pluto/Hades is finally making peace with another Gd, and this time it is Jupiter/Zeus, so that is a pretty wonderful aspect as they form a nice sextile to each other, and Jupiter Retrograde, is literally backing up to get some more of that good loving going on, and it is not a moment too soon, since we have all been through the ‘crosses’ and squares for so long.

Finally, up in the northern hemisphere, Pluto/Hades has to fulfill his promise and release Persephone so Demeter can begin the greening, as the Spring Equinox (equal night and day, yay!) is now only days away on March 20th at 12:16PM EDT, when the sun ingresses (enters) the sign of Aries.  That should get your mojo rising!
So, literally, sleep tight, let the healing begin, and enjoy those pleasant dreams.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Astrological Aspects 2018

f 5 Mercury RX 3/22/18 16* Aries -4/15/18 f D 4* Aries x

f 5 Mercury RX 7/26/18 Leo n -8/19/18 D 11* Leo n

f 5 Mercury RX 11/17/18 Sag V – 12/5/18 D 27* Capricorn Z

Mart Conjunct Saturn 4/2/18 at 8* Capricorn

j 5 Jupiter RX 3/9/18 23* Scorpio C – 7/1018 D 13* Scorpio C

h 5 Mars RX 6/26/18 @ 9* Aquarius N8/28/19  D@28*Capricorn Z

g 5 Venus RX 10/5/18 10* Scorpio C – 11/15/18 D 25* Libra X

S 5 Saturn RX 4/18/18 9* Capricorn Z – 9/16/18 D 2* Capricorn Z

F Uranus enters Taurus May 15th 11:16AM

F 5 Uranus RX 8/16/18 2* Taurus c – 1/6/19 D 28* Aries x

S Saturn enters Aquarius on 3/21/20  N

S T Saturn conjuncts T Pluto HJ January 12th 2020 at 22* Capricorn Z

S T Saturn conjuncts USA Pluto HJ February 23rd 2020 at 27* Capricorn Z

S T Saturn conjuncts USA Pluto HJ August 1st 2020 at 27* Capricorn Z 2nd Time

HJ T Pluto conjuncts USA Pluto HJ February 19th 2022 at 27* Capricorn Z

ECLIPSES 2020: Eclipse Types: All Solar Eclipses, All Lunar Eclipses, and All Saros Numbers

Times reported are exact Lunar Phase (full or new moon)

S/L      Type               Date               Time               Position         Saros #          Saros #          Gamma             Magnitude   Duration       SD Total        SD Partial     

                                    (UT)                            (vdB) (J/B)               (Umbral)       (Min:Sec)      (Hr:Min)            (Hr:Min)       

Lunar Total               Jan 31 2018 1:26:38 pm 11°Le37'03'' 124      0.301            1.321                                0:38   1:42  

Solar  Partial                       Feb 15 2018 9:05:07 pm 27°Aq07'49''           150     1 South         -1.212 0.599             0:00                    

Solar  Partial                       Jul 13 2018   2:47:46 am 20°Cn41'14''            117     2 North         -1.354 0.337             0:00                      

Lunar Total             Jul 27 2018   8:20:15 pm 04°Aq44'53''           129     0.117             1.614                          0:52   1:58  

Solar  Partial                       Aug 11 2018 9:57:38 am 18°Le41'41'' 155     2 North         1.148             0.736             0:00  


Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Hermitage Full Moon and the Big Bang Theory

Lady Luna is nearing her fullness now, fresh from the new moon eclipse doorway on February 15th…she will wax into her full glowing, reflective self on March 1st. at 7:51 EST at 11* of Virgo the Virgin.

Here we go with the ‘11’ theme again.  EL-EVEN. Since I have gone over who ‘EL’ is…so many times now…we know that EL, is Gd of the Old Testament out of Egyptian Gd’s.  Thus, EL…ement…is Gd Mind…and it is also the four directions and ELements…why?  Because EL, is an L…a 90* angle or Ang EL.
Okay, so if the 11, is an EVEN Gd…beginning with One’s…double one’s…then we know it is a gateway.  For what?  That depends on soooo many things. 

Here we have the gateway in Virgo…and Virgo is a perfectionist.

He wants all the T’s crossed and the I’s dotted.

He also is someone who has a lantern in the dark, from finding the light in the dark himself, the candle in the rain.
Just look at him, holding that lantern…he shines it in the dark and he is a hermit.  A hermit has learned to find the light in the dark, by spending time in the dark.  You can’t brush through the dark night of the soul, you have to learn to find your light there, and then navigate the dark labyrinth. Once you return, you can shine that lantern/light into the darkness for others.  Also, notice what the light is?  It is a 6 pointed star, the Seal of Solomon.  It is no ordinary light.

Okay, so the moon being at 11* of Virgo, puts the sun at 11* of PIsces.  Swimming with the fish and he is straddling Neptune who is the lord of PIsces at 13*.  A bit of a soupy mix there.

Though it is a slightly wide orb, being that it is the moon we are talking about and she is a quick moving planet, she is being trined (supported by Saturn at 7* of Capricorn, to give us a nice ground floor to build upon.
With Mercury and Venus at 22* and 23* respectively of PIsces, they are also forming a lovely trine to Jupiter/Zeus who is at 23* Scorpio right now.

This gives a nice amount of good fortune to communication, love, commerce and traveling, specifically by boat if one has the opportunity or to make plans to take a cruise.  It is also another ‘gateway/11’ to more information coming out, perhaps a bit nicer sounding, but nevertheless, Jupiter expands what it touches and in Scorpio, that is still deep, dark, secrets, almost finding a highway into our news.
Chiron, literally the ‘key’ to the whole chart, as I have been teaching and sharing for many years now, is leading the PIsces line-up at 27*.  Old wounds bubbling up to the surface, especially those that you may have thought were long since buried.  Also, this will assist the information highway, as people divulge ‘their wounds’ and who and what happened.  This can also very well be, sacred truths being poured out onto the planet at this time, perhaps those in my own book, which is coming into completion after over a decade.

Mars is on fire at 20* Sagittarius and conjunct Vesta who is kissing him at 19* Sag, and they are both forming a square to Mercury/Hermes and Venus/Aphrodite up in Pisces, so words can definitely come out and inflict a lot of damage right now.  I remind myself to try and watch what I say too, since no one wants to hurt anyone.
Words of WAR will be on the horizon….prayers will be most necessary.

War on the home front, in our own homes and on the world stage, will all come up like a bubbling crude, again, prayers and meditation, calling all angels.

Mars/Ares is pushing into a trine to Uranus who is still in Aries the Ram at 25*, expect things to come ‘out of the blue’…

So, all in all, this one again is a doozy.  Hang in there and take the good with the bad.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Awaken Loves, Valentines Day and the Doorway to the New Moon Eclipse

Soon, soon, spring will be upon us…our lovely sun will illuminate the dark world that poor Persephone has been hostage in, by Lord Pluto/Hades.

Yes, the light is coming…more and more each day.

I hope you have all managed to survive and thrive through our dark journey into the long night.

I am nearly done writing my book.  Yes, after 10 years…when the Angel Gabriel came to me, as I was sitting in my back yard, the sun licking my being with his bright warmth…and I, thinking to myself as tears rolled down my face, wow…I am sitting in my backyard in the middle of the afternoon, enjoying my own home.  That has not happened in many, many years.
This was just after closing my 3rd and last store.

The Angel Gabriel, came and told me, Gloria, you have done a good job with your last mission, now it is time for a new one.  You are to write a book.

So, after creating essential oil blends for years and finally realizing that it was a business, one that helped me get through my own divorce and survive the closing of my first store.  The first store that I built when I was married, and having to start all over again, and that journey, and co-founding the first certified school for Holistic healing in Cleveland back in 2002, that became the Ohio Institute of Energetic Studies and would go on to morph into many other places, as I continued my own journey…it was time for me to have time.
It was time for me to write about that journey.

I give you this word to ponder today.  EM BODI MENT.

Knowing how I love words and etymology, anyone who has ever taken a class from me, knows I like the ‘root’ of things.  THE FOUNDATION STONE.

What we see in this word, is ‘MIND-BODY’.

We are told to seek and ye shall find, knock and the door will be opened unto you.  If you have read the chapter I sent out, ‘The Living Word of God’…then you know, scriptures come from the actual living of the WORD.

First there was the word, and the word was with God.

Well, after living through the process of literally being on the World Cross, from its origins with Uranus square to Pluto/Hades…with my own sun at the critical 13* Libra, that the square that became the cross as other planets transited through our amazing heavens and backed up and over it, over and over again.
I know that I LIVED ON THAT CROSS.  I bled on that cross…and as usual, my being is designed to ‘open the book’…through the living of the WORD.

And so, this is how I can tell you with all certainty that we are finally coming off THAT major cross in the Cardinal Signs of: Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.  Now all those signs still have other transits taking place, Uranus the first of the ‘sky gods’ and the planet of sudden changes and brilliances, ‘the aha’ you get when  you really and truly learn something amazing that was staring you in the face, all along, is still in Aries at 25*.  So, Aries will definitely still be going through ‘changes’…that sometimes come ‘out of the blue’ and especially so if you have planets or points that are within 3-5 degrees of that.

As for the other Cardinal signs; that means that Libra is being opposed by Uranus, Cancer and Capricorn are being squared, and none of that is necessarily ‘fun times’ though it can bring wonderful changes or unexpected events ‘out of the blue’ that are absolutely wonderful and what you can build on.

Pluto/Hades, lord of death and RESURRECTION’, who is still enjoying the company of Persephone, is at 20* of Capricorn, which can still be challenging for Capricorns who, like Leo’s and Aquarian’s, are experiencing drastic endings and new beginnings, is also still opposing Cancer’s and squaring Libra’s and Aries.  What have I told you about ‘SQUARES’?  IT IS CHALLENGING, BUT IT IS ALSO WHAT YOU BUILD WITH.  BUILD YOUR HOME UPON A ROCK.

Now, as I mentioned, Leo’s and Aquarius’s are experiencing their own good times, because of the ‘major eclipses’ that began with the full solar eclipse last August 21st with the new moon at 28* of Leo.  That was and still continues to be a MAJOR TRANSIT for the ‘FIXED SIGNS’…LEO, SCORPIO, AQUARIUS, AND TAURUS.  Remember, that solar eclipse had people driving for miles and flying in from all over the world, to get a glimpse of what was only visible, IN THE UNITED STATES.  It was as I call it, the first band of the cross that will continue to be formed and REVEAL AND OPEN THE UNITED STATES WHEN THE OTHER BAND OF THAT CROSS IS FORMED ON APRIL 8TH 2024. 

This is the other doorway to that eclipse on August, the small door...happening on February 15th at 5:05 pm EST, when the sun and moon will conjunct at 27* of Aquarius.  Mercury/Hermes is not far behind adding to the trio at 25* AQ. (the water bearer).  This is the time to set your intentions for the light and love you wish to grace this world, for your own gifts to emerge.  It is also an ending for many, old jobs, old loves, and leaving the past behind.  Jupiter/Zeus at 22* Scorpio is also forming a square to this new beginning, expanding what you bring up from the deep, and as Jupiter reflects back 3X’s the light of the sun, so too, will he reflect back the light you cast upon the world.
Saturn/EL at 6* of Capricorn, is forming a nice sextile to Venus/Aphrodite (ruler of love and what you love) at 6* PIsces flying to meet up with Neptune who is ruling the oceans at 13* PIsces.

At that time, 5:05 pm (magic numbers, 5 + 5=10…The Wheel of Fortune Card, and new beginnings with gifts you have learned along the way, empowering this new venture. Laluna will stand in front of our sun, (meaning the sun is at her back) and they are creating a BRAND NEW CYCLE.  Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, it is the water bearer, but is a masculine air sign.
What water shall you quench the thirst of the community with?
But you see, in all of this, we are no longer in that SQUARE FROM URANUS TO PLUTO THAT FORMED THE CROSS THAT HAS CHANGED THE WORLD.

Jesus, dies on His cross.  He falls three times with that cross.  Veronica comes to
wipe his face, which of course, becomes the ‘Veil of Veronica’.

STATION SIX  (Please reread the ‘Stations of the Cross’…which I have learned through living, is teaching us about our own journey and the astrological heavens.  As a reminder, there are 3 crosses in astrology.  There are 3 crosses on Golgotha. (Skull mountain/morte).


V. We adore Thee, O Lord Jesus Christ, and bless Thee.

R. Because by Thy holy Cross Thou hast redeemed the world.

The Veil of Veronica

Seraphia had prepared some excellent aromatic wine, which she piously intended to present to our Lord to refresh him on his dolorous way to Calvary. She had been standing in the street for some time, and at last went back into the house to wait. She was, when I first saw her, enveloped in a long veil, and holding a little girl of nine years of age whom she had adopted, by the hand; a large veil was likewise hanging on her arm, and the little girl endeavoured to hide the jar of wine when the procession approached. Those who were marching at the head of the procession tried to push her back; but she made her way through the mob, the soldiers, and the archers, reached Jesus, fell on her knees before him, and presented the veil, saying at the same time, ‘Permit me to wipe the face of my Lord.’ Jesus took the veil in his left hand, wiped his bleeding face, and returned it with thanks. Seraphia kissed it, and put it under her cloak. The girl then timidly offered the wine, but the brutal soldiers would not allow Jesus to drink it. The suddenness of this courageous act of Seraphia had surprised the guards, and caused a momentary although unintentional halt, of which she had taken advantage to present the veil to her Divine Master. Both the Pharisees and the guards were greatly exasperated, not only by the sudden halt, but much more by the public testimony of veneration which was thus paid to Jesus, and they revenged themselves by striking and abusing him, while Seraphia returned in haste to her house.

    No sooner did she reach her room than she placed the woollen veil on a table, and fell almost senseless on her knees. A friend who entered the room a short time after, found her thus kneeling, with the child weeping by her side, and saw, to his astonishment, the bloody countenance of our Lord imprinted upon the veil, a perfect likeness, although heartrending and painful to look upon. He roused Seraphia, and pointed to the veil. She again knelt down before it, and exclaimed through her tears, ‘Now I shall indeed leave all with a happy heart, for my Lord has given me a remembrance of himself.’ The texture of this veil was a species of very fine wool; it was three times the length of its width, and was generally worn on the shoulders. It was customary to present these veils to persons who were in affliction, or over-fatigued, or ill, that they might wipe their faces with them, and it was done in order to express sympathy or compassion. Veronica kept this veil until her death, and hung it at the head of her bed; it was then given to the Blessed Virgin, who left it to the Apostles, and they afterwards passed it on to the Church.

So, Jesus is ‘HUNG ON THE CROSS’, He is bleeding to death and the soldier’s pierce His side and water and blood flow out…’water and wine’.

Mary Magdalene has anointed him, with burial oils… (Spikenard among others) and now, HE ROLLS AWAY THE STONE.

Just wait until you read the part of my journey, and ‘the triangle rock’.

Now, Mary Magdalene, is in the GARDEN, knowing Her Master/Adonai, should appear…remember, SHE KNOWS HE WILL BE THERE.  SHE HAS ANOINTED HIM WITH THE OILS THAT WOULD HELP HIM.  SHE KNOWS.

Mark, 16:9 Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene

8 So they left the tomb and ran away, overwhelmed with shock and amazement. And in their fear they did not say a word to anyone. 9 After Jesus had risen, early on the first day of the week, He appeared first to Mary Magdalene, from whom He had driven out seven demons. 10 She went and told those who had been with Him, who were now mourning and weeping.…Thus Mary Magdalene was the first person to see Jesus in His resurrection and the first person sent to tell others of the resurrected Jesus. In this sense she is the first "apostle of the Gospel of the resurrection,”

Take note, that it is SEVEN DEMONS…and we have SEVEN CHAKRA’.

And so, with this in mind as we are upon the feast of St. Valentine, we have made a special blend for you to anoint yourself, your lover, those you love, with this in mind.  That you are anointing that Christ-self within, to bring the Light of the World upon you and onto this little blue ball, who so very much needs that light now. 

You will receive instructions for the anointing, this special 1 dram blend and the first 5 orders will also receive a special Strawberry or Rose quartz stone.

This special blend, though similar to ‘Sensual Healing’ will be quite different as some oils will not be present, but we are adding ‘Neroli’ which is one of the most exquisite and thus expensive oils there are.  It is also known as ‘Orange Blossom’. This oil is extracted by steam distillation of flowers of neroli which has the botanical name Citrus aurantium, C. bigaradia or by its other name, Citrus vulgaris.

Neroli is one of the best essential oils to help you climb, like Persephone out of the dark underworld of Hades lair of depression. Neroli can even help relieve chronic depression. Imagine a lovely green meadow soft under your feet, with the sun, warming up above and a beautiful orange tree stands in the center of the field.  The orange blossoms open and the volatile (which comes from (‘volare’ to fly) essences fly through the air with every new breath you take, a feeling of grace, joy and happiness now lifts you into wonderful paradise on earth.  Essences or essential as in ‘essential oils (from ‘esse’ to be or to exist, where your home is.  It is where the word, Essenes comes from, and they are also known as the theraputea, or healers/medicine men and women.)

It vibrates to the 2nd and 4th chakra’s, according to Jeannie Rose.  Valnet lists the properties of Neroli as diminishing cardiac contractions, dulls the nerves and lightly hypnotic.  It is indicated for cardiac spasm, chronic diarrhea and insomnia.

It not only increases the libido, it can also help cure loss of interest in sex, frigidity, impotence, and erectile dysfunctions. Like the other absolute in this blend, Jasmine, it will help to promote romantic and stimulate sexual feelings, even in older people and those who may have not had sexual interest for years.

This oil can be used, ‘neat’…in rare occasions as a drop onto a wound, to help from getting infections or tetanus.

Principle chemical constituents: Terpene alcohols, esthers: linalol, geraniol, nerol.

We add this lovely scent from heaven to some old favorites, Clary Sage, Patchouli, Jasmine, Lavender and others for a most delicious scent.

This will be carried in a pure organic jojoba base.

It is called: Valentinus Officinalis.  1/8 dram:

Available only through ArcAncient Distributors: $22.00 for LIMITED TIME OFFERING.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Hear Thy Muse In The Emerald City

III.      Hear Thy Muse
The spinning heart/earth

I was sitting meditating during my divorce, living in my sister’s home while she was trying a reconciliation with her ex-husband.

I sat there, my rocks, crystals and all my little new world of importance around me.  During the meditation, I saw the earth come spinning at me, while the narration in the background (hers) told me: “and the last shall be first and the first shall be last”...around the earth was written the name; EARTH (Just like the Universal Studio's Logo) and the H at the end spun off and rotated around the earth and became the first letter, now spelling HEART.

I heard: “The planet earth was the planet heart, and a long time ago, the ‘key’ fell out, and fear and chaos swept in.

While I was hearing this, I was shown a ‘triangle rock’ that fell out of the ‘protective sheath around the earth’…it fell through the sky and into a large whale’s blowhole.  The whale swam off into the deep.  The colours changed into a dimmer version of the brightness they once were.  I am reminded of the difference in the colours now, and when I died and went to heaven.

Later on, after meditating about this, writing what would become, ‘Total-Sensory-Healing’ in the barn I lived at on Kelly’s Island.  I saw the upper heart chakra, which was purple and teal.  The thymus is composed of two identical lobes and is located anatomically in the anterior superior mediastinum, (Just below the throat) in front of the heart and behind the sternum which is located, in front of the heart and behind the sternum.  I knew that this was the ‘upper heart’ chakra…the room that the disciples entered for the ‘Last Supper’.

Earthearthearthearth Heart Thymus Hear Thy Muse. This is the Flaming heart which must be enlivened by the Holy Spirit, the fire that does burns but does not consume and the almandorla, which is what you see on sacred iconography as the ‘Flaming Heart of Jesus or Mary’.

This is what you EARN as a Brave Heart, having the Heart of the Lion.

The Emerald City Dream with Barb on the boat.

I get on a ‘strange boat’…this in part, alerts me to the fact that it must be a dream.  For some reason, people are going through a small door, and up a small stairway…only when I enter the stairway, everyone disappears.  I grab the railing and
trepidatiously proceed towards the light at the top of the steps.  When I get to the top, it is in the steering cabin, my oldest sister, Barbara, who had passed on was sitting on the left side on a white leather bench seat.  She looked at me, with her usual, ‘knowing look and brows arched’ and told me: “You are driving this ship.  I went to the minnow wheel, and looked out the window in front of me.  There arose an island out of the mist ahead of me, which looked like the ‘Emerald City’ from the Wizard of Oz.

The next thing I know, I am in a large building and there are a lot of people coming and going, working in this strange land of OZ in ‘The Emerald City’.  They are going up clear stairways and elevators and travelling all over the world, space travel, and all bustling with things to do.

In front of me, there is a woman seated at a sparkling silver counter with many controls.  She is pouring a light-blue liquid (like the colour I remember the sky to be when I died) from one test tube to another and looking at it, through a light on the dashboard of the silver counter.  There are monitors and lights on control panels everywhere in this particular room that sits to the right, adjacent to all the
hustle and bustle and another man in a white lab coat is watching the monitors on the wall behind her and to my right.

This dream I had all happened back around 1992. And I am interjecting this picture that I found today, on February 6, 2018.  Because, this is a far greater depiction of what I saw.
So, now you know I built a barn and finished it out as an Interior Design shop.

I had a client who became a friend, named Trish.  Trish was a Gdsend to me in my store that I built.  She was one of the customers who came in, and told me she felt as though was ‘pulled out to my store’ and when she saw it, she pulled into the parking lot.  When she entered, she told me later, that the song that I was playing on the stereo (A Bonnie Raitt song) was one of her favorite songs and it meant a lot to her.  Well, we began to work on her living room.  This was particularly exciting for me, since Trish worked as a designer for Aur Hous furniture previously.  She liked my furniture design groups I had chosen.

Through this process, Trish’s relationship began to see some turmoil.  Without going into the details, she came into the shop one day and said she needed to go away, to a retreat somewhere, and asked if I would join her.

I thought about it, and knowing she really did need something to help her find her way, I told her if she would find the right retreat, something that was spiritual, I would go with her.
She came in a few weeks later and told me about a retreat on Kelly’s Island, called, Sacred Space.  A women’s gathering.  It would have workshops of all sorts and it was based on Christian teachings, from a couple of women who used to work for priest’s in a Catholic Church.

I thought, “Kelly’s Island, that sounds perfect!  I had been there a couple of times on boat with my parents driving from our summer place at Bay Point in Marblehead.  It was on the water, and I loved that area.”….”great I said, that sounds awesome!”

So, plans were made, I informed my husband that I had to do this, to help her.  I always did what Gd wanted me to do.

We had a ball driving up on a clear, sunny day.  Singing songs together, like Barbara Steisand’s, “Somewhere”….There’s a place for us….and laughing up a storm.

It wasn’t until we were on the ferry going over the lake, when Trish said to me, “let’s go upstairs so we can see.”  She opened the narrow door and proceeded in front of me.  I went in behind her and as I grabbed the rail and looked up the narrow hallway to the light above, my dream came floating back, like strong Déjà vu, and I knew I had to pay close attention now.

There ahead was Kelly’s Island.  (Kelly is a colour green by the way)

Many women were excitedly chatting and laughing, all travelling to ‘escape’ and go to this, ‘Sacred Space’ retreat.

Outline of triangle rock I found and traced.

When we landed, my feet felt as though they were touching a powerful magnet.

I needed to take in every small detail…this was powerful….

I went to the yoga in the morning, lead by Linda Green.  To this day, she has been the most powerful yoga instructor with keen ‘innervision’ that I have yet to enjoy.  She would be the one, to introduce me to Jeannie Rose and the real art of Aromatherapy.

Trish and I attended an Art Therapy Workshop…and met a woman who would change my life.  And literally find, a ‘triangle rock’ with a long story that follows, when I would eventually, live in a barn, on Kelly’s Island, that this woman owned.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

The Bloody, Blue Moon in Full Royal View

So, now that so many of us, Cardinal Signs are FINALLY COMING DOWN OFF THE WORLD CROSS, starting with Pluto’s square to Uranus…and being boosted with Saturn’s ingress back into his own home of Capricorn?  (Saturn, being EL, Lord of the Rings and of…the square/cross/cube).  Elaborating again for those who have not read my posts before: The cross, is earth, air, fire and water, the 4 Cardinal Directions, ALL, north, south, east and west.
You might find yourself in the garden of delights, look up, that ACTUALLY IS THE GARDENER, are you ready to see angels?

Are you ready to build on the world squares?

Getting over the exhaustion of bleeding to death and having the mobs, taunt and tease you with their fervent anger at your daring to change the world and tell the truth?

Get ready…we are moving forward and daring to dream once again.
Keep on rocking and rolling…until March 23rd at 8:19 PM, when Mercury will go RX at 16* of Aries.  This of course is one of the Cardinal Signs…

Next up to take us back a bit, is Saturn’s RX on April 18th at 9* of Capricorn.

He will regress all the way back to 2* Capricorn before he stations direct on September 5th.  Now, here is the good news on this…Since we told you all about the full moon in Cancer at 11* and that significance, moon being mother and people/children, here:
We see the rise of the feminine, the realization that it is time for ‘balance’ and to care about the mother and the earth.  
What we will also see now, is the push back, with Saturn/EL/Lord of the rings and ‘THE OLD MAN, FATHER TIME’…getting empowered as he comes home.
With this total lunar eclipse, expect to see the more eclipsing of the mother...but only for a time.


Mercury RX will have us reconsidering some thoughts, adjust ‘headstrong’ ideals that may have become rigid, and this will remind us of the lessons we ‘bled out on the cross’…How tired we were, the agony in the garden.

So, we will move two steps forward, but only 1 step back, if that.  Try not to worry about set-backs or getting knocked down, after all, you’ve already died and gone to heaven before.

Now, we are leading up to the super, full, blue-blood, moon coming up on January 31st at 8:26 AM EST.  Hey, guess what degree?  Yup, 11* of Leo, while the bloody Mary stands across her Paramour, our ambassador for our flight, the sun at 11* of Aquarius.  Now…let’s think back in our spiraling trajectory to that big ole’ eclipse in August last year.  Think about all the earth changes and especially those to rock the US, more major catastrophes than ever recorded.
So, this is partially the end of the smaller window, the larger one being the major eclipse in 2024 that will again, cross the US with the second band of the CROSS.
The blood of life, the cup of a new salvation that is shed for you and for all mankind/womankind.  The operative, being ‘KIND’.  Just part the red sea of life, and follow the stars back home.

When we add Blue with the Red Blood in this full moon, Lunar eclipse, we get PURPLE, WHICH IS ROYALTY, CONNECTION WITH THE DIVINE AND AN 11* OPENING...THE GATES OF THE DIVINE.
With Venus squaring Jupiter/Zeus at 16* Aquarius (hanging out with our Sol/soul/sun) and 21* Scorpio respectively (that’s right Scorpio’s, Jupiter has finally arrived to lift you back up after Saturn’s deconstruction of your life, and the ILLUSION’S of Neptune/Poseidon in her lovely trine to you, seducing some into a false reality they could not see through, like looking through water, it is all skewed. And why Jesus, ‘walks on water’, He is above the illusion.
Jupiter is here to magnify your own actions and reward you if you have been kind, you will get back what you gave and lived.
He is bounty and benevolence, just as Jesus/Jezeus, is a kinder, gentler Gd than Saturn/El before him.

I expect to hear big news on the world stage regarding the “ROYALS” and those who have become moneyed Gd’s…what news shall we hear the bell ringers bring?  Interesting that Donald Trump as I have written before has Aldebaran, the 'king maker' star on his ascendant that the eclipse was on in August.
Oh what fun it is to ride, in a one horse open sleigh!  Turn on the muse IC, the party is just getting started.
Oh, I wonder where did I hear something about, returning like a LION?  He will roar alright.