Saturday, November 19, 2016

Across the Great Divide is Love and Hope

Across the Great Divide

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.
Greek author & philosopher in Athens (427 BC - 347 BC) 

We are living in stressful times for so many people.  For some, they feel as though their candidate won, in varying and lesser degrees of true support, all the way to: ‘at least it is not the other one’…and of course, far, far worse is coming out of people’s mouths.

For others, they feel their candidate lost, or was robbed, and I am not here to make a judgment on one or the other, I am only attempting, to find a way across the Great Divide.

I pray, that none of my words find a way to further this division, are not misconstrued, and are taken in the true intention of my heart and words.

This is not about sour grapes, or my own personal feelings, rather it is out of a deep concern for the future, that hangs in the balance for all of us, and certainly our children and their children’s future.

It doesn’t take an empath, to feel what is going on all around us.  The fear is so palpable, and of course, the flip-side of fear, is anger and under that, is sadness.

We have been through one of the most tumultuous elections, I can ever recall in my adult life.  The division that has been created, is so palpable, so many are deciding to take their lives.  Whose life is not so precious?  Water flows within, on our earth and inside each and every one of us.

Water, just like us, is SACRED, it is all natural resources…including the human kind…and to that word, I implore all of us, myself included, to reach to a higher ground…not just to parrot a phrase that has now been abused too.

So, to lay out a bit of groundwork, it seems only necessary, to remind people, a little of the path we have all been walking, together.
This is not meant to bring up the debate, or split hairs, or to ask for any of us, to overturn where we already all are now.
Senator Sanders, was as some information came out, let’s just say, he was not treated so fairly.  Bernie supporters, were told “to move along and get in line.”
The votes were cast, and we all needed to come together now.

Bernie people, felt much like Hillary supporters do now.  Not listened to, their candidate was ‘robbed’ and the election was not ‘fair’…all the way to the postulation that it was ‘rigged’ towards Hillary.
That created a lot of hard feelings, and fractured the base even further.

Each continued action, was seen as another slap in the face, and they were angry, perhaps even still or even more so than ever for some.
This is not to debate that issue, but to bring some sense of ‘empathy’ towards one another.
Hillary supporters, are probably in shock, that their candidate did not win, thus all the protests, and they are also in fear, very real and palpable fear, of what they feel, rightly or wrongly, is a candidate that will take them…US down a very dark road.

Again, this is not to debate, whether or not that is true, but rather, to create some ground for all us to walk upon.

For many, at the very least, it came down to: “Anything but Trump” or “Anything but Hillary”.

We have had an election, the results favored Donald Trump.  People want to argue whether the election was fair, or ‘stolen’ and there is accusations that Vladimir Putin engaged in tampering and election fraud.

So, they feel exactly like the Bernie supporters felt, and many still do.

I have learned, over my walk on this life, that often what comes for me, when my body is shaking so badly inside, that there are either big planet changes, or I am giving birth to information…because they literally feel like ‘birth pangs’…and then we had the New Zealand earthquake and the full moon, and I thought it would dissipate after this, but it has not.

The election, that took place on November 8th, has rocked us all into visceral anger, and fear to support and glee, that some feel they got their ‘outsider’.

The thing is, roughly half the voting population voted for Donald, and the other voted for Hillary…again, not to parse this reality, we are told that Donald won the vote.

People are protesting this, and we see beyond the protests, people rioting, and all kinds of poor behaviour from either faction of voters, be they Trump or for Clinton.

What good will this bring?  Though people may be protesting out of fear of a Trump presidency, and I am not here to debate whether that is founded or not, that protest, is also saying, the other half, the winning candidate, and those who voted for him, don’t know what they are doing, and so , their votes don’t count.

That is what you are telling those people, who, like Hillary voters, believe in their candidate.  We already know all the arguments, we have all seen the disparity of belief’s one way or the other.

This divide and conquer routine, has people who are family and life-long friends, husband and wives, spouses of your choosing, and your right, at each other, and neither is willing to come to the place of meeting with each other.

If we don’t find a way, to come together, and ALLOW THE PROCESS, THAT IS LAW, than we will surely find ourselves, in deep, deep danger.

A President elect Trump, is already thumbing his nose at the United Nations, even going so far as to say; ‘They are right here, in New York’ for what reason, I cannot imagine.  
People have very real feelings about the UN also, including the same fears, that President elect Trump is voicing, and again, that is not to say I am falling on either side of that debate either, but, if we have the UN, step in to our country, and decide for us, because we are not going along with this, it could mean Marshal Law.

This deeply concerns me, having foreigners on deciding our election, when clearly, half the voting population believes in the results.
This can and will, only stoke the fires between the divide, until that river is a boiling and overtakes so many who will not be able to control their anger.

I am not saying I am for President Trump, nor am I saying I am against him.
We have laws to hold him to, we have had an election.
He should be held accountable, and made to obey the laws every president before him had to obey, no special rules, AND THAT IS SOMETHING WE ALL CAN DO, follow the law, and the process thereof, and the ORDER, that can bring.

Otherwise, we are going up in a tinder box.

Please, see the person that voted differently from you, as the same as you, they care too, they are passionate too, they believe what they believe, as strongly as you do, so we need empathy.  We need vigilance, not vigilantes.

We have the choice, to create a common ground to each other, and to some sort of love, and kindness.  A president elect Trump, says he wants to unite this country, let’s give him that chance and hold him to that.

Please do everything you can, as I will too, to dismantle this hatred, this fear we all feel, that is now so very palpable.

I am certainly not perfect by a long shot, nor do I pretend to be, that is always my first argument with Gd, ‘You do realize who you are dealing with, right?’…and of course, the answer, is…”I know the very hair on your head.”

There are Higher Beings/Guardian Angels as I was taught growing up, that do protect and work with us, they always have.  Every tradition has their concept of this, we need to reach to them to pray and to do good works, now more than ever.
I have never been a pious, or ‘holier than though’ kind of person, but a very real one.  I have never been able to really ‘fit into any camp’ and always had a different way of seeing things and feeling things.

Instead of spewing all the hateful rhetoric we have all heard and used to some extent, again, I include myself, I pray, that we can build a bridge back over to each other again.
We all want the same basic things, and we do live in a very disconcerting time, with a lot of fear that has been brought out of its buried underbelly.  (This is Pluto/Hades in astrology or myth, whichever you prefer to help with comprehension).

Please, can we stop the ‘I am right and you are wrong, and my candidate is better than yours, because again, that is how we each feel?
How can the side that won, NOT feel as though their voice is being rejected, their vote is being overturned and questioned?

There is common ground for us, please if you feel you have something to add to this discussion, can we please try and do so, without attacking each other, without the ‘he or she is better’…please.
I will delete and mean or nasty comment, that is not a statement of how we can positively move forward to common ground and being heard.

We don’t need the same old argument, for truly, that debate has happened.

What are the needs of the people, that you feel need to be realized and heard, and how can we go about finding ways to implement those?

What are some actual idea’s, that will help most of us, where do we both need to reach some agreements on, that will benefit the majority, who all feel the hurt, and the pain, of a growing disparity, between those that have and those that feel they do not.  Without making an attack, on any group, what do we all need that will benefit us moving forward?

I pray, that this lands on soft ears and an open heart, from where it was originated by me, it truly is born of my own concern, not to have what I personally want or need, that battle was during the elections, when we all voiced our belief’s, that is what a campaign is all about.

I implore you, to pray and ask for guidance, for all of us, and this country.

Or the chickens will come home to roost, in a most Gd awful way, and it will be way too late by then.

At the same time this is all going on, we have our brothers and sisters, battling for all of us, for clean water for all.
We cannot drink oil…and certainly, our grandchildren will not be able to either.

Please pray and do what you can, reach out if you can, with a loving heart, and ask for guidance, it is there, if one just bows to the divine in this world, that loves us all.


For instance, what ideas do you have, about Social Security or Medicare/Medicaid do you think will benefit the most, and restore the hope that people need right now, rather than believing, they are not cared about, and  loved?

How can we truly help our veterans, and honestly help them, now that they have served?

What service can we all give?

That person, that you see now, as ‘oppositional’ to you, is really your brother or your sister…and we KNOW this, if we just reach a little deeper, and remember who was there for us, at one point or another, even if we disagree in other times.

It certainly wasn’t either candidate…so please, let us not allow this to separate us any further, or we will all ‘see apart’…rather than the strength that comes from being, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

You know what the last thing in Pandora’s Box was?

HOPE, let’s restore the true value of this word, for all.

And God Bless the United States of America and the entire world, because how America goes, so goes the rest of the world.

Sunday, November 13, 2016


We have a lot of tense aspects in this full moon in Taurus that happens on Monday morning, at 8:51 AM at 22*.
Taurus rules, possessions, mundane work to make a living, and it is ‘I have’…and 22* is a Master number, so we can see concerns over how much we have, and the people we partner with to accumulate or buy possessions.
This may have you going out to purchase some new items, it can also stir up the romantic aspect of the sun in Scorpio but the tensions in this SUPER MOON, which has not been this large in appearance, since it occurs as the Moon reaches its closest distance to Earth since 1948.
So go out and make sure you drink in this great big moon.
A moon this big will also bring the earth changes as she pulls on the earth.  You may feel this as pressure inside, or nervous tension.
It has things, emotions exploding on the world stage, especially in our own US.  Tempers are flaring and people may resort to anger, if they don’t tap into the patience of the Taurus Bull…which we know can be quite stubborn.
Our values will be questioned and you may find yourself questioning others values.  We have a lot of nervous tension with the elections that just took place, and we can see this exploding in tempers and worse right now.
Good time to take a breath, pray and meditate.
We also have a big old T-square, with Jupiter/Zeus at 13* of Libra, so Libra’s, he can bring money as he is known to be benevolent, but also he expands, so he can expand the tension or what you have on your plate, especially as he is opposed widely by Uranus at 21* of Aries, and squaring Pluto at 15* of Capricorn. 
Cap’s you are in the last stages of this square from Uranus, all the Cardinal signs will feel this, too, and it is bringing things up to be dealt with and find closure to move along.
All of this has dug up many deeper buried feelings and concerns, especially concerns of security, retirement, and many will be checking their insurance policies and Will’s to make sure that all is in order.

Remember, go out and suck some of that mother moon up, she is ready to fill you!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Diving Deep Into The Transformative Scorpio New Moon

New Moon October 30. 2016 7* Scorpio.
Asking the deep questions, we probe and contend with the more sobering aspects of relationships, commitments, and what we are willing to endure, for what we love or wish to possess.
This may being financial or relationship strains, but it may also being appreciation for someone who soldiers on and is responsible and committed.
Even with Neptune still commanding the skies in her ruler ship of PIsces, this Scorpio new moon will have us contending with far more serious matters that will help us drop anchor and find our moorings.
Neptune/Poseidon is also in an exact trine to Mercury/Hermes who is at 9* of Scorpio, Mercury is part of a lovely little stellium, with La Luna at 7* conjunct the sun at 7* of Scorpio, we have serious visionary capability now and dreams will be like walking into a virtual reality of vibrancy now too.
Mars/Ares at 23* Capricorn is also square to Uranus at 21* Aries now, while Venus/Aphrodite at 15*Sag is also forming a nice fire trine to Uranus so the atmosphere is electric and sizzling with passion for change.
A sudden romantic romp might come bursting out of the blue, or even out of an argument creating the heat in the moment.
Saturn/EL is also still widely squaring Neptune/Poseidon, so we are really morphing between the past, the present and the future while shifting ladders swing in and away, we will at once be desirous of taking the leap of faith onto some form of ladder that appears for us to move upward and out of this energy, while also wanting to drop anchor or become more organized and concrete in our newly birthing belief’s.  The head of the dragon is on the other end of this T Square at 9* of Virgo, let the healing begin once the exposed wound has found the light of day.
We are transforming ourselves into adjustable, movable vessels, lighter than before all of this really started getting serious back around 2012 with the Uranus square to Pluto, and we are still in its wake.
Another huge influence is the newly formed Venus conjunction with Saturn/EL, which happened when both were at 14* 10’ Sagittarius on Saturday, October 29, at 8:38 PM EDT.
We want to know that where we pour our love into is worthy, and we will either invest into allowing this deeper commitment or realize that it is just not worth the time, or we may question what we possess in a more profound way, and certainly ascertain how much it takes to keep that possession/commitment in your life going?
We may question how much our other investments keep us immobilized or give us the freedom we wish to have, to travel or investigate other areas of life, even if it is in investing in some higher education at this time, realizing we are investing into our own being, at a much more profound level than we may have understood in the past, as time has done a great job of opening the doors of the past, to show us the future.
This is a fertile new moon indeed, so plant your seeds, thoughts and ideas into new earth, as the shadow of the eclipses falls and seasons the brew and the walls between worlds become paper-thin now, we howl in the dark with our newly forming instincts razor sharp, we prepare for our loved ones who have crossed over to pay us a visit, and we create the altars and take the time to thank them for all they have done and continue to do for us in our immediate world as well as the hallways we will travel down tomorrow, each column a lifetime past, collectively we march towards the Eternal Light that calls us all home. 
Get ready for even more fireworks, as both candidates do their best to stand straight on the greased skids of their pasts, we are reminded of our own choices that may come to haunt us too.
Our Native American’s from both the south and the north, dancing and praying together for water for life, for the earth, for their sacred grounds to have the same respect we give our own temples, once more their treaty’s violated, but this is significant.
Remember, Dakota literally means: Friend.
There is a saying, that when the Eagle of the North and the Condor of the South, fly together, there lies the road to peace on earth.
That is the great gathering in North Dakota.
Our prayers are needed, if you have something to donate do so, and if you can go participate, do so, you can call and write your Senator’s and congressional representatives and make sure your voice is heard.
If we allow the desecration of these ancient sacred sites, of hallowed ground, and we allow the crushing brutality of trained operatives to go unchecked and unimpeded, we allow the murder of all that is natural…and we will not return.
This is a major sign, so please pay attention.

To this end, we add our own prayers and intentions of the Highest Order for healing, for peace and protection for our Native brother’s and sister’s standing up for all of us and our host/earth, that we are so fortunately allowed to walk upon and share her bounty.

Add your own and dream big, while we find concrete ways to make our dreams a reality, and seed fortuitous blooms for the days to come.  It is time to be reborn!!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Long Hot Summer's Passionate Full Moon

Full Moon in Aries, Sunday October 16, 2016 at 12:23 AM just after midnight Saturday and oh is this a hot one!  We have La Luna at 23* of Aries conjunct Uranus (brilliance, unexpected, change) opposing her lover, the sun at 23* of Libra.
With Mercury/Hermes at 15* of Libra in EXACT square to Pluto at 15* Capricorn which is conjunct Mars at 12* Capricorn AND tagging along to widely oppose Uranus and the Moon/La Luna over there at 22 and 23* Aries respectively.
/As if this is not enough, in a couple of days, on October 19th. At 7:04AM EDT, both Mars and Pluto will be exactly conjunct one another at 15* of Capricorn (activating the whole Uranus/Pluto squares both in your personal world and on the world stage while we also have a big ole’ mutable cross that forms on Wednesday with Saturn/EL at 13* Sagittarius, he will oppose the moon at12/13* Gemini while squaring both the head of the dragon (lunar north node at 10* Virgo and Neptune at 9*PIsces so take into consideration that we just said the word ‘CROSS’, visiting upon the signs in particular: Sagittarius, PIsces, Gemini and Virgo and consider those degrees in particular (9* -13*) and we can go back a few to see who will really get hit, at 6*-16* these will be the most sensitive in this ‘Magic Square’, where you may find

yourself feeling ‘boxed in’, and that is also Donald Trump, who is a Gemini, so we very well may see some exploding on his part (more theater than ever) while this also plays heavy on Hillary’s chart too, especially via her PIsces moon, we will probably have more lurid exposing from both camps.
What else is new, right?
This is also the kind of chart that can auger some big storms, earthquakes, volcanic activity, etc.…so prepare for the season of change.
You will find yourselves, organizing once again to compartmentalize the pain that has been exposed again.  We will have many health disclosures come bursting on the scenes within the next week too.
There may seem to be so much to do, we can become overwhelmed, and certainly during this change our breathing capacity is often compromised as the season shakes itself out and readies for winter.  (Distributors, see SPECIAL)
It is quite possible, that many will feel frazzled, with emotions running in seemingly different directions at once, we may feel lost in a hall of mirrors so to speak, with lady Luna all ‘white-hot’ in Aries, take heed that we don’t get too ‘hot-headed’…(note to self) as Saturn in Sagittarius closes in on our boundaries and really questions the self, the self in the group, as to what seems to be ‘foreign aspects’ of ourselves, where do we draw the line?
Sagittarius is the horse or the Centaur who knows magic, but it is squaring the North Node and Neptune/Poseidon and where the North Node in Virgo will try with every breath to take us into our higher selves and find a way to make someone feel better, to serve others…(which will be a magical release valve, should anyone be looking for one) though Neptune in her own sign of Pisces is dissolving things as quick as we can see them, so have respite even as the moments themselves may seem acute at times, and with Luna in Gemini, she will go back and forth exacerbating Neptune in PIsces which is also a duality that submerges and surrender’s to the divine whole, in other words, seeing the BIGGER PICTURE.
Yup, that Full Moon is going to light things up, make us question how we save, how we spend and what we are doing on planet earth, and hopefully, some of the Fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius might feel a bit of a reprieve (until next month, lol).
So, all that may seem like bad news, but it will also expunge and expose us to help us ‘BUILD ON THOSE SAME SQUARES/CROSSES AND UTILIZE THE BOXES AS SUPPORTS TO THE FRAMEWORK OF OUR NEW PATH’S.
Everything is changing and morphing into new outcomes.
It is time to take those daydreams that you may have been escaping into, and build the model that will make it a reality.
I know it sounds corny, this is literally a time to make dreams come true, especially those that are
Gemini/Mercury/Hermes is the messenger god, so as the moon ingresses into Gemini, she has the ability ~ especially as she activates the whole mutable cross as Mars (ruler of Aries) conjuncts
Pluto/Hades in Capricorn the Goat/Pan, to communicate with those who have crossed over, but also to visit all the other gods, and find out what they have to say to help you.
We will see government and government officials hung out on this cross most likely…
So, take the emotions that are so energized right now, and infuse your dreams with any creative venture to help someone who surely could use a little help from a friend right now.
Reach out and touch someone…make this world a better place, if you can.

With Uranus hanging out with Luna on the full moon at 22* of Aries, expect the unexpected, for change is gonna come, of that we can be sure.

Expect some serious drama on the world stage as brilliance exposes some wonderful good news too, with Spica conjunct the Sun at 24* Of Libra, and you might not want to rely too much, on love from others, (except the very exceptional already that truly live that loving life) but also may feel a little less self-esteem, or somewhat powerless in ways with Venus not so happy in Scorpio in the 5th, where she wishes she was not so constricted by decisions made in the past, she now will need to find new ways to lift her spirits try watching a comedy or go to a Live Comedy Show, but find the humour in all situations if you can, it will buoy the spirits and infuse your plans and actions.
Enjoy the hunter's moon and howl.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Black Moon as Ares Jumps the Galactic Center

We have a new moon (BLACK) coming up on Friday, September 30th. at 8:11 PM.
While Mercury/Hermes has finally gone direct fully around 2AM on September 23, we are still in his shadow until he hits the anoretic degree of 29* Virgo on October 6th.
The bigger situation however, is Mars has just gone over the galactic center (27-29* Sag depending) AND, he is tripping off the Cardinal Cross, as he edges into Capricorn territory, where he will soon join up with Pluto on October 19th at 15*, right after Lady Luna comes to greet them on October 7th.
When we cross over the Galactic Center, we may feel a bit of a bumpy ride, you may feel jittery, clumsy and certainly when we add Mercury so potent to this cocktail also triggering the T Cross with Saturn and opposing Neptune, even though he did not go back far enough to exactly oppose Neptune, his energy is very present in that field, and communication can be very difficult at times, with it becoming unclear or hard to comprehend what someone is trying to say.
Mars is also squaring Jupiter in Libra at 4* (Mars at 2* Cap) which is on the Super Galactic Center (02* Libra) and working his way up that ladder affecting La Luna and our solar ambassador, who are in conjunctivo at 8* of Libra, so partnerships and what is fair, will come up, and the negotiating begins. 
This will also expand (Jupiter) our understanding of what we love, and how we want to proceed forth in harmony with our true course and soul's insights and purpose.  The caution is 'over expansion' or blind optimism without being grounded in reality.
The question of balance or percentages may be an issue, such as “I did this, so you can do this”…and all the while Venus is in Scorpio forming a lovely sextile to the head of the dragon at 11* of Virgo, so the details should be worked out, or revisited as any former agreement may now come up for debate, disagreement, someone or both did not disclose fully the truth they are keeping, and that may come up and in your face with Venus in Scorpio, as well as old affairs or loves that got your blood pumping.
This new moon, should be celebrated and any meditation that will ground and balance you, will be helpful, as we light our candles, green, pink, purple and infuse our environment with the new crisp colours of autumns arrival, we begin to prepare for winter, recycle our clothes and still tapping into Mercury’s unresolved energies, we must put things in order and pay attention to the details.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Eclipsed Details in a Boundless World

The full Moon eclipse comes on Friday, September 15, 2016 at 3:05 PM EDT.
The sun will be at 24* Virgo in opposition to his lunar companion who will be at 24* of PIsces.

This is a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
Where the moon passes through Earth's penumbral shadow.  This will not be visible in North America, so the effects are somewhat abated, but this is also coming inside the closing square of Neptune and Saturn, which is squared by this full moon as she waxes into her fullness, so it will bring things to a head.
You may have had a bit of a sample, last week, especially as the week closed.
This is also bringing into fruition, the new moon eclipse we had on the 1st, at 9* Virgo.  Those who will feel this the most, are Virgo/PIsces people, especially between the degrees of 7*-29*…and it will have an effect on all of us, depending on where this falls in your own chart.

The Virgo new moon, asked us to take inventory (this always happens at this time, readying for harvest) and put things into order and make your world manageable.
The more action you took to put things into order, the less ‘shocking’ this may be to you, but as this forms a T-square to Mars at 23* of Sagittarius, after he just was conjunct Saturn who sits at 10*, we can see this is also potent for Sagittarius and Gemini too.
To add to this lovely cocktail, we have Mercury Rx at 17* of Virgo also and both the sun and Mercury are in opposition to La Luna and Chiron who sits at 22* of PIsces, both drawing on the boundary-less Neptune who is in her ruler-ship of PIsces too at 10*.
As we have stated many times now, Neptune square to Saturn/EL/Lord of the Rings, who is in Sagittarius at 10*, their square will not open again, even though Neptune/Poseidon is Rx too, she cannot move fast enough to catch her square exact to Saturn again.
This is all of our false spiritual belief’s coming into the ‘structure’ and ‘reality’ of Saturn.
While Saturn is in Sag and especially with that square to Neptune, we were challenged to make our ‘rosy belief’s’ either find a way into practicality, or face the cold, leaden walls of Saturn.
Saturn in Sagittarius, also asks us how we view ‘foreigners’ and does all that lovely Neptune talk (we are all one and we are all connected) manage in the real world?  We see we have a presidential candidate who wants to build walls to keep foreigners out (yes, illegal ones) and that has brought up the debate, and made us look at how we really feel, how do we put that ‘we are all one’ into that glove compartment?  Who really is THE OTHER?
This can come close to home, as in personally, when we are asked to support (Saturn) squaring the love (Neptune is an octave above Venus/Love/Aphrodite) those we ‘LOVE’?
What does that mean?  Especially if they are dragging everyone else’s world down into the hell of Neptune’s domain, which also rules drugs (legal or otherwise), alcohol, nicotine, etc.
How do you support and love, when someone is in the grip of an addiction?

Neptune will also play you…she rules movies, music and the 12th house which also rules Nursing Homes, and Institutions that house the infirm, elderly, and prisons.
We see Social Security up for debate again.
In the middle of all of this, Venus is at 21* Libra opposing Uranus (also Rx) at 23* of Aries, ready to make bold, brash and sudden moves, to cut away anything that holds you back from moving into the future. 
This is what we love…opposing Freedom and individuality, and Venus is in her ruler-ship in Libra.
In Libra, Venus wants us to love our partners, even though they may feel as though they are opposing
our freedom, and our ability to break away and run from it all.
Not with the anchor in Venus, you don’t.

As stated in the previous post, this eclipse cycle will end up bringing us the fruit of our actions or the consequences of the ones we don’t take care of, in the eclipses of February next year.

So, prepare, watch what you say, this is potent…for good or ill, we will reap what we sew now, both in the culmination and full moon lunar eclipse on Friday, and in February when she is all ready to give birth.

Don’t forget, we will have Uranus trine Saturn on Christmas Eve, to help us have a very merry little Christmas.

There is so much more to say about all the potency of the stars now, Mercury will station direct on the 21st of this month and then move forward again on the 23rd at 14* of Virgo.
Mercury Retrograde (Rx) in Virgo is always a double whammy, since he co-rules Virgo along with the earth. 
So, prepare now…and come on down on Saturday, after this explosive time culminates the day before and see us at Whiskey Island, between 2-6PM, where I will be performing with the best musicians and right on the lake, to help us have one more summer blast.
There will be all kinds of vendors and healing…
AND it all goes to help the Pet Society.

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer, it is almost over…L
Be well,
Hope to hear from you all soon!


Monday, August 15, 2016

The Killing Floor And the Carcasses of Dreams.

On August 2, 2016 at 1:49:59 PM EDT Mars finally re-entered Sagittarius, after boiling up all kinds of muck, with his re-entry back into Scorpio 9 weeks ago, pounding us with waves of revelations about our deepest, darkest thoughts and fears.
Now, he has pushed up the under-belly for all the world to see and is galloping away in Sagittarius, getting ready to pull back his quiver, he will take aim, you will hear the sound as your arrow flies through the skies…where oh where shall it land…What about timing? 
The full moon on August 18th at 5:26 AM EDT at 25*51’41” of Aquarius, is a lunar appulse eclipse, in which the prenumbral shadow of the earth falls upon the moon, occulting her…she will partially swallow up LaLuna…and will disintegrate that magical reflective shield that reverses our image back to us…
Already we feel the powerful undertow as she draws us out of the safety of our imaginary shells; some of us may feel the cold dark hand of the unknown, disturbing our insular field and as the illusion disintegrates, we peer out into the strange world beyond, a dark void now occluding the left-over shards of our shattered dreams and broken promises.
Saturn, or EL as we will recall, is the LORD of the Rings…and EL-e-ment (mind) wants that structure…he is LEAD.  These two planets, Saturn and Neptune started this cycle back in the late 80’s, when they were conjunct in Capricorn. They were last exact in that conjunction on March 3, 1989 at 11°53΄ Capricorn.

Old Saturn/EL is the cold-leaden grip of reality…He rules old age and now at 9* of Sagittarius he is forming his last square to Neptune/Poseidon who is now (at the time of the full moon eclipse) at 11* of PIsces.  They will square exactly on September 10th. At 10*.  Jupiter is the planet they both have in common…as ruler of Sag and traditional ruler of PIsces…Jupiter/Zeus can be implored for optimism and new expansion into the views of the future that are trying to find a way into your life, what are those? 
A cold and somber reality may now be making its way past any illusion you may have had, regarding false notions of spirituality as Poseidon’s watery dreams crash hopelessly on the banks of EL’s leaden walls.

There have always been hucksters selling dreams, but as the excesses of the 80’s closed out, Saturn and Neptune were making a rather unholy alliance ready to seduce us out of ‘tried and true’ and suck us into a ‘void of irrational and unsustainable dreams’ that had no anchor in reality, especially as Uranus was at 4* nudging us into ‘taking a bold chance’ and cut and run into the promises any angel would whisper against the cold hard reality of Capricorn.
There we were standing at the gates of the God’s…on the mountain tops and there is where you can look back to Ariadne’s thread.
You see, the Uranus to Pluto squares were all over that (11*) degree of Capricorn (and all the Cardinal signs)…and they are still tripping that open as Uranus squeezes us into their last square dance together, which will not slip inside the 3* mark and only come within 4*, but this is a highly charged lock that is being picked off by our Guardian’s.  This is not considered a part of the Uranus sq. Pluto pattern and will not reach exact square again (thankfully) but make no mistake, this is absolutely triggering closure to all they have and will disgorge as they upend anything that could not withstand the fire of this alchemical inferno.
Luckily, the God’s do know us, they see our feeble attempts at pretending the world is not what it is, if not for the very real pain and discomfort so many wish to escape.
We see this magnified in the escalating use of heroin and other opioids, which includes the very legal, but equally ravaging use of OxyContin.
On Christmas Eve, right before Uranus turns fully direct again at 20* of Aries, he picks up support from EL/Saturn who is at 20* of Sagittarius.
If you have managed to wait until this opportune moment, your dreams have crystallized and you will see clearly, the path forward that is both anchored in the reality of Saturn/EL while he is now being supported with a new force that is clearly pushing us into new ways to manage an aging population, some of us feeling this ourselves in a very up front and personal way.
My personal prediction, is that what we will see is a clearing house of candidates in the US through the eclipses which have finished the Aries/Libra axis, and will ask us to really use our imaginations to come up with wholly new ways to both assist the aging, while marrying their wisdom to a youth, who cannot see their own future, choked in the largess and excesses of the past.
Now that those of us on that first wave, that was seeded during the Saturn/Neptune/Uranus conjunction are getting a cold, hard slap with reality, those ‘Ivory Towers’ are falling…we begin to rebuild a world that uses both the hEArt and the mind with an eye towards future sustainability while the illusions that once occulted our visions with lofty but unreal goals.
Notice how people don’t understand each other?  How distinctly different one reality is from your perspective?  This is Babylon falling.
Remember, we were being taught to ‘fake it until you make it’….the obvious should come screaming out in the fallacy that literally under-lies this dubious proposition, in that it asks us to disregard reality and um, that small little detail that never ever goes away….THE TRUTH.
We were told that we live in an ‘abundant world’….so ask and you will receive anything you want?  Um….that is true to a point.  A narcissist sees the world as his or her oyster, plump for the picking as long as people are naive enough to buy whatever dream they are selling…that is only their dream…you have no part in it, save for being a shoulder to step on and a pocket to pick.
And the EArth is not limitless…so asking the universe to give you more…”things” is not in line with her teachings and Saturn/EL is fully willing to come along and teach you this, should you rebuke his lessons in favour for the IL-LUCE-IONS of Neptune/Poseidon.
The earth takes work to make things…infused with the dreams born into a fertile and open mind, that is GROUNDED IN THE REALITY OF THE DOING TO MAKE A DREAM COME TRUE.
You can follow your bliss right over a cliff…you see, testing the truth to any statement, is often not comfortable territory, especially while we are in the learning curve of an OLD Man, who rules TIME squaring the seas that want to cleanse and renew, even as they hold up the mirror to reflect back to us, that dreams built up on shifting sands will never hold up to the deluge, but those built on the ‘rock’…will stand the tests of time, just look at the pyramids.
So, if you’ve managed to avoid the treble hook of Neptune, she can’t rip out your guts now, as you try and remove the hooks she may have sunk in, pulling you into the celluloid world she rules with a dose of any drug of choice, which washes down the lies.
No, if you managed to swim against the strong current of ‘wishful thinking’, then you have given birth to something that will nurture you into your old age, but if you followed, an addict’s path into nowhere, than this time might be a bit more difficult for you.
These eclipses start another cycle in Aquarius and Leo…so the fixed cross is emphasized, as we start to see the new ground the Cardinal Signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are now excavating; since the ending of their own eclipse cycle with the tetrad of eclipses last year.  This won’t have a lunar/solar ECLIPSE trigger until; the partial solar eclipse on Jul 13 2018 2:47:46 am GMT at 20°Cn41'14''.
For now, we have the ‘FIXED SIGNS’ eclipsing out old patterns, to begin again anew with a streamlined and coherent plan moving forward.
We are also still in the mutable sign eclipse patterns, which started last year, the total solar eclipse on Mar 20 2015 at 9:36:08 am GMT at 29°Pi27'19'' and which will be triggered again with the new moon solar eclipse on Sep 1, 2016 9:03:02 am       GMT at 09°Vi21'10'', so don’t be jealous, you have your own stuff that you are trying to squeeze through this opening, that does not want waste, lies or you spending time, doing the same old thing, making the same old mistakes, and it does not require deception to enter, quite the contrary, it requires your truth.
So, the cardinal signs of Aries/Cancer/Libra and Capricorn are going to go into the corkscrew ending this year, with that last close encounter with Uranus in his square to Pluto/Hades, and should be able to proceed forward with a much clearer picture of who they are and where they are going.
But, I promise you, the phat lady still has a song to sing for you…try not to make any changes until after the Saturn trine to Uranus…which will arrive all doe-eyed on Christmas Eve.
You still don’t see all the pieces to the puzzle, some have yet to arrive.
This has been brutal on some families…whether it is siblings, parent and child or both, everybody has an opinion, and the world is doing a good job of spinning us like your wash machine, with every clinging to the sides of the walls, they refuse to stop holding up…filled with their own opinions that shred the love that has fed them for so long.  How quickly they forget?
The truth is, if people were able to be more honest, we have all had to watch each other make some pretty unintelligent choices, or so they seem to be from our own nuanced perspectives. 
Remind yourself, that everyone is acting out of such a high dose of fear now, it is almost like an ex-communication of sorts…and people are trying to avoid pain at any cost, and only the people we deeply hold in our hearts, can cause us the most pain, it is also where we usually end up dumping all our waste, without stoking the fires of love whose embers beg us to give them a little wind…EVERYONE IS BUILDING WALLS.
A wall big enough, to keep the boogeyman out of our lives…but is it really the right person we need to be concerned about that we are building a wall between?  Is that really where the source of our pain or is it really an illusion?
Are we really building a wall that boxes us in again, and perhaps
even keeps us from the person that assuages that pain?  The very person we need.
Have you relied on them before in the past?  Have they come through for you?
I wouldn’t discard someone so quickly, just because they remind you of who you are, and you don’t want to hear the ugly truth.  It also doesn’t mean they have the whole picture, but there are an awful lot of people being tricked into ‘building walls’ that will separate them from the very people they love and will need again in the future.
More and more people, are finding a way to be ‘alone’.
This way, they won’t be hurt, by unintentional or intentional slights, which poke through the dream of who we wish we were and ask us to take a cold, hard look at reality.
This can include: ‘How dare you live ‘my dream’…while I am suffering and you aren’t even paying attention to your responsibilities?’
What they are screaming inside is: “How come I don’t get to live my dream?”
Because most people have had their dreams shaken up, thus the Saturn square to Neptune at its most base understanding.
Queue: Eleanor Rigby…and all the Lonely People…
Remember, she is wearing a face that she keeps in a jar by the door…’who is it for’?  All the lonely people.
What mask are you wearing or have you been wearing?
How about: “I am so spiritually evolved, I never get angry or upset?”…
Or…”I am so spiritually evolved (Neptune Illusion/Delusion) that I only focus on the positive, because I don’t want to make the negative any bigger?”….oops, so much for cleaning up the big mess we all see… and totally lacking of Saturn’s lesson’s…that won’t go well.  Many of us, my self-included, learned that lesson the very hard and real way.
Dreams are only become real, using Saturn…and his structure, time, and the application of the will of Mars/Ares…which brings me to the next big trigger point on (AU =Gold) August 24th, 2016 Mars and Saturn, meet up in the sky and they are swimming with another interesting point, which is the fixed star Antares (Anti-Ares/Mars) will conjoin in the sky at 10° Sagittarius. This trigger point of the cycle that began on August 25th, 2014 when Mars and Saturn converged in Scorpio at 24* to kick-start the cycle as Mars/Ares infused his passion and will power (and blood-lust for war) and the Lord of the Rings collared that energy into uprooting the detritus that Scorpio is comfortable with.
Let’s not forget, that Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn were in mutual reception, so the trigger to the Uranus / Pluto squares was like a daisy–chain, set to this hair-trigger just ready to go off, and off it has gone now in bigger and littler explosions of humanity rising up against the state…all over the planet.  Click, click, click the explosive energy as the shots were fired from a very hot barrel.
Fallen, fallen is Babylon falling all over the world.
At the end of chasing dreams, usually people want to find their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…for many, the pot is not so full of gold, and their dreams are all but dust in the wind.
Many will do an about face in life now, move in entirely new directions.
How will you marshal the energy of Mars/Ares into the newly forming structure that Saturn is now asking you to consider?  This aspect to Antares, can make the newly forming drive a bit obsessive.
You see, now that Neptune has all but pulled the curtain down on the emperor and showing us he has no clothes, he is also showing a lot of people, they don’t have a plan that is realistic.
We are about to see the world go to work and work very hard.  This time, it won’t be for some ‘future world’, but the reality of here and now.
Saturn in Sagittarius, means we will have to take into account, a global world that does not have boundaries, though that will be a continued struggle to negotiate.
We have to make education sustainable for as many as possible (which is very doable now, with the internet, but there are those who will not take their hands off the till…). 
We also have the subject of student debt coming up and there are idea’s being tossed out to completely pay off that debt for those students… (This is not Saturn’s idea at all btw) for them…a very slippery Neptunian promise.
No responsibility is never an answer, the argument that it will put spending back into the economy may have merit, but that is true for anyone with debt then, is it not?  You know what people do?  They rack up more debt, until they go through enough pain, to make more responsible choices, tough lessons.
Surely we should be able to find a middle ground, forgive interest and penalties for starters, we did this when we bailed out the banks that were too big to fail, and we see that when we bailed them out, they have merely done the same thing, what were the consequences of their actions?  No Saturn there?
All of this will lead up to the New Moon eclipse on September 1, with the sun and the moon at 9* of Virgo, and she will ask us to again, make cogent plans that have the ‘details’ worked out.
I see a light at the end of the tunnel, and as my friend Nancy reminded me through another good friend Cathy, and my parents were telling me from the other side, the light is increasing.  Yes, we see a lot of stuff we didn’t see before, and it is uncomfortable and frightening at times, but we couldn’t see it, if the light was not growing so very bright.
Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius closely conjoins Mercury and Venus in Virgo at 26* while Mercury/Hermes is at 27* and Venus is at 23* and they are all dancing with the head of the dragon at 13* if Virgo:

while Mars conjoins with Saturn/EL and Antares.  Zeus is benefiting all matters of Virgo, details, service, health and health care as he magnifies what needs to be seen, some of the details may become uncomfortable reminders if we haven’t tended to them in any significant matter.  Not to worry, this will help to bring it all up front and center.
So, there is a lot of frustration out there, how can you blame people for seeking a heaven they are promised, when the heat is turned up so high on earth, they begin to believe they are in hell?
It is going to take work and co-operation, respect for elders and concern for our youth and the world we are leaving them.
Listen to them, they are already making their own new way and it is not the same road that many of us took.  They aren’t buying homes, they are living in vans and makeshift campers.  Many don’t drive, they take public transportation, they don’t want to invest in vehicles whose worth rusts shut any other real opportunity they have to create value in their lives, while trying not to sacrifice life itself in the process….in other words, they don’t want to save to start to live.  
How will that work out for them?
I have no idea, but it is these new trends we must keep our eyes on, if we are going to know how best to navigate our own future trends and somehow, aging gracefully without being abandoned…with all the lonely people.
Oh, where do they all come from?
Watch them walk upon the carcasses of dreams, left on the Killing Floor of Reality.

Important Dates
March 3, 1989 at 11°53΄ Capricorn; Saturn/Neptune conjunction.
August 25th, 2014 when Mars and Saturn converged in Scorpio at 24*
August 2, 2016 at 1:49:59 PM EDT Mars finally re-entered Sagittarius
August 13, 2016 Saturn stations direct at 9* of Sagittarius
August 18th at 5:26 AM EDT at 25*51’41” of Aquarius, is a lunar appulse (full moon) eclipse
August 24th, 2016 Mars and Saturn, conjunct with the fixed star Antares (Anti-Ares/Mars) at 10° Sagittarius.
August 29, 2016 at 9:03 AM Mercury Stations RX at the anoretic degree of 29* Virgo…he will plow back into her earthly construct to make sure we get this right before we move forward when he goes direct on September 21, at 14* of Virgo.
September 1, 2016 New Moon Eclipse at 9* of Virgo.
September 10th. Saturn squares Neptune exact (last time) at 10* Sagittarius and PIsces respectively.
September 16th. 3:05 PM EDT Full Moon eclipse at 24* PIsces.
September 21, Mercury Stations Direct at 14* of Virgo.
September 22, 2016 Autumn Equinox
September 23, Mercury Direct at 2:03 AM 14* Virgo
December 24th. 2016 at 4:59 PM EST Saturn Trines Uranus at 20* of Sagittarius and Aries respectively.
December 28th. At 4:29 AM Uranus will station Direct…at 20* of Aries…get ready to run, the locomotive is moving forward again…with a quickness.