Friday, May 24, 2013

The Universe is a Garden of Secret Wonders

he Universe is a Garden of Secret Wonders. 

“What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light: and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops.” Mat 10:27
“If thou love to hear, thou shalt receive understanding: And if thou bow thine ear, thou shalt be wise.” ~Sirach 6:33

Universe is a garden of secret wonders.  If you look, at any minute she will part her skirt, pull you into her rich soil and whisper secrets to help you find your way home.

At every turn there stand sentries, guardians of the gates and banshees to flood you into the tangled and odiferous bowels of despair and torment; lest you lose sight of the higher and noble calling, the skeleton key that will allow passage.

This is the majestic textures of our world, often in plain sight the grand design arouses the inner visionary in us who knows the way~ if that voice can rise above the din, the decadent and the superfluous sheath that is every bit as real as every layer beneath and below, above and beyond this dimension.  To negate one is to negate all, to negate the very self that yearns to be found, rescued but above all, heard and loved.  Love is a complicated thing and at the same time, like the universe she created, she is a marvel so simple one has only to sit inside her listening and ever present watchful embrace and let her carry you into bliss.

But here…here is where you may find yourself sleeping….and once again wake on  some precipitous and craggy cliff, with only the crisp air as company, while the mind gallops off in search of itself, and the heart of all that matters waits for its consort to catch up and surrender to her embrace once again.

I am a girl born on the seventh day of the seventh month, one of seven children and whose name begins with the seventh letter in the English alphabet.  My world has never been one as simple as it appeared to be to others.  In youth, I wondered why I must leave the richness of my forested mind, for the more superficial world everyone else wanted to play with.  All of it thrust upon you like a strange car wreck, or an obvious game I had to wake up in, but what would it take?  What special code or learning must I figure out to unlock the treasure map, and have everyone take off their masks, and congratulate me for unraveling the grand play too?

I tell you this in complete honesty.

For the longest time, I peered into eyes, wondered what part of me was not good enough, to be taken in to the grand illusion that everyone was playing.  Why did they act as if no one else knew the secret world that was hidden in the veins of the leaves that danced around us, mesmerizing with brocades of changing colours like swimming chameleons inhabiting the world?

When would everyone else talk about the ‘big people’ who are all lit up but whose appearance only silhouetted the back drop of the canvas my mind fell into?  Didn’t everyone entertain them and wasn’t it one of the most fulfilling camaraderie’s to experience those who stood tall as trees pour their genuine love in mutual praise as if every choir song wrote itself from this cause?


I thought surely that since I had such a tendency for mischief and finding my way into odd adventures that something then must be wrong with me.  Other people somehow weren’t thinking like me, but maybe I was just bad.  I was so bad, that no-one was allowed to share this secret that existed in every page I turned and followed on my adventurous sojourn through life.

Who would discuss the fairy fields I found as surely others did too?  Who else knew about the circle around the trees in the woods that shifted and sprinkled star dust?  Who else entertained the large beings of light that would appear after praying opening the vaults of heaven?  The smiles on their faces and the glint in their eyes infusing me with love and contentment, letting me know that they enjoyed watching me entertain them singing and dancing? 


Surely once I got one more A, one more gold star, finished first in one more contest, then….then the game would open its doors and the cast members would reveal their true identity.


The sad thing is that one risks losing their freedoms just for mentioning the world that is real and more alive and vibrant then the march of superfluous reality that seems to have seduced the masses into plastic images and celluloid dreams, of contorting the deep forest into packages of exactness whose only hope is to replicate the new and improved image being craftily lighted and cascaded around their thirsty souls.  


What a webbing; all sticky and sweetly perfumed again with some replication of the natural bounty that would adorn the temple of our beings with layers of truth; the kind that marches down the halls and lights up the senses with the purpose of being alive.

Why be here at all if the care isn’t taken to wonder?  To take the train on the dark night and wake in the valley of the gods who have been coaxing and guiding us all along?


This is my world; it is as it has always been an adventure of strange beliefs and hidden knowledge.  I feel like Moses in the desert, parting the red sea of life; opening the book one living word, one page at a time and learning the meaning I somehow already know.

There is magic afoot, it is under every stone and shimmering on the waters….it is dancing on our rooftops and howling in the wind.  It creaks down the halls and breaks down silence until it spills loudly into the room and stands between the moments of disbelief like a lighthouse forming from the mist and gloom.

I am yanked back into the strange reality like a naughty schoolgirl, made to play the game with scolding eyes and sometimes worse; while the mystery drips from my veins and disappears into the cracks, waiting for me to rescue the life I was born to live and reveal.

This is my attempt to take you in and reveal what sorcerers have been burned alive for sharing, madmen have caught shards of along the way, and stories that hold power have hidden in their pages, if one learns how to listen ~ and has the eyes to see.

To be continued in the pages of THE BOOK: “Alchemy of the Soul, The Arc of the Ancients”.

Where I will share some experiences and take you on the magical journey, and wake the soul.

© All Rights Reserved, Gloria O’Neil Savage ‘Sangreal’, 2013, No Part may be copies without express written consent from this author.

Just Keep Running and Catch Up If You Can

Full Moon eclipse, May 25, 12:26AM EDT

Things moving a bit quick for you?  Well, with the moon in Sagittarius at 4* opposing the Sun in Gemini at 4* and a partial eclipse in the process, this 3rd in the series of spring eclipses has us running our~ you know what’s off, both in thought and in action.

As the sun moves into Gemini out of Taurus, along with the rest of the stellium; Venus, Mercury and Jupiter, we are running in many directions and we can’t seem to get there quick enough! 

After that squeeze we felt in the Taurus/Scorpio oppositions, money is flowing in and out, also in a hurry.

How are your computers?  That Uranus square to Pluto might be causing all kinds of whirly-gigs to try and hijack your computer or programs enough to make you wonder if we are in some sort of Mercury retrograde, and no we are not; that will happen next month on the 27th.

While we are at it, let’s talk about how happy Mercury/Hermes (writing/communication/crossroads/travel) is in his own sign of Gemini.  Busy conversations & can’t seem to get a word in edgewise?  But what lively fun we are having!

Now is the time to catch up, to write those letters make those phone calls to those you have been neglecting and catch up.  That is if you can find the time in this busy, busy

Energy we are buzzing kinetically through.
Catch those insights while you can, you should be getting a glimpse of new aspects of yourself.  We are still shedding our layers, you should have a better idea of what you need to leave behind, and there are plenty of idea's popping begging for attention to focus on, which way do you go?

One problem may be starting too many things and not having as much time as we thought to get them all done. 
Energy might just not be as abundant as our busy mind thought we could handle; but this Sag moon will have us in a race to all of a sudden make a run for it.

Saturn/El and Lord of the Rings is of course still hanging out in Scorpio, so the plum line has been dropped deep, deep, deep and the conversations might just go a lot longer and into territory you did not expect, so here is a tipper, don’t say I didn’t tell you so.

Oh, put your waders on and tie some hematite on, Mars is still in Taurus and the stellium hanging out in Gemini but in the bull’s horns can still hook into that fixed cross and lock you into a longer embrace, insert: ‘But I’d Like to Get to Know You’, Spanky and Our Gang.

Once again expect some secrets to go sliding out when that Moon comes out from behind the sun, revealing or releasing some females onto the world stage, and some will be taking the fall, left holding the bag, a certain IRS woman comes to mind for starters.

That is a hole, which is going to get bigger and bigger.

There is another flu bug going around, so make sure to have plenty of Breathing Easy, especially with all this Mercury/Gemini actions going on.

Make sure to have Sleep, to get the deep recovery necessary to keep up with this fast pace, summer will be a sizzler believe me.
Oh, and Re-Member to help us focus!

Make the call, to see the special prices.

Still working on the new website, but in the meantime, I think I might just give you a sneak preview of the book….just a taste.

Enjoy the weekend, be safe and have a blast, it is all geared up for a good time!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

May New Moon Eclipse Has the Feminine Escaping Her Captor

May New Moon Eclipse Has the Feminine Escaping Her Captor

Here we are the second gateway of the eclipses and just as we shared in the last post with the lunar eclipse; “The stellium of Venus, Sun and Mars all in Taurus, opposing the Moon, Saturn and the N. Node in Scorpio, will bring up issues of wealth and possessions no matter what.  With Saturn hanging so close to La Luna in Scorpio, while she dips behind the male sun, it could feel very heavy and clandestine affairs may seem more enticing or even exposed when the moon comes back out from hiding.”
We see the escape of three women (God bless them) and along with them, the child one conceived (Amanda Berry) coming out of a deeply clandestine (secret/hidden) relationship; well, it was no relationship other than what was forced upon these girls, by this very maladjusted male (Ariel Castro) who kidnapped them over 10 years ago.  This kind of abuse, sexually, physically and verbally is Scorpio at its worst, along with Gemini being duplicitous, acting a double life while Jupiter was in Gemini and Pluto is in Capricorn/Janus the two-headed God looking both ways to keep the unsuspecting away from the depravity Hades has cooked up.  Once again we see the myth play out, and Hades rapes Persephone all over again, drags her into his underground lair and chains her, binds her against her will.  (The girls were chained in the basement for a long time; little by little Ariel let them up to the second floor.)
Ariel (pronounced Ari'el), literally means 'Lion of God'. "Ari" (Lion) in Hebrew is also a synonym for bravery and courage and it is also the symbol of the tribe of Judah.  Castro, as in Castra: In classical Latin the word castra always means "great legionary encampment", both "marching", "temporary" ones and the "fortified permanent" ones.  The Lion of God finds his hideaway, supposedly a brave soul fortifies an encampment and takes this to the extreme opposite of what the evolved and regal Lion would actually do, he is depraved.
There is no sign of courage from Ariel, but we do see the real bravery come from Amanda Berry, when she risks her life to escape, to scream and peek her hand out the barricaded door to the encampment and find freedom
While this is going on, we also see pictures return from Saturn/El who is retrograde in Scorpio, being ravaged by a huge hurricane at Saturn’s North Pole.  So the storms are coming during these eclipses, the great gates where we are told in scripture and as we have shared in this blog, the flaming Cherubim stand guard; on this the fixed cross of Ezekiel’s vision.
All three girls (Gina DeJesus, Amanda Berry and Michelle Knight) have come out of the dark hell and emerged into the light of day, to face a challenging time of healing and reintegrating into society; but at least they are out of that hell.
This is the second gate of the spring eclipses, the first being the Full Moon eclipse we had with the moon at 6* of Scorpio on April 25th.  So Scorpio is a major theme, and of course, Pluto/Hades is the ruler of the 8th house and Scorpio.  What is even more important in these impacts, is that, we had that it rekindles the first burning embers of last year’s eclipses and will wind up later this year in the Total Solar Eclipse with the New Moon at 11* of Scorpio, and our first eclipse this year was at 5* of Scorpio while conjunct Saturn retrograde at 8* of Scorpio, and He is in mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn right now too, so this has such a heavy Scorpio/2nd and 8th house energy that it is almost impossible NOT to feel heavy and feel the effects either personally, or through immediate circle and of course we see it playing out on the world stage too.
This will take a lot of people through the gates, both the birth/death and re-birth cycles/wheels are all in play and as stated in the last Full Moon post, it is a pressure cooker to be sure.
“Fasten your seat belts; it’s going to be a bumpy night”. ~Betty Davis in “All About Eve”.
Well, poor Eve, is paying, and as if Castro had his own three personal muses, the tables are about to turn, both in his life and with all the masculine energy that is still caught in a very sickly and depraved state of mind, that includes entitlements that were never given to them in the first place; no wonder Saturn is stormy right now.
In the meantime, we have the conviction of (Jodi Arias), who stabbed her boyfriend, Travis Alexander, 29 times and found guilty of First Degree Murder in the 2008 killing.  There we have ‘Arias’ so let’s take a closer look at Arias and Ariel, shall we?
 An aria (Italian for air; plural: arie, or arias in common usage, diminutive form arietta) in music was originally any expressive melody, usually, but not always, performed by a singer.  Some kind of opera eh?  Now let’s look back at Ariel, ‘Lion of God’ or Lion.  Ariel (Hebrew: אריאל, Ari'el, Arael or Ariael‎) is an archangel found primarily in Jewish and Christian mysticism and Apocrypha. The name Ariel, "Lion of God" or "Hearth of God," occurs in the Hebrew Bible (Isaiah 29:1-7) as a personification of Jerusalem.  Ariel is mentioned with other elemental titles such as the "3rd archon of the winds," in Angelic folklore.  In the Coptic Pistis Sophia (MS. Add. 5114.), Jesus bids the apostles preach that they "be delivered from the rivers of smoke of Ariel."  According to the German occultist Cornelius Agrippa (1486–1535): "Ariel is the name of an angel, sometimes also of a demon, and of a city, whence called Ariopolis, where the idol is worshipped."
Leo the Lion is found on the Great Cross of Ezekiel’s wheel.  Of course, all the planets on this cross will be feeling this energy, because of the squares, but expect Scorpio’s and Taurus to really take on the brunt of this (going back to our explanation of Pluto/Hades in Capricorn and the mutual reception with Saturn in Scorpio, which opens that doorway for them to tap into each other’s energy, sharing if you will and magnifying the power of both.  Let’s see, now who are we missing on that cross?  Aquarius, and they will be feeling perhaps a bit ‘left out in the cold’ during all of this, not quite able to find where they belong, almost in limbo, and Leo will feel more disempowered, as if they just cannot get their paws on the reigns, they have to give this up to a higher power, the bigger picture and realize, all their maneuverings and energy they have put into ‘controlling’ things, just isn’t going to bear fruit.  They are not in charge right now, and that is not comfortable for the Lion.  Even their roar might seem a bit more like a meow.
With Uranus in Aries (ruler of Aquarius still working his way back into that square with Pluto, who is also retrograde, it is like a vise tightening and winding up the tourniquet, there is no escaping the birth canal of these eclipses, that puts the Cardinal Cross (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn~ and especially Aries, Capricorn and Libra’s, into this mix up too, and we just cannot escape the giant press, as the universe conspires to squeeze the Grapes of Wrath into some sort of wine that the fruit of the vine, seems to believe will be worth all of this tribulation.
But the major themes; will be about resources and what we have or don’t have as the case may be; sex and the abuse of power, and the abuse of drugs, as we will watch even more fatalities of major people lose their lives to this evil seducer, this is no time to take chances and dance with the devil, he isn’t just taking numbers, it is winner take all.
I expect to hear more from Fidel Castro, and wonder if he is actually still alive, with his name, ‘Castro’ we see we already have been given a warning about what that name may conceal, and he may have to finally meet the dealer he made his pact with.
We can expect taxes and legacy’s, wills and inheritances be given at the very least, a deeper look, inspection and concern as to just how these matters are being taken care of, and we will see people be taken down the river, for all the world to see, when they thought they could somehow get around the very tight grip, that the masters of the lower kingdom of this world, have in place.  See the story of Lauren Hill for starters.
We can expect more fist pounding and flag waving over the Health Care Act, with drug and insurance companies seething with anticipation of having us all under their ‘spell’, watch how this gets ‘SPELLED’ out for us, across the news and in all kinds of media, including those outlets, that people think are sharing some sort of secret truth, when actually they are hired by the same aforementioned corporations (Saturn in mutual aspect to Pluto in Capricorn) as they court one another and sting behind the scenes to gain more control, over OUR RESOURCES, THAT INCLUDES THE HUMAN VARIETY.
Will the market remain Bullish?  Well, let’s look back to where we were in November of last year and the full moon eclipse we had on November 28th.
The Markets ended in the red after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's discouraging comments about the "fiscal cliff" overshadowed a number of positive economic reports. Additionally, Greece's lenders concurred on providing additional aid to the nation. Among the positive economic readings, consumer confidence jumped to its highest level in more than four years. The Utilities sector was the only gainer among the S&P 500 industry groups.
 The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJI) declined 0.7% to close the day at 12,878.13. The Standard & Poor 500 (S&P 500) dropped 0.5% to finish yesterday's trading session at 1,398.94. The tech-laden Nasdaq Composite Index shed 0.3% to end at 2,967.79. The fear-gauge CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) surged 2.7% to settle at 15.92. Consolidated volumes on the New York Stock Exchange, American Stock Exchange and Nasdaq were roughly 5.9 billion shares, significantly lower than the daily average of 6.5 billion shares. Declining stocks outpaced
Why do I refer to this?  Well, we had our friend Scorpio in big red letters writing deals AND we have Saturn retrograde in Scorpio just one degree shy right now (he will get to that degree shortly, in fact on May 15th, Saturn will again be at 6* of Scorpio, just in time for the May 20th exact square of Pluto to Uranus.) Saturn retrograde, is revisiting this old energy, He/El wants to make sure there are no loose ends, and no confusion as to his power, and what he wants, just take a look at the hurricane picture to get an idea of just how much business, he means.
But enough of the good news right?
What ever shall we do?
Well, ( in my best Samantha Stephens voice) we have some distant, albeit possible sextiles from Pluto to that stellium in Taurus, with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Mars all hanging out together (watching the Moon and Sun ‘get it on’, kids, it is time to look away, hahaha, levity right?)
Anyway, that stellium in Taurus is Bullish.  This is the ‘fixed’ cross for a reason, it is not easy to move a bull, a lion, an eagle/scorpion or the angel of man in Aquarius, if not downright impossible some times.  They just don’t change their minds very easily.
The most access to this sextile will come from Mars and even he is considered wide with an orb of 3* but hey, let’s take what we can, shall we?
So Mars/ruler of Aries, not so happy in Taurus.  Aries wants to be rash, impetuous and think later, let’s just go, go, go.  But Taurus, wants to plod along, taking the time to consider the action deeply, lest they spend too much energy in the wrong place and waste it all without actually getting a return on that expenditure, especially not getting some new ‘possession’.
So, in this sense, it is good; we can see the reigns pulled in, to consider investments, act more cautiously and really think long and hard before we make a rash statement (Mars conjunct Mercury in Taurus) which is hopefully taking a rest too, rather than the incendiary relationship its 2* orb from the Sun and Moon might produce.  No, this is a wait and see, think before we act, and especially with the opposition to Lord of the Rings/Saturn opposing the actions, it is a bit too heavy a time for bad investments, and pie-in the-sky- dreams.
Investments in Real Estate, will be front and center, and should at least hold the market steady without taking any crazy plunges, while not racing into the future with a big ol’ bubble either.
Neptune/Poseidon still making a nice trine to Saturn, with a square to Venus/Aphrodite, makes us want to pay attention to our dreams, Neptune in Pisces is already potent, but with Saturn trining, we might just get a good foundation being laid out in our dreams, so pay attention, she is telling us what we really love, and Venus can rise out of the Sea, newly in Gemini, with many loves and at the least, a lot of new idea’s, that a good Taurus foundation, is just prime in this spring, to gestate.
As the Sun mates with this New Moon, consider strongly what we wish for, and plant your deepest love inside the garden of your mind, as we are piercing the veil and opening our soul, the muses are coming out into the light, and even the sun, is behind the moon, to support her new growth.
Careful what you wish for, the gods are listening and smiling down on our brave hearted yearning and budding new births.
We got this.
To help you during this time, I recommend strongly having plenty of ArcAncient Aromatherapy’s ‘Arthritis & Fibro’ Roll on and Cream, as well as ‘the chakra blend of Courage ©’.
Breathe Easy, with our Breathing Easy Roll on.
Be well my fellow star travelers, thanks for riding with me.

www.arcancient.comOoh Ooh Child, things are gona get easier..
I’ll be calling on the Holy Spirit and Mary Magdalene, to help us come to absorb the power of the solar being, and invest that into moving a strong and loving feminine energy forward, to heal ourselves, and this planet, there are children coming out of the depths of hell, we have to make a loving world for them.