Saturday, December 21, 2013

Dante's Inferno Cracking Open the Depths

At 12:11PM EST the sun seemingly slows to a ‘standstill’ and we arrive at the golden gates of in-between as sun shines for the least amount of hours and we are covered in darkness, yet in many parts, the sparkling snow will blanket the ground and the stars will appear to have fallen to the ground.

Yes, we have arrived at the time of the Winter Solstice, which officially marks the entrance to winter, but in a few days, we shall see the return of the sun…finally!  Enough of the dark days already!

The sun has reached its southern-most position and will start its course northward in the early degrees of Capricorn, the goat.  He is starting his trek towards an alignment with Pluto/Hades and will meet up with the Lord of the underworld on New Year’s Day, which also happens to be the New Moon at 5:15AM.

But on his way towards his rendezvous with La Luna and Hades at first 10* then 11*(with Pluto/Hades) he has some powerful points that will open the depths of the universe; already the turning spiral of stars has been buzzing with powerful if not crushing energy, especially as the moon went into her full light in Gemini at 25* on December 17th.

For many, it may have felt as though we were navigating Dante’s Inferno, with powerful emotions being triggered as Mars (drive/passions/motivation/energy) motored forward at 4* of Libra, beginning his T-square  as he squared Pluto (death/sex/taxes)and began his opposition to Uranus (Lord of the sky/community/genius/aha moments/sudden changes).  With the duplicitous and frenetic energy of Gemini, the moon becomes scattered, emotions are like a windstorm, and opposing the sun in jocular Sagittarius, with the cardinal cross looming, the sense of dread, of doom and of frustration emerges.  Sag the Centaur wants freedom to roam and move forward.

With Uranus newly gone direct with the new moon too, it is hard to keep things in your hands, as they seemingly fly out and crash onto the floor, papers, pens, whatever it is, wants to be heard and irritate as the static energy bursts open, computers, cell phones all things technological do their darndest to go haywire and not run smoothly.

Gemini rules children, and Mercury the messenger guarding the crossroads of temptation can be a very alluring trickster, with all the bells and whistles tempting the child in us to ‘break free’ of restrictions and climb down the stairway all bedazzled and sweetly scented for the descent into the inferno, though they are completely unaware of the dangers that lie ahead.

Yes, Dante’s Inferno has all but cracked open, and we still have yet to hit the harder aspects forming…because Jupiter has reversed his course, his Sagittarian realms of joy and abundance are being sucked into the Grand Cardinal Cross which we will surely feel on Christmas day, even though the degrees are a bit wide, Mars/Ares will be pairing up with LaLuna in Libra bringing the energy of the square to Jupiter/Zeus as they squeeze the heavens together.  For anyone who has planets in these Cardinal signs, especially in the degrees between 8-13*, you will surely feel the weight of these great changes even more acutely.  A change is going to come, and we haven't even hit the next big square in April, let alone the culmination in 2015, so set your sails with the right winds NOW!

So, Cerberus may seem as just a playful ‘two-headed’ (as this theme is rampant with Gemini/Janus) dog when the children approach the lair, but returning is another story altogether.  Who can cross the river Styx?  Saint Barbara will be called upon many times during these days by those who are wise, and Saint Christopher would be a wise bet too, for if you have ventured into the time of no time, of the dark swallows, best you have the tools of the Arc with you, or a lament with the sweetness of Hermes lyre playing in the background, might be more like the wales of the gallows, tormented by the ravaging wolves returning hungry and cold.  One can only hope you have fed them, lest your cries be hope rising from the depths.  We can expect many to transition now, and this is said with the heaviest of hearts, but we cannot always be laughing on the sunny side of the street.
There will be sickness, we will see the first of what will become more and more predominant as we fight back the ravages of technology gone wrong on our planet, and deal with the doorways that have been opened through genetic manipulation, and the real cost of nuclear power (ruled by Pluto/Hades) as it casts its pall across the blue ball of Gaia, will we wake up in time?

And where is Jupiter/Zeus retrograde?  He is in Cancer which is ruled by the moon, so this square is potent, and the grand cross in Cardinal signs of: Cancer, Libra, Capricorn and Aries are like flint-stones ready to start fires, instigate and they will burn down the house that Cancer rules if you don’t watch the tempers or fuel the flames with ‘the spirits’ of sorts.

Questions such as ‘what is home’ and being as it is the wanderlust Jupiter/Zeus, ‘where is home’ will also be tugging at the heart-strings.

 ~Because if we aren’t grounded and rested, we won’t have the energy necessary to deal with the onslaught that keeps coming and coming.  And we will need plenty of Breathing Easy © to help us keep breathing and fight off the nasty bugs floating around, that will surely overtake us if we let our systems run down too far, trying to keep up with the hectic pace that is spinning in all directions.

Now, the new moon on January 1, 2014 at 5:15AM has the royal wedding of the sun and la Luna hitching their lights to Hades with Mercury the Messenger (one of the few God’s that Hades will entertain) all having a party in the cave of the underworld, we can expect some depraved thoughts and worse to swallow and entice us, should we ‘break’ our own moral compass and step out of the safety zone of the heart.  Expect some of the most unusual stories to emerge on the big screen, as the theme of what is perverted permeates the celluloid world and begs us to have the conversation about right and wrong and what is LOVE?

With Venus/Aphrodite leading the line- up, as if she is running away, being chased by daemons at 26* of Capricorn, what Pandemonium may ensue or Plutocratic blanket will cover us, perhaps sympathy for Persephone as Hades drags her down for company will lap over our darkened spirits and heart, as our own hearts break under pressure and we all commiserate, there but for the grace of God go I.

Saturn/El, the Lord of the Rings, (structure/hierarchy/establishment) now at 20* of Scorpio, is no longer ready to assist Hades, as their mutual reception has widened we will no longer feel the firm ground beneath us, and floor may seem as it has fallen out from under our feet.  Watch your step, your knees as they buckle under the immense weight of the watery depths of Scorpio, look to the firm anchor you may have created (hopefully) in the home, as only Jupiter/Zeus will support his disloyal father in a trine, yet even he is moving away, as he seems to move backward, stepping deeper into the crab’s clutches, and not wanting to let go of the treasures he has buried there.

And to think, all of this is only the foothills of what is to come, when the end of Janus turning her head like Medusa on January 27th, we can only hope and pray that we are on the right side when she turns her head towards us…

The energy is like pop rocks inside, bursting and buzzing with both anticipation and trepidation…something very big is about to happen…Fasten your seatbelts!

Better take some nice baths with ArcAncient’s ‘Inner Glow’ for the heart:

Happy HolyDays.

 "The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it." John 1:5



Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Pulling Back the Arrow and the Veil

Happy New Moon  eclipse in Sagittarius at 11* on Monday, December 2, 2013 at 8:23PM EST.

This new moon is in the 5th house, home of Leo the Lion and a Solar house.  Leo is on the cusp of the 2nd house, so we will see a lot about being creative and possessions, and consideration perhaps a generosity regarding how much work/labor must be done, in order to purchase gifts this year.

Leo is a generous sign, he likes to make sure others know he is benevolent, and is flush, so he has the means; however…the new moon is always the occultation of the sun, she stands before him in their marriage, the union of the male and the female, but SHE stands before him.

On the dark side of the moon, our shadow is being illuminated…as the archer sun comes out, he will want to shoot straight to the point.  And he knows the shadow, still he adoringly enlightens and guides.

The sun and the moon form a lovely trine to UR-ANUS (genius/computer savvy/individuality within the group) even as Uranus in Aries is still forming that square from a wider orb to Pluto in Capricorn (Hades/Death/Rebirth/Taxes) so what will be reborn from this formation? What will end?

They are locked in their own epic battle, Pluto/Hades ruling power and the treasures from the deep and OURANOS the Lord over the sky now in Aries, the martial change agent of force, who shares his ruler Mars the planet of war and action with Scorpio now ruled by Pluto.  While UR-Anus perhaps has been content to own the skies even as he was usurped by his son Saturn/EL the Lord of the Rings who locked him out of the inner sanctum, he is still exposing the energy of their opposition that started in 2008.

Change is the order of the day, and in restless Sagittarius, the two major lights are more than happy to energize the new order of things. 

What is it you want to leave behind?  We look to Black Moon Lilith at 4* of Cancer to see we have a T-square in wide formation on this Cardinal axis, and she is who helps to cut away…to leave the old paradigm behind and not play nice within the establishment.

So, even as the moon is planetary body connection to Cancer, we see that Lilith is asking us to make changes regarding the mother and home.  What can you do without?  Can you give something you have to someone who may find something you rarely use as an everyday treasure?

She is supporting Neptune/Poseidon the dissolver and dreamer, as she supports the head of the dragon (the north node) in Scorpio, shaking off the confinements of his recent encounter with Saturn/EL.

It would be good to take in the support of Saturn (Structure and the old establishment/man/father time) in Scorpio (sex/mystery) as he is now in a nice sextile to Venus/Aphrodite in Capricorn, so women you might want to tap into this generosity that can be bestowed upon you, especially if you are willing to give up some sexual magic and mystery…oh and this is also completely ripe for affairs…staying late at the office?  Hubby might just be playing daddy at work, bestowing his power and might…and uh…a few baubles to his little worker…but I am not letting women off the hook either…that little kind word and attention from ‘the other’ might become a bit more than just something that makes you feel attractive…because you just might want to FEEL ATTRACTIVE…WORLDLY…DESIRABLE…SO…what is in the stars is a power-packed love story with all the intrigue and even a little espionage on the world stage.
Prepare now, get that loving in because Venus will be preparing to go retrograde on the 21st of December (yes, just before we all want love on the Holy Days) at 28* of Capricorn...what will she be ashamed of?  Hmmmm?

Especially as Mars/Ares is pushing fast towards his turning the handle to a T-square with Uranus and Pluto (Opposing Uranus and squaring Pluto) we can count our blessings that Jupiter retrograde in Cancer won’t have travelled quite far back enough to form a grand cross for the party, but the energy is all there…Jupiter is expansive and he is opposing Venus right now in Capricorn…expect major events to erupt on the world stage as we near Christmas, the Winter Solstice as a preview of things to come in February and March of next year.  Take notes…

Pulling back the arrow at 11 degrees of Libra, Mars will square this point on New Year’s Eve and Jupiter will be in opposition the first week of February, so we see the time capsule that Neptune will  illuminate on our silver screens and with something heating up the screens as Venus almost makes her way back to the Plutonian degree to kiss and tell.

The sun will move over the Galactic Center (27/28* of Sagittarius) and then proceed to energize the party in Capricorn when he pairs up with Pluto/Hades as we enter the new year…Oh yes, a change is going to come.

For now, enjoy the holiday spirits, the magic that is being poured through the universe in glimpses and shards of truth, as the layers peel back and we get a glimmer of the only thing we need to really know…we all have a shiny bright uniqueness to turn on and light the world.
So, let’s turn that on with Light Spirits blend and mister © for a lovely special?

Lots of aches and pains will resurface as our old wounds are once again being opened for deeper healing, so we will have our Arthritis & Fibromyalgia (bone lover ©) and Muscle Ease © as well as our Arthritis roll on all on special.

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Even though some of you have known us for much longer, as we have forged a trail on this earthly path together…enjoying my walk with you all.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hermes Takes Flight Ascending Up From the Depths of The Serpent

As of 4:12PM EST on November 10, 2013 our flight attendant, Hermes/Mercury has begun his forward motion again and is proceeding to move in his shadow until November 27th, when he will resurface at 18*23’.  So many things have tran-spired during what seemed to be his descent into the 9th sphere, taking us with him.
Do you feel as though you have been through a ritual?  Initiated?  Baptized?  What life will throw at us, or we may choose depending on the perspective, is a ritual of sorts.  the universe conspires with us to take us into deeper and deeper levels of ourselves and up the spiral staircase to Her majesty’s Secret Service. 
In his ascent up from the depths of Hades our messengerNeptune and Amhitrite Triumph dolphin messenger friend, Mercury, is swimming in a trine to Poseidon/Neptune (the watery deep world of the 12th house and Pisces, music the arts, hearing, dreaming, subconscious, MUSE, illusions, delusions) who is happily communicating to us in flashbacks and total recall.  Poseidon is ruling this astrological ship while Jupiter (Zeus) is happily dignified in Cancer the Crab ruler of the moon.  We can see a watery theme ~ yes?
This is the perfect time to set your dreams in motion, we are past the eclipse, and coming out of the dark side of the moon.  Now, if you had trouble, we can look at this as a big cleansing and rituals harkening back in time, were meant to take us through passages that reflected the dark and the light, the good and bad in us to reveal that which occults our brightness, the veil that is covering our lamp.  Without seeing our weaknesses, we can never truly find our strengths.
417px-AACHEN,_Hans_von_-_Bacchus,_Ceres_and_Cupid_-_WGAWhat are your dreams whispering to you?  Are you running and hiding, seeing things in a new light or being dressed in royal colours and dancing in the moonlight?
Poseidon is also in a nice sextile to her daughter Venus/Aphrodite (well, Venus does rise up out of her from the sperm of Uranus and is a higher octave of Aphrodite) so having them in such a lovely exchange can open up the gates of paradisEzekiel's Vision of the cosmic Tetramorph Winchester bible XIIth century Illuminated lettere.  We are after all in one of the fixed crosses of the zodiac, wheels within wheels and the gates of the garden of paradise (Eden) where all things are possible.  What would you like to fix your gaze upon, have you had insights into what the future looks like?  These players are doing their very best to guide you now, shining down and through the waters of birth.
Poseidon is also having La Luna drop by to enhance the watery world and in a nice trine to her north node, the head of the dragon they are more than happy to bring nirvana.  So now is the time to take those reflections that have flashed before your eyes, and make something with them!
education-of-jupiter_jpg!xlMediumYes, we now have Jupiter/Zeus retrograde (20* on November 7th.) in Cancer, but remember he is dignified in the land of the moons domain.  He wants to be comfy at home and he has decided to stay here, restless as he is, and read a book by the fire, engage in a long philosophical conversation or make new plans looking over maps, on where to voyage into next.  (He will go direct at 10* of Cancer on March 6th.)
Zeus will be in a happy trine to Saturn/El, Lord of the Rings for a good portion of that retrograde, so this is about us redeveloping our deepest thoughts and fears, taking a good look at what we build the rest of our world upon, our foundations.  Foundations first of a mental sort, what do we really believe?  With all the truth being exposed now, the clearer you see yourself, the more the illusions that have been glossing over the hidden meanings of our reality will fall off the lies like butter on a hot plate.  Working at the car wash…our vehicles are gejupiter-and-semele-1895_jpg!xlMediumtting the works.
Now, let’s see…what else does Jupiter/Zeus like to do?  Oh yeah, he likes to make love…in fact, who hasn’t Zeus had his way with?  So, while the watery depths are stirring and Zeus is now coming back and wanting to warm his fires, you might want to rekindle your own romance.
So, with Mercury thrice going retrograde this year, we have seen the end of the returning, only to find ourselves with his higher octave Uranus still retrograde, Neptune and now Jupiter/Zeus retrograde.
Re-Member…what we want to do during any retrograde, is to put an Re in front of a verb that describes the action of that planet/astrology sign or rulership and then proceed to go with the flow.
We will want Re-Member to study and recall the events healing our way into the greater vision of the matrix that we inhabit, of the Great Mind.
Holy, holy, holy Lord, God of Power and Might, Heaven and Earth are full of your Glory, Hosanna in the highest, blessed is he who comes in the name of the lord, Hosanna in the highest.

Gnostic Mary Magdalene

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Gnostic Mary Magdalene


Monday, October 21, 2013

Getting our Sea Legs as Hermes Looks to the Past

The ocean tides surround us, tugging at us and taking us deeper into the mystery as we try and gasp for air, the kind of air that is simply not necessary in the deep waters of Mercury in Scorpio.  This is a rare kind of air.

So, until you adjust your breathing, you will feel overwhelmed.  Sadness might creep in, despondence, futility; all of these ‘emotions’ can make you want to pull the covers back over your head and stay in bed.

Once again, the tidal wall emerges from the flat horizon that blocks out the sun as Hermes dives down into the Neptunian depths, on his way to sextile Pluto on Friday November 1st, just two days before the new moon in Scorpio on November 3rd at 11* of Scorpio.

Oh, and yes this is another eclipse, part of the pattern that has been unfolding the entire year. 

So, an eclipse in Scorpio with Mercury retrograde and just for some more fun, let’s add the conjunction to Saturn which is in mutual aspect to Pluto in Capricorn.
We can do all things with RE as a prefix, repair, rewire, rewind, remind, recall, rewrite, etc.

We have entered the time, when Hermes is looking backwards…yes the messenger God Mercury is standing still in the heavens, while we continue to move forward, almost like a petulant child, he refused to move forward until we hear his demands ~and get the message loud and clear.  Can you hear me now?

So we must dive down for the pearls, the shining truth that will emerge out of the darkness while La-Luna stands before her solar being and they merge energy, (Brave-hearted Lion energy)and She absorbs all His Radiance, for those few minutes and unless we have adjusted our sight, we will not see the gleaming truth, the gifts she bears.

Ahhhh, but in the depths of Neptune/Poseidon, which asks us to reign in our Sea Horse (deep thoughts) and whispers in our dreams, all that we have submerged into our sub-conscious  that is tangled up and dark; that we may have not totally looked square in the eyes can become a mill stone around our neck, and down, down we go; A Voyage to the bottom of the sea.

The watery ones wrap around us and sometimes may make us believe we simply cannot even breathe.

Once again, the obstacles come up from the deep, the dark monsters come calling, The Kraken is released to find the Virgin and take her deep into his underwater cave, where Pluto/Hades peers through the cracks and bellows out the magma from his deeper world yet, holding all the power he waits for the lament, the song of the heart.

Everything seems to reflect back, skew the reality like looking through water and trying to see past illusions.

We have entered the hall of mirrors, how can we triumph like Neptune and Amphitrite? 

Every which way we turn, our past flashes upon the glassy world as we glimpse the truth in shards and the mystery subsumes the insight as soon as we find it; pulling away like the trickiest fish; our bait and all our hooks are left clean.

This only leaves enough time for another image to appear, begging our attention lest we lose our footing and fall even deeper into the cavernous darkness.

Now, if one is in fact a Scorpio, this may feel super-uber intense and if we have cleaned out our closets, might find us sunning on some far away island feeling exhilarated and shining.  Any of us may feel the depths as a safety, a home as it envelopes our hearts and minds with its soft glove, nurturing and caressing our spirits great full we have found our deeper selves and a grace, that abiding kindness in the universe that reminds us we are not alone.

If not…well, you along with the rest of those signs on the fixed cross; Leo, Aquarius and Taurus (who will be sitting in opposition to the whole stellium) might find yourselves going down without a life-preserver in sight.

Wait for the Hail Mary pass, it is coming if you give in and stop trying to swim against the tides.  Any swimmer knows you cannot swim out of a rip-tide, you have to float out of that tide, sometimes going sideways or even further away from shore, but you cannot ‘swim against the tide’.  Unless of course you are a salmon ready to give birth!

An eclipse asks us to see differently, with different eyes and shed the false selves.  A lot of shenanigans go on in the world stage during the dark of the moon as she is occulting the sun.

One thing we know for sure, we need to water that which is NEW.

If you are trying the same old same old, then chances are you are only stirring up the muddy bottom and you absolutely MUST LET THE DIRT SETTLE, before you can move forward.

You are not seeing clearly if you are running in place.  It is just that simple.

We will have old friends come back into our lives, watch where Saturn and Mercury are located by sign and house for clues.

It is the same as it ever was  ~ the same as it ever was ~ only now it is on steroids.

So, this new moon will have us putting our big girl/boy pants on one leg at a time, even as we list from one side to the other trying to get our sea legs.  We can expect major earth changes, especially as Uranus moves into another one of the exact squares to Pluto in their cycle with each other.  Watch as the moon and the nodes go over the galactic center and trigger events.

With Lord of karma/the Rings/EL harnessing the occulted dark new moon’s energy, while she is infused with the sun and he couples with her, we want to check our ego’s at the door and pour our talents and our emotions into reviewing the past, to seed our new world; don't let him eat your children/ideas!  Give him a stone!

Remember, as I always like to say, even adjusting our sails a mere 1* will have has at a decidedly different point in the future.

While the sexual musings come bubbling up, asking us to return to carnal knowledge and tantric rites of passage, we ask ourselves, what is it all about Alfie?

Mars is in direct sextile to this new moon in Virgo, so we are ‘recalculating route’ and then be prepared to put our energy, emotions and actions into what makes us feel good, and how do we put a structure to that?  What really makes you feel good?

Healthy life choices, cleanses, and all processes of elimination are encouraged, to make way for the new.

Especially if we make those choices now, just after the full moon in Aries on the 18th, it is the blood moon.
So release…surrender into grace.

Chiron is also sextile the new moon eclipse at 9* of Pisces, so all of the world is a stage, and we are the actors in the fields of dreams.

When Mercury goes direct again on November 10th at 2* of Scorpio, and by the time of the full moon of November in Taurus at 25*on the 17th, be prepared for the secrets to come spilling out like red wine on a white tablecloth.

Those of us hanging on the Cardinal Cross: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, are still navigating a sea of change, as Pluto/Hades (death/taxes/transformation/legacy) continues to transform us in Capricorn, and squares Uranus (change/genius/community/innovation) in Aries, but at least we have some support in the form of the sextiles spinning the wheels of life now.

Creative juices need to flow, so use Wisewoman© to take away the pain and Communications ©to help you through the difficult communication impasses.  Dream a little dream of me, with Sleep Angel, to make sure you tap into all that potent psychic energy we are swimming in and the world is pouring into our dreamland, so use the Sleep Angel © to make sure you get  good night’s rest and activate the dream world!

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bring It on Home, The Harvest Moon, September 19, 2013

Bring It on Home

The Harvest Moon, September 19, 2013 at 7:12AM EDT

Are you feeling the rush to finish projects?  The harvest moon, as she fills up and lights up the nights sky with orange and cadmium/ochre hues vanishing into the stretching void, dotted with the night lights watching over our curious slumber, holds back the night for us to bring in the harvest.

Here in Cleveland, Ohio that has come in fits and starts, with a peekaboo sun and a lot of grey skies this summer.  Nonetheless, we are tasked with the preparation of the goods and nourishment that will sustain us through the coming blanket of ashen aubergine winter days and nights.
Venus (love and partnerships) is in a leaden embrace with El, Lord of the Rings (time, constriction, discipline) and Karma has come to call with the Moons north node (the head of the dragon, emotional baggage and way-shower) and one might suspect that all is a woeful tale, but not so quick!

Sure, Aphrodite is preparing her lovelies for the descent into the underworld, but she is in a very romantic nudge as she sextiles Pluto/Hades (Lord of the underworld and the riches that world has locked within her treasure chest) and he IS in Capricorn, which may seem stingy at times, but he likes to look successful and Aphrodite can certainly be charming enough to seduce our Randy friend into allowing her a few pretty things, the rewards that El/Saturn will also want to give for those who have done their work over the summer cleaning out the attic so to speak, dealing with that karmic dust and storage and not simply overlooking our own participation or the flutter of the bats keeping their radar on all things sticking to our auric fields, as we attempt to drag them down into the depths of the underworld as ‘mine and ours’.  
The moon in Pisces at 25* opposing her lover the sun at 25* of Virgo is swimming in her emotional sea of make-believe and also her ability to love unconditionally and forgive over and over.  While she is still in those last degrees, or at least the energy of the full moon, you might take that advice seriously, as you will soon see.

As Aphrodite/Innana draws away from the old man’s clutches (El/Father) she is still able to warm him up too, since Saturn is exalted in Libra, her fair and balanced mind suits him fine and he has been in a sextile which is also a mutual reception with Hades in Capricorn, this CAN create a bridge over the decadent and harsh reality as long as some truth has been spoken and revealed, dealt with and yes, even Scarlett O’Hara has rolled up her sleeves and done some digging in the fields on her own.

I am not trying to lay down a bed of roses~not completely anyway.  You see, Aphrodite/Venus is pushing into a square with Mars, (action, ambition and energy/passion) and they will be locked on that pressure point exactly at the 18th* on Friday the 27th of this month, so the pressure is building.  Mars in Leo may bring out the puerile tendencies of your male paramour, or your own (female) desire to go out on the prowl and be playful.  That doesn’t always sit too well if Miss Scarlett is the one at home when we know good and well how much she loves to get dressed up for all that attention and admiration and in Scorpio…?  There is one thing everyone should know, you don’t and let me repeat this so you understand me clearly, YOU DON’T MESS WITH VENUS IN SCORPIO.

You know the saying; “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”?  That was written about a Venus in Scorpio woman, I am sure.

Venus in Scorpio is hmmm, let’s see how do we draw this picture up for you?  Oh yeah, remember Glenn Close as Alex in “Fatal Attraction”?  She starts out all seductive, Michael Douglas who plays Dan, cannot resist, even though he has sweet and pretty Anne Archer (Beth) lovingly waiting at home for him.  The PASSION IS SO INTENSE THEY GET LOST INSIDE THE VOLCANO OF EMOTIONS AND SEXUAL APPETITES THAT ARE UNLEASHED, AS IF THEY HAVE BEEN BURIED THERE FOR MANY LIVES WAITING FOR JUST THIS OPPORTUNITY TO BURST FORTH.   Guess what, they probably have.  This is the testing and tempering that Venus in Scorpio along with her posse, Saturn and the Head of the Dragon are stirring up in that sextile to Pluto/Hades (passion and death personified) and that square to Mars in the Lordly realms of the lion.  HE is king of the jungle and he will have to pay, if he has played around lose and fancy especially while the sun that LEO houses is in the saintly and austere realms of the Virgin.

Oh no, this won’t play out well at all if you have been playing either character, Dan or Alex, even though the seduction and the heat were intense, this can only end in an explosive cataclysmic event and the truth will spill out all over the place.
The best you can do is to come clean, and start making nice (using the Venusian charm and gifts of Libra) and while that sun is still in Virgo, humble yourself.

Otherwise, this equinox when things go into balance may have you scrambling when it is too late, especially when that Venus square to Mars in Leo hits the energy field and the worst kind of passion ends just like that story, in a fatal attraction.  Now, I AM not saying there will be an actual death, but I will say that endings are assured; people will sever their ties and go their separate ways.  Saturn will gladly take out his scythe and cut away all that has been left to rot and decay.

So, measure up what is important in your life and put in the energy and effort to maintain the good part of passion, and of course, there is a lot to love about passion that has controlled fire, measured heat and steamy embraces in the cooling and crisp air of autumn.  I am also not disparaging all of you with Venus in Scorpio either, that comes with a lot of heat to control, and YOU KNOW THAT BETTER THAN ANYONE.
And think of the beautiful possibilities that exist, just like the beauty of the natural world giving off its brilliance in burning colours of cranberry and citrine, the last of the fire of the sun that has been thirstily drank all summer is now ready to return the favor and dazzle the landscape; so too can a relationship that has been tempered and stood the test of time.

All this makes me think about temptations in the first place and a conversation with a client opened up to discussing the seven deadly sins as they are called.

Here they are, with Pride at the top, since it supposedly begat all the rest:
Pride, envy, anger, sadness (sloth), avarice (greed/ covetousness), gluttony, and lust.

Those are the little tempters that one might pay attention to with this kind of stellar configuration.

Hey, I am not saying anyone is perfect, just trying to give a guideline and a road map to help us use the stellar lights as a guiding force from the Great Divine Mind for our own good and evolution.

As far as the Uranus (UR/people/change/brilliance) square to Pluto/Hades that is ongoing, the changes that we make now, will ultimately prevail if they are formed by a larger vision or perspicacity in mind, and a unifying field created by the strength of our individual gifts and strengths, and all of this will finally coalesce way down the road in 2016, but my how time flies when you are having fun…oh and getting older. (Cough)

Because it won’t be until then, that Saturn is finally making a nice sextile to Uranus after they have opposed one another; which started this whole divisive field we now live in back in November of 2008.
That’s right, we simply MUST find a common ground, a unifying field to meet up in, or let ourselves continue to be torn apart in the violent opposition of the We/They, Red pill/Blue Pill meme that is being stoked and poked along much to the unawares of those buying into the angry (Seven deadly) warlike drumbeat lulling us along into a far worse scenario, if we allow ourselves to be victimized by the old played out versions of reality that are practically ripping their emperor clothing line off themselves.

Store up a bit, use the time as it was meant, for preparation and moderation, and with a bit of discipline and hard work (Saturn) you can reward yourself with a good night out, as long as you are not using it as an escape valve and you haven’t actually done the ‘home-work’.  Otherwise, use the steamy energy to alchemize your partnership into a deeper shade of blue, royal purple becoming the amalgam of love, a true Venus in Scorpio reward saved only for the worthy and intrepid souls.


So, have you earned your frequent flier miles?

Try using ArcAncient’s Sensual Healing © TM, add this luscious fragrance to the bath, light those candles, turn on the music that will remind you of how far you have come and reignite the passion that brought you together in the first place.

Anoint yourself and one another and if you are single, make your temple fragrant too, and worship at the altar of your Divine Partner, in the Sacred Flaming Heart, and find someone worthy of a royal embrace.

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